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On Mom After Hours, we talk about the hard stuff: sex struggles after kids, relationship hiccups, working motherhood, and everything that is mom life. With humor, millennial host, and mom of two, Brandi Wiatrak creates a judgment-free zone to discuss the taboo conversations moms want and need to have. Especially those hush-hush topics you're hesitant to talk about for fear of criticism or ridicule. Whether it's advice from leading experts or real-life stories from moms like you, Mom After Hours equips moms with the encouragement, tools, and humor needed to power through motherhood.


Pregnancy, Working Mom Life & What I’m Not Doing Again - Emily Broderick 45:05 06/03/2021
Improve Relationships & Parent Better By Using Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type - Sandra Etherington 52:30 05/20/2021
The Lowdown on Sexuality and Motherhood - Sarah Forbes 48:30 05/06/2021
I Left My Job to Care for My Autistic Child, And This is What I've Learned - Hayley Augusta 51:44 04/22/2021
I Once Had $670k in Debt; This is How to Get Your Finances in Order - Rho Thomas 36:02 04/08/2021
Adult Entertainers, Sex Workers & the Power of Cupcakes - Joy & Phil Hoover 53:46 03/25/2021
The Truth About Being a Foster Mom - Danielle Melton 37:55 03/11/2021
Burntout to Badass: Rediscovering Your Purpose & Gifts - Errin Weisman 40:21 02/25/2021
Maternal Mental Health: Postpartum Depression & Beyond - Walker Ladd 37:06 02/11/2021
Being a Step-Mom Isn’t Easy, But It's So Worth It - Yolanda Ridley 34:21 01/28/2021
Important Update From Brandi 02:19 01/17/2021
Strategies to Supercharge Your Sex Life - Celeste Holbrook 49:30 01/14/2021
Welcome to Mom After Hours 01:17 12/20/2020
You Can Be Body Positive, And Still Want to Lose Weight - Jennifer Nagel 34:37 12/17/2020
I Ditched Suburbia to Live on the Road Full-Time - Michelle Knight 35:13 12/10/2020
I Was a Sick, Stressed-Out Mom Until I Incorporated These Habits - Christina Dunbar 43:24 12/03/2020
How Unresolved Trauma Impacts the Mothering Experience - Allyson Pitre 33:07 11/26/2020
Boosting Intimacy During Infertility Struggles - Amanda Osowski 48:15 11/18/2020
I Cut Ties With My In-Laws to Protect My Family's Well-Being - Dana Moss 33:43 11/12/2020
It Took Months to Love My Baby, And I Don’t Feel Guilty About It - Chiara Townley 33:21 11/05/2020
Becoming a Mom to Five Helped Me to Find Peace - Josephine Atluri 42:00 10/29/2020
I'm Not Fulfilled by Motherhood, and I Don't Feel Bad About It - Brittany Bergman 30:55 10/22/2020
Juggling Work & Littles: Tips From a Seasoned Working Mom - Rosanna Berardi 35:06 10/15/2020
I Don't Regret Delaying Motherhood to Live a Sex and the City Lifestyle - Michelle Mansfield 48:31 10/08/2020
I Almost Died During Childbirth, And It Forever Changed My Life - Aliette Silva 40:11 10/01/2020
My Partner Left Me for Someone He Met On a Gaming App - Keisha Brooks 40:10 09/24/2020
It's Okay to End Friendships That No Longer Serve You - Elisabeth Allen 47:41 09/17/2020
I Was Fired for Being Pregnant - Kiley Taslitz Anderson 35:42 09/10/2020
Rising Above Depression: Encouragement & Tips for Struggling Moms - Kristen Gardiner 39:36 09/03/2020
Know Your Worth: Negotiating and Leveling Up in Your Career - Monica Rockstroh 48:04 08/27/2020