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Code 3 - The Firefighters' Podcast

The podcast for and about firefighters, "Code 3" covers topics of interest to those in the fire service, in about 20 minutes, through interviews with those who know it best. From Chiefs to Probies, Engineers to Firefighters, and Paramedics to EMTs, award-winning journalist Scott Orr talks with them all.


The Freedom House Ambulance Service with Ben Thompson 14:28 06/10/2021
Managing Your Promotion with Ian Emmons 17:35 05/27/2021
When Your Volunteers Don't Want To Be In The FDNY with Dan Rogers 20:04 04/23/2021
What Fuel Are You Using in Your Burn Building? with Jack Regan 15:54 04/01/2021
Firefighting in the 21st Century with Stan Tarnowski 22:57 03/22/2021
Why Customer Service Matters with Chad Costa 19:51 12/03/2020
When You Have to Operate Aerial Apparatus Alone with Ryan Johnston 17:22 11/12/2020
What to Know When You Marry a Firefighter with Mike & Anne Gagliano 32:01 11/05/2020
Support for the LAFD with Wade White 13:20 10/29/2020
ICs: Command is a perishable skill with Nick Martin 23:52 10/15/2020
Why Mentors, Not Drill Instructors, Need to Teach Today's Probies with Jacob Johnson 22:42 10/08/2020
When Your Volunteer Firefighters Don't Fight (Much) Fire with Joe Maruca 19:31 10/01/2020
Are Transitional Attacks Smarter Firefighting? with Nick Salameh 22:00 09/24/2020
Put the Fire Out First with Peter van Dorpe 20:07 09/17/2020
Reflections on Sept. 11, 2001 with Rick Lasky 28:07 09/11/2020
Which Line for Which Fire? with Mark van der Feyst 18:30 09/03/2020
Funny Videos, Serious Messages with Jason Patton 20:55 08/20/2020
Learning from YouTube with Dave Traiforos 21:43 08/13/2020
What an EMS Liaison Knows with Roger Dyjak 19:32 08/06/2020
Justifying the Cost of Your Fire Department with Rich Marinucci 20:01 07/30/2020
Core Values as a Real-World Standard with David Bullard 13:56 07/23/2020
An Inconvenient Truth About Fires with Daniel Byrne 24:23 07/16/2020
Rural Firefighting: Minutes Make a Difference with Justin Bailey 22:29 07/02/2020
Don't Believe Your Own PR with Ken Himel 19:11 06/25/2020
Water Always Wins with Curt Isakson 23:51 06/18/2020
Behind These Walls May Lurk Unexpected Danger with Jack Murphy 18:49 06/11/2020
Introducing "True Fire" 23:52 06/11/2020
How To Be Aggressive Without Being Reckless with Duane Daggers 18:45 06/04/2020
Train 'em and get out of their way with Kaci Corrigan 18:04 05/28/2020
Firefighter PTSD: A Spouse's Perspective with Lori Moore 18:55 05/21/2020