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Living With Scanxiety: Cancer Podcast

Join Rosaria Kozar, the mother of a warrior, as she interviews oncologists, pediatricians, survivors, parents, and other applicable organizations in the pediatric cancer world. If you need support as a caregiver or are just curious about childhood cancer, this is the show for you. Living With Scanxiety: Cancer Podcast discusses more than scans; it covers life during treatment and post-treatment. Subscribe, and I hope you will get some much-needed support from the show. Rosaria's mission is to inform, support, and promote hope.


Lighthouse: A Retreat for Families Affected by Childhood Cancer 19:44 05/13/2022
AYA Warrior Meg Gallagher Advocate, AYA Survivor, Driver of Awareness and More 28:51 04/29/2022
Mother of a Rhabdomyosarcoma Warrior, Therapist, and host of Family Chemotherapy 33:41 04/20/2022
Warrior Jessica T Nelson of My Cancer Story 30:44 04/20/2022
Anna's Pals: Beach House for Immunocompromised Children 12:51 04/04/2022
Chad Ehlers on Caregiving, Chad Change, and Activism 38:54 01/20/2022
Sarcoma Alliance: Advocacy. Support, Inform, and Wellness 19:51 01/12/2022
David Richman: Author, Humanitarian, and Advocate 31:22 01/09/2022
Brain Cancer, Siblings, Writing with Momcologist Samarrah Clayman 20:06 12/28/2021
Part II: Dr. Baumgarten on Fran's Place: Center for Cancer Counseling 20:30 11/02/2021
Part I: Childhood Cancer With Dr. Frances Baumgarten 22:51 11/02/2021
Rian Harvey: 2x Survivor of Leukemia 42:51 10/13/2021
Natalie Nowroozi: ATRT, Research, and Social Media 34:49 09/09/2021
A Childhood Cancer Resource: Strong Little Souls 14:20 08/13/2021
Marriage and Trauma: Valerie Hamaker; LPC, NCC, CPT, SATP 18:51 07/13/2021
Is Childhood Cancer a Male Caretaker's World? Yes! 27:04 06/21/2021
Childhood Cancer and Smiles Through Cars 25:53 06/10/2021
Living With Scanxiety 11:04 06/09/2021
Glimmer of Hope: More Than A Childhood Cancer Non-Profit 15:48 05/27/2021
Childhood Cancer & Devastating Late-Term Effects: Rising To The Challenge 28:49 05/10/2021
Two Time Childhood Cancer Survivor Discusses Support Systems, Late Effects, and More (Part I) 29:49 04/12/2021
Improving Children with Cancer's Mental Health: A Small Idea Takes on A Huge Purpose 26:13 04/05/2021
Childhood Cancer: Adapting to an Amputation and Bullying 19:57 03/29/2021
ACCO: American Childhood Cancer Organization 17:21 03/26/2021
Grace Eline: Childhood Cancer Warrior and Advocate Speaks Out 18:33 03/10/2021
Food and Managing Side Effects From Pediatric Cancer Treatments 36:42 03/10/2021
Caught In A War Zone: A US Military Veteran, Cancer Survivor, and Advocate 33:32 02/22/2021
Childhood Cancers of The Eye: Eye Removal Surgery 17:26 01/24/2021
Pediatric Cancers of the Eye: Retinoblastoma with Dr. Gonzalez 29:50 01/24/2021
Singular and Coexisting Mental Health Obstacles due to Childhood Cancer 38:53 01/05/2021