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Winter Hiking Tips from U.S. Army Mountain Warfare Soldiers
Staff Sgt. Andrea Okrasinski and Staff Sgt. Ema Donlagic are U.S. Army Soldiers and Instructors with the Army Mountain Warfare School in Vermont, specializing in missions with extreme weather and mountainous terrain. They share their best tips for winter hiking based on their cold weather experiences in Vermont and elsewhere. We cover:Smart layeringTaking care of your feetHydration And much more!Learn more:Army Mountain Warfare School The Freedom of the Hills book Weather Hiking Tips (REI),if%20you%27re%20feeling%20chilly.Support the showConnect with Hike:Instagram: @thehikepodcastTwitter: @thehikepodcastFacebook: @thehikepodcastEmail:
41:34 1/5/24
The Hexatrek with Lauren Roerick
Lauren hiked France's thru hiking trail called the Hexatrek over the summer. She was the first North American woman to thru hike the trail. In this episode she shares some of her on trail experiences and we chat a little bit about the PCT and some of her other backpacking adventures. "The HexaTrek is a 3034 km trail, linking 14 of the most beautiful natural parks and crossing France from the Vosges to the Pyrenees. Following the mountain ridges, crossing the most beautiful valleys and stopping in the most picturesque villages, the HexaTrek is 500 points of interest, unmissables, and natural wonders visible from the trail. The 6 stages of the HexaTrek will lead you through the most beautiful parks of the French territory." ( Connect with Lauren:Instagram: @laurenroerickTikTok: @laurenexploresYouTube: @laurenroerickWebsite: www.laurenroerick.comSupport the showConnect with Hike:Instagram: @thehikepodcastTwitter: @thehikepodcastFacebook: @thehikepodcastEmail:
47:02 11/5/23
A Thousand Miles on the Appalachian Trail with Nick Wheatley
Nick shares his summer hiking from Springer to Harper's Ferry. He hiked 1000 miles also wearing one of my Hike hats. We chat about what it is really like on trail and the lessons he took back afterwards. This conversation inspired me and I know it will inspire you. On trail or off trail, Nick's story will resonate with you. Connect with Nick "Show Me": Instagram: the showConnect with Hike:Instagram: @thehikepodcastTwitter: @thehikepodcastFacebook: @thehikepodcastEmail:
55:43 10/29/23
Backpacking the Art Loeb Trail with Dane Schuckman
Dane shares all the information about his and his hiking partner's summer thru hike of the Art Loeb Trail. We break down each day and chat about the planning and reality of this hike. Dane has lots of tips and resources that everyone can use whether they are looking at a day hike or thru hike of this trail. If you have questions about the trail, reach out to Dane at dane(dot)schuckman(at)gmail(dot)comResource links:  Pisgah Map Co. - Antigravity Gear ALT trail guideReviewing Leave No Trace principlesYouTube - Unfettered Footsteps - Hiking the Art Loeb Trail: Logistics & PlanningThe Trek - Blog post by Jessie Robinson - Guide to Hiking the Art Loeb Trail in One WeekendFacebook’s Art Loeb Trail groupSupport the showConnect with Hike:Instagram: @thehikepodcastTwitter: @thehikepodcastFacebook: @thehikepodcastEmail:
57:41 10/22/23
Northeast 115 with Troy Zohner
Troy Zohner has hiked all of the 115 designated high peaks in the Northeast. These include the high peaks of the Adirondacks, Catskills, Green Mountains and White Mountains.  In this episode he shares some of the highlights of hiking in the Adirondacks, including his recent hike of  Lake George’s Tongue Mountain Range.  Troy is also an avid blogger of his hikes and you can find those on his web site Tomcat’s Outdoor Adventures  here. Also head over to check out Tomcat’s Outdoor Adventures on Facebook. Support the showConnect with Hike:Instagram: @thehikepodcastTwitter: @thehikepodcastFacebook: @thehikepodcastEmail:
45:16 9/26/23
Lake Superior Circle Tour with Jessica and Jen
Jessica and Jen share their summer road trip around Lake Superior. The Lake Superior Circle tour covers 1,300-miles around the world’s largest freshwater lake.  In this episode you'll find their pro tips on Camping Visiting essential beachesNavigating currency exchange Being preparedWinging it!They also touch on their upcoming Maryland A.T. section hike and a few of their other fun and not-so-fun adventures. Connect with Jessica:@pagecatsConnect with Jen: @jennythetrailhead@truenorthexpLinks to some of the places mentioned:https://canalpark.comhttps://lakesuperiorcircletour.info your Lake Superior Circle Tour here!Support the showConnect with Hike:Instagram: @thehikepodcastTwitter: @thehikepodcastFacebook: @thehikepodcastEmail:
49:37 9/16/23
Hike Essentials
Lori gets asked some hiking related questions from her daughter. She graciously agreed to be put on the spot and behind the mic.  Thank you, C! Links to some of the items mentionedFavorite Areas to hike: GSMNP Clingman's Dome Bypass Trail, Jump Off Trail, Charlie's BunionCentral Cascades Bachelor Mountain & Coffin Mountain, Battle AxHike's Season 1 episode on The 10 EssentialsOne of Hike's favorite Protein Balls recipesTreeline Review - Best Water Bottles for Hiking of 2023Treeline Review - What to Wear Winter Hiking Yaktrax vs Microspikes - which is better? Support the showConnect with Hike:Instagram: @thehikepodcastTwitter: @thehikepodcastFacebook: @thehikepodcastEmail:
23:13 9/6/23
Hiker Resupply with Backcountry Foodie
Aaron of Backcountry Foodie shares how she's expanded her business to include a Hiker Resupply service. This hiking season was a success and she is going to move forward with more options in 2024, including working to certify her kitchen as commercial. During our chat, we talk about the benefits of having someone else do hiker resupply, her methods, PCT days and more. Listen to our 2021 episode hereLearn more about the Tour du Mont-BlancConnect with Aaron/Backcountry Foodie: hike resupply service info - @backcountry_foodie the showConnect with Hike:Instagram: @thehikepodcastTwitter: @thehikepodcastFacebook: @thehikepodcastEmail:
35:45 8/29/23
Best of Hike: Finding Your Katahdin with Stacia Bennett
Original episode aired February 13th, 2019Stacia shares her personal experiences of being on the Appalachian Trail and how it helped her grow and find purpose in life. Anyone who is planning a section or thru hike or has done one will find that listening to her story gives a candid and honest perspective that gets to the heart of why we hike. Stacia reflects on overcoming obstacles, pushing her body to its limits and the bonds of her trail family as she set out to reach Katahdin. What she discovered along the way is that the Appalachian Trail is more than the number of miles you hike or what you check off on the list. The trail changed her life. Through Stacia's story, we get to understand what it really means to find Katahdin. Connect with Stacia on InstagramSupport the showConnect with Hike:Instagram: @thehikepodcastTwitter: @thehikepodcastFacebook: @thehikepodcastEmail:
53:07 7/1/23
Boots on the Trail - Hike for Healing
Lee, trail name Boots, shares information about his annual Hike for Healing. This year the hike will be on June 19th on Segment 1 of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail. Listen in to learn how you can bring awareness to this issue and be an ally by supporting the hike. "Hike for Healing is an annual hike promoting ongoing awareness to strive towards healing of divisions. Why? Because humanity is imperfect. Racism, inequity, cultural insensitivities, social injustices, and even subtle prejudices are quite real and unfortunately play a role in everyday life. These are not political problems, these are human problems." - Bootsonthetrail.comConnect with Boots:bootsonthetrail.comAll the social links and news can be found at @bootsonthetrailYoutube: the showConnect with Hike:Instagram: @thehikepodcastTwitter: @thehikepodcastFacebook: @thehikepodcastEmail:
38:21 6/2/23
Trailkeepers of Oregon
Lori chats with Nat of the Trailkeepers of Oregon. Trailkeepers of Oregon is a people powered non profit based out of Portland, Oregon. They partner with land agencies and owners on trail maintenance and stewardship projects that preserve current trails. They also find ways to encourage and renew public agency interest in trails. Some of their projects and offerings involve: Crew leader trainingTrail Ambassador program Trail Maintenance Sawyer certification trainingFamily friendly eventsFind them here:https://trailkeepersoforegon.orgParticipate in the Trailkeeper Challenge: more about Oregon Trails and find trip reports:http://Oregonhikers.orgSupport the showConnect with Hike:Instagram: @thehikepodcastTwitter: @thehikepodcastFacebook: @thehikepodcastEmail:
34:34 5/3/23
The Smoky Mountains Hiker
The Smoky Mountains Hiker is a Smoky Mountain enthusiast and hiker who with her husband manages a cabin on the Peaceful Side of the Smokies.  While hiking the trails, she became interested in learning more about the park’s history. Through a conversation with a friend after hiking Andrew’s Bald she discovered the story of Trenny Gibson’s disappearance. In this episode she retells the story of Trenny Gibson and her unsolved disappearance in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Connect with the Smoky Mountains HikerInstagram: @smokymountainshikerCheck out the Smoky Mountains cabin at https://thebluedoorcabin.comRead the book referenced in the podcast - the showConnect with Hike:Instagram: @thehikepodcastTwitter: @thehikepodcastFacebook: @thehikepodcastEmail:
47:40 4/26/23
Cori Strathmeyer
Cori Strathmeyer is a hiker, blogger and nature and park conservancy founder and advocate. Listen to her discuss how she found solace and healing in hiking after going through cancer treatments and how her passion for the outdoors led her to help found the York City Park Conservancy in Pennsylvania. Connect with Cori/Learn More: Instagram: @spacebetweenblogBlog: City Parks Conservancy: Trail: the showConnect with Hike:Instagram: @thehikepodcastTwitter: @thehikepodcastFacebook: @thehikepodcastEmail:
38:39 4/19/23
Jessica Chenard
Jessica Chenard îs author of the book Her Hike and founder of Her Hike Collective. In this interview, Jessica shares how she wrote her memoir after spending the prior decade healing from grief after the tragic and unexpected passing of her brother. She processed and healed from grief through hiking in nature. She also was inspired to found Her Hike Collective, an all-women's hiking community. She hosts the group's quarterly hikes in the Blue Ridge Mountains.Links to the hikes we discuss:Sharp Top canyon Run Falls Falls Mountain Rag’s Rock Summit with Jessica: events can be found at Read Books Virginia Beach https://www.readvb.com -JUNE - MAYSupport the showConnect with Hike:Instagram: @thehikepodcastTwitter: @thehikepodcastFacebook: @thehikepodcastEmail:
31:47 4/12/23
Renee Patrick
Renee Patrick has a conversation with Hike about her new Long-Distance Trail Consulting business and how it will benefit both hikers, local communities and trail organizations. Renee guides long-distance trail organizations and developers to improve the hiking experience and inspire action on behalf of the environment. Renee has  been writing, speaking, and working with outdoor industry partners over several decades to educate, inspire, activate, and motivate hikers and the general public to spend more time on trails.Take the Hiker Survey: Renee Patrick's site to learn more: more about the author behind Braiding Sweetgrass and how to pick up the book: episodes with Renee:Blue Mountains Trail Desert Trail the showConnect with Hike:Instagram: @thehikepodcastTwitter: @thehikepodcastFacebook: @thehikepodcastEmail:
34:07 4/5/23
Anna McKinney
Anna McKinney shares her journey from being an Appalachian Trail thru hiker to Backpacking Guide in the Great Smoky Mountains. She provides her insightful experiences and advice for those newer to long distance hiking. Anna is currently hiking the AZT with her partner. She also is blogging her hike for The Trek.  Follow her and find out more! Connect with Anna:Blog: Instagram profile: Support the showConnect with Hike:Instagram: @thehikepodcastTwitter: @thehikepodcastFacebook: @thehikepodcastEmail:
55:44 3/29/23
The Girls Trip Adventure Co
Jackie shares why she created her guiding company The Girls Trip Adventure Co.  We cover her journey from being the ambassador of the Hiker Babes Georgia chapter to thru hiking the A.T. and how her experiences have inspired her to get women into the outdoors.  Learn about the trips she offers and so much more during this conversation.  From her days in Georgia to creating a permanent home in Maine, you could say that her path is the Appalachian Trail personified. Connect with Jackie/The Girls Trip Adventure Co.:Web: The Girls Trip Adventure Co.Facebook: The Girls Trip Adventure Co.Instagram: @thegirlstripadventurecoSupport the showConnect with Hike:Instagram: @thehikepodcastTwitter: @thehikepodcastFacebook: @thehikepodcastEmail:
34:07 3/12/23
Episode 200: She Opts Out and the MAD Hippies
Hike celebrates 200 episodes with interviews featuring Mandi of She Opts Out and Miller and Debbie (aka the MAD Hippies).  She Opts Out is an inclusive Women Only/Femme Identifying Community founded to connect & empower the Wiser AdventurerConnect with She Opts OutInstagram: @sheoptsoutFacebook: She Opts OutConnect with MAD (Miller and Debbie)Web site: MAD Hippies LifeInstagram: @mad_hippiesYouTube: MAD Hippies LifeTwitter: @MAD_HippiesListen to my previous episode with Miller and Debbie here. Support the showConnect with Hike:Instagram: @thehikepodcastTwitter: @thehikepodcastFacebook: @thehikepodcastEmail:
83:57 11/20/22
Hike's 4 Year Anniversary Episode: Misty Bischoff, Zach Kuss, and Tim Smith
Hike talks trail with two former guests and one long time listener in three back to back interviews. In the special episode we cover hiking tips,  getting the next generation involved in trail maintenance, and many trails (North Country, Black Mountain Crest, Linville Gorge, Art Loeb, Colorado 14ers, Mt. Whitney, Cumberland Plateau and even the Smokies).If you enjoy listening to hiker chat, this is a perfect episode. A special thank you to Misty, Zach and Tim for helping me celebrate 4 years of the podcast. Each hiker shares a little bit of their own unique journey which will inspire you. Connect with Misty:Instagram: @dantedirtstashConnect with Zach:Instagram: @zach_kussFacebook: zach.kussConnect with Tim: Instagram: @1115timSupport the showConnect with Hike:Instagram: @thehikepodcastTwitter: @thehikepodcastFacebook: @thehikepodcastEmail:
72:19 11/13/22
Trail Days with Amanda "Forward" Koumariotis
Amanda shares her stories from 2022 Trail Days with Lori and the listeners. From logistics to the fun stories about  trail angels, events, vendors and personal favorites - this episode will inspire you to seek out a trip to this legendary celebration held yearly in Damascus, Virginia. Read a recap from the ATC on 2022 events here.Connect with Amanda: Instagram: @amandasinthewildSupport the showConnect with Hike:Instagram: @thehikepodcastTwitter: @thehikepodcastFacebook: @thehikepodcastEmail:
45:16 10/22/22
Growing Up Appalachian with Brandon Cox
Brandon shares his thoughts on growing up in Appalachia. We chat about family history, music, country cooking and what connects him so deeply to his roots. In this episode, Lori also shares her father talking about his favorite down home meals and passing those moments and recipes along to his family. Connect with Brandon:Instagram: @himalayanhoney89Connect with Lori:Instagram: @thehikepodcastTwitter: @thehikepodcastFacebook: @thehikepodcastEmail: Support the showConnect with Hike:Instagram: @thehikepodcastTwitter: @thehikepodcastFacebook: @thehikepodcastEmail:
23:21 10/10/22
I Am Appalachia with Brendle Wolfe
Brendle  Wolfe wears many hats, but all connect her to the outdoors. Whether it's as a student, landowner, hiking guide or working professional, there is a common thread of the mountains that makes her whole. Brendle shares her Appalachia with listeners as she touches on what sets this region apart: the hardiness and grit of the people who love and call Appalachia their home, the Blue Ridge Mountains that seem to hold out their loving arms to welcome and embrace you and how a reverence for nature and these mountains connects all of us. She also shares how her family history and upbringing has also inspired her to call these mountains the home of her heart. Connect with Brendle:Instagram: @vabluebell14Connect with Lori:Instagram: @thehikepodcastTwitter: @thehikepodcastFacebook: @thehikepodcastEmail: Music clip from Thorn & Shout - support their work hereSupport the showConnect with Hike:Instagram: @thehikepodcastTwitter: @thehikepodcastFacebook: @thehikepodcastEmail:
32:00 9/27/22
Our Appalachia: Jim Tabor “The Barefoot Carver” (2/20/2019)
Go back to Hike Season 1 with Lori as she revisits Appalachian Trail Magic with Jim Tabor. Support the showConnect with Hike:Instagram: @thehikepodcastTwitter: @thehikepodcastFacebook: @thehikepodcastEmail:
36:30 9/17/22
Paying it Forward on the Appalachian Trail with Amanda Koumariotis
Amanda "Forward" Koumariotis chats with Lori about how Appalachia and the Appalachian Trail have transformed her life. From spending time with legendary A.T. trail angel Miss Janet, to stories of personal injury, facing challenges and being inspired by trail magic - we discuss both the highs and lows of life on trail. Connect with Amanda: Instagram: @amandasinthewildConnect with Lori:Instagram: @thehikepodcastTwitter: @thehikepodcastFacebook: @thehikepodcastEmail: Support the showConnect with Hike:Instagram: @thehikepodcastTwitter: @thehikepodcastFacebook: @thehikepodcastEmail:
26:20 9/10/22
Rooted in Appalachia with Author Lucy Bryan
Lucy Bryan talks about how Appalachia has influenced her and provided roots as she discusses her memoir of essays, “In Between Places”.  Lucy Bryan is a writer, adventurer, mother, teacher, and lover of alpenglow, fungi, tiny streams, tall trees, native wildflowers, campfires, homegrown vegetables, thunderstorms, and tents. She splits her time between Ohio’s Appalachian Plateau and Virginia's Shenandoah Valley, where she teaches writing at James Madison University. Her award-winning essays have been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and listed as 'notable' in Best American Essays. Homebound Publications published Bryan’s first book, In Between Places: A Memoir in Essays, in June 2022. She is currently working on a novel set in Ohio’s hill country about land and water, fracking waste, surrogacy, community, and the complicated business of putting down roots. When she’s not writing, she enjoys hiking with her son and daughter, cooking with her husband, and napping with her cat. Catch Lucy discuss her new book:Thursday, September 29 at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VABrevard College in North Carolina on the evening  of Tuesday, Oct. 3 Infusion Tea in Orlando, Florida on Friday, Oct. 12Learn more here: Lucy on Instagram:@lucy_bryan_writesBuy the book: with Lori:Instagram: @thehikepodcastTwitter: @thehikepodcastFacebook: @thehikepodcastEmail: Buy Me a Coffee! Support the showConnect with Hike:Instagram: @thehikepodcastTwitter: @thehikepodcastFacebook: @thehikepodcastEmail:
24:02 8/30/22
Discovering the Appalachian Trail with Joshua and Amber Niven
Joshua and Amber Niven come on the show and share their new book released by Falcon. "Discovering the Appalachian Trail" is not your usual guidebook, but uses Joshua's photography and Amber's storytelling to add to a rich experience of taking you through all 14 states and the trail's greatest hikes. Their book has something for every type of hiker and they share some of their favorite places on trail - both well known and secret spots. You can buy the book at a bookseller near you! Upcoming Event: 11/19/22 - Book signing at Nantahala Outdoor Center in Gatlinburg, TNConnect with Joshua and Amber: Instagram: @amber.a.niven, @Joshua_niven, @discoveringtheappalachiantrailFacebook: Discovering the Appalachian Trail Website: Connect with Lori:Instagram: @thehikepodcastTwitter: @thehikepodcastFacebook: @thehikepodcastEmail: Buy Me a Coffee! Support the showConnect with Hike:Instagram: @thehikepodcastTwitter: @thehikepodcastFacebook: @thehikepodcastEmail:
43:57 8/20/22
Southern Appalachia is my DNA
In this episode Lori shares how even though you may leave a place like Appalachia it exists within your DNA. Hear words from her Father and Lori also shares words from special contributor Patricia Price. Connect with Lori:Instagram: @thehikepodcastTwitter: @thehikepodcastBlog: thehikepodcast.wordpress.comFacebook: @thehikepodcastEmail: Support the showConnect with Hike:Instagram: @thehikepodcastTwitter: @thehikepodcastFacebook: @thehikepodcastEmail:
07:24 8/13/22
Appalachia: Hiking, Writing and Picking the Mandolin
Author Brian Livingston takes listeners to his Appalachia from his home base of Charleston, SC. We chat about hiking the A.T, writing a book inspired from hiking and how Appalachian music inspires his life. Brian also shares his rendition of Red Haired Boy on the mandolin. Brian's upcoming events:10/7 - Marion Outdoors in Marion, VA10/19 - Washington & Lee Outing Club in Lexington, VA10/22 - Winchester Book Gallery in Winchester, VA10/28-29 - Louisville Book Festival in Louisville, KYConnect with Brian Livingston: Instagram: @brianlivingstonbooksFacebook:  https://www.brianlivingstonbooks.comConnect with Lori:Instagram: @thehikepodcastTwitter: @thehikepodcastBlog: thehikepodcast.wordpress.comFacebook: @thehikepodcastEmail: Support the showConnect with Hike:Instagram: @thehikepodcastTwitter: @thehikepodcastFacebook: @thehikepodcastEmail:
27:43 8/6/22
Virginia Outdoor Adventures Podcast: Rock Climbing with the Central Appalachia Climbers Coalition
This week's bonus episode features the Virginia Outdoor Adventures podcast. Host Jessica Bowser interviews Kyle King and Brad Mathisen of the Central Appalachia Climbers Coalition. Tucked away in a remote corner of Southwest Virginia on the Kentucky border, lies a canyon with towering sandstone cliffs like layers of a tiered cake, natural geologic formations that make this area a climber’s paradise. Kyle King and Brad Mathisen, President and Past President of the Central Appalachia Climbers Coalition, describe the effort undertaken in recent years to offer world-class outdoor recreation at Breaks Interstate Park. Kyle and Brad share the range of beginner and kid-friendly to advanced rock-climbing opportunities at Breaks, as well as their advice for first-time climbers. The collaborative partnership between climbers and Breaks Park is playing a role in revitalizing towns and stimulating economic growth, transforming Central Appalachia into a nationally recognized ecotourism destination. Let’s Go!Follow VAOA Podcast:Facebook I Instagram I TwitterSupport VAOA: Buy Me A CoffeeConnect with Brad and Kyle: Facebook I Instagram I EmailBreaks Interstate ParkGuide Book: Breaks Interstate Park Rock Climbs by Bradly MathisenCentral Appalachia Climbers CoalitionAccess FundMountain Sports Limited, BristolSpearhead TrailsHidden ValleyGrayson Highlands Bouldering GuidebookGravelachia Bike Race in NortonSugar Hill CideryConnect with Lori:Instagram: @thehikepodcastTwitter: @thehikepodcastBlog: thehikepodcast.wordpress.comFacebook: @thehikepodcastEmail: Support the showConnect with Hike:Instagram: @thehikepodcastTwitter: @thehikepodcastFacebook: @thehikepodcastEmail:
62:45 7/29/22
Appalachia: Small Towns, Music and Mountains
Jester takes listeners to her Appalachia where we walk through small towns, listen to music and find community in the mountains and on trail. Connect with Julie "Jester" Gayheart:Instagram: @jestersectionhiker and @hikersafetyFacebook - - with Lori:Instagram: @thehikepodcastTwitter: @thehikepodcastBlog: thehikepodcast.wordpress.comFacebook: @thehikepodcastEmail: Support the showConnect with Hike:Instagram: @thehikepodcastTwitter: @thehikepodcastFacebook: @thehikepodcastEmail:
18:25 7/23/22

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