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The BYOBrand Podcast is the Creative Incubator and Branding Launchpad where Brazen Entrepreneurs Turn Businesses into Brands and Brands into ICONS! Straight-Up, Blunt, + Oddly Refreshing, Host & Branding Badass, Hannah Ellaham, spreads the good gospel every business needs, but what only industry giants and Branders know. In an age where Brands reign supreme, small businesses can not only compete, but dominate on the same free platforms. The difference between Big Brands and your business is this knowledge. So, Tune-In and Turn Up The Virtual Soapbox each week for an earbud full that will get your business rolling and help you Build Your Own Brand, So You Can Bring It Too!


Pt. III Growing Your Brand In The First 10-Years
Season One Ends With A Bang  -Taking Us Down Nostalgia Lane For A Glimpse Into How Industry Giants transition their Brands over the years to stay the relevant with their Target Audience + every one that follows.Trust me - BIG Brands don't just wind up 10-years later in the land of "All Is Well!!" They PLAN To Be There!And THIS is the rough Brand plan they use to guarantee that 10-years later; they're still at the top of the game. Turn IT UP + Get Ready To Go Where Only Branders and Marketers have gone before. I'll see you on the other side. Catch Up On The Social Playground >>>FB : : byobrand.podcastGet ALL The Episodes >>>https://byobrandpodcast.comShow Notes For This Episode >>>
27:54 11/24/20
PT. II - How To Develop A Brand : The 10-Year Step-By-Step List
Picking Up Where Part I Left Off,  We're Busting Into Years (2 -6) Of The Branding Process. Whether Your Business Is 2-Days Old or 2-Years, Missing These Steps Can Be The Difference Between The Struggling Business + The RoCk Star. Branding Your Company Is A CONTINUAL Pursuit!Your Logo  may be the reason people walk in the doors, but it's definitely NOT going to be the thing keeping them there. THIS. STUFF. WILL. From my Brander Brain To Yours - Take This Knowledge Into The World + BREAK Some Glass Ceilings!TUNE-IN + TURN UP Part II of our In A Perfect World Branding SeriesCatch Up On The Social Playground >>>FB : : byobrand.podcastGet ALL The Episodes >>>https://byobrandpodcast.comShow Notes For This Episode >>>
24:56 11/17/20
Pt. I - How To Develop A Brand : The 10-Year Step-By-Step List
You Have To KNOW The Rules Before You Can Break Them. Break The Rules Without Understanding Them Just Makes You A Rule Breaker - Nothing New There. Break The Rules When You KNOW Them.... Now, You're A Revolutionary!!!Branding is like that.  And so is this episode! In A Perfect World...Your Brander would advise you to do certain things. In real-life, you look it up online and fall into the pits of cyberspace rants by some hack. Considering you already have an occupation as the boss, Branding your own company can feel less like the cherry on top and more like the hair that broke the camel’s back. I have a “In A Perfect World Scenario” Branding Edition. Brand enough companies and you fantasize about what you would do the day a client hand’s creative liberty over on a silver platter. Today, I’m going to dish it up and serve you a Year By Year Checklist of how to Brand Your Business in the first 10 years. So, that YOU too can break some rules, glass ceilings and make some serious noise on the web. TUNE-IN + TURN UP Part I of our In A Perfect World Branding Series'Cause It's About To Get REAL.Catch Up On The Social Playground >>>FB : : byobrand.podcastGet ALL The Episodes >>>https://byobrandpodcast.comShow Notes For This Episode >>>
25:09 11/10/20
Brand Purpose - What Is Your Business REALLY Made Of?!
Somewhere inside of this episode is your Home-Run,  Viral Ignition Button - ALL IN ONE!That something articulates : All that you doEverything you stand forYour competitive advantageYour higher purposeYour ethosYour mantraYour reasonAND!!! ...What you actually sell - rather then what you think you sell. All That And SOOO MUCH MORE - and it does it in a single word. But to get to that word, you have to put in the heart work and this episode is EXACTLY How You Can Do It. I would tell you more, but I'd MUCH rather you TUNE-IN + Crank IT UP to listen to all of the goodness inside. It's all about that base, guys -and this is where we become master builders🔥🔥💥Catch The Show NOTES + Full Article Posted Every Thursday >>> ON The Social PlaygroundIG : @byobrand.podcastFB : Tune-In To ALL The Episodes>>>https://byobrandpodcast.buzzsprout.comOH!! And SUBSCRIBE, 'Cause It's The Right Thing To Do!OH -OH!! And Review Me -'Cause The SEO Gods demand your written sacrificeOh-Oh-Oh...lastly, if you did all of the above -AND your still reading this. YOU, sir or madam, ROcK. ❤️🙏🏽
19:16 10/20/20
Setting Your Rates As A Freelancer
In freelancing, quoting rates to relative strangers and committing to a self-assessed value is all in a day’s work. The money part can be intimidating. Quoting and setting your freelance rates is a delicate, balancing act that most people don't talk about. Even when you’ve been at this for a hot minute, it still takes a certain amount of moxie to not only know your worth, but quote it to someone on the other side of a screen.From pricing strategies and determining how much to charge to getting paid and quoting your worth, consider episode 9 a user-friendly walkthrough to pricing your services and making the money you're worth.The BYOBrand Podcast is a Branding Podcast, started by me -Hannah Ellaham, someone who began down this journey as a freelancer. I help businesses take their brands to the next level and it just so happens, I have some solid insight on how to help freelancers get liftoff!Catch Up On The Social Playground >>>FB : : byobrand.podcastGet ALL The Episodes >>>https://byobrandpodcast.comShow Notes For This Episode >>>
26:36 10/13/20
The Badasses Guide To Freelancing
   Freelancing is an attractive option. When you freelance, you do what you want, when you want - within certain limitations, of course. Let’s be real, as with all things in life, the #freelancelife  is not as glamorous and glitzy up close as it is on Instagram, but for the RIGHT kind of human -it’s even better. If you’re here, chances are you’re ready to sub the suit and stilettos for something more  -comfortable, but first, you need to know what’s involved...and it needs to come from someone who has been there and done that. I got ya. Do I have what it takes to become a freelancer? Can I be a freelancer with no experience? What qualifies me as a freelancer? How do I find clients? TUNE-IN my entrepreneuring friend and find out. Say hello, to my little friend, The Badasses Guide On How To Become A Freelancer. SHOW NOTES>>>> ON THE SOCIAL PLAYGROUND>>> : byobrand.podcastCHECK-OUT ALL THINGS BYOBRAND>>>>
30:55 10/6/20
2 Types Of Company Values That Businesses Get All Wrong : Core + External
No matter where you look, some business somewhere is proudly displaying its Values, sharing how thoughtful and transparent they are. Aren’t those qualities that we should innately have as businesses? So, why is that kind of braggadocio strutting across websites and social media accounts?Because most people… even most marketers have it all wrong. Episode 7 is about doing it all right. From what Core and External Values actually are to where and how to use them throughout your company, inside we're dispelling myth, walking you through how real branders and marketers walk their client's businesses through the most important part of the branding process. Values are the foundation, guys. Let's get crackin'Subscribe EVERYWHERE you tune-in, turning it up on your way to work or to drown out the daily noise. Write A Review In The Comments Below And Tell Us What Ceilings You're Blasting Through This Week and What You Thought About The Episode, So I Can Kick As Much Butt As You!Catch Up On The Social Playground IG : @byobrand.podcastFB : EPISODE SHOW NOTES RELEASES >>>  SEPT. 30
18:23 9/29/20
The Future Is Sustainable With Olivia Pedersen
It’s open-mic week on the BYOBrand Podcast, and I’m passing the torch to a badass business owner on an inspiring mission to bring the Circular Advantage to the masses.Most of us can’t wake up and run a 10K. That’s not how habit adoption works. Enter Sustaio, a female-led tech start-up that knows the key to viable sustainability begins with small, daily steps to help reduce your consumption over time. Sustaio’s an intelligent ecological tracker that works for you, wherever you’re at in your journey. In this episode, we get to hang out with visionary and founder, Olivia Pedersen, for an insider’s look into what they're brewing up and how you can join #ThinkCircularMovement before its pending release. From the impetus propelling them to what to expect from the future, OP gets real, honest - and a lot of fun. Sustaio gives Sustainability gets a much-needed makeover, digitizing the effort so that it’s not only accessible but appeasing to anyone with a phone...essentially, the whole world. Tune-In and Turn-It Up to hear from real entrepreneurs making real change during a pivotal chapter in human history. #ThinkCircular and Be A Part Of The MovementIG >>> @sustaio.habitsFacebook >>> The Article (Releasing Friday, SEPT 25, 2020)
39:11 9/22/20
The Moment Every Entrepreneur Has Been Waiting For - COVID-19
COVID-19 Doesn’t Have To Be The End Of Your Business! Make It A New Beginning Tune-In + Turn-It Up To Find Out How With Jimmy Chebat!No matter where you're tuning-in, it feels as if someone is spouting doom and gloom about the times we live in. As business owners that's a dangerous spiral. Many of us have much more than our entire lives invested in our companies, but those of the employees and the families we support. Existing in fear of the unknown is equivalent to entrepreneurial suicide. You go into business accepting that nothing is impossible. Plus -when has living in fear ever brought anyone the results they hope for?!If your internal alarm recognized an iota of truth and you need to remember that this isn’t the end, but a new beginning - Welcome to the episode made just for you. Jimmy Chebat is an enterprising business pioneer and one of my favorite clients. His insight and personal initiatives are inspirational. The conversations we’ve had on this topic always leave me pumped and ready to kick serious business butt. ...Something, I think more than a few people need to hear right now. Listen To The Full Episode >>> Out Jimmy On LinkedIn >>> Out All Things ZIZO >>>>Instagram: @playzizo Twitter: @playzizo1 Facebook:
52:38 9/15/20
Target Audience- Find Your People
Sure, walk-ins are great -and you should take that sale to the bank, but if THAT'S your average may be in some deep dodo. At the end of the day, nobody wants to be sold to. I think we’ve all had enough of the marketing gimmicks and pop-ups. Want to know what Brands do that most of us, day-to-day businesses, don’t do? They connect with their target audiences by sharing an experience. Think about it...Dove doesn't say, 'Buy Our Soap!" They talk about body confidence. A lurking issue that happens to a sizable % of people when they're nudie and applying that soap. They KNEW that about us, guys. What do you know about your people? If you have a business of any kind, don’t you want people to waltz up to your feed or through your shop doors already knowing they’re in the right place? Well, this is the podcast episode that’s going to tell you how it’s DONE!When You're Ready to Speak To The Right People -The One's Who Can Appreciate What You Miss Holiday Meals To Build, Press Play and Let's Get Crackin'.Show Notes & EXTRAS >>> Episodes On Lock >>>http://www.subscribe.byobrandpodcast.comLet's Play On The Social Playground >>>
18:56 9/15/20
Brand Voice - How-To Create One For Your Business
Brand Voice is the single most important part of your Brand -and yet all too often, it takes a back seat to the visuals. Most people toss around their voice without a second thought, not realizing that they’re flinging around some seriously valuable real estate. NIKE - JUST DO IT ← Three Words, Three Syllables, That Together Have Forever Changed Public Perception. Your customers may stop by because of your logo, but they will stick around because of your Brand Voice. Averaging 7,000 + words a day,  humans do words all day, every day, and so does your business.I could go on for days about what Brand Voice is - How To Do It - & Why It's Important...OH, Wait, I did that already IN THIS EPISODE 🙌🏽💃🏽AND There's a Whole article about it at Subscribe To The Podcast Cause #LOVEAnd Let's Catch-Up On The Social Playground at Look, I know this Branding thing is not something that can all be done in a day... and maybe you have questions or need some help. Like the professional kind...That's why I created Writing Wit Creative Studios. Whether you want an hour to ask ALL THE QUESTIONS, or you need some creative genius to do it for you, you know like me🤣... I gotcha!
23:51 9/15/20
How To Create Ideal Customer Avatars For Your Business
Ten years ago, you could sell a product to a customer, gain brand loyalty, and expect their business for ever more -AND that of their progeny. Today, not so much.So - businesses do their due diligence getting to know their target audience and demographics, researching until you've scanned half of the know internet. Here’s the real-life problem with that scenario. That effort does nobody any good locked in your mind or compiled in a biblical scale compendium. Ideal Customer Avatars allow you to get closer than a demographic, imparting a face and a beating heart to the human behind the numbers. THIS is what industry giants use get to know their people. Want to know more about your audience than where they live and what they do?Tune-In + Turn Up This Episode!Read The Full Article >>>'s Catch Up On The Social Playground >>>
23:27 9/15/20
PILOT : What Is A Brand And How To Build One
What worked for our parent's generation isn't cutting it. Small companies are taking the world by storm and it's not their pocketbooks putting them on the map -it's branding!We can't relate to an inanimate object like a business, but we can abso-freaking-lutely relate to Brands.Businesses sell products to customers. Brands don’t sell SH!T to anyone. They share their beliefs, ideas, and hopes with people like them. When you’re an entrepreneur, your company is your life’s blood.  It’s what we dream about, and what keeps us up at night - not to mention the time and money we put into them. Why wouldn’t you want your idea to go as far as it can? This is the episode that'll walk you through What Is A Brand and How to Turn Your Business Into One!BYOBRAND PODCAST SHOWNOTES PODCAST INSTAGRAM BYOBRAND BLOG EDITION
15:57 8/27/20