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Two writers. One just starting out. The other a best-selling indie author. Join James Blatch and Mark Dawson and their amazing guests as they discuss how you can make a living telling stories. There’s never been a better time to be a writer.


SPS-431: Support for Self Publishing with Draft2Digital
Nick Thacker VP of Author Success at Draft2Digital joins James to dive into what's new and what D2D can offer the self publishing world.
31:10 6/21/24
SPS-430: The New Content Creation Place with Marco Moutinho from Dibbly
James talks to Marco Moutinho from Dibbly, a content creation platform, which can help you with freelance services. Dibbly also offers an AI tool ‘Kip’ that has some fantastic features to offer the indie author.
35:47 6/14/24
SPS-429: How do you strategise and what is the best way to invest in editing?
This week James talks to bestseller Suzy K Quinn and editor Adam Strange from Kevin Anderson & Associates, who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience on editing to the show.
43:38 6/7/24
SPS-428: The BookBub new release - Rocket boost
Join James and Carlyn Robertson from BookBub talking about what's new at BookBub and what BookBub can offer.
24:20 5/31/24
SPS-427: Direct Selling FTW with Alex Smith from Bookvault
A fast emerging aspect of indie marketing is direct selling. Bookvault have risen quickly to the top of many authors go-to suppliers for print-on-demand, especially for those special editions that can be extremely good for your bottom line. This week’s show features a chat with Bookvault’s Alex Smith.
25:05 5/24/24
SPS-426: Format your book in style with Vellum
Vellum is the gold standard for editing your book ready for publication. Listen as James Blatch talks to Brad West about tips for preparing your book
33:20 5/17/24
SPS-425: Which Book Promo is Right For Me? with Mike Hourigan
Listen as James talks to Mike Hourigan who is the Vice President of Marketing at Written Word Media, where he brings more than 15 years of digital marketing expertise to the table.    
33:16 5/10/24
SPS-424: What’s the big deal about Romantasy? With Alex Newton
Join James and the numbers man, Alex Newton from K-lytics who digs beneath the Romantasy data and explains current trends
41:37 4/26/24
SPS-423: Create a Killer Author Website – with Stuart Grant from Digital Authors Toolkit
Join James Blatch and Stuart Grant from Digital Authors Toolkit and also the highest rated web designer on Reedsy, as they discuss the future of Author websites, direct selling, and how you can make your website stand out.
34:38 4/19/24
SPS-422: The Audio Explosion with James Blatch and Victoria Gerken from Podium Audio.
Join James and Victoria Gerken from Podium Audio as they discuss how audio is exploding the world of publishing and providing authors with another income stream
54:58 4/12/24
SPS-421: Who’s coming to SPS LIVE 2024? With James Blatch and Chris Banks from Prowritingaid
Join James Blatch and Chris Banks as James reveals the speakers and sponsors attending the Self Publishing Show Live in London 2024 and Chris talks about what's new at ProWritingAid and AI, but making sure you add the human touch.
46:37 3/22/24
SPS-420: AI: Fear, Loathing and Acceptance
Join James Blatch as he takes on a hot topic of the moment, AI, and how it impacts authors and creators. Should you be afraid or accepting of this new wave of technology? 
34:15 3/15/24
SPS-419: Targeting Trad Readers (with Michael R. Miller)
Tune into this week’s episode of the Self Publishing Show to hear more from Michael, including whether selling direct would be preferrable to selling on Amazon, why he chooses to publish his audiobooks exclusively on ACX, and why consistency in magic and worldbuilding rules is key for any kind of Fantasy story.
41:32 2/9/24
SPS-418: Setting Goals and Building Habits – with Marc Reklau
Marc Reklau went from struggling writer to earning seven-figures, all by applying the same self-help advice he writes about in his books.
36:38 2/2/24
SPS-417: Automating Amazon Ads with Merch Jar (with Cameron Scott)
Tired of tweaking your Amazon Ad keywords? Let Merch Jar automate the process for you.
26:29 1/26/24
SPS-416: Storytelling on the Tabletop – with Paddy Finn
From novelist to tabletop game creator, Paddy Finn explains how he created a seven-figure company in an industry where the players come up with the stories.
52:46 12/22/23
SPS-415: AI & Aggregation with PublishDrive – with Danica Favorite
Danica Favorite describes the benefits of releasing wide with PD and how you can have a say on the future of AI in publishing.
33:58 12/15/23
SPS-414: Selling Books Direct with Bookvault – with Alex Smith
Bypass royalty cuts and sell your paperbacks and hardcovers direct to your readers with Bookvault.
35:41 12/8/23
SPS-413: Living the Bestseller Life – with Michaelbrent Collings
Michaelbrent Collins is a bestselling trad- and indie-published author and screenwriter who teaches writers the principles of writing success.
44:46 12/1/23
SPS-412: Time Management for Authors - with Mark Dawson
Mark Dawson embarks on a solo episode exploring how authors can optimise the time available to them to write (and sell) more books.
50:31 11/24/23
SPS-411: The Importance of Researching Settings – with Tony Park
As an Australian living in South Africa, Tony Park explains what he does to make sure he reflects African places, people and practices correctly.
57:08 11/17/23
SPS-410: Selling Serials with The Pigeonhole – with Mark Blayney
Getting reviews and reader feedback can be difficult. The Pigeonhole is a new way to transform your relationship with your readers.
38:17 11/10/23
SPS-409: Catering for the Christian Market – with Thomas Umstattd
Veteran podcaster and SEO expert Thomas Umstattd explains what the Christian market is and what authors need to consider when writing for it.
48:24 11/3/23
SPS-408: Essential Tips for New Authors – with Mark Dawson
As Launchpad prepares to welcome new students, Mark Dawson breaks down his top ten tips for aspiring authors.
52:21 10/27/23
SPS-407: How to Choose Your Amazon Categories – with Dave Chesson
With a quarter of Amazon categories not having their own bestseller rankings, it’s important to choose ones that’ll help promote your book.
53:00 10/20/23
SPS-406: Turn Your Inner Darkness into Words – with Joanna Penn
Self-publishing veteran Joanna Penn talks about her new non-fiction book “Writing the Shadow” and where her writing career will go from here.
62:57 10/13/23
SPS-405: Is A.I. a Help or a Hindrance? - with Mark Dawson
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
38:55 10/6/23
SPS-404: Making Self-Publishing More Affordable - with Dan Wood
Book covers, translations, audiobooks – these can all cost a lot of money and put off promising writers. Draft2Digital wants to make self-publishing accessible for all.
51:40 9/29/23
SPS-403: Fairytale Endings From Ads for Authors - with Laura Burton
Laura Burton almost gave up on writing after getting a bad review from someone she knew. Then she found the Ads for Authors course, and is now a full-time author.
58:54 9/22/23
SPS-402: How to Use A.I. in Your Marketing – with Mark Dawson & James Blatch
A.I. is a fast-developing field, and it’s important for authors to use it both effectively and ethically.
50:04 9/15/23

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