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Episode 72 - Dr. Arnold T. Blumberg & Star Trek: Picard
This month our guest is writer, publisher, and man of many hats, Dr. Arnold T. Blumberg!  Arnold joins us to discuss the birth of his Doctor Who fandom, many different aspects of literary fandom, and exactly where the ideas originate for most of the books published through ATB Publishing. Then Arnold takes us into strange new worlds as he brings his Pick of the Month, the Paramount Plus blockbuster hit series, Star Trek: Picard!   We discuss why we all think Season 3 is some of the greatest Star Trek ever written, our shared love of Patrick Stewart, and why Terry Matalas is the current saviour of the known universe. And be warned!  There are MASSIVE spoilers for Picard (Season 3 in particular), so go watch those 10 episodes first!  That's right, burn up that 7 day trial that you've been waiting to use and binge it.  It's totally worth it!
97:46 6/1/23
Episode 71 - Dave AC Cooper & Highlander
There can be only one....guest this month, and it's legendary Doctor Who podcaster, Dave AC Cooper!  Dave stops by to discuss his Doctor Who fandom which stretches all the way back to the very first episode in 1963 - one day after his birthday!  Dave talks about watching some of the stories that are now lost, another of his shows called Big & Fruity Wine Podcast, and what wine would pair the best with his favorite Doctor Who story. Then Dave brings us his Pick of the Month, the very popular 90s sci-fi action-drama, Highlander!  We talk about how we each discovered the show, the tons of merchandise, the uncanny similarities to Doctor Who, and if a new reboot would work. Thanks for listening!  
91:15 4/30/23
Episode 70 - Ken Deep & Blake's 7
Podcasting legend and L.I. Who showrunner Ken Deep joins us this month to discuss how his lifelong love of a show has grown from fan clubs to podcasts to convention hosting.  Ken talks about discovering Doctor Who, riding his bike across town to the "skyscraper of Doctor Who Towers", the joys of running a Doctor Who convention, and how a randomly recorded episode at the end of a dubbed Doctor Who tape led him straight into another fandom. That fandom would be Ken's Pick of the Month - the BBC renegade sci-fi classic, Blake's 7!  Hear us discuss why this is one of Ken's favorite all-time shows, how very closely related it is to Doctor Who, how influential the show was to other sci-fi phenomena that came afterwards, and how it still holds up over 40 years later.  Was this the Torchwood of its time?  And to exactly which Star Trek episode does Ken compare the entire series? Find out more about L.I Who 2023 at for guests, hotel information, and tickets.  That's August 18-20, 2023 at Holiday Inn Long Island.  Who & Company will also be there!  Come say hello!
96:04 3/30/23
Episode 69 - James Rockliffe & Dad's Army
That's right!  For two months in a row, this month's guest is joining us again.  He just won't leave!  All kidding aside, James Rockliffe of THE Doctor Who Podcast is with us to discuss his beginnings of Doctor Who fandom, how he got the podcasting bug, and why The Web Planet is still horrible! Then James brings along his Pick of the Month, the monumental British comedy classic, Dad's Army!  We talk with James about his lifelong fandom with the show, meeting some of his classic heroes, and even starting a podcast about Dad's Army. Thanks for listening!
71:32 2/28/23
Episode 68 - The Abominable Snowmen with James & Michele of the DWP
Welcome to 2023, everyone!  And welcome to Season 7 of Who & Company as we kick off the year sharing DWP Special Episode 26 with our guests this month, James & Michele of THE Doctor Who Podcast!  This time, we are discussing the latest Doctor Who animated release, the Second Doctor adventure, The Abominable Snowmen.  Join us as we talk about no snow in Snowdonia, menacing Snuffalupagi, and one of the best missing stories ever. Email us at: Twitter: @whoandcompany
58:17 1/29/23
2022 Year-End Message & 2023 Preview
Happy New Year! We just wanted to drop in and thank all of our guests from 2022 and especially YOU, our wonderful listeners! Catch us later this month for our annual animated chat. Which story? Listen to this quick message to find out! See you soon!
01:39 1/5/23
Episode 67 - Interviews from Long Island Who-Meglos 2022
In November of 2022, Drew was fortunate enough to sit down and have a chat with several Doctor Who personalities about what they're up to and of course what television shows they love to watch.  Join us this month as we have interviews with: Wendy Padbury (Zoe, companion of the Second Doctor) Bhav Parmar (Sonya Khan, Yaz's onscreen sister) Matthew Jacobs (writer of the 1996 TV movie) and Vanessa Yuille (filmmaker) discussing their new documentary, "Doctor Who Am I" Sophie Aldred (Ace, companion of the Seventh Doctor and co-star of The Power of the Doctor)
65:22 12/2/22
Episode 66 - Chris Chapman & Transformers
Our guest this month is writer, producer, and director Chris Chapman!  Chris has directed many of the documentaries and special features in the Doctor Who DVD & Blu-Ray ranges and has also written stories for Big Finish.  Chris tells us how he got involved in directing, how he started writing for Big Finish, and what he thought of the new Doctor Who special, The Power of the Doctor. Then Chris brings us his Pick of the Month, the long-running story of battling robots that spans 38 years of toys, comics, movies, and multiple TV series, Transformers!  Find out how we all discovered this franchise, its massive impact on the toy industry, and why it's survived for so many years.
80:04 10/30/22
Episode 65 - Movie Special #2
So we thought we'd do something a little different this month... About a year and a half ago, we paired some of our favorite movies with Doctor Who stories and we got such a great response that we decided to do it again.  Now telling you the movies and the stories would be cheating, but we can tell you that this time we have 4 movie/Doctor Who pairings and they are movies that you know and love....well most of them anyway. Back to our regular format next time!  Thanks for listening!  
66:00 9/14/22
Episode 64 - Graeme Burk & WKRP In Cincinnati
Our guest this month is veteran Reality Bomb host and all-around great Canadian, Graeme Burk!  Graeme joins us to discuss his podcasting career, how Pyramids of Mars can be comforting AND exciting, and having lunch with Philip Hinchcliffe. Then Graeme brings us his Pick of the Month, the CBS musical powerhouse sitcom, WKRP In Cincinnati!  We talk about its enduring appeal, the politics of music copyright laws, and how this icon of television sitcoms has stood the test of time.
77:56 8/2/22
Episode 63 - David Richardson & This Is Us
We're back!  Thanks for sticking with us and to show you our gratitude, we have a fantastic episode this month - none other than the Senior Producer at Big Finish, David Richardson!  David joins us to discuss his beginnings as a freelance writer for Doctor Who Magazine among other publications, his 15 years and counting at Big Finish, and how a project goes from a great idea to a finished product. Then David brings us his Pick of the Month, the incredibly popular award-winning NBC family drama, This Is Us.  We talk about what kept him glued to this show for 6 seasons, the differing popularity in the UK, and how if any show could change the world, this one might be it.
51:56 7/8/22
Special Announcement
Hey everybody!  Just a quick word to say that we haven't forgotten you.  It's been a busy time with family and schoolwork, BUT we will be back at the end of the month with a brand new episode!  Thanks for hanging with us!  
00:38 6/3/22
Episode 62 - Ian Dudley & Ultraviolet with special guest Jane Slavin
One of the co-hosts of THE Doctor Who Podcast joins us this month  - it's Ian Dudley!  We discuss his podcast beginnings and how he discovered Doctor Who. Then Ian brings along his Pick of the Month, the 1998 vampire crime drama, Ultraviolet!  We talk about how this particular series treats vampirism scientifically, whether or not it would thrive as a reboot, and a little known actor called Idris Elba. But before we get to Ian, Brent sits down with actress, writer, & director Jane Slavin to chat about her time on Ultraviolet and her recent stint as Anya Kingdom in Big Finish's Dalek Universe! AND stay tuned after the credits for Jane Slavin's story about driving the BMW Z3.
98:04 3/30/22
Episode 61 - Nicole Hill & Black Lightning
Our guest this month is the always positive and upbeat Doctor Who podcaster, Nicole Hill of Who Watch & Black TARDIS!  Nicole joins us to talk about her fan journey, how she got into podcasting, and her recent trip to Gallifrey One! Then Nicole brings her Pick of the Month, the recent CW superhero smash hit, Black Lightning!  We discuss the cultural impact of the show, how it relates to other CW superhero shows, and how it modernizes the original source material.   Enjoy the show!  See you next month!  
74:51 3/6/22
Episode 60 - The Evil of the Daleks with Michele & James of the DWP
Welcome to 2022 and the start of Year 6 of Who and Company!  Our January tradition continues as our guests this month are regular hosts of the DWP (The Doctor Who Podcast) - Michele and James!  We've chosen another animated Doctor Who feature to discuss and this time it's the 1967 Patrick Troughton classic, The Evil of the Daleks.  Find all of us at and see you next month!
60:36 2/1/22
Episode 59 - Chip Suddereth & Gargoyles
Happy New Year!  We are back with a guest that any Doctor Who podcast fan will know.  He's the 2 Minute Time Lord himself, Chip Suddereth!  Chip joins us to discuss his Doctor Who origin story, how he got into the world of podcasting, and why he chose his 2 minute format. Then Chip brings along his Pick of the Month - the 90s monster animated hit, Gargoyles!  Find out why Chip chose this series, how its themes were not only more mature that most animated series at that time, but also a bit ahead of their time, and how this show would hold up today.  
67:37 1/5/22
Episode 58 - Series 13 Review with Eric Molinsky
Apologies for being a bit late, but brand new Doctor Who was on!  We wanted to do a full season review for Series 13, so we asked our friend Eric Molinsky of Imaginary Worlds podcast to join us!  Find out how Eric's Doctor Who journey is coming along and listen as we all review Doctor Who: Flux. We'll return later this month.  Thanks for listening!
64:45 12/12/21
Episode 57 - Phil Cannon & Steptoe and Son
This month, one of our co-hosts from THE Doctor Who Podcast joins us to discuss his podcasting forays including his own show, Who's He?  It's Phil Cannon!  Phil shares his Doctor Who origin story, what got him into podcasting, and growing up during the golden years of the Hinchcliffe era. Then Phil proudly presents his Pick of the Month, the classic British situation comedy, Steptoe and Son!  We discuss how this series was so popular that it spawned many international imitations, including the US hit, Sanford and Son.  We also explore what made it such a hit, not only in the 60s but also in the 70s. Enjoy the show!
85:19 10/30/21
Episode 56 - AnneMarie Walsh & Third Rock from the Sun
Our latest episode features the fantastic animator & director of several BBC Doctor Who missing stories including The Evil of the Daleks, which arrives on UK shelves September 27th - AnneMarie Walsh joins us!  AnneMarie takes time to talk with us about her career, her involvement in the animated versions of missing Doctor Who stories and challenges it can bring, and how she got involved with the show. Then, AnneMarie brings us her hilarious Pick of the Month, the wonderful NBC comedy smash, Third Rock from the Sun!  We discuss how the show holds up after all these years, the brilliance that is John Lithgow, and the importance of an ensemble cast. And don't forget, The Evil of the Daleks is now available in the UK and will be available in North America from November 16th!
63:05 9/21/21
Episode 55 - Erika Ensign & Younger
This month, we have the busiest podcaster on the planet, the incomparable Erika Ensign!  Erika joins us to discuss her podcasting journey, her love of Doctor Who passed down by her mom, and her staunch defense of The Ribos Operation! Then she brings us her Pick of the Month, the mid-life comedy-drama, Younger!  We'll talk about why she loves this show, who the target audience may be, and if COVID restrictions may have altered the last season. And if that weren't enough, we also talk about a show that lifted her spirits during the lockdown, the 24-hour live feed of playful kittens on YouTube called Kitten Academy! See you next month!
77:43 8/29/21
Episode 54 - Brendan Jones & X-Men-The Animated Series
This episode takes us to the other side of the world as Australian Doctor Who podcaster Brendan Jones joins us!  Brendan has been co-host of Flight Through Entirety for many years with several of his closest friends and we talk about how it all began, how it led to other shows like Bondfinger and Jodie Into Terror, and how a broken elbow in a wrestling match led to a lifelong Doctor Who fandom. Then Brendan presents his Pick of the Month, the Saturday morning FOX hit show X-Men: The Animated Series!  Find out why this is one of Brendan's favorite shows, how its tone was so different from other cartoons at the time, and how it compares to the movies released a decade later. Enjoy the show!  
87:28 7/31/21
Episode 53 - Chris Spivey & Timeless
We're back!  This month, our guest is award-winning game designer and writer, Chris Spivey.  His role playing game, Harlem Unbound, won three Golden Awards at the 2018 ENies and has opened the conversation of race and representation in the industry for players and creators.  Chris talks about how that project came together, his new project called Haunted West, and his love of Doctor Who. Then Chris brings his Pick of the Month, the NBC sci-fi time-travelling action-adventure series, Timeless!  Join us as we discuss how this short-lived show was very educational, became one of the first network series with a truly diverse cast, and was even saved once by a very loyal fanbase.  Enjoy the show!
81:24 7/1/21
Episode 52 - Favorite Movies & Interview w Eric Molinsky
It's become a tradition at Who & Company to do something a bit different every April and this year we've decided to talk about some of our all-time favorite films.  But of course this is a Doctor Who podcast, so we're pairing these films with Doctor Who episodes that are similar.  There are no spoilers and LOTS of clips! Then we catch up with previous guest and fellow podcaster Eric Molinsky about his show Imaginary Worlds and what he thought about Series 12. We'd love to hear your feedback!  You can find us on Twitter @whoandcompany or by email at  
88:59 5/1/21
Episode 51 - Toby Hadoke & Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Our guest this month is the embodiment of our voice, the fan's voice, in various Doctor Who media including DVD commentaries, special features, and numerous podcasts and radio plays.  He's a writer, an actor, a comedian, a podcaster, and genuine all-around nice guy - it's Toby Hadoke!  Toby drops in to discuss how Doctor Who has intertwined with his life since birth, his acting career, his stand-up, and a very ambitious series of podcasts delving into the minutia of Doctor Who history in his uniquely fun and comic style. Then Toby brings along his Pick of the Month, the 90s sci-fi hit, Buffy the Vampire Slayer!  Find out why all three of us weren't thrilled when it was released but quickly became fans when we gave it a try.  Why is this one of Toby's favorite shows and how would it stand up today if it were brought back?  Enjoy the show!
84:51 4/1/21
Episode 50 - John Jennings & Lovecraft Country
It's February and our guest this month is Eisner and Bram Stoker Award winning writer John Jennings!  John is also a professor of media and cultural studies at the University of California at Riverside and has just created the ABRAMS Megascope line of graphic novels, and of course he's a huge Doctor Who fan.  John drops by to talk about his impressive writing career, how his Doctor Who fandom began, and what scared us all growing up. Then John brings his Pick of the Month, the HBO hit sci-fi drama series, Lovecraft Country!  We discuss the anthology-like structure of the show, how the show represented the Black experience, how the book differs from the show, and quite a bit about Lovecraft himself.  
108:58 2/27/21
Episode 49 - The Faceless Ones with James & Michele of the DWP
It's become a tradition here at Who & Company to have our friends from The Doctor Who Podcast join us to discuss a Doctor Who classic.  As we kick off Year 5, James and Michele join us to discuss the recently animated release, The Faceless Ones!  We talk about the story, the era, and how well this one holds up as a Troughton adventure. Thanks for listening and see you next month!
59:54 1/28/21
Episode 48 - Deb Stanish & House Hunters
Our holiday season episode features a fantastic podcaster of the award-winning Doctor Who podcast, Verity!  It's Deb Stanish!  Deb drops in to talk about her fandom, her unique perspective of 2020, the joys of doing a weekly podcast, and even a Verity! exclusive at the end of the episode. Then Deb brings her Pick of the Month, the HGTV powerhouse home buying show, House Hunters!  Join us as we discuss cathedral ceilings, open floor plans, million dollar homes, and....snail painters. Thanks to all of our guests in 2020 and we will see you next month for the start of our 5th year!
79:49 12/31/20
Episode 47 - Rhianne Starbuck & Grey's Anatomy
It's November which means Doctor Who Month and what better way to celebrate than to invite a talented actress whose work at Big Finish produced the voice of the first companion of color in the Doctor Who comics, Sharon Davies.  Our guest is Rhianne Starbuck!  Rhianne joins us to discuss how she got started, how she's been keeping busy in lockdown, and her dream role. Then we scrub up for her Pick of the Month, the long-running ABC medical drama, Grey's Anatomy!  Join us as we revel in this powerhouse of a show that's well into its 17th year. See you next month!
78:25 11/30/20
Episode 46 - Leon from Who Back When & Star Trek: The Next Generation
Happy Halloween and welcome to our October episode of Who & Company which has absolutely NO relevance to Halloween whatsoever!  But what we do have is one of the wonderful and talented hosts of Who Back When!  Leon joins the Company this month to talk about podcasting, Doctor Who, and making Star Trek films in college. Speaking of Star Trek, Leon then brings along his Pick of the Month - one of the greatest sci-fi shows of all time, Star Trek: The Next Generation!  We discuss 3 very popular episodes, why this show was so effective, and how it stands up to the current wave of Star Trek shows, including Picard. See you next month!
104:10 10/31/20
Episode 45 - Robert Hack & Quatermass and the Pit
Watch your step!  This month, comic artist Robert Hack joins us to discuss the numerous comic titles he's worked on including X-Files, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and of course, Doctor Who. Then Robert offers up his Pick of the Month, the 1950's sci-fi television epic, Quatermass and the Pit!  We discuss the many versions of Quatermass over the years and what a massive impact it's had on UK television, especially Doctor Who.   Join us!  See you next month!
84:48 9/30/20