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After traveling on business for 30 years, what was I going to do after I sold my company in 2013? Answer: Travel more, but to the off-the-beaten-track and obscure places on planet Earth. After visiting almost 100 countries and living in 5 countries, I officially became a Travel Addict. Today, I am contracted by various Cruise Lines to perform enrichment and educational lectures to passengers on various journeys around the World. A podcast or two will be published from time to time when I am back in my office and of course it will be about travel. Oh, almost forgot. I write travel books - factual and quirky. Check me out at my guests have an inspiring story to tell. Tune in and be amazed. "Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found between the pages of a passport"


Ex-Flight Attendant Autumn Carolynn expands her horizon in the travel business to focus on photography
Autumn Carolynn recently had a goal to visit 30 countries within 30 years. Throughout her time traveling,  she kept an on-going journal of all her travels and when reaching  that goal, she created  a book called "Traveling in Wonder". It was launched in February 24th, 2024. She was a previously a flight attendant, travel agent, travel design manager, and is now a travel photographer within the twin cities in Minnesota. She sells her canvases, matted prints, calendars, greeting cards, and more at art festivals and fairs around the Midwest! Check her out here:;jsessionid=094C595F8D06389A86388A4B0AC358F0.prodny_store01-atgap11
34:16 4/17/24
The Travel Addict in Asia for a month - Philippines, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, Bhutan, and Thailand.
I had a speaking gig on a cruise ship around Asia for 2 weeks, so I thought I would extend it for a week before and after. Presenting to people from the Americas, Europe, Asia, Australasia, and Africa was fullfilling and it was just great to be in an environment where humans from many parts of the world all got along with each other wonderfully well. Apart from presenting some history, geography, and cultural facts about countries in Asia, I decided to take on an extreme challenge and climb to Tigers Nest Monastery for the 2nd time, however I was now 9 years older.The great news is that I made it without passing out or falling off the mountain along the way, It's a very tough and strenuous trek up steep slopes in a rocky terrain.The reward for reaching this iconic building is a feeling of substantial achievement and enlightenment, at one of the most sacred places on planet earth.I visited the following:Makati, Philippines,Hong Kong, ChinaBhutan in the Himalayan MountainsChiang Rai, ThailandOld Phuket Town, ThailandFantastic experience. Go to Asia folks.
27:31 3/23/24
What to do when you retire in your 60's - do volunteer work in Bangladesh, backpack around Latin America, sleep in a hammock in the jungle - Just normal stuff
Alastair Henry did something not many people would think about doing when retiring in his 60s.He did volunteer work in Bangladesh, Guyana, and Jamaica. He also did his share of backpacking around the world, an activity normally associated with the younger generation.This is a prime example of "You are never too old for adventure", which is also a title of one of my presentation topics.He did surprise me when he stated that more people than we think do these commendable activities, even when they are in the latter part of their lives.Take note everyone. Life is short.Check out his web site and books:Alastair Henry - Fiction & Non-Fiction Author
48:50 1/31/24
Fellow Cruise Ship Luminary Max Vanaalst chats about his life as a Marine Biologist on the great island of Curacao.
Max Vanaalst and I were both invited on the brand new luxury ship Explora 1 on its inaugural visit to Caribbean from Europe.We were contracted as Luminaries, as we provided educational and enrichment talks to passengers during the 2+ week cruise around the Caribbean, visiting islands such as Barbados, Bonaire, Dominica, Curacao, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Martinique, St. Kitts and Antigua.A great ship with wonderful staff and delicious food.Max and his company Branch Coral Foundation are doing a wondeful job preserving and expanding the coral reef system around Curacao.Listen and learn a little about the intricacies his company's work.Very commendable.
41:17 12/21/23
Wayne Butler's rollercoaster journey from boardrooms to self-discovery reminds us that our emotional currency can fuel a brighter future.
Wayne has been chronicling his life's adventures, grappling with personal demons, recounting moments of shame, and reflecting on his wild, at times bewildering behaviors for over three decades. Now, using the wealth of insights contained within his extensive series of journals and life experiences, he has unveiled it all to the world in his debut book, "So It Begins: Dark Dreams, Demons, and Discovery." This book marks the first installment in a series that captures his myriad experiences and profound self-reflection as he embarks on a quest for redemption, striving to invest his emotional currency wisely.After an active life so far, he is still alive to talk about his escapades.Keep doing it Wayne.
43:11 12/7/23
Kelly Keefe, Founder of Heartspace, drops by to talk about her travel stories and teachings.
Kelly Keefe is a multi-disciplinary artist, best-selling author, innovative leader, empowerment guide, and Reiki teacher. She is the founder of The Heartspace, established in 2016 helping individuals and groups elevate into states of thriving. She works deeply with the Divine Feminine/spiritual world to endlessly create uplifting experiences, creations, and teachings. Her music is a multi-dimensional experience created with the intention to expose and elevate the different facets of herself, and as a reflection - of everyone. Kelly is a world traveler serving, performing, and creating as needed and desired. Ready to thrive and live alive? Listen and discover.
43:03 11/19/23
The Galavanting Goddess talks about her crazy outlandish life of travel and adventure
This podacst is based on Lisa Ruoff's own personal experiences, as a single solo female traveler, within her highly unconventional life. Alaska to Cuba and Back is the story and is about leaving her little, off grid cabin in Alaska to make her way onto a sailboat off the east coast of the states, to sail around Cuba with a South African captain and the girl he met at a bar the night before. She wrote a book about this.Her second book, Bite of the Travel Bug , recently released,  is about backpacking and hitchhiking adventures in both Australia and Africa. Hear about her experience with a Tasmanian Devil in, guess where, Tasmania.All fun stuff, and she is still alive to talk about it.
39:06 11/15/23
Meet the Gagnons. Enjoying the traveling life with disabled daughter Jordan and her Bucket List
For the 100th episode of the Travel Addict Podcast, I find myself listening to an inspiring story about the Gagnon family from Canada. Daughter Jordan has a very rare illness has caused her to become disabled and wheelchair bound.Nevertheless, they travel, primarily because Jordan has her own travel Bucket List.With an attitude of, "we will make it happen", they have plans to travel and make the most of life.With an upcoming trip to Costa Rica and a cruise to Alaska, they intend to continue their travels under the challenging situation without hesitation.Hear mother Christa talk about  their escapades and plans for the future. Very inspiring it is:Resilience, Determination, Courage, Bravery, and Strength are their core values Check out the Gagnons here:
32:37 11/10/23
My Top 10 hotels and resorts in the World
Being a luxury 5 star resort does not mean it is always better than a 4 star resort.Here is the list of my Top 10 in no particular order.:Peninsula                                                                 Hong Kong         Mandarin oriental                                              Hong Kong         Dhara Dhevi                                                          Thailand             Royal Livingstone                                              Zambia               Montague  on the Gardens                           England              Sands                                                                         Turks & Caicos  Raffles Singapore                                               Singapore           Old Course                                                            Scotland             Desert Hills Lodge                                            Namibia              Conrad Rangali Island                                     Maldives My #1 choice will be mentioned at the end.Listen to this podcast and learn why. I have my reasons. Would I go back there tomorrow? Yes of course,
17:15 10/27/23
Mapmaker and artist Sonja Bajic describes living in 4 countries with the same street name before moving to Paris from Serbia
Sonja a mapmaker, artist, and designer. For the first 26 years of her life,she lived in  4 countries while not changing her street address. You have to listen to this podcast to understand this logic.She moved to Paris 12 years ago from Serbia to complete her second master's degree in Urban Regeneration (her first was in Architecture). Paris ignited her creativity,  and for the past 8 yearsshe has been crafting maps for companies and individuals. She believes anything can be turned into a map, aiding communication in the workplace and celebrating life. She has also climbed the Eiffel Tower 100's of times.We talk about her ex-pat life and the science of maps. Find her right here:
43:18 10/14/23
The thrill of teaching English in Bangkok, Thailand, with American Mitch Metzger
Mitch Metzger helps people completely change their lives by traveling the world and getting paid to teach English abroad. If an opportunity like this was around when I was growing up in England, I would have given it some serious consideration.Mitch describes his time in Thailand teaching English and also teaching teachers. It may not be the highest paying job on the planet, but the advantages of living inThailand are many:Low cost of livingSafeAffordable accomodationGood health care systemHospitality of the country's citizensA desirable place to live for ex-pats from all over the worldCulturally richThailand's diversityFunEasily accessible to other parts of Asiaetc.He does return to the States every now and again, but after 2 weeks, he feels the need to get back to Bangkok.A frequent visitor to Thailand myself, I understand completely his desire to live there.In 2024, I will be there again.Listen to his story as it is very inspiring to the younger generation who maybe looking for something "different" to explore in their lives.  FIVE STAR reviews.
44:54 10/6/23
My Top 10 favorite capital cities in the world
These days, I am more likely to visit and stay in a place where there are fewer people, however I do have some favorite major cities, which left their mark on me.Would I go back to these places? Of course I would.Below is a list of my favorite capital cities of the world. Each has their own personality and unique history. In no particular order:Edinburgh, ScotlandLondon, EnglandLjubljana, SloveniaBerlin, GermanyKyiv, UkraineBangkok, ThailandSingaporeStockholm, SwedenSydney, AustraliaVilnius, LithuaniaThe picture inserted in my logo is a view of Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok on a typical day.Enjoy the short podcast.
17:25 10/1/23
My Top 10 favorite islands in the World and some other worthy mentions
My Top10 islands of the World and the explanation of why that is:Isle of Wight, EnglandPalau, MicronesiaBonaire, ABC Islands Rangali, Maldives Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Phuket, ThailandKoh Samui, ThailandBali, IndonesiaPalawan, PhilippinesAitutaki, Cook IslandsWorthy mentions:Guernsey, U.K. Channel IslandsBorneo, MalaysiaVanua Levu, FijiBora Bora, French Polynesia
15:47 9/28/23
My Top 10 list of places where I have enjoyed the wonders of Mother Nature.
My Top 10 list of places where I have enjoyed the wonders of Mother Nature.1. The world's oldest desert, Namibia2. High up in the Himalayan Mountains, Nepal3. Where the sea meets the sky, Maldives4. Mystical peacefulness, Bhutan5. Norwegian Fjords6. Wilderness, Mongolia7. Just a normal sunset, Boracay, Philippines8. World's largest biodiverse marine area, Raja Ampat, Indonesia9. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe10. Deadvlei, NamibiaI could have added 10 more also. The world is a wonderful place.
17:11 9/24/23
Living life to the fullest and redefining travel with Sarah Marie Naska
I asked Sarah after she told me about her activities day to day, "Do you have time to sleep?" Hear her response in this podcast. She also  answered how she defines the meaning of life.Her adventurous spirit, volunteer work and support for non-profit organizations is commendable, but she also embraces financial and spiritual wisdom in helping people to succeed in life.Her travel stories are delightful also.Great stuff.FInd her here:https://thesarahmarie.netThe purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” – Eleanor Roosevelt
40:35 9/22/23
My Top 10 most sacred places on the planet
This is a relatively short description of the 10 most sacred places I have visited on our wonderful planet.Yes, there are so many out there, I could have made a top 20.Nevertheless, I narrowed it down to my top 10, and they are probably nothing what you would expect, or maybe never heard of.These are very special places, or as I say sometimes, while I was there, I just knew that they are/were important and very significant.Listen and make comments.Enjoy.
17:58 9/12/23
Going to Scandinavia? You gotta hang out in Stockholm for a few days
It was October when I took the Norwegian Airlines flight to Stockholm. It made me think for a few seconds while in flight that I may be going to Oslo instead.Staying in Stockholm's Old Town is a great area to be. You can just spend your day walking around.Coffee shops, Pubs, Historical Buildings, and blocks of ice high up on buildings. The latter you have to be aware of, although there are Ice Managment Staff monitoring and removing any signs of falling ice blocks.Take a walk to Abba's museum and reminisce about the great music of the 70's and 80's. Staying at the Victory Hotel was excellent and made me think about Admiral Lord Nelson and the Battle of Trafalgar, and why I would see this in Stockholm.I sailed through the Stockholm Archipelago which was just spectacular and was honored to be ask to speak from the Cruise Ship's Bridge as we navigated the area.Great memories.Also, thanks to Feedspot for putting the Travel Addict Podcast high in the MIdlife Travel category
16:46 9/7/23
The Nordics - Happiest Places on Earth. Supporting stats and more..
After listening to this, you may be either surprised or enlightened to the fact that the Nordic countries are rated highly in various world indexes and are desirable places to live, although maybe not all year round.I have not made up these statistics as they have come from trusted sources.Maybe before you listen, just jot down the countries you think maybe at the #1 position for Happiest Country, Safest Country, Most Freedom, Human Development, Best Places to Live, etc.Good luck.As I lecture about this stuff, I have to be pretty much correct and have this info. backed up fom reliable sources.Personally, I still love the English Countryside.
25:11 8/23/23
My recent trip to The Norwegian Fjords - some of Mother Nature's best work.
After a flight to Amsterdam and a quick train ride to Rotterdam, I boarded the excellent Celebrity Apex for 9 days in the Norwegian Fjords.Apart from 4 enrichment talks to a full theater, I was able relax and hike several miles through spectacular countryside.Geiranger, Flam, Olden, and Bergen were the stops en route.Camping is popular of course, but for the people who live in these remote areas obviously enjoy their way of life and high standard of living. A few few months of cold weather in the year is obviously not a deterance.No crowds, superb scenery, very safe, healthy ifestyle, and contentment.The busy port of Bergen is bustling with life, and Oslo, although modern, is protective of their historic buildins, rightfully so.Yes, I would go back there and stay in a mountain resort for a few days.This podcast includes some info on geography, history, vikings, and other "did you know?" items.
27:00 8/19/23
Travel Addiction personal experience explained by The Travel Addict (aka Malcolm Teasdale)
Yep, I had to blame someone. My parents.For me it started at an early age. The earlier the better I think.Why? Because it is an experience, both educational and inspirational, that I will never regret.My business, adventure and pleasure travel has taken me to 118 countries so far, and that will continue as long as I am physically able.There have been mistakes (avoidable, unforeseen, and self-made) but all-in-all it has been enlightening, educational and fulfilling, and I have experienced places of beauty and rich culture.I have my favorites, and not-so favorites, which I will talk about another time.The adventure continues.
13:07 7/16/23
Turning a Shotgun Wedding into a Bullet Proof Marriage & Making a Meaningful Life and Traveling the World.
Evelyn LaTorre ‘s first book, Between Inca Walls, A Peace Corps Memoir, won several awards and is about her adventures growing up in Montana, volunteering in Mexico, and coming of age in Peru, where she met her husband of 57 years.He second book is called Love in any Language, A Memoir of a Cross-Cultural Marriage. She holds a doctorate in multicultural education from the University of San Francisco and a master’s degree in social welfare from UC Berkeley. She worked as a bilingual school psychologist and school administrator for 32 years in public education in California until her retirement in 2002. She and her Peruvian husband have been married since 1966 and have traveled to close to 100 countries.She has 2 grown sons, who both live in the USA.Her writing has appeared in several magazines, such as World View Magazine and the California Writers Club Literary Review.Our conversations is all about travel and cultural understanding and acceptance.Check out her stories and photos on her web site and social media:https://www.evelynlatorre.comhttp://www.instagram/evelynkohllatorre
47:12 7/10/23
Escapades in Russia, North Korea, China and Iraq with Brent Antonson. Add in a trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway also.
Brent Antonson is a travel writer who has circumnavigated the world by rail, including North Korea, 50 states, etc, and taught in Russia, Iraq, and China.Talk about venturing to places where most people would not consider, he pushes the envelope and his luck to fulfill his adventurous side.He even  went to Europe and entered the Former Yugoslav crisis by sliding into Zagreb during the war on a night train.His epic train ride on the Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow to Beijing via Mongolia is another adventure that is well worth knowing about.He is also a big fan of driving and has passed through 19 countries, and slept a few nights inside the vehicle on occassion.Epic travel stories abound incluing arrests, torture, girlfriends, and risque stuff. Learn more about Brent out his book on Amazon: Of Russia - A Year Inside
51:05 6/25/23
From an Egyptian Diplomat in China to helping people find a dream career around the World.
Mustafa Ammar is the Founder and CEO of The Passion MBA, a global coaching company that has helped hundreds of professionals around the world to find their dream career. Originally from Egypt, he has lived in many countries across 5 continents from the US, the UK, Italy, China, UAE and many others.He is currently building an online platform that envisions helping professionals who are stuck in their career and need to reinvent themselves.He is the author of “Time to Move On”,  a book to help professionals break the common, yet hidden, career myths before they find their dream career.Before that, he worked as an Egyptian diplomat in China, Malawi and the United Nations in New York. Prior to that he worked as a pharmacist.Quite the varied life, so make sure you listen in folks:Discover him here:
36:54 6/12/23
Rice Farming with the locals in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Plus UFOs and foul mouthed birds.
Up front, I want to say that the Dhari Dhevi in Chiang Mai, Thailand, is the best resort I have ever stayed. I also recently heard it closed its doors recently as a result of the covid era. Still trying to fin dout details.So unlike a hotel, this place exudes peacefulness and sophistication. The Thai hospitality is as gracious and exceptional as you can imagine.In my quest to mingle with the locals, I decided to help them plant rice in the paddy fields.Yes, I got caked in mud, but I also met Boonchop the Pink Buffalo in the fields and played some Thai music on authentic Thai instruments afterwards.I blame the Monsoon Valley wine for the experience with UFOs and foul mouth birds. You have to listen to this for details. It was all part of the experience in one of my favorite countries. I need to go back.
22:35 5/28/23
Wellness Entrpreneur Lauren McLaughlin talks about her luxury retreat in Tuscany. Definately worth a visit.
Lauren McLaughlin is a speaker, author and the founder of Conscious Strong.Having been a master-certified Pilates instructor and brain health practitioner for the past 16 years, she has had the pleasure and experience to witness life transformations in her clients. Her dedication to continued learning has her certified in a multitude of modalities associated with movement and brain health. Also, being a mother of five, she totally understands the challenges of balancing a busy family and career with self-care and personal growth. It all takes patience and persistence. The Conscious Strong lifestyle comes purely from her journey to find balance and fulfillment in all areas of life. She can  support and guide you to reclaiming your mind and body through your lens of living. Enjoy living a pain free life!Find her here:
38:13 4/30/23
Canadian Cayla Eskesen talks about her volunteer work in Haiti plus experiences with Goats, Tarantulas and Voodoo.
Cayla is a Canadian indigenous online content creator specializing in  entrepreneurship, influencing, and personal finance. She is trained in Behavioral Finance and Marketing Analytics and has used this expertise to garner over 27,000 followers across her personal social media channels. Our conversation focuses on her voluteer work in Haiti over a 3 month period while staying with a local family and camping with goats.Some eye-opening expereinces indeed, but all very commendable.In her free time Cayla avidly travels on tight budgets and has endless stories to share on travel, culture, and overcoming adversity. Discover More Service Branding Agency | Club Wild Creative Agency
35:30 4/14/23
A visit to one of the natural wonders of the world, again - Victoria Falls
2023 is the year for another trip of a lifetime.A time of reflection, as I will be taking a 2nd trip to one of the world's natural wonders, Victoria Falls.This is the story about my first trip from several years ago, as best as I can remember.This is happening, primarily because I will be in that region of the world during the latter part of the year. I may even decide to go swimming in the Zambezi River this time.FYI, the seven natural wonders are:Great Barrier Reef.Mount EverestParícutin, MexicoAurora Borealis (AKA the northern lights)Harbor of Rio de JaneiroGrand CanyonVictoria FallsI also look forward to staying at the Anantara Royal Livingstone, a hotel in a Game Park.I wonder who my neighbors will be.
21:01 2/26/23
The great expat experience. New Yorker David McKeegan and his family have lived and worked on 3 continents.
David McKeegan, his wife and 3 sons have lived in South America, Central America, Europe and Asia.If fact, his 3 sons were born in different continents.After David and his wife got their masters degree in Barcelona, they created a company to help other expats with their taxation issues and filings to the U.S. Government.A great service they offer, since it is a complicated process.Currently enjoying the country of Costa Rica, he has lived in Bali (twice), London, Argentina and Uruguay  amongst others.He has no plans to move back to the USA, apart from visiting family and friends for a few days a year.This is a classic example of why many Americans are moving to other countries, and have no plans to permanently return.Connect with him here:https://www.greenbacktaxservices.com
38:47 2/19/23
The Long and Worthwhile Trip into the Middle of Nowhere - Sipadan, Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia
Sipadan is the only oceanic island belonging to Malaysia and was formed by living corals growing on top of an extinct volcano. Not one person I told that I was going to Sipadan had ever heard of the place. This is not surprising as it located in such a remote location and its significance to the general public is absolutely nothing.It is widely regarded as one of the best scuba diving locations in the world and a permit has to be granted by the Malaysian government. Humans are only allowed on 100 yards of its beach, as to not upset the local residents, the various wildlife.The highlight was being surrounded by 1000's of Jackfish at 20 feet below the surface. We got along famously. The diving is challenging in this remote location and one has to be aware of not making any mistakes, as medical help is too far away to make any difference.Hear about my escapades around Sipadan, plus a 2 day stay in Singapore and an overnight stay at Seoul Airport.http://www.malcolmteasdale.comhttp://www.travelingenglishman.com
23:31 2/13/23
Gringo on the loose in Rio, Brazil
A business trip to Rio de Janeiro. Sounds great doesn't it.Brazil has been in the news lately for their failure at the World Cup (where they were favorites to win) and political disturbances in the country.Thinking about the country, it took me back a few years when I embarked on a business trip to Rio, to talk with a company who were interested in reselling my company's products.This podcast episode reflects on that time. My host advised me to not venture out on my own, because I am a Gringo. That advice I ignored, however I survived the trip and in addition gained a few memories.I attended a football game with a couple of the staff I was meeting with, found an Irish Pub, and talked with a few locals out on the town.Passionate people they are.A couple of days in Sao Paulo added to the experience.www.malcolmteasdale.com
28:34 1/18/23

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