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The Law Lives Project

Many of us lawyers didn't have it all figured out from the start. It takes time to find your way in law. This podcast sheds light on some of the challenges people face in the earliest part of building their careers. Each week, Anjie Vichayanonda, a first-generation Asian-American Lawyer and CEO/Founder of Leg Up Legal, sits down with members of the legal profession to chat about the paths they took to get where they are now, including the times they stumbled, the times they fell, and the times they needed a little help. To encourage candor, the attorney guests remain nameless, but their stories are laid bare. 


Series 2, Episode 7: Part-time Law School, Jury Consulting, Insurance Defense, and In-House Life 49:22 08/12/2021
Series 2, Episode 6: Interning in South Korea, Working In-house in Healthcare, and Becoming a Life Coach 36:53 04/27/2021
Series 2, Episode 5: From Humble Beginnings to Making Six-Figures as a Commercial Litigator at a Mid-size Litigation Boutique 62:37 04/03/2021
Series 2, Episode 4: Tenacity, Taking Risks, and Tax Law 40:33 03/11/2021
Series 2, Episode 3: Juggling Multiple In-House Roles, Professional Conflicts, and Divorce 65:01 03/02/2021
Series 2, Episode 2: From Columbia Law School to BigLaw to the SEC with Twins in Tow 63:31 02/23/2021
Series 2, Episode 1: Sports Law and Charting Your Own Path 62:38 02/12/2021
Law Lives Project, Episode 12: Trademark, Copyright, and Small Business Attorney 64:16 11/13/2020
Law Lives Project, Episode 11: Paralegal and Soon-to-be Lawyer 25:59 11/06/2020
Law Lives Project, Episode 10: Plaintiff-side Personal Injury Lawyer 39:15 10/30/2020
Law Lives Project, Episode Nine: First-Gen JD/MPP Non-traditional Student, Law School Mom, State DOJ Counsel, Municipal Law Attorney, Assistant General Counsel, Law Firm Owner, and SUPERWOMAN 46:19 10/23/2020
Law Lives Project, Episode Eight: From Law School Straight to the Attorney General's Office 59:11 10/16/2020
Law Lives Project, Episode Seven: Civil Litigation, Becoming a Judge, and Public Service 41:31 10/10/2020
Law Lives Project, Episode Six: From the Military to Legal Practice 54:21 10/03/2020
Law Lives Project, Episode Five: Assistant District Attorney to Criminal Defense Solo Practitioner 39:33 09/25/2020
Law Lives Project, Episode Four: In-House Lawyer to Contracts Management CEO 47:01 09/18/2020
Law Lives Project, Episode Three: From Litigator to State Court Judge 30:19 09/11/2020
Law Lives Project, Episode Two: An employment lawyer's journey 41:50 09/04/2020
Law Lives Project, Episode One: From Criminal Law to Intellectual Property Law 41:04 08/30/2020