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On Mom After Hours, we talk about the hard stuff: sex struggles after kids, relationship hiccups, working motherhood, and everything that is mom life. With humor, millennial host, and mom of two, Brandi Wiatrak creates a judgment-free zone to discuss the taboo conversations moms want and need to have. Especially those hush-hush topics you're hesitant to talk about for fear of criticism or ridicule. Whether it's advice from leading experts or real-life stories from moms like you, Mom After Hours equips moms with the encouragement, tools, and humor needed to power through motherhood.


It's Not Good Bye, It's See You Later
Hi there, mama. It's been a minute. How ya doin'?  It's been "cray-otic" in my world, but I wanted to let you know I've been thinking about you, and I've got some news to share... Mom After Hours is going dark. Drop in on this ultra-short episode for the deets.  P.S. I'll be back...someday. But until then, stay wild, happy, and free! Stay in touch on IG: @brandiwiatrak or @momafterhours --- Send in a voice message:
04:59 9/7/21
Pregnancy, Working Mom Life & What I’m Not Doing Again - Emily Broderick
Today is the one-year anniversary of when my mommy sidekick and former co-host had to ditch the Mom After Hours podcast. In this episode, I announce my season break for Mom After Hours and catch up with Emily on what she’s been up to since she left the podcast in June 2020. We talk about that ambitious working mom life, growing a business alongside a growing family, and what she will be doing differently in her family and business life moving forward.  P.S. This is my last episode of the season. Your girl is taking a season break! I hope you give yourself one too!  --- Send in a voice message:
45:05 6/3/21
Improve Relationships & Parent Better By Using Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type - Sandra Etherington
In this episode, I talk with Myers Briggs Expert and co-host of Family Personalities podcast, Sandra Etherington, about what the Myers-Briggs personality test is all about, the different dichotomies, and how knowing your Myers-Briggs personality type can help you thrive at home, work, and in life. --- Send in a voice message:
52:30 5/20/21
The Lowdown on Sexuality and Motherhood - Sarah Forbes
As mothers, are we expected to ditch our sexuality and exude ourselves as matronly, proper, and unsexy? We answer this question and more with "sexpert supreme," Sarah Forbes, former sex curator for the Museum of Sex and author of the upcoming book, Mama Sex. We dig into her experience working at "New York's most provocative museum,” the taboos of being a sexual mother, and the conflict between our parental and sexual selves. --- Send in a voice message:
48:30 5/6/21
I Left My Job to Care for My Autistic Child, And This is What I've Learned - Hayley Augusta
Hayley talks about leaving her dream career and luxe lifestyle in Dubai to care for her son on the autism spectrum and what she wished parents of neurotypical children understood about this disorder. As she shares her experience navigating the autism diagnosis process, Haley also covers the best tools, services, and resources for moms of autistic children to consider.  If you're a parent of a neurotypical child, have a child who is autistic, or curious about a disorder that is becoming more prevalent each year, you need to hear this episode! --- Send in a voice message:
51:44 4/22/21
I Once Had $670k in Debt; This is How to Get Your Finances in Order - Rho Thomas
In this episode, I talk with Rho Thomas, an attorney, and financial coach, about the birth of her first child and how it sparked her family's journey to get out of $670,000 of debt. She talks about how managing your mindset and money to reach financial independence is a form of self-care. Rho also guides you on the words to use to get your partner on the same page with money and what will ultimately keep you motivated and on track with reducing household debt. --- Send in a voice message:
36:02 4/8/21
Adult Entertainers, Sex Workers & the Power of Cupcakes - Joy & Phil Hoover
In this fun and uplifting episode, Joy and Phil Hoover share how a box of cupcakes evolved into a nationally-recognized nonprofit with a staff of 10 and a volunteer team of 150+, the importance of loving without an agenda, and how they are raising their two girls to be inclusive and, like their parents, "humans who give a shit." Joy spills what helps her stay centered in work and family life, and Phil dishes out what all men need to do to keep their partner happy and satisfied. --- Send in a voice message:
53:46 3/25/21
The Truth About Being a Foster Mom - Danielle Melton
IIn this episode, the founder of the Boss Mom crew, Danielle Melton, talks about the foster parenting process, what your family needs to consider before committing to becoming a foster parent, and offers tips on making that first day with your foster child or children run smoothly. She talks first-hand about her foster parenting experiences and even how her partner went from "being on the fence" with fostering children to "what are we waiting for?" --- Send in a voice message:
37:55 3/11/21
Burntout to Badass: Rediscovering Your Purpose & Gifts - Errin Weisman
In this episode, Dr. Errin Weisman vividly shares her story of rising from the ashes of burnout and how a life coach helped her torch the past and start over. Errin offers sage advice to high-achieving women to rediscover their purpose, find happiness, and achieve badass status. --- Send in a voice message:
40:21 2/25/21
Maternal Mental Health: Postpartum Depression & Beyond - Walker Ladd
Dr. Walker Ladd, a thought leader in the field of maternal mental health for nearly two decades, offers a timely and critical look at the current state of maternal mental health in America and discusses the challenge paradigms of motherhood and mental illness. She even shares her past struggles with postpartum depression and how it inspired her to write, "Transformed by Postpartum Depression: Women's Stories of Trauma and Growth." --- Send in a voice message:
37:06 2/11/21
Being a Step-Mom Isn’t Easy, But It's So Worth It - Yolanda Ridley
In this episode, Brandi and Yolanda Ridley, a personal growth writer and mental health advocate, share their step-parenting wins and struggles and lessons they’ve learned along the way. Yolanda also shares several important truths she wished biological moms understood. --- Send in a voice message:
34:21 1/28/21
Important Update From Brandi
Please listen to this brief update on Mom After Hours from host Brandi Wiatrak. --- Send in a voice message:
02:19 1/17/21
Strategies to Supercharge Your Sex Life - Celeste Holbrook
In this episode, sexologist Dr. Celeste Holbrook talks about foreplay, intimacy, sexual fantasies, everything that encompasses sex as we know it. She teaches how to communicate our needs and sexual desires, create a better connection with our partner, and strategies to elevate our sex life. --- Send in a voice message:
49:30 1/14/21
Welcome to Mom After Hours
The new season of Mom After Hours kicks off on January 14, 2021. --- Send in a voice message:
01:17 12/20/20
You Can Be Body Positive, And Still Want to Lose Weight - Jennifer Nagel
In this episode, Brandi talks with fitness pro Jennifer Nagel about diet culture, the body positivity movement, and the reverse shaming happening nowadays when women decide to lose weight. --- Send in a voice message:
34:37 12/17/20
I Ditched Suburbia to Live on the Road Full-Time - Michelle Knight
In this episode, Michelle Knight talks about what to consider if you want to live in an RV full-time with your family and the pros and cons of nomadic life. She also teaches us how to reframe our perspective of time if we want to succeed in life and business. --- Send in a voice message:
35:13 12/10/20
I Was a Sick, Stressed-Out Mom Until I Incorporated These Habits - Christina Dunbar
In this episode, Christina, host of the Intentional Ten podcast, shares how a stressful job combined with a tough early motherhood experience sent her into a downward spiral and the life-changing habits she incorporated that turned her life right side up. --- Send in a voice message:
43:24 12/3/20
How Unresolved Trauma Impacts the Mothering Experience - Allyson Pitre
Back by popular demand, Allyson Pitre MA, LPC, returns to discuss how unresolved trauma impacts the mothering experience and relationships and why you need to work through these traumas. Allyson even breaks down some of Brandi's childhood traumas and exposes how she is both reacting and reenacting these past traumas in both motherhood and her marriage. --- Send in a voice message:
33:07 11/26/20
Boosting Intimacy During Infertility Struggles - Amanda Osowski
In this episode, Amanda Osowski MPH, CD, CPLC highlights her struggles with infertility, then dives into fun, tried and true ways couples can increase intimacy and connectedness during this vulnerable time. --- Send in a voice message:
48:15 11/18/20
I Cut Ties With My In-Laws to Protect My Family's Well-Being - Dana Moss
In this episode, Dana Moss shares what ultimately caused her and her husband to part ways with his side of the family, the impact it's had on her family, and when it's time for you to do the same. --- Send in a voice message:
33:43 11/12/20
It Took Months to Love My Baby, And I Don’t Feel Guilty About It - Chiara Townley
In this episode, writer and spiritual counselor, Chiara Townley, opens up about why it took her months to love her baby and how embarking on a spiritual journey not only taught her about her body but cultivated a stronger relationship with her child. --- Send in a voice message:
33:21 11/5/20
Becoming a Mom to Five Helped Me to Find Peace - Josephine Atluri
In this episode, Josephine Atluri, a meditation expert and host of the  Responding to Life podcast, opens up about her difficult journey of becoming a mom to five using IVF, surrogacy, and international adoption. She shares how her challenging circumstances propelled her forward and ultimately led her to a place of peace. --- Send in a voice message:
42:00 10/29/20
I'm Not Fulfilled by Motherhood, and I Don't Feel Bad About It - Brittany Bergman
In this episode, Brittany Bergman, author of Expecting Wonder: The Transformative Experience of Becoming a Mother, provides an insightful glimpse into early motherhood, struggles with mom rage, and how she doesn't feel fulfilled by motherhood, despite loving her two children more than the world. --- Send in a voice message:
30:55 10/22/20
Juggling Work & Littles: Tips From a Seasoned Working Mom - Rosanna Berardi
In this episode, Rosanna Berardi, a lawyer, entrepreneur, and ultimate queen of the household, shares her top hacks and tips for tackling remote learning, meal planning, and all those minor annoyances that pile up on mom's plates. --- Send in a voice message:
35:06 10/15/20
I Don't Regret Delaying Motherhood to Live a Sex and the City Lifestyle - Michelle Mansfield
In this episode, Michelle Mansfield talks openly about why she doesn't regret waiting until her late thirties to have a child, how a gay man at a pool party in Mexico changed her motherhood trajectory and the importance of living by your own rules. --- Send in a voice message:
48:31 10/8/20
I Almost Died During Childbirth, And It Forever Changed My Life - Aliette Silva
With vivid recollection, guest Aliette Silva recounts the day she nearly died during childbirth, how her near-death experience significantly impacted her life, and why it's vital for women to endlessly advocate for their health. --- Send in a voice message:
40:11 10/1/20
My Partner Left Me for Someone He Met On a Gaming App - Keisha Brooks
In this episode, Keisha Brooks, a self-proclaimed "open-book" and twin mom, speaks candidly with Brandi about her non-traditional relationship with her ex-partner of 23 years, the trials and tribulations experienced, and her journey of healing after infidelity. --- Send in a voice message:
40:10 9/24/20
It's Okay to End Friendships That No Longer Serve You - Elisabeth Allen
In this episode, Brandi, and host of Bottomless MOMosa podcast, Elisabeth Allen, talk about the impact motherhood has on friendships, how friendships change through life's seasons, and signs that it's time to kick a friendship to the curb. --- Send in a voice message:
47:41 9/17/20
I Was Fired for Being Pregnant - Kiley Taslitz Anderson
In this episode, Brandi talks with Kiley Taslitz Anderson, co-founder of Jetson and Jettie, about her life-changing experience with pregnancy discrimination, her lawsuit against her former employer, and how this and her c-section experience prompted her to launch her own mom-friendly company. --- Send in a voice message:
35:42 9/10/20
Rising Above Depression: Encouragement & Tips for Struggling Moms - Kristen Gardiner
In this episode, a popular mental health advocate, Kristen Gardiner, highlights her struggle with depression, the steps to take if you're struggling mentally and emotionally, and much-needed encouragement and tips for moms during these challenging times. --- Send in a voice message:
39:36 9/3/20