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It all started 20 plus years ago, driving home from working a swing shift. I turned on the radio and heard a voice that was electric. It happened during the middle of the segment when the topic was about UFO’s. Next thing I know I’m home. I was pulled into the conversation that I felt like I was with the host and the guest hanging around the water cooler. I would tune into the show nightly until I was moved from swing shift. After that I would tune in from time to time. When Art Bell left the show. Some of the host's fill in were just not the same. Art Bell was able to ask the questions without feeling like he was leaning in any direction. After the Art Bell chapter closed on the show, I would still tune in from time to time. Was it Art or was it the show brand that I loved so much?Fast forward 2020 I was hosting a radio weekend shift at the heritage station in Seattle from 6am to 12pm, When we got rocked with the pandemic I was asked to take a leave from my on air hosting duties till further notice. That's when I came up with the idea to continue with a podcast. My goal was to interview local people and restaurants with a goal to find an amazing place to get good eats. After a couple podcasts during some of the taping it would somehow turn to the paranormal topic. It would spark my interest in what others could learn. It was during an interview with Robert Lang from Lang Studio chatted about the ghosts that sparked me to make the change and rename the show U.S. Phenomenon.


What did you Say Brain J The Audio Communicator 47:42 10/16/2021
Owl Moon Lab Project 53:28 10/08/2021
9-11-2021 Podcast 44:28 09/13/2021
"Full Disclosure Report" Preliminary Assessment: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Report 45:25 07/04/2021
Stephanie Shea Keeping Jan Spiller Legacy Alive 46:56 06/24/2021
MUFON James E Clarkson UFO 52:45 06/10/2021
Michael Parker and Mark Jacobson Full Disclosure UFO's-UAP's 53:32 05/29/2021
The Mysteries of Bigfoot With Tobe Johnson 58:24 05/19/2021
Doomsday Is It Near? Geo Engineering Could be Changing Our Planet For Good Or Bad? 49:42 05/05/2021
The Year Of Civil Unrest 45:49 05/01/2021
Q & A With Chris Dufresne 44:38 04/20/2021
Chasing for the Truth with Chase Kloetzke 54:07 04/11/2021
Who Killed JFK? 45:27 04/05/2021
Who was DB Cooper? 46:04 03/21/2021
Ghost and Girls Paranormal Podcast 51:22 03/17/2021
March 4th The Return To Power 59:48 02/27/2021
Melissa Sehgal "The Pet Whisper" 51:14 02/25/2021
The Bigfoot Phenomenon 73:54 02/04/2021
What Do You See with Marcia K Moore 51:12 01/16/2021
Mark Jacobson Monolith 54:41 12/09/2020
Stars (Astrology) Vs Church 47:45 11/30/2020
Mothman 43:13 11/12/2020
Ted (Bundy) Talks 39:48 11/01/2020
Missing Hiker at Mount Rainier National Park 04:46 10/22/2020
Resting in Peace Kind Of... 40:49 10/20/2020
Haunted Pike Place Market il Bistro and Tori's Stories 43:37 10/17/2020
13 Steps to Oxford Saloon 46:26 10/06/2020
Sasquatch Vs UFO's 43:29 09/27/2020
Mount Rainier The Sleeping Giant 30:46 09/06/2020
The Conspiracy about Behold the Pale Horse and William Cooper 56:08 08/29/2020