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“Call IT in with Dar” is a podcast for women seeking more depth and more meaning in their life... more happiness, more healthiness, more peacefulness, more abundance and more overall fulfillment! Each episode provides practical actionable steps in mind-set, soul-set, and heart-set living for Seekers on a mission to call more into their lives ! Join me for a new episode every Wednesday . We will cover everything considered metaphysical (“ woo woo”)with intuitive messages,spiritual insights, client’s case studies , guided visualizations, or vibrational energy techniques. Find out more at Thanks for listening, Dar


Animal Guidance Series: Buffalo Medicine
I have to trust that you have everything that you need in life? Are you grateful for your talents, possessions, abilities, health, family, friends and life? Are you free and at peace inside and out? Buffalo or bison guidance provides that level of faith, gratitude and miracles in our lives. Call on buffalo medicine, when you are experiencing any kind of lack or poverty in your life, if you need extra determination, pursuing a goal if you want to restore your faith, if you are starting an important project, or if you want help getting through a life challenge, Buffalo medicine can help you do this. When buffalo is in your corner, you are confident that everything that you need will be provided. You're accepting and non-judgmental of others. Seeing the good in them, you will have a great deal of strength and endurance, you tend to be very generous and willing to share what you have. Once you set your mind on something, nothing will stop you from achieving it with the buffalo spirit. The Buffalo spirit animal is a wise teacher of survival and living in balance with the earth adapting to change. The Bison teaches us that if you really want something, you need to call it in. Call in bravery, strength, freedom, prosperity and survival with buffalo medicine.’ Call IT in With Dar!” Support the show
09:12 3/15/23
Animal Guidance Series: Bobcat Medicine
Do you trust your instincts when something doesn't feel quite right? Have you learned to be comfortable alone without feeling lonely? If you maintain both of these qualities, the Bobcat’s medicine might be within you. Or you could call on the Bobcat to help you see better in darkness, both literally and metaphorically. If you think that someone is being deceitful, or if you are developing your intuitive psychic skills, this animal's medicine can actually help when entrusted with confidential information, or asked to keep a secret, the Bobcat person can help you keep this secret to yourself. If you tend to be quiet, solitary, and a great listener, you are most likely a Bobcat medicine person with whom friends frequently share secrets with… they also know when to speak, what to share, and with whom to share it. Having powerful psychic gifts, including clairvoyance, gift to see, Clairaudience, gift of hearing and Clairsentience… intuitive insight. Overall, call in the Bobcat for introspection, grace, adaptability, heightened senses, play, seeing beyond the surface, stealth, secrecy, strategy, and trust, trust worthiness. Call in the Bobcat, “Call IT in With Dar!”Support the show
09:45 3/8/23
Animal Guidance Series: Blue Heron Medicine
Do you carry the medicine of the blue heron within you? Blue Heron, medicine people are willing to look deep within themselves to see the truth of their motives, actions, feelings, dreams, goals, in their strengths and their weaknesses, and to balance those truths for certainty of their purpose. Blue Heron medicine is the power of knowing the inner self. By discovering its gifts, and facing its challenges. The ability to accept all feelings and all perceptions without denial. The blue heron visits people who are unaware of where they belong in the world, gently dropping a blue feather symbolizing Self Realization and empowerment. The Blue Heron is urging you to follow your intuition and develop your self-reflection skills. Are you willing to dive into the watery depths of your own feelings and discover your deep spiritual essence with the blue heron guidance? Like the Phoenix who rises from its own ashes, the Heron emerges from the unseen spirit world to embrace unlimited potential. Again, and again. There are many layers of truth to discover, and wholeness will not come out of one deep dive, you'll need to come up for air and dive and dive again. Take a deep breath as the blue heron comes into your consciousness. So call in the Heron call in the qualities of stability, harmony, patience, and self-reliance.  Call IT In With Dar! Support the show
11:39 3/1/23
Animal Guidance Series: Black Panther Medicine
Are you the type of individual who values their solitude? Then perhaps the Black Panther is one of your animal guardians. The Black Panther often symbolizes courage, valor, challenge, beauty, feminine power, grace, and rites of passage, as well as solitude. Stories of ancient maternal lunar power are often associated with the Panther. Generally speaking, ancient tradition connects the Black Panther with successful hunts, strength, honor, leadership, fearlessness, aggression, instinct, calculated movement, and clear sight… sharpened senses. This animal can also symbolize cunning, viciousness, femininity and protection. Black Panthers have good hearing, a great sense of smell, extremely sharp eyesight, and a very strong jaw. It is a smart, cunning, stealth-like attacker, and its dark coat helps it hide in the shadows, especially at night. So call the Black Panther into your life. Call it in for courage, strength, Grace, feminine power, leadership and fearlessness. Call in the Black Panther, “Call IT in With Dar!” Support the show
08:02 2/22/23
Animal Guidance Series: Bee Medicine
Do you take time to appreciate and enjoy the sweetness of life, as well as approach projects with commitment and dedication? If so, the Bee might be one of your power animals, especially if you work cooperatively with others, using tact and diplomacy. Bee medicine often means that you are yearning for change, and taking the steps to achieve it. Bees often serve as wise guardians and spiritual allies representing innovation, creativity, wisdom, community and love. In ancient mythology, across several cultures, the honeybee was looked upon as a sacred insect, bridging the underworld with the natural world. It is a universal symbol of purity, virtue, social ability, wisdom, diligence and creativity. The bumblebee’s rhythm is that of your own heartbeat, a sign to listen to your true higher self. If your energy is scattered or you're feeling overwhelmed, Bee medicine can help you regain focus and clarity. The Bee may be up here as an animal spirit guide, when it is time to discover all the sweetness that life has to offer. This creature helps remind us of living mindfully in the present moment. Take time to enjoy life. So call it in… calling the bee for purity, devotion, cooperation, clarity and wisdom. Calling the Bee.” Call IT in With Dar!”Support the show
11:30 2/15/23
Animal Guidance Series: Beaver Medicine
The saying “busy as a beaver” applies to the industrious doer of the animal kingdom. It is the time for purposeful action and focused attention. When beaver medicine shows up in your life. The Beaver is the sign to stop procrastination. And stop overthinking. be especially aware of when you are wasting time, energy or resources. Particularly look at unimportant matters you might be spending time on. Let your action be focused and intentional. Not just keeping busy for busy sake which some of us fall into. Change your environment so that you feel more focused and comfortable. You can call on Beaver medicine, when there is a project that you need to get done. You can also call on the beaver if you are feeling trapped, or in need of solving a conflict. If you desire to overcome procrastination, or desire to declutter your home, beaver medicine can help. The Beaver is definitely a doer and gets the job done and can work well as a team player. So don't be afraid to ask for help. If you stick to a task, be organized, focus and get along well with others…Beaver medicine is aligned. When a beaver shows up, it is often a sign to work tirelessly. To follow your vision or goal with pure heart and mind loving what you do. So call in Beaver medicine to help you get a job done to help you resolve conflict, and to declutter and organize tasks. Call the beaver into your life. Call in the beaver, “Call IT in With Dar!”Support the show
09:03 2/8/23
Animal Guidance Series: Bear Medicine
Today's topic is bear guidance. Bear medicine is the power of inner knowing…the power of introspection. To become like the bear is to attune with the energy of silence. Like entering into a cave, and the place of inner knowing where the answers lie. In some Native American cultures this is called the “Dream Lodge”. Also labeled as the “Great Void”, where solutions and answers dwell. Each and every living being has the capacity to look inside, a capacity to quiet the mind and enter the silence of knowing… this is the power of the bear. In seeing, or in choosing the bear as your sign or a symbol, you are choosing to seek the honey of sweetness in life, walking the path of silence, calming the internal chatter, and being reborn in the bright light of spring with strength to overcome life's challenges. So grasp, the honey and the sweetness of life and Call In the power of wisdom and inner knowing with the bear… Call IT In With Dar!Support the show
08:05 2/1/23
Animal Guidance Series: Bat Medicine
Bat medicine is steeped in mystery and for centuries as a highly treasured medicine of Aztec Toltec, Tolken, and the Mayan people. Many rituals center around birth, death and rebirth with the bat. There are ancient initiations where shamans were buried in the earth for one day to awaken and be reborn without their former ego the next day. The cave of the bat symbolizes coming out of the darkness. Hanging upside down is a symbol of emerging into a newborn being upside down is usually the position that babies assume as they are about to be born into the world. That can also symbolize letting go of the old and giving way to the new. It is definitely a symbol to conquer your fears and trust the change will be beneficial for you. You can call that medicine into your life when you are in transition. Like many of nature's creatures, bats have strong family ties and are very nurturing to their young. They live in large colonies. Many Native Americans cultures consider the bat to be a symbol of intuition and dreaming, as well as death, life and rebirth. So calling in bat medicine especially during times of transition, “Call IT in with Dar!”Support the show
08:36 1/25/23
Animal Guidance Series: Badger Medicine
Today’s animal guidance is from the black and white badger illustrating the contrast of shadow to light in life. The Yin and Yan, the male and female, learn to live with balance and harmony. If you possess badger medicine, it is highly likely that you excel in your chosen field because they never give up until they reach their goal. They are quick, powerful, and aggressive, as well as willing to fight for what they want. Badger's reputation precedes it and makes other animals run for cover just at the sight of a badger. Many powerful medicine women have badger medicine and Mother Earth’s multiple roots and healing herbs hang in the Badger home providing aggressive healing energy. Perhaps you know of a modern-day medicine woman like this. Badger wants you to push ahead, meet your goals and live with balance and harmony and a full and rewarding family life. So call in the Badger… Call IT in With Dar!Support the show
07:45 1/18/23
Animal Guidance Series: Ant Medicine
Today's animal spirit medicine is centered around the tiny insect that is found throughout the world. The Ant and ant’s greatest medicine is patience and community mindedness. And people are patient planners, part of a group collectivism… love connections, and know how to build their dreams, one small step at a time. Do you identify with the spirit of the ant and energy? If you have “ant medicine'' in you, you truly believe that if something is meant for you, that it will come to you in divine timing. Ant people eat slowly and deliberately knowing that the reward will come later. Perhaps you could use some “ant medicine'' in your life. Perhaps you could use more trust and patience, maybe that has been lacking.  So let's call on the spirit of the ant medicine. For connection, community and patience. Call in the spirit of the Ant “Call IT in With Dar”!Support the show
06:48 1/11/23
Animal Guidance Series: Alligator Medicine
Welcome into year three of the “Call it in with Dar Podcast”. I'm so grateful to all of you for listening. I have an exciting series I'm opening up. It's the animal guidance series. Do you often see the same animal show up in your life? Do you know what it might symbolize? Perhaps it isn't always in person, but rather on magazine pages, billboards, maybe Facebook or social media posts, and then on a TV commercial. Or maybe it crosses your path physically twice, and then appears as a decal on the side of the truck. This happened to me recently. These are synchronicities that are meant to provide guidance in our lives. In the next few months, we will be talking about some of these animals in alphabetical order that might be appearing in your life. And what message are they going to deliver? So let's call in animal wisdom. Let's “Call it in with Dar!*****Welcome to our first episode. In the spirit of the animal medicine series, featuring the alligator Gator shows us the value of thoroughly digesting both the pleasure and the pains of life. When an alligator rolls under the water with its prey, its message is to roll with the punches when attacked by life challenges. Then when it stores its prey under a log to tenderize the meat. The message is about patience, and proper timing. The alligator and its close cousin the crocodile are powerful, confident, protective and observant. They are armored in a thick, scaly hide, and can move with great speed both in the water and on land alike. They're ferocious… they're strong. They have a powerful jaw, and a very lethal tail that can kill in an instant, often in an act of protecting its young. They are territorial, and we can learn from their example how to set boundaries, and watch over what is important to us. Support the show
07:17 1/4/23
Victim No More with Dr. Alison J. Kay
Are you in search of your happiest, most thriving version of yourself? I know that I am. And so is Dr. Alison J. Kay today's guest, her quest for a thriving happy life led her through several professions, learning meditation, traveling internationally, specifically Taiwan, Asia and India to name a few. Writing 4 best-selling books, and developing the vibrational energy medicine system, called the “V Up system”. It is a combination of energy medicine, and applied mindfulness and an Eastern application of clearing and activating to call possibilities into your life. I am sure that you will enjoy today's interview entitled ``be a victim no more” with Dr. Alison J. Kay and learn more about the vibrational energy medicine system that's being practiced all over the world.Support the show
36:35 12/28/22
Facial Expressions Matter - Face Yoga with Louise Breton
Do you tend to wear your stress on your face? Most of us do and might not even realize it. In today's interview with Louise Breton, we discuss why facial expressions matter. We also talk about the natural option of face yoga that anyone can benefit from. In our interview, she leads us through an awareness exercise to see how we might be handling our stress and follows it up with a sample guided technique. This facial exercise together with conscious awareness, focus, clear and relaxed procedure and breathing helps us reduce frown lines, tired looking eyes, laugh lines, can even out skin tone and more symmetry… You can work on the turkey neck or double chin. Overall, it will boost confidence and lower your stress. I was surprised to hear that it can improve your speech because of the work that you do with your jaw and your face muscles. When you look better, you feel better. She also has a gift for our listeners: a procedure of five steps and I think that you'll really want to take advantage of that. So call in beauty from the inside out. Stop contributing to the manufacturing of cosmetics and go for the natural way with “Call IT in With Dar”!Support the show
30:13 12/21/22
Resilience with Cindy Marie
Are you resilient? Resilience to me means “the ability to spring back from life's difficulties, sometimes making mental, emotional, or behavioral adjustments”. According to Human development experts, there are seven interrelated components to being resilient: competence, confidence, connection, character, contribution, coping, and control.Today's guest Cindy Marie certainly is an example of all of these. She grew up in a life of concentrating on pure survival. She's been in the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, and now in Spain, and all along has had a desire to empower others. She indeed has a heart of service much more than just providing survival. She talks about unleashing your gifts. She has a podcast entitled “Empower your Life“ and we're privileged enough to have her today on the “Call IT in With Dar” podcast, so welcome Cindy Marie!Support the show
28:23 12/14/22
Walking in Both Worlds with Zofia Rennea Morales
A health crisis is what catapulted today's guest into learning to walk in both worlds. As our title suggests, both the physical and spiritual. Sophia Rene Morales, shares her health struggle, her emotional submission, and her final transition into believing in miracles. She now calls herself a troubleshooter, and she leads others to discover their personal superpower, and believe in miracles! So follow along with Sophia, as she leads us through an exercise together in walking in both worlds, guided by the God Squad, enjoy her fascinating story and “Call IT in With Dar “Episode Five, season three! Support the show
41:22 12/7/22
Transcension with Eugenia Oganova
Transcension…transcension is the title of Eugenia Oganova’s healing framework and the topic of two out of three of her best-selling books. In today's interview we dive deep into the quantum field and higher awakening. As we get to know Eugenia better! “Your perception determines your reality.” So, because Eugenia was born clairvoyant, she could see timelines, other dimensions and possibilities beyond the range of what might be considered normal human ability. And that's why she says “your perception determines your reality.” Since a young age she has enjoyed helping others see the infinite possibilities in their lives. She does this through coaching, masterminds and authoring three best-selling books. In today's conversation we discuss all there is to know about wealth energetics, and transcension among other things. So call it in, “Call IT in With Dar “today!Support the show
44:58 11/30/22
Irigenics Ancestral Eye Readings with Carol Dutton
Have you ever heard of an Irigenics Ancestral Eye Reading before? There are very few practitioners throughout the world. But we are extremely fortunate to be interviewing one of them today, as we welcome Carol Dutton into the “Call IT in With Dar” podcast. In our upcoming conversation, she will define the service, Irigenics Ancestral Eye Readings, list the benefits, and then lead us through an experience together. She's great at telling clients stories, and also informs us about the books that she's written. There are many opportunities for you to get started discovering this exciting field of Irigenics Ancestral eye reading.  I am a strong believer in the process. After completing a session with Carol, I even bought a gift certificate as a gift for a friend who was adopted and has absolutely no information about her birth parents or ancestors.  She can now discover some information about them with Carol’s work!Support the show
22:54 11/23/22
Theta Healing with Amy Baumann
What future do you want for yourself? How do you actually look at life?Do you think you might be living life on autopilot?If so, you will certainly enjoy my conversation with Amy Bauman and our discussion on Theta Healing as a technique to move out and move forward.I'm particularly excited about our session on sway testing. She helps us test affirmations, like, deserving to be happy, believing in yourself.Do you believe that life is a struggle? Is it safe to express yourself? Are you feeling supported?Do you have self-trust? Are you respected by others? And are you okay with saying no?Then she helps us set up some new blueprints and set up empowering beliefs.There are only four ways to reprogram the subconscious trauma, hypnosis, energy, psychology and repetition.Amy helps us go through these four ways.And we together Amy and I use energy psychology and repetition. Let's discover what you use and what future you want for yourself. What does life look like for you at “Call IT in With Dar”!Support the show
30:57 11/16/22
10 Minutes Can Change Everything with Jennifer Major
What do you think of when I say the word clutter? Most of us think of those physical belongings that stack up, and up and accumulate around us. But clutter can also be mental or emotional. Today's guest Jennifer Major speaks about all the various aspects of clutter in our lives. And how a quick and easy 10-minute habit can make a phenomenal difference. Jennifer says that once you're organized, then you can eliminate decision fatigue. And that's the key to feeling better. Then she realized that there needed to be another layer to getting organized, it needed to have a layer of being value based. So what do you really want out of your pantry? What do you want from your clothes? I want them to feel good, I want them all in good condition, I want them to be comfy, I want them to be bright colored, I want them whatever it is…. And then that eliminates the decision making, because that's where the chaos and the clutter and the decision fatigue comes from according to Jennifer.  Enjoy our conversation today with her many tips that illustrate … 10 minutes can make a difference. “Call IT in With Dar”!Support the show
30:34 11/9/22
Greatest Hits #1 - 5D Visualization
Happy second anniversary with Call IT in with Dar weekly podcast. As we go into year three, this is our final big hit of the last couple of years and it is “5 D Visualization”. Perhaps you recall that the 5D episode was hit number five. So we've come full circle with hit number one being “5 D Visualization”. So looking at vibrational living with happiness, healthiness, lightness, brightness, peacefulness, abundance, a deep spiritual connection, and boosting our immune system. We eliminate fear, pain, anxiety…all the benefits of being on that 5 D plane. So big drum roll… Here's the big final, 5 D visualization!!!Support the show
18:07 11/2/22
Greatest Hits #2 - Psychology of Color
Welcome back to our greatest hits countdown. We have only two left; we're on hit number two, where we travel through the various colors and their emotional traits. The “hue of you” psychology of color came up as hit number two, listen to Call IT in With Dar hit number two “hue of you psychology of color”!The LoveTuner The Lovetuner is a simple flute is considered to be the vibration of love and compassion.Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.Support the show
26:59 10/26/22
Greatest Hits #3 - Breathwork
Call IT in With Dar Greatest Hits. Welcome back to this celebration. Bringing back the good old days. Have you ever listened to America's greatest hits on the radio? A countdown of your top 10 favorite songs? Perhaps you're more familiar with how Netflix now rates their most popular shows. Anyway, we're going to continue with our countdown on this Two Years Celebration of weekly podcasts. Today we are on number three, a personal favorite of mine, because I feel that the benefits are so plentiful. And what's that topic? Breath work. Can't wait to get started on our Call IT with Dar greatest hits. Hit number three!The LoveTuner The Lovetuner is a simple flute is considered to be the vibration of love and compassion.Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.Support the show
34:20 10/19/22
Greatest Hits #4 - Body Scan Visualization
Welcome back to our anniversary celebration and Greatest Hits countdown, celebrating two full years of weekly podcasting fun. Did you know that the average podcaster does only 10 episodes and then they stop? Yes, there are many podcast hosts that have discontinued their shows. So we are extremely proud of doing over 100 episodes and celebrating our two year anniversary of being here for you, serving our loyal listeners. So let's get on with hit number four. Hit number four is the “Body Scan Visualization”. This is one of my favorite full body healing techniques that I share with multiple clients. It's an easy thing to work into your daily routine for better health. So hit number four “Body Scan with Call IT in With Dar”!Support the show
39:53 10/12/22
Greatest Hits #5 - 5D Reality
Happy second anniversary to the “Call IT in with Dar Podcast!As we embark on our third year, we thought it would be fun to highlight our top five most popular published episodes, beginning with number five and counting back to our all-time number one, like many radio shows, like to highlight their greatest hits or perhaps you're more familiar with Netflix Greatest Hits lately. This is what we're going to be doing for the next few episodes. So, drumroll….Here is number five. And number five is “5 D Reality”, the belief that there is much more to life than meets the eye. It's about high vibrational living with happiness, healthiness, lightness, brightness, peacefulness, abundance, and a deep spiritual connection. Find out more in this number five greatest hits episode of “Call IT in with Dar’!Support the show
14:06 10/5/22
Akashic Records with Lisa Reining
The Akashic records, have you heard of them? Perhaps you've heard of exploring your book of life. The Akashic Record Library is the amazing topic that today's speaker Lisa Reining talks about in our interview. Through her own personal struggle with divorce, job loss, single parenting, and self-esteem issues, Lisa uncovers the magical answers available to us in accessing the Akashic records. In today's episode, she guides us through the Akashic Record library, leads us in a sample session and discusses client 's benefits. Listen to this awesome interview at “Call IT in with Dar” for these amazing insights into Akashic Records.Support the show
24:03 9/28/22
Codependent Relationships with Deanna Marie
Codependent relationships. Do you think that you are involved in one now?Today's guest Deanna Marie describes this as “not doing something that you would like to do, because you are worried about how the other person will react or what their behavior might be because of it.” She reflects on her situation, as a young mother of several children, with an alcoholic husband, looking for support and understanding. Other than Al Anon resources didn't seem to be available for the family of a young alcoholic. This is when she promised herself to provide help and resources for others when she rose out of victimhood herself, learn about her practical solutions and her coaching model in this episode.   Her clients are encouraged to live their “best and Fullest life, detaching with love and staying true to their own selves”. She gives us tangible examples of the coaching tool called “the model”.  Its five steps are 1) circumstances 2) thoughts, 3) actions 4) feelings 5) result with a powerful outcome provided by slowly breaking into new thought patterns.  Knowing that we are what we think and what we think is actually something that we CAN control.  Learn more in this episode of “Call IT in With Dar”!Support the show
22:53 9/21/22
Step Into Unshakeable Self Confidence with Renee Dominquez
Confidence doesn't live in stress and anxiety. This is one of my many favorite quotes from the following interview with Rene Dominguez. As we discuss the topic of unshakable self-confidence. She reminds us that “where attention goes, energy will flow”. And as successful women, she challenges us to reprogram to do” easy”, instead of hard. In describing the hamster wheel of negative self-talk, she illustrates how self-confidence is actually reflection. It's actually your past successes that help you build self-confidence. Not looking forward to something you need to do. Not looking at when I do this or want to accomplish that, but rather looking back Renee dives right into a couple exercises that we can use and easily put into practice right away. So, let's go, let’s “step into unshakeable self-confidence” as we embark on another episode of “Call IT in With Dar”!Support the show
28:59 9/14/22
Empowering Emotional Release with Donna Lee
Are you an overcomer? Of course you are. You have been 100% successful at overcoming all of the obstacles that life has thrown at you up to this date, or you wouldn't be here. Today's guest Donna Lee Humble will talk about her strategies for overcoming obstacles herself and helping others to do the same. She is author of the book, “Seek Not For Love'' that contains her five steps to higher self-care formula. In our interview, she talks about that transformational formula and she leads us through an exercise to access intuition and recognize obstacles therefore empowering emotional release. Donna Lee says that “peace and calm are natural states”. When she realized that the body can tell us exactly how to heal itself just by tapping into the meridian system. She knew that we can tap into the emotions and the thoughts to create healing in emotions and in negative thinking so she began her process called “Empowering Emotional Release” which is also the topic of this episode.  Join us as we dive deeper into this powerful technique in “Call IT in With Dar!”Support the show
25:32 9/7/22
Spiral Golden Path Visualization
Today's episode is the golden path visualization. It's been a while since I talked about the many benefits of concentrating on someone's voice during a guided visualization or meditation. The most noticeable benefit is probably relaxation. But there are others like boosting confidence, increasing awareness of the present moment. Boosting happiness, improving breathing and well-being, reducing stress and anxiety, reducing depression, having more self-awareness and insight, more self-control and grounding. The benefits have been research and substantiated. It's always good to sit comfortably. Close your eyes or lower or soften your gaze and begin by focusing on your breathing. Notice the air flowing between your lips and your nose. Be mindful of the rising and falling of your abdomen as you breathe. When your mind wanders, just notice it and come back to my voice Let's begin by closing all tabs removing all distractions now on the golden path we're going to adventure into your center and enlightenment in your mind's eye or imagination, visualize a spiral golden path it's wide enough to walk on and is totally sunlit. It stretches out straight in front of you in your mind's eye and begin to walk and as you walk this golden sunlit path, curves around, curves around curving to your right. Stretching out, curving to your right again, curving again, feel the warm sunlight, feeling the compassion of walking this path stretches out and around. out and around and around. Round to a deep, wise loving point of universal wisdom.  Follow along with the guided visualization of the spiral golden path in today’s episode of “Call IT in With Dar”.Support the show
14:38 8/31/22
Meditational Journaling with Sandra Johnson
Meditational journaling. Meditational journaling isn't about sitting still for several hours on end, according to today's guest expert Sandra Johnson, but rather a guided practice inspired by famous quotes and mindfulness activities. In her beautiful book, “The Mind Body and Peace Journal”, her emphasis is being fully in the present moment for mental and physical wellbeing. In our interesting interview, she recalls her difficult journey with prison inmates who spent long durations in lockdown due to mental illness and violent tendencies. It is here that her clinical experience led her to meditational journaling, for remarkable results. Welcome into this insightful interview with Sandra Johnson as we explore the mind and body peace techniques together. Many of these exercises are focused on the natural world, because there's a lot of scientific proof about connecting to the present moment… even if it's something as simple as just sitting by the window to help improve our mental health and physical health. Sandra talks about a study at UCLA that showed that people purposefully on a regular basis, got outdoors, unplugged from computers and the cell phones and everything and instead spent 10-15 minutes outdoors…they improved immune system, cardiovascular health and had several other benefits. So enjoy this episode of “Call IT in With Dar’ and our special guest Sandra Johnson.Support the show
29:55 8/24/22