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Joke Me Off is a comedy podcast featuring comedians Nick Larson and Saul Trujillo. They offer random nonsense ranging from impersonations of celebrities to potty mouthed rants about current events.


JMO: Episode 239 - Smuggling Uncles
This episode, Saul's dad smuggled relatives, Nick competed in the SF Comedy Competition; Saul talks working the door at the Comedy Store; and Saul's wife is house sitting for his mom all month so he's lonely in LA. Enjoy! Twitter -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarson85, @SaulComedy  Instagram -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarsonComedy, @SaulComedy TikTok - @NickLarsonComedy, @MulletedMadMan
86:54 09/07/2022
JMO: Episode 238 - Cell Block D
This episode, Nick talks about moving back to the ghetto, and all the fun activities around the neigborhood; Saul fills us in on his daily routines; and we talk about what we feel is "selling out". Enjoy! Twitter -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarson85, @SaulComedy  Instagram -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarsonComedy, @SaulComedy TikTok - @NickLarsonComedy, @MulletedMadMan
69:34 05/27/2022
JMO: Episode 237 - Out Of Context
This episode, Danielle Arce joins us to talk Cain Velasquez charges; a lady almost threw up on Saul, at brunch; Nick tries to convince Saul to have babies; and we share tails of cleaning gross bathrooms. Enjoy! Twitter -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarson85, @SaulComedy  Instagram -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarsonComedy, @SaulComedy TikTok - @NickLarsonComedy, @MulletedMadMan Snapchat - @Nicklarson85, @Truheo84
73:56 03/16/2022
JMO: Episode 236 - Day Wape
This episode, Saul recaps his experience at the SLO comedy festival; Nick stared at a dude's butt at the gym; Nick's son shares too much personal info; and we talk ghosts and death. Enjoy! Twitter -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarson85, @SaulComedy  Instagram -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarsonComedy, @SaulComedy TikTok - @NickLarsonComedy, @MulletedMadMan Snapchat - @Nicklarson85, @Truheo84
75:41 03/03/2022
JMO: Episode 235 - Blue Socks Matter
This episode, we talk about Chinese food; Gross documentaries, the holidays; Nick has a revelation about his socks; Saul went to a disrespectful coffee shop; and Saul joined Instacart. Enjoy! Twitter -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarson85, @SaulComedy  Instagram -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarsonComedy, @SaulComedy TikTok - @NickLarsonComedy, @MulletedMadMan Snapchat - @Nicklarson85, @Truheo84  
72:48 12/31/2021
JMO: Episode 234 - The Suckler
This episode, Saul and his mom go to the movies together...but separately; we learn a few comics died from a drug overdose; Sheena gets jealous if Saul eats his mom's food without her; and Saul talks about working at The Comedy Store. Enjoy! Twitter -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarson85, @SaulComedy  Instagram -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarsonComedy, @SaulComedy Snapchat -  @Nicklarson85, @Truheo84
90:45 09/11/2021
JMO: Episode 233 - Pig on Fig
This episode, we talk about going to the gym, our workout routines, and gettin' friggin ripped!; Saul learned a new pimpin' term in LA; and Nick talk about his living situation. Enjoy! Twitter -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarson85, @SaulComedy  Instagram -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarsonComedy, @SaulComedy Snapchat -  @Nicklarson85, @Truheo84
78:04 07/16/2021
JMO: Episode 232 - Binary
This episode, we talk businesses opening back up; Nick's been going to the gym; doing shows in LA; we figure out who uses Cashapp; and Saul deals with a heckler. Enjoy! Twitter -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarson85, @SaulComedy Instagram -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarsonComedy, @SaulComedy Snapchat -  @Nicklarson85, @Truheo84
71:55 06/19/2021
JMO: Episode 231 - Yeasty
This episode, we talk thrift stores; beer that taste like the yeast of a woman's downstairs; aggressive homeless people; and Saul is being recruited by a commercial agent.. Enjoy! Twitter -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarson85, @SaulComedy, @DanielleArce Instagram -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarsonComedy, @SaulComedy, @DanielleArceComedy Snapchat -  @Nicklarson85, @Truheo84
58:06 04/13/2021
JMO: Episode 230 - All Lives Matter
This episode, we talk about Saul's wife making resin molds; the Stop Asian Hate movement; Saul and Nick are gonna change up their hair styles; and T.B. (Tweaker Butler) has to move out. Enjoy! Twitter -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarson85, @SaulComedy  Instagram -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarsonComedy, @SaulComedy Snapchat -  @Nicklarson85, @Truheo84
66:22 03/30/2021
JMO: Episode 229 - It's Been A While
I know it's been a while, so here's an extra long episode to tide you over for another month LOL JK...Hopefully. This episode, we talk Saul going to the doctor for a full physical; getting high off of edibles; how life is going in LA, for Saul; and we talk about what the first thing we'll do once the quarantine is lifted. Enjoy! Twitter -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarson85, @SaulComedy , @daniellearce Instagram -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarsonComedy, @SaulComedy @daniellearccecomedy Snapchat -  @Nicklarson85, @Truheo84
99:48 02/26/2021
JMO: Episode 228 - Hairoin
This episode, we find out we're trending in the UK; Saul thinks he's losing his hair; Nick has a theory about drug addicts and hairloss; and Saul has a new story about T.B. (Tweaker Butler). Enjoy! Twitter -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarson85, @SaulComedy  Instagram -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarsonComedy, @SaulComedy Snapchat -  @Nicklarson85, @Truheo84
71:07 11/21/2020
JMO: Episode 227 - Adventure of DJ Fridge
This episode, Saul finally has his own apartment and is in the process of moving Sheena out to LA, we learn Saul is a good lover, he says goodbye to hostels, inks on people, retires his password "cacaface", and his dad haunts the family truck with farts. Enjoy! Twitter -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarson85, @SaulComedy  Instagram -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarsonComedy, @SaulComedy Snapchat -  @Nicklarson85, @Truheo84
54:23 11/14/2020
JMO: Episode 226 - You Can't Sell Chili
This episode, Nick's future show Nix is already canceled; Saul loves Long John Silver's; Saul might move back to the 209, if comedy doesn't return; we weigh the pros and cons of living in each area; a commercial agents keeps sliding into Saul's DM's, and Nick recaps his show in Truckee. Enjoy! Twitter -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarson85, @SaulComedy  Instagram -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarsonComedy, @SaulComedy Snapchat -  @Nicklarson85, @Truheo84
74:43 11/06/2020
JMO: Episode 225 - Diabarkes
This episode, Danielle's cat tries to murder Sheena; Nick and Saul fat shame their animals; Saul learns Trump caught Covid through the people at his hostel, and gets booted from another hostel; Nick has sexy comedy shirts; and Nick and Saul recap their shows. Enjoy! Twitter -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarson85, @SaulComedy  Instagram -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarsonComedy, @SaulComedy Snapchat -  @Nicklarson85, @Truheo84
41:26 10/30/2020
JMO: Episode 224 - Snooty Booty
This episode, Saul recaps his trip to do shows in Humboldt County; going to the zoo; Sheena tries mushrooms for the first time; Nick & Danielle recap their trip to Arizona and doing Zoom shows. Enjoy! *There's 2 parts to this episode. Head over to to listen to the second half! Twitter -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarson85, @SaulComedy, @DanielleArce Instagram -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarsonComedy, @SaulComedy, @DanielleArceComedy Snapchat -  @Nicklarson85, @Truheo84
56:52 10/14/2020
JMO: Episode 223 - CatDog
This episode, Saul doesn't wear his wedding ring; we have a new product called the Prince Henry; we talk growing up with dogs, and drinking cheap colas; and people like to call Saul "lady". Enjoy! Twitter -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarson85, @SaulComedy, @DanielleArce Instagram -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarsonComedy, @SaulComedy, @DanielleArceComedy Snapchat -  @Nicklarson85, @Truheo84
77:35 09/07/2020
JMO: Episode 222 - JiggleHoes
This episode, We record the night of Saul and Sheena's Vegas wedding! We recap the wedding and photography; our flights into Vegas; the extreme heat; and the reception dinner at Buca de Beppo. Enjoy! Twitter -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarson85, @SaulComedy, @DanielleArce Instagram -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarsonComedy, @SaulComedy, @DanielleArceComedy Snapchat -  @Nicklarson85, @Truheo84
64:44 08/21/2020
JMO: Episode 221 - Hashtag Yo Tambien
This episode Saul's fiance, Sheena, is on the podcast to talk about their Vegas wedding coming up! Also, we talk moving from the ghetto to another ghetto; bed bugs are tough af; wearing masks; women groping men; and how Sheena and Saul met!! Enjoy. Twitter -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarson85, @SaulComedy, @DanielleArce Instagram -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarsonComedy, @SaulComedy, @DanielleArceComedy Snapchat -  @Nicklarson85, @Truheo84
76:26 08/14/2020
JMO: Episode 220 - Viral
This episode, We talk Danielle's injury; Nick goes viral with a meme; and we discuss the Chris D'Elia allegations. Enjoy! Twitter -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarson85, @SaulComedy, @DanielleArce Instagram -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarsonComedy, @SaulComedy, @DanielleArceComedy Snapchat -  @Nicklarson85, @Truheo84
69:11 06/22/2020
JMO: Episode 219 - QuaranTeens
This episode, We talk old school console games and TVs; Saul and Danielle need haircuts; quarantine grocery shopping; Zoom shows, and comedians throwing "underground shows"; Nick thinks scary movies are boring; and Saul has a cookie butter nail. Enjoy! Twitter -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarson85, @SaulComedy, @DanielleArce Instagram -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarsonComedy, @SaulComedy, @DanielleArceComedy Snapchat -  @Nicklarson85, @Truheo84
71:54 04/16/2020
JMO: Episode 218 - Ball Talk
This episode, Danielle Arce, and Saul's fiance Sheena, are on the podcast. We talk being quarantined with our partner; Saul's balls are ticklish, and he embarrasses Sheena in public; we discuss comics trying to do virtual shows; Sheena is still working because she's an essential worker; and being so bored that we've resorted to playing Sims 4. Enjoy! Twitter -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarson85, @SaulComedy, @DanielleArce Instagram -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarsonComedy, @SaulComedy, @DanielleArceComedy Snapchat -  @Nicklarson85, @Truheo84
74:57 04/06/2020
JMO: Episode 217 - T.B. TV
This episode, Danielle Arce joins us again, for the podcast. We talk Nick's daughter being into pranks; Saul is reminded of working with a toothless lady; more quarantine discussion; and we have sooo many more great T.B. (Tweaker Butler) scenarios. Enjoy! Twitter -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarson85, @SaulComedy, @DanielleArce Instagram -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarsonComedy, @SaulComedy, @DanielleArceComedy Snapchat -  @Nicklarson85, @Truheo84
68:04 03/27/2020
JMO: Episode 216 - Hot Ones
This episode, Danielle Arce joins us for the podcast. We talk being quarantined; going to laundrymats; doing karate kicks; Saul is back in Stockton until the quarantine is lifted; Saul has an idea for a new podcast; and we get an update on T.B. (Tweeker Butler)... Enjoy! Twitter -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarson85, @SaulComedy, @DanielleArce Instagram -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarsonComedy, @SaulComedy, @DanielleArceComedy Snapchat -  @Nicklarson85, @Truheo84
85:10 03/21/2020
JMO: Episode 215 - Dunk On Crime
This episode, We talk Saul's new show Punching Up; avoiding jury duty; the Coronavirus; Saul is working on a new place and a new job; Nick has fun watching bums outside of his new apartments; Saul dabbles in eating butt; and Nick's Birthday show... Enjoy! Twitter -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarson85, @SaulComedy  Instagram -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarsonComedy, @SaulComedy Snapchat -  @Nicklarson85, @Truheo84
82:31 03/12/2020
JMO: Episode 214 - Party Farter
This episode, Saul is back in town, and we go deeep into some weird scenarios lol. We talk Saul's fetish for black chicks, and Nick's fetish for toes; Saul is thinking about cutting his mullet, and cums in hotels a lot... possibly too much; also, Nick talks writing new jokes, and about not knowing his biological father. Enjoy! Twitter -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarson85, @SaulComedy  Instagram -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarsonComedy, @SaulComedy Snapchat -  @Nicklarson85, @Truheo84
57:31 02/11/2020
JMO: Episode 213 - My 106-lb Life
This episode, Danielle Arce joins us for the podcast. We talk Nick and Danielle being in a new relationship; we recap running around town to watch the McGregor vs Cerrone fight; Danielle explains what it's like to live in Stockton, after being in LA for years; and Saul gets carded multiple times, at the same bar. Enjoy! Twitter -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarson85, @SaulComedy, @DanielleArce Instagram -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarsonComedy, @SaulComedy, @DanielleArceComedy Snapchat -  @Nicklarson85, @Truheo84
68:37 02/03/2020
JMO: Episode 212 - Booty Car Wash
This episode, We record from the green room of Punch Line Sacramento, during JMO's Home For The Holidays show! It's open, random, revolving coversation with all the comedians. You're hearing a little inside baseball, and funny stories from Nick, Saul, Chicago Steve Barkley, Mike Betancourt, Ellis Rodriguez, and Diego Curiel. Enjoy!  Twitter -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarson85, @SaulComedy  Instagram -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarsonComedy, @SaulComedy Snapchat -  @Nicklarson85, @Truheo84
88:56 12/27/2019
JMO: Episode 211 - Hostel to Hostel
This episode, Saul's fiance Sheena joins us to talk gingerbread houses; unfunny comics; Nick makes FB friends with a little person; and Saul tells stories of living in his hostel, and having to move to a new hostel. Enjoy! Twitter -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarson85, @SaulComedy  Instagram -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarsonComedy, @SaulComedy Snapchat -  @Nicklarson85, @Truheo84
93:17 12/15/2019
JMO: Episode 210 - Jackhammer
This episode,  Saul hangs out with his mom in LA; Saul is looking for a room for rent; We come up with a new invention; gay X-Men; Nick needs to renew his lincense; Saul gets a Red Light Cam ticket; and Nick recaps his shows. Enjoy! Twitter -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarson85, @SaulComedy  Instagram -  @JMOpodcast, @NickLarsonComedy, @SaulComedy Snapchat -  @Nicklarson85, @Truheo84
70:56 11/04/2019