Show cover of The Springheel Saga

The Springheel Saga

Multi-award winning full-cast fantasy audio drama series. Starring Julian Glover, Nicholas Parsons, Katy Manning, Matthew Kelley and David Benson. Visit for more great audio drama and to listen to all three seasons, (now included in the Wireless Theatre Audio Drama podcast feed)


SHJ – The Springheel Saga – Series Finale Trailer
The final trailer for the last-ever episode of Wireless Theatre’s hit SciFi/Fantasy audio drama series, The Springheel Saga… The Secret of Springheel’d Jack – Episode Three: The Lords of the World. Starring Christopher Finney and Andrew Shepherd, with Jenny Runacre, David Benson, Matthew Kelly, Shane Rimmer and Katy Manning. Out 20th September, from #fantasy #radiodrama #katymanning #doctorwho #springheeledjack
01:27 9/8/16