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The Thriving Dentist Show

The Thriving Dentist Show by Gary Takacs provides a game plan for dentists and practice owners on how to create a profitable dental practice! With 39 years of experience as a consultant in the dental field, Gary is an influential figure who became a successful practice owner by transforming his insurance driven practice to a fee-for-service model, delivering hall-mark quality of care for its patients.


The Best Way to Pay Yourself as an Owner Dentist 51:10 12/01/2021
Mastering Digital Marketing in 2022 and Beyond Part 2 : Influence At Work 46:21 11/24/2021
Mastering Digital Marketing in 2022 and Beyond 50:25 11/17/2021
Biggest Mistakes Dentists Make when Purchasing a Practice 56:58 11/09/2021
Is Bigger Always Better? 48:55 11/03/2021
Coach John Wooden As Your Mentor 51:22 10/27/2021
A Systematic, Step-by-Step Approach to Build Your Confidence with Fred Joyal 44:47 10/20/2021
A System to Control Your Five Largest Expense Categories 59:15 10/13/2021
Thriving in Dentistry Series Featuring Dr. Jon Marashi 43:51 10/06/2021
If Owning One Practice is Good, Should I own two? 45:17 09/29/2021
Can a PPO Practice Be a Thriving Practice? 51:28 09/22/2021
How to use Focus Time in a Thriving Practice? 55:40 09/15/2021
Know your Patients 44:05 09/08/2021
Tips from Social Media Masters in Dentistry 51:50 09/01/2021
Successfully Onboarding New Team Members 52:33 08/25/2021
A Life Well Lived in Dentistry 57:14 08/18/2021
Episode #500: Thoughts from Leaders in Dentistry on What Makes a Thriving Dental Practice in 2021 and Beyond! 46:49 08/11/2021
Lessons from Steve Jobs Applied to Dentistry 50:25 08/04/2021
The $1 Million NET Practice 49:05 07/28/2021
How to Achieve 10%+ Growth Every Year 54:16 07/21/2021
20 Metrics of a Thriving Practice 56:13 07/14/2021
6 Tips for Hiring in a Tight Labor Market 51:23 07/07/2021
What We have Learned in Call Recording and Call Coaching 51:29 06/30/2021
5 Reasons To Be Bullish On Dentistry 48:43 06/23/2021
The Five Most Important Lessons I’ve Learned Since Owning a Dental Practice 52:20 06/16/2021
Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch 50:48 06/09/2021
Influence is Everything Today 51:16 06/02/2021
Leadership in a Thriving Practice 49:29 05/26/2021
No Coasting - A Lesson from Terry Bradshaw 56:44 05/19/2021
One Minute Manager Dentist Style 50:01 05/12/2021