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Keto, Fitness and Everything In between

Welcome to Keto, Fitness and Everything In Between, a weekly podcast hosted by a combo of, twenty-something-year-old best friends and digital creators, Gia, Lauren, Anna and Shannon. Each week they welcome listeners into their daily life for a special helping of the tea you’re not getting from their wildly popular Instagrams. From fun lighthearted conversations about diet and fitness to sharing their tips to help to feel more confident in business– each week you’ll be left wanting more of them! New episodes every Monday!


Where Have We Been? Keto Motivation, Gia's Brand New Business and Shannon's Big Day 43:23 04/12/2021
"Last Night The Colonel Saved My Life" And Other Life Stories From ✨Anna✨ 19:32 03/02/2021
Keto Q&A: We Answer Your Burning Questions About Low Carb, PCOS And The Ketogenic Diet 37:07 02/23/2021
After Pod Chit Chat: ✨@bellalosinghella ✨ 17:52 02/18/2021
Bella (@bellalosinghella) On Balance With Keto Weight Loss, Keeping Active And Motivation For Weight Loss 36:38 02/15/2021
Does Inuitive Eating Work, When Should You Have A Cheat Day On Keto And Egg Fast Thoughts 37:41 02/08/2021
No Scale Feb, Why You "Gain" Sometimes and Jameela Jamil Controversy 22:34 02/01/2021
Eating Carbs Over Christmas, Our Cats and TV Recommendations 39:05 01/25/2021
Our No 1 Fan, @kelsonketo Joins Us To Talk About Her Keto Journey, Her Charity Trip + Fitness Hacks Part 1 28:49 01/18/2021
New Year Goals, Weight Loss In 2021 And The Importance Of Being Kind To Yourself 31:51 01/11/2021
Dietitian Noor (@thenourishingstate) On Why She Advocates For Low Carb, Metabolic Flexibility And Taking Back Control Of Your Health 57:30 12/14/2020
Let's Talk About Disordered Eating, Counting The Carbs In Vegetables And Coffee + Sustainability 48:54 12/07/2020
Privacy Online, Christmas Plans and A Litte Extra Tea 38:34 11/30/2020
Christmas On Keto, Mindset Changes and Life Updates 26:06 11/23/2020
Sustainability, David Attenborough Being An Icon and Online Hate On Instagram 20:57 11/19/2020
Tom (Shannon's Fiancé) On Keto From The Sidelines, Childhood Nutritional Info and How It Shaped Our Adult Eating Habits 29:06 11/16/2020
Lockdown Thoughts, Job Security and Why People Hate On Amazon 35:21 11/09/2020
Steak and Butter Gal on Vegan to Carnivore, Butter Taste Tests and NYC 55:02 11/02/2020
We Spill The Tea On Our Experience With A Certain Online Keto Bakery... 66:32 10/26/2020
Sassy Shop Wax with CEO Keely Parsons, Restock Model and The Path to Business Success 52:36 10/19/2020
Dessert, Keto Sushi, Our Coffee Kit & Favourite Vegan Keto Products 34:44 10/15/2020
How To Eat Out On Keto, Favourite Keto Tips & Gia's Weird Allergy To Seaweed 31:56 10/12/2020
Keto Community, No Hunger On Keto and Confidence After Weight Loss with Gail (@keto_warrior_gail) 41:55 10/08/2020
Swapping From Popular Slimming Clubs To Keto, Benefits Of Keto and How Keto Changes Your View On Nutrition 33:58 10/05/2020
The Age of Influencer Marketing Transparency, Scammy Facebook Ads and Cancel Culture 39:26 10/01/2020
Favourite Keto Meals, Keto Sweeteners and Why Keto Doesn't Necessarily Mean Intermittent Fasting 59:48 09/28/2020
How To Keto-fiy Pumpkin Spice Latte At Starbucks, Loose Skin Acceptance and Why You Should Be Weight Training 33:56 09/24/2020
Lauren On Her Keto Journey, Teaching Others About Keto and Why Protein Is So Important Part 1 32:22 09/21/2020
Ashley ( @atketo ) on #peagate, The Importance of Scales and Easy Keto Hacks Part 2 67:08 09/17/2020
Ashley ( @atketo ) On His Ebook, Keto For Beginners And Does Dirty Keto Work? Part 1 36:24 09/14/2020