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This is a Christian podcast for men. Each episode focuses on real-life issues men care about. Together we explore what it means to live day to day with authentic faith.


EP 55: The Chosen - A Conversation with Thaddeus (Giavani Cairo)
In this episode, we have a special treat: one of the original twelve disciples of Jesus Christ and leaders in the early church, Thaddeus.   Ok, not exactly; however, we have the actor who plays him in The Chosen.   The Chosen is the first-ever multi-season series about the life of Christ written by Dallas Jenkins. This show has captured the imaginations of tens of millions of people. The first two seasons received great reviews. Now, at long last, the wait is over: The Chosen Season 3 is out. Episodes begin releasing on The Chosen app before Christmas.   In this emotional and consequential chapter, the honeymoon phase is over as the disciples discover the real cost of following Jesus. The theme of Season 3 is, “Come to me all you who are weary and heavy-burdened, and I will give you rest.” As Jesus’s followers face mounting internal and external pressures, they learn to find courage and peace no matter what’s thrown at them.  Our guest is Giavani Cairo, an actor who was born & raised in Livonia, Michigan, and is currently based in Los Angeles, California. Aside from his regular series role as Thaddeus in The Chosen, his other credits include 911: Lone Star (FOX) and Doom Patrol (HBO MAX). As a youngster, Giavani was inspired to pursue acting by Matt Damon’s performance in GOOD WILL HUNTING. His love for storytelling and connecting with others has driven his career. He is a graduate of the Baron Brown Acting Studio in Santa Monica, California, and graduate of Michigan State University (Go Green! Go White!). When Giavani is not acting, he pursues his passion for sports (especially football) and physical fitness.  After moving to L.A. to pursue his dreams of acting, Giavani hit a point in his life where he was dissatisfied with where his career was headed and felt distant from the Lord.   At that point, he decided to invest in his relationship with God. He also decided to do work that mattered. After some time working with a non-profit serving others, he was given the opportunity to audition for The Chosen.  Through the role of Thaddeus, Giavani has learned to live more patiently and credits this experience with allowing him to grow closer to God.  If you haven’t already seen it, season 3’s trailer is included in this episode. Check it out now!  You can find Season 1 on YouTube or download and stream from The Chosen App. ---------------------------------------------- Website: Check Our Resources for Men: ---------------------------------------------- Follow us on Social Media: Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Twitter This Is Me TV
16:55 12/01/2022
EP 54: Biblical Stewardship - Jonathan Lewis | Impactus Podcast
Our guest is Jonathan Lewis, a Financial Security Advisor in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and the president of Eastport Financial Group Inc. He authored two books, Deep Water (2018) and More Than Money (2021). His More than Money podcast speaks to the stewardship of all our assets, from our time and talent to our agency, purpose, and responsibility. He is the dedicated husband to Sara Lewis and the father of two beautiful daughters. From his home in Nova Scotia, Canada, Jonathan’s vibrant drive to further his faith, family, community, philanthropy, and entrepreneurialism has been constant throughout his life.  What is biblical stewardship?  If we are the steward of something, that presupposes that we are not the owner of it.   In Matthew 25, we read a parable from Jesus about a man going on a journey. He called his servants and entrusted his wealth to them. When he returns, he asks them to give an account of what they did with what they had been given.   The one who stewarded well was praised and given more. The one is acted out of fear and did not act rejected by the master.  Ultimately, we are only responsible for what we do with what we have been given. Regardless of how much you make or what you do for a living, we have all been given much.  In 2 Corinthians 9, we are told that “God loves a cheerful giver.” A cheerful giver is a person whose heart and hope are not attached to what they are giving but instead sees everything they have as a gift from God for our stewardship.  Too much stuff  We are constantly bombarded with stuff. We all recognize we have too much stuff and feel pressured to get more things. It is like gluttony on steroids in our society today.  When is the best time to start being a good steward?  Right now! It has nothing to do with what God has given you, how little or how much. Stewardship recognizes that God has given you skills, abilities, relationships, talents, and money.  He expects you to be a good steward of whatever you have right now.  Practical advice for couples.  First, realize that there are two of you. If you want to go fast, go alone. To finish the marathon, you must learn to run at the same speed together.   Second, consume good biblical resources together. Read, listen and share with each other.  Third, assess the areas of your life you are responsible for stewarding, including your money, time, and health.  Train yourself now with all that God has entrusted you with. This way, as you are entrusted with more, you will have developed the disciple of stewardship in your life.   Make a list of everything God has entrusted you with. Is there anything on your list you can steward better to the glory of God?  Items for Show Notes:   Book: More Than Money: One man's journey to giving beyond the tithe:    Jonathan’s Foundation:    Generous Giving -   MoneyWise Radio with Rob West     Twitter:    Previous podcast Jonathan did with us: Overcoming the Hole Left by Fatherlessness:  As an Amazon Associate, we may earn commission from qualifying purchases on Learn more.
54:26 11/01/2022
EP 53: Real Men for a Real World - Brant Hansen
In this episode, we wade into the topic of masculinity. What is masculinity? How are real men supposed to act, and who are they supposed to be? We know toxic masculinity exists, and none of us wants to fall into that category, but millions of men lack a real vision for their lives, so they are left open to all kinds of influences. Because of this confusion, our world is hurting.   Listen for a fresh perspective on godly manhood from Brant Hansen. You may find your heart and life changed! As culture seems to deconstruct masculinity, the question left unanswered is, what does it mean to be a man? What, if anything, is uniquely masculine? God's nature is both masculine and feminine, so masculine must refer to something.   We must find that beautiful, positive thing called masculinity.   Real men are keepers of the garden. We have been given a role to play, just as Adam in the garden was given a role to play. We are still care-takers of the garden. We use whatever we have---skills, talents, temperaments---as we tend our garden.  The keeper of the garden protects it. The keeper of the garden is a cultivator and builder of people.  Real men take responsibility for their own spiritual life. Emotions can be helpful, but they can also be misleading. Taking responsibility for your spiritual life doesn't mean becoming more emotional; it's about becoming more loyal. God is looking for our loyalty.   We are all sinners, but we keep showing up. We fall, but we get back up.   Real men are men of action. Men may find anger helpful, believing it helps them get things done. However, anger creates a dangerous environment where the people around us can't feel safe and grow. If we are called to tend to our garden, we must not be a threat to our garden. Anger makes us exactly that.   Anger clouds your judgment. We should be reasonable, taking appropriate action against injustice, driven by love and compassion to do the right thing.   The world needs better men, and the world needs men who step into the hard work of “tending the garden.”  The Men We Need: God’s Purpose for the Manly Man, the Avid Indoorsman, or Any Man Willing to Show Up. YouTube:   Facebook:  Twitter:  Instagram:  Podcast: Brant & Sherri Oddcast: 
42:50 10/01/2022
EP 52: The Thing Beneath the Thing - Steve Carter
Have you ever wondered why you do some of the things you do? Why do you react a certain way, why do you get triggered or irritated so easily, or why do you sometimes lose it only to regret it later?   The apostle Paul asked similar questions in Romans 7:15 “I don’t really understand myself, for I want to do what is right, but I don’t do it. Instead, I do what I hate.”  In this episode, Steve Carter shares the importance of abiding in Christ. One of the pieces that we often miss in scripture is the presence of God. When we break down the scriptures, we realize that God is everywhere, that He is present right now, and if He is here, He is up to something.  An Invitation As men, we often have the mentality, “I have to do this for this person,” “I have to provide for my family,” “I have to do this for my community…for my church”. The invitation from Christ is more than just to do something.  The invitation from Christ is first to come and follow Him, to be with Him and see how He does it.   With all the pressures and hurries in our world, it is no wonder many find it difficult to abide in God’s presence, sit, rest and learn. However, when we take time and experience His presence, we will find our peace and joy in Christ.   We cannot microwave spiritual formation. It takes time to grow, to heal, to mend, to discover your passions, your prejudices, your fears and hopes, your strengths and weaknesses, just like a good bottle of wine. ~ Steve Carter Spiritual formation is a process that takes time and requires we enter into the presence of God daily. We will see wholeness in our lives if we commit to abide in Christ.   Everyone that goes to the gym knows this is true. Muscle growth and development take time and consistency. In the same way, our spiritual growth requires the consistent presence of God.  The Thing Beneath The Thing When we react to something or someone, we are often reenacting something from our past. Our reaction points to a place in our hearts where we need healing and wholeness only found as we abide in Christ.  God wants us to be spiritually whole and healthy so that we can become better men, husbands, friends, and leaders.   Today, be willing to get to the thing beneath the thing. Talk to a friend, see a counsellor, and take a step forward.   Remember when Jesus said:  “I am the vine, you are the branches. Those who abide in me and I in them bear much fruit, because apart from me you can do nothing.” John 15:5 NRSV    - Craft & Character Podcast: -   ---------------------------------------------- Website: Check Our Resources for Men: ---------------------------------------------- Follow us on Social Media Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: Twitter: This Is Me TV:
35:53 09/01/2022
EP 51: Freedom In Christ: Breaking Free from the Lies - Daniel Im
Where do we find our worth, identity, and value? What defines you? Your Title? Position? Degrees? Wealth? Success? Family? Our toys or technology? Or is there something deeper, more significant that can form us into the men we were created to be?  In this episode, Dean is joined by Daniel Im, the Lead Pastor of Beulah Alliance Church. His latest book is You Are What You Do: And Six Other Lies about Work, Life, and Love. He is also the author of No Silver Bullets and co-author of Planting Missional Churches. He co-hosts the IMbetween Podcast with his wife, Christina.  In recent years, the gig economy has grown rapidly, especially through the pandemic. This is because the gig economy promises a life of freedom and flexibility. You can control what you do and when you do it. In contrast to most ‘day jobs’, you are in control, you can achieve the freedom and flexibility you desire.  There are seven lies we tend to believe as we attempt to define ourselves, and they all come back to our core desire for more freedom and flexibility. This is nothing new. These lies can be traced all the way back to the garden when the serpent tempted Adam and Eve to be their own god and find freedom on their own.  Those seven lies are:  You are what you do.  You are what you experience.  You are what you own.  You are who you know.  You are what you know.  You are who you raise.  You are your past.  All these lies promise a life of freedom and flexibility when the truth is that freedom and flexibility are only found through Jesus. Through the one who gave up His freedom so that we could experience freedom through eternal life.  The invitation to step into the freedom that only Jesus Christ can provide is open to everyone today.  If you need that freedom today, take a step towards Jesus.   Listen to the full episode as Daniel and Dean expose these lies and help us understand how we can truly experience the ultimate freedom. Let us not live a lie; let us live in the truth of whom we were created to be! It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. In Him, we can find that freedom and purpose for each one of us.  Resources   Daniel’s books:     You Are What You Do   No Silver Bullets   Planting Missional Churches   IMbetween Podcast       As an Amazon Associate, we may earn commission from qualifying purchases on Learn more. 
43:53 08/01/2022
EP 50: Mentoring Men – Young Men Edition
Are you looking for a mentor? Are you interested in mentoring someone? What is mentorship? On today’s episode, Jordan and Andrew discuss all things mentorship, including the importance of mentoring and how it has shaped them into the men they have become. Mentorship is more than just influence. It's more than teaching someone something. There is an element of transferring information, however, mentorship is more than that. It is about life change. What we are really talking about here is discipleship. As Christians, this means giving a part of yourself to someone else in a Christ-centered way that leads that person to be more like Jesus. It is allowing someone else to observe and see how you do your Christian life. There is a huge need among young men who desire mentorship but have not gotten connected with an older mature man in the faith. Where are the men willing to help shape the next generation? For those who desire to be a mentor here are 4 tips to get you started: Learn how to ask good questions Have a plan and don’t be afraid to revisit it as needed Be honest with yourself and have reasonable expectations Do something together, live life together For those who are looking for a mentor, here are 4 tips for you: Respect the mentor’s time Have a specific goal for mentorship Take the initiative and approach potential mentors Find different mentors for different things It doesn’t have to be complicated. If you desire to have a mentor, take a step in faith, pray and ask the Lord to bring someone into your life to receive mentorship from. Have courage and start a conversation with the person you want to be mentored by. Older men, make yourself available. Your experience and time are valuable to the younger men in your life.
39:43 07/15/2022
EP 49: Is Evangelism Still A Thing with Shaila Visser
On this episode we’re joined with by Shaila Visser from Alpha Canada to discuss evangelism and the great commission. Shaila is extremely passionate about evangelism and the church. Her heart is to see the church engage in a deeper way in the great commission. As we continue to navigate a period where our entire world has been turned upside down, Alpha Canada’s research, in partnership with the Flourishing Congregations Institute at Ambrose University, offers an important pulse check on Canadian Christian leaders. Some of these important findings included: Only 48% of Church leaders believe that evangelism is central to their church’s approach to discipleship.   Most who come to the Christian faith do so as children, teens, or young adults, though 46-48% of those who work with youth, children, or families in congregations/parishes agreed or strongly agreed that it is wrong to share Christian beliefs with someone of a different (non)religion in hopes that they will one day identify as Christian.   On the positive side, the more of a priority a congregation reportedly gives to evangelization, the more likely respondents and their congregations are to adopt beliefs or practices that are more evangelistic in scope.   The Gap in the Christian Worldview  Based on this research there are clearly some gaps in the Christian worldview when it comes to evangelism. Canadian Christians are looking toward their leaders for guidance. People’s perception that they are in control of their lives has been shaken, and many are potentially more open to spiritual conversations.  As more people are asking significant questions on life and purpose, it’s important that we’re there to meet our neighbors where they are. “Evangelism is joining a conversation the Holy Spirit is already having with another person.” – Darrell Johnson When we share our faith, we are not working alone. The Holy Spirit was there before our conversation, during it and stays behind when we leave. That is why prayer and evangelism are so interconnected. “After this the Lord appointed seventy-two others and sent them two by two ahead of him to every town and place where he was about to go. He told them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field. Go! I am sending you out like lambs among wolves.” Luke 10:1-3  What Can You Do? Shaila has a practical three step process every Christian can do starting today: When you wake up everyday, pray “Holy Spirit use me today and let me join you in what you are doing”. Get to know your neighbors, by asking questions. Your neighbors might be on your street, co-workers, parents at your kid’s activities. When you find points of pain, step out in faith and ask if you can pray for them now.  You don’t have to have all the answers. In fact, it might be best to not attempt to answer all their questions. As you meet your neighbor where they’re at, allow the Holy Spirit to continue the work in their lives. 
35:04 07/01/2022
EP 48: Habits of the Household - Justin Whitmel Earley
Fathers, do you find it is easy to get overwhelmed with the chaos of parenting?  I'm talking about bathwater on the floor, fights between siblings and when they won't eat what you just spent an hour cooking. Not to mention managing the 3 different schedules of extracurricular activities.  It can be a lot.  Oftentimes, family devotions or intentional discipleship can get lost in the noise.  In this episode Jordan talks with Justin Whitmel Earley, author of Habits of the Household about creating gospel-centered rhythms that will help transform the hearts of your kids, as well as the dynamic of your home.  They talk about how to make the most of your already-existing habits, as well as how to create new ones. They discuss how to discipline your children in a way that leads to reconciliation, giving bedtime blessings, and how God shapes our hearts as we seek to shape the hearts of our own children. 
31:39 06/22/2022
EP 47: Persecution, Prayer, and Playing our Part - Gary Stagg & Andrew Croft from Open Doors Canada
Did you know that 1 in 7 Christians worldwide face persecution? The word “persecution” has become more common in segments of the Western Christian church, especially through the difficult months of the pandemic. Health restrictions became equated with religious persecution. From a global perspective, what is persecution? What is really happening in the specific parts of the world to those who proclaim faith in Jesus? As guys, how can we make a difference? In this episode Dean speaks with Rev. Gary Stagg and Rev. Andrew Croft from Open Doors Canada, an organization that serves persecuted Christians in the world’s most restrictive countries. Website: Check Our Resources for Men: 
38:32 06/15/2022
EP 45: Prodigal Children – Dr. Douglas Weiss
Many Christian parents endure the emotional and spiritual pain of loving a prodigal child. Daily they suffer, often alone in their silence, watching from afar as their child makes poor choices. Unfortunately, the trauma and grief of the parents of prodigals are rarely addressed in the church setting, leaving so many moms and dads to wander alone. On today’s podcast, Dr. Doug Weiss shares about his upcoming book the Prodigal Parent Process and the real biblical solutions that are available to parents who have to navigate these difficult circumstances. Resources: Book: Prodigal Parent Process As an Amazon Associate, we may earn commission from qualifying purchases on Learn more.
37:14 05/15/2022
EP 43: Living Reconciled: Experience God's Presence - P. Brian Noble
The great need of every human being is to be reconciled. In Matthew 5:23- 24, Jesus said, "if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there before the altar and go. First be reconciled to your brother, and then come and offer your gift." Remaining embittered by past conflicts affects our personal relationships as well as strains our relationship with God. In this episode, we chatted with P. Brian Noble, the Executive Director of Peacemaker Ministries. He kindly shared his own experience on how he reconciled with his father after his parent's divorce, and the importance establish reconciliation in our relationships—independent of how the other person responds. “I like to ask myself, 'How long do I really want a conflict to steal my joy? Do I truly want reconciliation?'”, says Brian. “If I do, then I have to decipher how that reconciliation is possible. Reconciliation is possible only because of the gospel, and Jesus tells us to pick up our cross daily and follow him.” Mending broken relationships takes courage. But Jesus has given us all that we need to be a reconciler. Rejoice in God's promises, have the shalom of God today. “Rejoice in the Lord always” Philippians 4:4 Subscribe to "IMPACTUS Podcast" using your favorite podcast app via Apple, Spotify, Google, Amazon and more. Resources: Book: Living Reconciled: 7 Ways to Bring Peace to Your Most Difficult Relationships Peacemaker Ministry: As an Amazon Associate, we may earn commission from qualifying purchases on Learn more.  
28:45 05/01/2022
EP 42: One Man Can Make a Difference – Mike Miller
One man can make a difference. Just look at Mike Miller’s story. In his 40’s while Mike was serving as a youth leader, God put this question in his heart, “Do you want to spend your 40’s telling stories about your 30’s, or do you want stories?”. Right away, Mike knew that he wanted to create more stories for the glory of God. As a result, alongside his wife Nancy, they planted the Nova Church in Halifax, Nova, Scotia, Canada.   When they were starting out, there was no money, no people, only the Word of God who called them to go. But this calling soon became the first of many successful church plantings over the next 15 years. It was also the largest church plant in the history of Atlantic Canada. Hope carried them. As we emerge from our tombs of the pandemic, remember there is new life, new hope and new ground to take for us. This Easter weekend, listen to this episode and be encouraged that we have the ultimate hope for eternity. Mike is a featured speaker at our 2022 Virtual Men’s conference. Registration is free! Sign up now. Subscribe using your favorite podcast app via Apple, Spotify, Google, Amazon and more.
40:33 04/15/2022
EP 41: Top Ten Tips For New Dads, By New Dad – Young Men Edition
Being a new dad can bring a lot of change and is quite the learning curve. Jordan and Andrew discuss some of the things they wish they had known and share their top ten tips on how to be a great new dad.  They also discuss when it is acceptable to wear Crocs, the insecurities of being a girl dad, and what NOT to do in the labor and delivery room.   Be a part of the Birth Plan...6:18  Do your homework...11:02  Help with feeding...13:29  Do something...anything!...15:53  Ask for help and be specific!... 17:50  Don’t take things personal...19:48  Start spiritual rhythms early...22:30  You are not a babysitter...26:35  Take responsibility...28:00  Don’t panic if you don’t feel a connection right away...32:27   
38:51 04/14/2022
EP 40: How to Be a True Worshiper – Andrew Thompson
This episode is proudly sponsored by Deeks Insurance. Worship is a vital part of Christian living. It is so much more than singing. Instead, true worship is living our lives surrendered to God. However, for many, worship is often thought of as corporate worship at their church or group. Lockdown has challenged most of us, including church leaders, to rethink and redesign the worship time. In this episode, we chat about how corporate worship has evolved after two long years of restrictions due to the pandemic with our National Music Leader, Andrew Thompson. We discussed the important topic of how we can become true worshippers of God. Andrew offers some practical steps for guys to better lean into the online worship experience. We also to talk about our exciting virtual Impactus Men’s Conference coming up on April 29. Don’t miss out! Subscribe using your favorite podcast app via Apple, Spotify, Google, Amazon and more.
25:30 04/01/2022
EP 39: Faith & Finances – Young Men Edition
Sometimes it seems as though there is more month than there is money. Have you been there? As men, we often feel the desire to provide for our families, and sometimes that pressure can feel overwhelming. Culture tells us to hustle and gather things, but sometimes that comes into conflict with what God is calling us to. How should we respond when our calling comes at a cost and having faith just doesn’t feel like enough? In this episode, Jordan and Andrew discuss that question they explain the most outrageous things they have done to make more money. They also offer wise tips on how to manage your finances and how they navigate the nuance of trying to discern between their needs and wants. As well, you do not want to miss the stories they share of how God has miraculously provided for them in the past, and how he has shown up when they have given generously. Subscribe using your favorite podcast app via Apple, Spotify, Google, Amazon and more.
46:45 03/23/2022
EP 38: Interview with C.S. Lewis Institute President - Joel Woodruff
C.S. Lewis was a British writer, theologian, and academic, holding positions at both Oxford and Cambridge. His legacy continues to live on today in several well-known books such as Mere Christianity, The Chronicles of Narnia series and through the C.S. Lewis Institute. In this podcast, we talk with the President of the C.S. Lewis Institute, Joel Woodruff. Joel discusses the influence that discipleship relationships and friendship had on Lewis, and how these relationships still apply to men today. Joel has worked in higher education, nonprofit administration, and pastoral ministries in Alaska, Israel, Hungary, France, and Northern Virginia. He has had a distinguished and diverse career and an impressive academic background including a doctorate in Organizational Leadership and a Ph.D. in New Testament. Resources: Book: Discipleship with C.S. Lewis: A Guide to Mere Christianity for Small Groups and Mentoring Relationships by Joel Woodruff Book: Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis As an Amazon Associate, we may earn commission from qualifying purchases on Learn more.
34:27 03/15/2022
EP 37: Strong Men in Dangerous Times – Jim Ramos
It’s a dangerous time to be a man. Manhood and masculinity are under attack. Many people may even refer to it as “toxic”. Your masculinity is going to be defined by what you do and not how you look. Don’t try to be somebody you’re not. Be the best version of yourself for the glory of God and do the things that men do. It is critical to understand our identity in Christ, so we can stand up and resist the secular forces attacking masculinity. In this episode, we invited Jim Ramos to discuss this issue about manhood. Jim debunks the myths that men grow up believing and talk about why true manhood is never toxic. Resources: Website: Men In The Arena Book: Strong Men Dangerous Times: Five Essentials Every Man Must Possess to Change His World As an Amazon Associate, we may earn commission from qualifying purchases on Learn more.
31:29 03/01/2022
EP 36: Sex & Intimacy– Ryan & Selena Frederick
This podcast episode with Ryan and Selena Frederick was originally posted on August 15, 2020. God cares about your sex life!  In a time where we are bombarded by various messages about sex, it is so important to hear what the designer of sexual intimacy says about building great sexual intimacy in our marriage. In part 2 of our podcast with Ryan and Selena Frederick from Fierce Marriage and authors of See-Through Marriage we talk about: What the Bible has to say about sex How couples can build strong sexual intimacy if they have different sex drives and desires How parents of young kids can balance all of their responsibilities and still have enough energy for sexual intimacy The impact of pornography on sexual intimacy Resources: Part 1 of our episode with Ryan and Selena Frederick: Website: Fierce Marriage Book: See-Through Marriage
28:45 02/15/2022
EP 35: Young, Dumb & Married – Young Men Edition
Why are young men getting married later? What is the worst marriage advice we’ve ever been given? In 1971, the average age of a man getting married was 24.4. In 2020, the average age was 38 according to the latest official figures available from the Office for National Statistics (ONS). Why is this? And is it something that should be concerning? This is one of the topics Jordan & Andrew discuss as well as the importance of celebrating singleness, tips for newly married men, and they also share some marriage advice given to them that wasn’t very helpful.
38:21 02/01/2022
EP 34: “Am I A Good Man?” – Nathan Clarkson
What does a “good man” look like? Who was I created to be? These are questions many men wrestle with in their hearts.   Some may view a “good man” as a pastor, a guy who can quote Scripture and attends church every Sunday; or a family man, a faithful husband, or a scholar; or someone who is able to avoid all of life’s temptations. In this podcast, Nathan talks about the writing of his book, “Good Man” and what it truly means to become and live as exactly that – a good man. 
43:23 01/15/2022
EP 33: Leading a Bi-Vocational Ministry in Northern Ontario – Nate Hochstetler
When we think of Men’s Ministry we often think of a weekly program at our Church. Narte Hochstetler is a pastor and entrepreneur in Sioux Lookout, Ontario (about 4.5 hours northwest of Thunder Bay) and shares how men’s ministry in his context looks a little different. Nate is Married forty years, 6 kids, and 9 grandkids.  He was born and raised on a dairy farm in Indiana, but as of August, has lived in Sioux Lookout for 30 years where he serves as bi-vocational lead pastor, coffee roaster, real estate agent.  In this episode, Nate talks about his involvement in his local community and also how he handled being hospitalized with Covid-19 this past year and how his Christian community helped him persevere.  
41:28 01/01/2022
EP 32: 2021 Year End Podcast – Impactus | Promise Keepers Canada
2021 was a memorable year to say the least. As a ministry, we have seen God do some incredible things and we would love to tell you about them. In this podcast you will hear about how we continued to impact men despite the many restrictions. Listen in for a recap of our ministry year and hear of the many exciting things that God has done.
22:06 12/15/2021
EP 31: Making a Difference in Your Community – Dr. Michael Bayer
Deep down, godly men want to make a difference and live a life of impact. What if significant influence is on the other side of just saying “yes” to God and letting Him lead you outside of your comfort zones. In this episode, Dr. Michael Bayer shares his experience of how being obedient to God opened doors to make a tremendous difference in a neighborhood that most people choose to avoid. Dr. Bayer touches on the importance of having a personal relationship with Jesus, not doing ministry alone, and how to partner with communities to meet their needs. Resources: Northumberland Promise:
44:53 12/01/2021
EP 30: Overcoming Pornography Addiction - Sathiya Sam | Impactus Podcast
This episode features Sathiya Sam, he is a coach who helps men experience permanent freedom from pornography. A recovered addict himself, Sathiya is the creator of DeepCleanTM – a research-based and Bible-backed system for overcoming porn addiction. One day I will get free of porn and do everything in my power to help as many other men as possible get free in a much shorter time. Sathiya first discovered porn when he was only eleven years old. What started as an innocent mistake would eventually become an obsession. After experiencing deep brokenness he eventually cried out to God for help. Long story short, it took Sathiya 15 years to fully recover from porn addiction and now helps men experience the same freedom.  Listen to this honest interview with Sathiya and be encouraged by his journey to freedom. Know even if you feel deeply trapped by addiction, there is hope for you. Resources: DeepClean™:
29:41 11/15/2021
EP 29: 8 Habits Every Christian Should Practice – Darryl Dash
Ministry in Downtown Toronto is no easy job. Darryl Dash is always looking for ways to help Christians start their journey. Many of them have the desire to grow in God, but they often don’t know where and how to begin. After seeing his wife’s weight loss success after implementing some very simple lifestyle changes, Darryl was amazed. He started thinking if a health consultant can translate complex nutrition concepts into easy habits that people can follow, is there a parallel to church ministry? Can he take the richest of biblical doctrine and scripture, and turn them into easy habits for Christians to help their walk with Jesus? As a result, he wrote a new book on this topic called 8 Habits for Growth: A Simple Guide to Becoming More Like Christ. Listen to this episode, Darryl discusses the habits in his book and gives helpful advice for Christians who desires to go deeper in their faith walk. Resources: Book: 8 Habits for Growth: A Simple Guide to Becoming More Like Christ DashHouse:
26:47 11/01/2021
EP 28: A Window Into Indigenous Ministry – Dan Collado
On September 30th, the country of Canada observed “National Truth & Reconciliation Day” for the first time in solidarity with our First Nations communities. This day, though only one small step, is a part of reconciliation efforts that are ongoing and very needed. As Christians, may we pause and consider our role in these efforts while acknowledging a dark past, but also bringing light and hope to a promising future. On today’s podcast, we have Dan Collado. He serves as the Academic Director of Aboriginal Bible Academy (ABA) and tells us about the important ministry he is involved in and how the local Church can also take steps towards true reconciliation.
37:49 10/15/2021
EP 27: Build an Impactful Ministry to Men – Dave Wells
This episode features Pastor Dave Wells from Harvest City Church in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Pastor Dave sat down with us to talk about the importance of men’s ministry. He explained why his weekly meetings with his men’s group is now one of the most important things of his week. He is amazed by the impact he has seen on men’s lives at his church; moreover, the impact that it has had on him personally. If you are a pastor, men’s ministry leader, or just a man who has a heart for men’s ministry, don’t miss out on this episode! Resources: Watch Men’s Ministry Leadership Summit:
28:25 10/01/2021
EP 26: Have the Soul of a Hero – Stephen Arterburn
Men, would you describe yourself as a hero? Or do you feel down, empty and purposeless? In this episode, bestselling author and respected counsellor Stephen Arterburn shares how a true understanding of ourselves and our identity can help combat many of the issues we face in our daily lives. In fact, a proper understanding of ourselves influences those around us in so many positive ways. Stephen also emphasizes the deeply rooted need for us to experience fellowship and community and offers practical ways that you can continue to cultivate male friendships during busy seasons of life.
38:04 09/15/2021
EP 25: The Battle for a Man's Soul - Ryan Walter
Many men have battles on the outside, but it's the battles on the inside that keep us from fully discovering our destiny in Christ Jesus. It's only when men bring their battles to the cross that we open our souls up for a spiritual awakening. Listen to this motivational talk by Ryan Walter at our men's conference back in 2005. Ryan spent 17 seasons in the NHL as a player, team captain and coach, and became one of the most recognized names in hockey.  In this podcast episode, Ryan draws from the personal experiences of his past hockey life, shares how God helped him fight his battles in life and encourages men to fully surrender their lives to Jesus. Ryan Walter is a former NHL hockey player and Stanley Cup Champion with the Montreal Canadiens who played 15 seasons in the National Hockey League. He was also an assistant coach with the Vancouver Canucks, head coach of the Canadian National Women's hockey team and a hockey broadcaster. Ryan is a motivational speaker, author and leadership expert, using his experiences in hockey to relate to business and success.
34:32 09/01/2021
EP 24: Friendship - Steve McCready
We are surrounded by people, especially during this social media era, yet we still feel lonely. How can we deal with loneliness as adult men? After 2 years of social distancing, our friendships are definitely taking a toll. God is relational – in fact, Jesus is a man of hospitality. He invited and welcomed people, particularly the outsiders, to eat and drink with him. Jesus asked a lot of questions, taught them the truth with grace and forgiveness. He created a “safe space” for people to share openly and confessed without fear, and he was incredibly patient with them. In this episode, Steven McCready talks about the challenges men face when it comes to conforming to close friendships. He reminds us of the root and harsh reality of loneliness and the gift and grace of friendship from Jesus Christ.  Steven encourages men to grow their relationship with God, then take the initiative and be intentional with friendships in your life.
46:15 08/15/2021