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The Analog Circle Podcast is a video game focused podcast where Kiaun talks about the latest gaming news, previews ,and reviews in the gaming industry. At the end of every podcast there will be a question asked to you the listener where you will have the opportunity to chime in with your thoughts and have your response either read or have your voice mail played on the next episode.


Gaming Round Table Discussion.
In this episode, Kiaun will be having a conversation with Lawrence Jones where they will discuss Xbox bringing their games to competing platforms,Playstation being at a stand still on releasing new games and Tekken 8. 
80:29 2/21/24
Will Game Quality Become Compromised?
In this episode,Kiaun will discuss Laura Crofts new look possibly showing up in the latest Tomb Raider game,the Nintendo Switch could be delayed until 2025,Respawn is developing a FPS Star Wars game and is Sony already thinking about moving on to next generation hardware?
67:21 2/19/24
Listener Feedback Episode 36
In this episode, Kiaun will go over listener questions and opinions,and will cover some Xbox and Square Enix news.
38:50 2/14/24
Without Day & Date Will You Keep Your GamePass Subscription?
On this episode, Kiaun will discuss Phil Spencer allegedly addressing employees about the future of Xbox,we get some alleged specs and information about the Playstation 6, we get an update on the possibility of Starfield going to Playstation 5 and we get an update on the new Jet Set Radio.
82:41 2/12/24
Listener Feedback Episode 35
In this episode,Kiaun will answer different questions from the Analog Circle Community. He will also cover some of the latest news about the Xbox brand.
93:40 2/7/24
Is Microsoft's Greed Killing Xbox?
On this episode, Kiaun will discuss Playstation's State Of Play event,new information coming out about Star Wars Outlaws that could impact the story and replayability,promising news has come out about Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth and Microsoft has their 2nd quarter earnings call.
87:32 2/5/24
Is Gaming Better Today Or worse?
In this episode ,Kiaun will discuss some interesting Assasins Creed Black Flag news,Sony's CEO discusses his thoughts on subscription services,Squre Enix is going in a diffrent direction with their game development and we get some new news abouth The Witcher 4.
74:47 1/25/24
Did The Developer Direct Change Your Mind About Xbox?
On this episode,Xbox announces a new Developer Direct,Playstation is releasing a new controller with a new feature,a new Def Jam video game may never be made and we get some exciting news about the next Battlefield.
57:44 1/15/24
Listener Feedback Episode 34.
On this episode,Kiaun will discuss several Emails from listeners,talk about the possible reason why EA NCAA Football was not shown, we get some very concerning Switch 2 Specs,some promising Halo news is on the horizon and we discuss one particular problem that is impacting gaming industry.
54:01 1/11/24
What's Your Most Anticipated Game Of 2024?
On this week's episode,Kiaun will be going over the alleged price for the Nintendo Switch 2,more alleged details and specs have come out about the Playstation 5 Pro due to more Insomniac leaks,EA could be bringing back NCAA Football this year and we get some small details about the upcoming sci-Fi RPG Exodus.
61:35 1/8/24
What Score Would You Give The Big 3 For 2023?
On this week's episode,Kiaun will discuss Xbox allegedly releasing their next gen console in 2026,Playstation is allegedly closing down another studio,Toys For Bob could be working on Spyro 4 and the original trilogy of God Of War could be getting remastered.
102:52 1/1/24
Does Xbox Have Bad Messaging?
In this week's episode,Kiaun will discuss Xbox giving away Game Pass for free,Sony possibly confirming that Playstation 5 Pro exist,Fallout 4 next gen update has been delayed and Naughty Dog officially cancels Factions.
74:39 12/18/23
Listener Feedback Episode 33.
In this episode of Listener Feedback Kiaun will be answering questions about GTA 6 coming to last gen consoles, would a one console future be a good idea, would you want to voice the main character in a game due to AI technology and Kiaun will be going through the GTA6 trailer giving his breakdown and opinions.
65:07 12/6/23
Is 2023 The Greatest Year In Gaming History?
On this week's episode,Kiaun goes over Rockstar Games officially announcing when the trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 will premier, EA is working on a technology that could make gaming a lot more immersive, we find out what co founder of Rockstar Dan Houser and his team has been working on and we get a update for stalker 2.
87:19 12/4/23
Listener Feedback Episode 32
In this episode of Listener Feedback we will be discussing if ABK will make Xbox more desirable,if game prices will increase and if player counts equal money. these subjects and more can be found in this episode.
64:38 11/30/23
Do Player Counts Equate To Money?
On this weeks episode,Kiaun will discuss Insomniac's upcoming Wolverine project and the tone it will set,we get more concrete information about the Nintendo Switch 2's alleged 4K capabilities,Embracer Group is not looking very stableand we get a small update on Stellar Blade.
65:57 11/26/23
Is The Xbox Tax Real?
On this week's episode, Kiaun will discuss Sony announcing The Last Of Us Part 2 Remastered,Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic Remake is on ice,Sega speaks about wheather they would ever be acquired and we get an update on Wonder Woman.
84:01 11/19/23
Was Sony Buying Bungie A Mistake?
In this week's episode, Kiaun will discuss WB Games shifting it's focus to live service games,Rockstar has officially announced we'll be getting a Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer,CD Projekt Red is releasing Cyberpunk 2077 Ultimate Edition and Bioware has given us some new details on Mass Effect 4.
60:51 11/12/23
Is A Mid-Gen Refresh Necessary?
In this weeks episode,Kiaun will discuss Resident Evil 9 and its development,God Of War Ragnarok getting story DLC allegedly,we get updates on the development of Max Payne 1-2 Remakes and Sony makes a acquisition.
62:41 11/5/23
Is PC Gaming Worth The Money?
On this weeks show Kiaun will go over what Nintendo president of America Doug Bowser had to say about an alleged feature that could appear on the Nintendo Switch 2,we find out who the writer is on the upcoming Iron Man game,we get more news about Playstations external Blu Ray drive and Sarah Bond & Matt Booty get promoted at Xbox. Feel free to call the Analog Circle Hotline at 443-380-0281 to let your voice be heard.
73:36 11/1/23
Should Super Mario Wonder Be Nominated For GOTY?
On this episode,Kiaun will discuss The alleged specs of the Playstation 5,Phil Spencer talks about when Activision games will come to game pass,some alleged news has been shared about the Nintendo Switch 2,and we go over some possible DLC for Spider-Man 2.
88:01 10/22/23
Will Activision Make Xbox More Desirable?
In this week's episode Kiaun will discuss Microsoft closing on Activision. A huge retailer will stop selling Physical video games as early as 2024,allegedly. Playstation has announced the PS5 Slim and Peter Molyneux discusses his new game in development.
72:36 10/15/23
Is Sony Bigger Than E3?
In this week's episode, Kiaun will discuss Sony Acquiring HouseMarque, Microsoft is adding cloud gaming to Xbox One, we could see more Nintendo Mini consoles in the future and Grand Theft Auto 6 could release in 2025.
82:54 7/5/21
Xbox & Bethesda's E3 2021 Conference.
In this E3 special episode, Kiaun and AB will give their honest thoughts about the Xbox and Bethesda E3 conference.
89:28 6/14/21
Did Microsoft Redeem Themselves?
In this episode, Kiaun will discuss Battlefield 2042 not having a campaign, Naughty Dog are hiring for their multiplayer project and Gotham Knights will not be shown at E3 2021.
40:55 6/10/21
Listener Feedback Episode 31.
In this episode, Kiaun will go over the listeners views and opinions.
55:21 6/10/21
What Are Your E3 Predictions?
In this week's episode, Kiaun will discuss Dark Horse Comics starting up a game division, God Of War Ragnarok has been delayed until 2022 and will be playable on PS4, Nintendo releases details about their upcoming E3 Nintendo Direct and Sony could be gearing up for some studio acquisitions.
64:22 6/7/21
Will Starfield Live Up To The Hype?
 In this week's episode, Kiaun will go over some very promising news about Bioshock 4, Playstation's State Of Play happened, the Nintendo Switch Pro shows up for sale on a very popular website and we get some potential news about what will be shown at Microsoft & Bethesda's E3 show. Ghost & Goblins Resurrection releases on PS4 And PS5 on June 1st.
60:41 6/1/21
Listener Feedback With Gaming News.
In this episode, Kiaun will be going over listener feedback and gaming news.
38:17 5/26/21
What's Your Favorite Next Gen Feature?
In this week's episode, Kiaun will discuss new information on Microsoft's E3 plans, new information has come out about God Of War Ragnarok, more details have been released about Summer Game Fest and Deep Silver announces a cult classic is returning.
61:00 5/24/21