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Talk More Talk: A Solo Beatles Videocast

Talk More Talk is a videocast analyzing the solo catalog of the Beatles. The biweekly program features engaging discussion, interviews, audience Q&A, and much more. Hosted by Tom Hunyady, Ken Michaels, Kit O'Toole, Mean Mr. Mayo, and Ken Womack.


Episode 86: Underrated Solo Albums
We're back! Join us as we share our picks for the most underrated solo albums. What are your favorites? @talkmoretalk1
133:41 2/1/23
Episode 105: John Lennon’s Lost Songs
In our first episode of 2023, we'll share some of our favorite demos and "rough drafts" John Lennon recorded but never completed before his untimely death. These songs may have been released posthumously or remained officially unreleased to qualify for our lists. @talkmoretalk1  
89:20 1/10/23
Episode 104: Talk More Talk’s Holiday Special!
Our final show of 2022 celebrates the holidays by sharing our picks for our five favorite things (events, books, albums, etc.) of the year. Plus we revisit the Ringo Starr classic "I Wanna Be Santa Claus." @talkmoretalk1 Kit's Beatles class:  
118:02 12/13/22
Episode 103: Another Listen: Ringo Starr’s “Old Wave”
To celebrate Ringo Starr's recent Record Store Day release, we're taking "Another Listen" to his 1983 album. How has it aged over almost 40 years? @talkmoretalk1   b782dd7c87291360053044c80faa5dc179b89eac
127:24 12/1/22
Episode 102: Exploring the Revolver Box Set with Jason Kruppa
The wait is over: Revolver has received the deluxe treatment with a stereo remix, outtakes, and a hardback book, among other extras. Jason Kruppa (host of the "Producing the Beatles" podcast and co-author of "All Things Must Pass Away") returns to TMT to discuss the technical aspects of the remix. Producing the Beatles: Twitter: @talkmoretalk1
115:14 11/9/22
Episode 101: Beatles Fully Uncovered with Kristofer Englehardt
First published in 1998, "Beatles Undercover" chronicled the individuals' contributions to other people's music. A revised edition, "Beatles Deeper Undercover," followed in 2010. Now, "Beatles Fully Uncovered" has updated information to the present day, and TMT welcomes the author to discuss his extensive research and additions to this important work. NOTE: this show is pre-recorded, but will air at the usual time. To order a signed copy of "Beatles Fully Uncovered": email Kris directly at Ken Michaels Radio interview with Kris Englehardt: @talkmoretalk1  
92:23 10/25/22
Episode100 Celebration: Wrack Our Brains with Viewers!
Thank you to all our viewers who joined us in our Zoom room for an exciting round of "Wrack Our Brains"! We also want to thank you all for supporting us during these past four years, and look forward to many more episodes exploring the solo catalog. @talkmoretalk1
129:35 10/4/22
Episode 99: Listening to Ringo Starr’s ”EP3”
Our live shows return with our review of Ringo Starr's latest EP, "EP3." What do you think of his latest release? We also have a special announcement about our 100th episode, so don't miss it! @talkmoretalk1   100th Episode "Wrack Our Brains" Zoom room signup:  
102:19 9/20/22
Episode 98: Wrack Our Brains Live at the Chicago Fest For Beatles Fans
Recorded at the August 2022 Fest for Beatles Fans in Chicago, TMT's Kit O'Toole moderated an all-star panel for a live "Wrack Our Brains." Authors Chuck Gunderson, Piers Hemmingsen, Al Sussman, and Ken Womack answer questions from the TMT co-hosts, viewers, audience members, and each other in a lively discussion. Join the fun (and pardon the sound, as we were right next to the Apple Jam stage)! Special thanks to 2Legs' Andy Nicholes who recorded the session. @talkmoretalk1
62:32 9/6/22
Episode 97: George Harrison in the 1970s with Eoghan Lang
In this episode we welcome Eoghan Lyng, author of "George Harrison in the 1970s," a book examining a significant decade in Harrison's life. We'll discuss the professional and personal changes Harrison underwent in this important period, and why Lyng chose to cover them in this new book. NOTE: We apologize for some of the sound issues in this episode--Eoghan was broadcasting via his phone from Spain (not Ireland, as mentioned in the show), and there were technical problems associated with that. @talkmoretalk1   Eoghan Lyng links:
111:45 8/23/22
Episode 96: George Harrison Live in Japan Revisited
It's been 30 years since the release of "Live in Japan," George Harrison's final album issued in his lifetime. In this episode we revisit his last tour, how Eric Clapton persuaded him back onto the stage, and much more.  Plus, stay tuned for a special announcement about the Talk More Talk Chicago Fest for Beatles Fans panel! Send your questions for the Fest for Beatles Fans "Wrack Our Brains" panel by Aug. 12 to Ken Michaels' interview with John Harris: Ken Michaels' "Talk More Talk" gang interview: @talkmoretalk1
106:34 8/9/22
Episode 95: Shifting Perceptions Of John & Paul Through the Years
Since 1970, perceptions of John and Paul's roles in the Beatles (as well as their overall images) have changed over time. Opinions were shaped even further after John's untimely death. In this episode, we explore these changes in their public images (and how social media has further molded these perceptions). @talkmoretalk1  
120:06 7/27/22
Episode 94:Most Underrated Ringo Starr Songs 2000-Present
To celebrate (slightly late) Ringo Starr’s birthday, we’re sharing our picks for some of his most underrated songs from 2000 to today. What are your favorites? @talkmoretalk1
85:31 7/13/22
Episode 93: Another Listen: Driving Rain
You've been asking for it, so it's finally here: our "Another Listen" episode on "Driving Rain"! Several questions will be answered: will Joe still think it should be called "Thriving Pain"? Will Kit still deem it Paul's worst album? What will Ken and Tom think? @talkmoretalk1  
130:45 6/29/22
Episode 92: Q&A with Talk More Talk
For our latest episode, we answer your questions about anything Beatles or solo-related. Thanks to all who submitted questions--we had a blast doing this, and plan on doing it again soon! Joe and Ken share their experiences seeing Ringo live recently, and Ken also reveals the latest news. Kit also apologizes for her choppy connection, but her area narrowly avoided a tornado just before the show! @talkmoretalk1
124:41 6/14/22
Episode 91: The Musician VIPs of the Solo Years
On this special episode, we pay tribute to the musicians who have most impacted the Beatles' solo efforts. Plus Kit shares her experience seeing Paul McCartney at his Orlando tour date, and Ken shares the latest news. @talkmoretalk1
100:58 6/2/22
Episode 90: 30 Years of ”Time Takes Time”
This month marks 30 years since the release of Ringo Starr's "Time Takes Time." Join us for a celebration of this standout album LIVE on our YouTube channel at 9 pm ET. Plus Tom shares his experience seeing Paul McCartney live in L.A.! @talkmoretalk1
90:23 5/18/22
Episode 89: Top 10 John Lennon Songs We Can’t Live Without
You're on a desert island and can only bring 10 John Lennon songs with you. Which ones would you bring? On this episode we share our favorites, and invite you to share yours. Plus, we discuss the kickoff of Paul McCartney's "Got Back" tour. @talkmoretalk1
120:20 5/4/22
Episode 88: Tug of War with Chip Madinger and Mark Easter
This year marks the 40th anniversary of Paul McCartney's landmark album, and two noted experts help us celebrate: Chip Madinger and Mark Easter, coauthors of Eight Arms to Hold You (now available in e-book format). In this special episode, we discuss the history of the book as well as the making of Tug of War.  How does the album hold up in 2022?  We debate that question and much more! For more information on Eight Arms to Hold You and Lennonology: @talkmoretalk1
106:12 4/20/22
TMT Extra: NY Metro Fest for Beatles Fans 2022 Wrapup
Taken from our live YouTube chat held on 4/8/22, we discuss the highlights of the first Fest in almost three years.  Hear about our experiences seeing Peter Jackson, Michael Lindsay Hogg, Mark Lewisohn, and much more. @talkmoretalk1
72:58 4/10/22
Episode 87: Interview with Laurence Juber (Live from the NY Metro Fest for Beatles Fans 2022)
Recorded live at the 2022 NY Metro Fest for Beatles Fans, we interview Laurence Juber on his time with Wings. We discuss how he joined the band, recording "Back to the Egg," filming the TV special, the UK Tour, and Wings' eventual disbanding. He also tells us about his new projects, including his latest release "Select Blends." Order it from his website at @talkmoretalk1  
63:08 4/10/22
Episode 86: Another Listen: Somewhere in England
In the latest edition of our "Another Listen" series, we take a second look at George Harrison's 1981 album. Meeting with mixed results from critics and fans, "Somewhere in England" has not typically been as well regarded as "All Things Must Pass" or "Cloud Nine."  But has it aged better with time? @talkmoretalk1
103:02 3/22/22
Episode 85: Paul McCartney: Best When Produced or Self-Produced?
Paul McCartney has worked with numerous producers, but has also produced himself. Which producers do you think work with him most successfully? Or do you think he is best when producing himself?  We tackle that complicated question in this episode. @talkmoretalk1  
120:12 3/8/22
Episode 84: How Did Ringo’s Career Lose Steam in the Late 1970s?
By the end of the 1970s, Ringo Starr's was a far cry from the success of 1973's "Ringo." After scoring a number of hit singles after that, his winning streak seemed to run out, with albums such as "Ringo the 4th" and "Bad Boy" failing to crack the top 100. What happened? In this episode, we discuss possibilities as to why Ringo's career lost steam as the 70s came to a close. @talkmoretalk1  
98:10 2/22/22
Episode 83: Love Songs from the Solo Years
In celebration of (upcoming) Valentine's Day, we share our picks for the best love songs from the solo era. What are your favorites? @talkmoretalk1
119:55 2/8/22
Episode 82: Solo Beatles Videos of the 1970s
While the Beatles helped pioneer the modern music video, they continued creating fun and interesting clips for their 70s singles. For this episode, we explore some of our favorite videos. @talkmoretalk1  
116:51 1/26/22
Episode 80: 50 Years of Wild Life
We're back with our first episode of 2022, marking the 50th anniversary of Wings' debut album "Wild Life." We examine how the album has held up over five decades, how the album kicked off the Wings phase of Paul McCartney's career, and much more. @talkmoretalk1  
107:18 1/11/22
Episode 80: Our Favorite Things 2021!
Our final show of 2021 reviews our favorite Beatles and solo-related items of the year, and we discuss what we hope to see in 2022. We also play tribute to Michael Nesmith, a friend of the Beatles and a pioneer in country rock, music video, and multimedia. @talkmoretalk1    
100:12 12/15/21
Episode 79: Celebrating George Harrison‘s Legacy
November 29, 2021 marked the 20th anniversary of George Harrison's passing. Special guest Steve Matteo (author of The Beatles' Let It Be [33 1/3 series]) joins us as we celebrate Harrison's legacy and influence. @talkmoretalk1  
135:35 12/8/21
TMT Extra: ”Get Back” Part Three Reaction and How the Film Changes (or Not) Beatles History
Joined by bassist John Montagna, the Talk More Talk gang discusses part three of "Get Back" and its impact on Beatles history.  Thank you for joining us on this "long and winding road"! @talkmoretalk1
134:08 11/30/21