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Care about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Like exploring big ideas? John Riley interviews politicians, community leaders, athletes, coaches, authors and influencers covering a wide range of topics including free market economics, entrepreneurism, politics, leadership, current events, sports, history and philosophy. We discuss living your life on your own terms, having the political freedom to make your own choices, and a variety of topics that give life meaning and joy. We broadcast from Poway CA in the San Diego metropolitan area.


Sales and Marketing Tips, Ed Franklin, JRP0253 88:53 09/19/2021
Ed Franklin, No Limits, JRP0252 98:10 08/26/2021
JRP Happy Hour 20210820, JRP0251 79:58 08/22/2021
Afghanistan Withdrawal and Personal Independence, JRP0250 100:30 08/19/2021
California Recall and Biden Infrastructure, JRP0249 84:09 08/11/2021
“Free Road Trip”, Delta Variant, and Tonopah NV, JRP0248 97:55 08/05/2021
Kathryn Cloward on the Passing of Father Joe, JRP0247 66:59 07/15/2021
7 Lessons I Learned as an Entrepreneur, JRP0246 71:18 06/23/2021
Ditching a Bad Job, JRP0245 58:00 06/21/2021
COVID Independence Day, JRP0244 62:19 06/16/2021
Pledge of Allegiance and Flag Day, JRP0243 46:24 06/14/2021
Rancho Penasquitos, San Diego Housing, JRP0242 64:54 06/12/2021
Kamala Harris, “Do Not Come” and the Worker Shortage Opportunity, JRP0241 59:20 06/09/2021
JRP Logo and Origin Story, JRP0240 33:55 06/04/2021
Black Wall Street and Wealth Creation, JRP0239 59:25 06/02/2021
EVs and Johnny’s Rules for Life #2, JRP0238 83:57 05/28/2021
Near Death Experience, Mike Smith, Pete Neild, JRP0237 109:56 05/27/2021
Johnny’s Rules for Life #1, JRP0236 72:46 05/25/2021
California Ending COVID Restrictions, JRP0235 78:44 05/21/2021
Unhappy Tax Day, Pay Your Fair Share! JRP0234 95:11 05/17/2021
Trevor Riley, a Young Man’s POV on Poway and Current Events, JRP0233 126:09 05/15/2021
OMG Inflation!, JRP0232 102:16 05/13/2021
Spring Mountain Adventure, JRP0231 124:13 05/08/2021
Human Trafficking in San Diego, JRP0230 71:54 05/04/2021
Groceries, Poway and Mike Ryan, JRP0229 152:00 04/29/2021
Apple and 5000 San Diego Jobs, JRP0228 91:23 04/27/2021
Automated Amazon Supermarket, JRP0227 98:10 04/24/2021
Police Reform San Diego Budget JRP0226 118:48 04/22/2021
Father Joe, JRP0225 34:40 04/16/2021
Biden and Overcoming Adversity, JRP0224 47:20 04/14/2021