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A young American patriot and George Washington enthusiast, Sherman Tylawsky welcomes you from the nation’s capital for lively talks about pressing issues facing America and her allies, so you can learn to apply the first President’s unifying principles anywhere and anytime. Discover how the core values of Washington and the Founders were woven into the fabric of American society. Learn the ways a free people can heal internal divisions, cultivate economic prosperity, and protect civil liberties for future generations. Sherman Tylawsky is an aspiring statesman who grew up learning U.S. history and politics inside and outside of the classroom. Now, he invites you to experience President Washington’s pillars of patriotism, civility, faith, education, national unity, and fiscal responsibility in this brand-new podcast. You will hear fascinating stories and discussions about civics, culture, history and politics that any America-loving listener from across the planet can enjoy. This non-partisan podcast is a remarkable mix of solo shows, interviews and special guests that gives you a great boost of freedom! Subscribe now for the Founders' lasting wisdom heard around the world!


Episode 61: A Forgotten Westminster Ally during the American Revolution 27:12 10/18/2021
Episode 60: Expanding Personalized, Quality Education through Mentorship 55:24 10/11/2021
Episode 59: Samuel Adams - An American Brew of Oratory and Republicanism 42:37 10/04/2021
Episode 58: Cultivating Next Generations of Public Servants in American Agriculture 59:59 09/27/2021
Episode 57: "Long Shot" Amendment Propositions to the U.S. Constitution 24:10 09/20/2021
Episode 56: America's Guardians Beyond the Frontiers of Space 57:47 09/13/2021
Episode 55: Brig. Gen. William Whipple - A Merchant Supporting a Glorious Cause 29:12 09/06/2021
Episode 54: Our 1-Year Anniversary Celebration! 68:39 08/30/2021
Episode 53: The China Blunder of President Tyler 30:59 08/23/2021
Episode 52: Instilling Youth Engagement in Civics Across the Sunshine State 53:28 08/16/2021
Episode 51: Dr. Josiah Bartlett - A Founder and Ancestor of The West Wing 33:21 08/09/2021
Episode 50: Guiding Forces of Kindness on Social Media 61:21 08/02/2021
Episode 49: How Jacobson v. Massachusetts Upheld Representative Democracy 21:59 07/26/2021
Episode 48: On the Air with Women in Law and Community Service 51:41 07/19/2021
Episode 47: John Hancock - The First Signature of Independence 47:33 07/12/2021
Episode 46: In the Hunt for Veterans in Congress 58:30 07/05/2021
Episode 45: A Public Reading of the Declaration of Independence 15:21 06/28/2021
Episode 44: Higher Education at a Post-COVID Crossroads 55:08 06/21/2021
Episode 43: Standing for the Stars and Stripes 22:02 06/14/2021
Episode 42: The Costly Loss of Free Speech in Higher Education 54:26 06/07/2021
Episode 41: The Founding Father of Memorial Day 23:28 05/31/2021
Episode 40: Igniting the Spark Within Future Female Leaders of America 51:40 05/24/2021
Episode 39: The Third Q&A 37:26 05/17/2021
Episode 38: Fighting Injustice With Tenacity - The Spirit of Japanese American Patriots During World War II 42:22 05/10/2021
Episode 37: A Secretary of State Who Saved The Union 26:56 05/03/2021
Episode 36: Feeling the Beat of Washington's Presidency 42:39 04/26/2021
Episode 35: "Congress, What's Your Schedule?" - Why the Congressional Calendar Matters 23:54 04/19/2021
Episode 34: Fostering Intellectual Curiosity and Virtues in America's Classrooms 58:53 04/12/2021
Episode 33: Political Derailments of the First Transcontinental Railroad 23:42 04/05/2021
Episode 32: Serving Those Who Served Our Nation - Caring for American Veterans 38:19 03/29/2021