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The Travel Addict

After traveling on business for 30 years, what was I going to do after I sold my company in 2013? Answer: Travel more, but to the off-the-beaten-track and obscure places on planet Earth. After visiting almost 100 countries and living in 5 countries, I officially became a Travel Addict. Today, I am contracted by various Cruise Lines to perform enrichment and educational lectures to passengers on various journeys around the World. A podcast or two will be published from time to time when I am back in my office and of course it will be about travel. Oh, almost forgot. I write travel books - factual and quirky. Check me out at my guests have an inspiring story to tell. Tune in and be amazed. "Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found between the pages of a passport"


The Gusty Winds of Change - Looking back at my time in Moscow during the final days of the Soviet Union 35:25 01/23/2022
The Science of Parking Lots 22:11 12/06/2021
The long-awaited release of the audio book - Religion, Spirituality and the way of life in the Himalayas 04:39 11/26/2021
Audiobook Narrator and Podcast Host Peter Kersting drops by to chat about teaching overseas and other travel escapades. 45:24 11/19/2021
Industry influencer, coach & mentor Thomas Kereszti talks about International Business. Culture adjustment, lessons learned, food, mannerisms, success & failure. 41:07 11/07/2021
Malcolm Teasdale visits Kiev, Ukraine for a few days of sightseeing and education. Architectural beauty, historical monuments, and a history worth learning about. 14:57 10/29/2021
Mental Fitness Coach Amy Yip sold all her belongings in New York and moved to Ghana for volunteer work. Hear her story. 34:08 10/28/2021
Malcolm Teasdale visits the great city of Krakow, Poland. Auschwitz, Schindlers Factory and the Salt Mines await. 17:01 10/24/2021
International travel in the Covid era. An example of how to prepare. Rules & Regulations. 23:14 10/01/2021
Tour Manager Evan Pierri chats about his escapades and incidences while on-the-road with musicians. Some wild stuff as you may expect. 46:18 07/25/2021
Award winning travel blogger and travel photographer. Gary Arndt talks about his escapades to 130 countries and all 7 continents. 46:46 07/12/2021
Thinking about moving overseas for a few months? Emily Bron can recommend a few nations and help plan the move. It may be the trip of a lifetime - listen in and consider. 47:53 06/28/2021
Ian Pilbeam's epic travel story about backpacking around the World for a year with his wife and two kids age 8 and 10 51:08 06/16/2021
South African Leadership Coach Lois Wagner travels to Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Lebanon, Cuba and Haiti. You'll be surprised & amazed at her candid opinions. Listen in. 38:14 06/14/2021
Acclaimed Australian (and a touch of English) comedian Anthony Jeannott takes his humor on the road to Scotland, Sweden, Finland and Russia. Funny Stuff. 44:33 06/14/2021
Ran away from home at age 16 from Connecticut to California. Then hitchhiked across Canada. Brave lady Sharon Dukett tells the story and more. 44:10 06/10/2021
Extreme Traveler with Expeditions of Endurance - Mike Laird goes to places where most would not dare to venture 58:26 06/06/2021
"You are where you go" - Caitlyn Lubas describes what she experienced from travels to 70 countries before age 22 59:51 06/04/2021
Movement Speaker, Collaborator & host of Sexy Freedom Podcast. Helen Edwards talks about all things inspirational 39:15 05/29/2021
Successful business ventures with partner Tony Robbins and now accomplished Travel Photographer. A fulfilling life with Mitch Russo. 42:38 05/08/2021
Backpacking, motorbiking, hiking, musician and traveler: Pastimes of an Italian Ph.D. who speaks 7 languages. Federica Bressan talks about her escapades around the world. 60:18 04/19/2021
Sent flowers to Kim Jong-un while in North Korea, chased by pirates in the Congo, almost jailed in Libya - just everyday stuff! Living on the edge with Ian Collins 49:26 04/10/2021
Colombia, Amsterdam, Stonehenge, Magic Mushrooms and more dubious stuff with Irishman Buck Mulligan 36:50 03/24/2021
Volunteer work in 3 unimaginable areas of World poverty - Lisa Szkatulski ventures into places of destitution to support the locals. 49:29 03/15/2021
My Need for Seclusion - The Mongolian Wilderness 43:49 03/14/2021
The perfect Englishman's job, maybe - Co-Host of Travel Talks UK and Sky Sports Producer Alex Emery chats about work and travel aspirations. 30:10 03/13/2021
Traveling the World with Purpose and Impact with Geoff DeVito from GDSynergy - Communication. Education. Cooperation. 50:03 02/15/2021
Two Hours in Myanmar - well, sort of.... 16:38 02/14/2021
The Minimalist Entrepreneur. Words of wisdom from Jermane Cheathem 30:23 02/12/2021
A brief visit to St. Petersburg, Russia - a city of greatness 26:08 02/07/2021