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Empowering Leaders and Unleashing Potential: A Conversation on Innovative Talent Management with Executive Holly Priestner | Ep 761
PLACE's Head of People, Holly Priestner, joins Coruzant Technologies for the Digital Executive podcast.  Holly Priestner, a seasoned professional in team building and talent development, shares her journey across various industries. Starting in legal marketing and communications, Holly emphasizes the importance of adaptability, open-mindedness, and seizing opportunities. She credits her success to embracing flexibility and being receptive to different conversations and ideas. Holly's path led her to real estate, where she now heads People for Place, a platform that aids top real estate agents and teams in enhancing their profitability and brand.Holly discusses her approach to managing a dynamic schedule and maintaining balance. She practices a "perfect week" method, allocating specific days for meetings, individual contributions, leadership huddles, and collaboration. She highlights the significance of knowing what to say "no" to, ensuring focus on impactful activities.Holly also talks about RealPut, a talent marketplace leveraging AI to connect individuals with real estate career opportunities, born from her passion for connecting people with careers they love. Finally, she discusses Brivity, a comprehensive SaaS product she uses daily for managing real estate business operations, from lead generation to financial management, emphasizing its role in data-driven decision-making and organizational development.
21:31 12/9/23
Empowering Success Through Personal Development: Journey as a High-Performance Coach with Founder Nikki Pett | Ep 760
Sigma Promotions' Founder, Nikki Pett, joins Coruzant Technologies for the Digital Executive podcast.  Nikki Pett, a seasoned entrepreneur, author, and high-performance coach, shares her journey and insights into personal and professional development. Leading Sigma Promotions for over 23 years, Nikki's initial drive for success shifted from achieving top sales and industry awards to fostering a transformative environment for her team. Her company, initially a promotional products and marketing firm, evolved into a platform for personal development, significantly impacting her team's confidence and capabilities.Nikki's approach to relationship marketing, detailed in her book "Relationship ROI," focuses on creating deep connections in a digitally distracted world. This principle, based on engaging, valuing, and appreciating every individual, extends to her leadership style, emphasizing strong connections with team members.Her passion for personal development led her to embrace high-performance habits, a concept she learned from Brendan Burchard. These habits, practiced consistently, enable high achievers to operate effectively without burnout. Nikki's experience as a certified high-performance coach further fuels her dedication to this approach.Technologically, Nikki utilizes applications that offer quick, customized solutions, like creating personalized catalogs for clients, enhancing efficiency in her business. This integration of technology and personal development underscores her commitment to continual growth and excellence in her professional journey.
09:47 12/8/23
Revolutionizing Healthcare with AI: Journey from ER Physician to Tech Innovator with CEO Dr. Harvey Castro | Ep 759
Medical Intelligence Ops' CEO, Dr. Harvey Castro, joins Coruzant Technologies for the Digital Executive podcast.  Dr. Harvey Castro, an accomplished physician, entrepreneur, and author, shares his journey and insights. Raised by a teenage mother, Dr. Castro's determination led him to pursue a diverse education in medicine and political science. His medical career began in the U.S. Army, followed by various roles, including emergency room physician and medical director. He founded Deep Pocket Series, creating medical apps, and later established Trusted Medical and Prime Medical Staffing.Dr. Castro's approach to career growth centers on acting on his passions, particularly when addressing pain points in his field. He shared two instances: developing the IV Meds app to expedite emergency room treatments and writing a book on ChatGPT in healthcare. Both projects stemmed from his desire to improve patient care and use technology innovatively.Currently working on a handbook on AI in healthcare and developing AI solutions for hospitals through his company Medical Intelligence Ops, Dr. Castro emphasizes patient care as the most rewarding aspect of his career. His upcoming projects include leveraging AI for better healthcare delivery, highlighting his commitment to integrating emerging technologies in medicine.
08:33 12/7/23
Revolutionizing Real Estate: Tokenization and the Future of Property Investment with CEO Michael Carpentier | Ep 758
Vesta Equity's Co-founder and CEO, Michael Carpentier, joins Coruzant Technologies for the Digital Executive podcast.  Michael shares his journey as an entrepreneurial business leader. With a background in building innovative, digitally focused companies, Carpentier's expertise spans across product development, digital marketing, and blockchain technology. He emphasizes persistence and learning from mistakes as key to career growth and success.Vesta Equity, under Carpentier's leadership, is creating a novel home equity ecosystem for the Web 3.0 economy. The platform connects homeowners seeking to access their home equity with investors looking to add residential property to their portfolios without the hassles of full property ownership. By tokenizing home equity, Vesta Equity allows homeowners to sell a portion of their home's equity to investors, who in turn, gain a share in the property's value appreciation.Carpentier also discusses the future expansion of Vesta Equity into income properties, focusing on vacation properties that offer both asset appreciation and income streams to investors. This model seeks to democratize wealth generation by offering transparent and accessible investment opportunities in real estate, leveraging blockchain technology for security and transparency.
16:57 12/6/23
Digital Trust and the Future of Cybersecurity: A Conversation with CEO John Geater | Ep 757
DataTrails Co-founder, Chief Product and Technology Officer, Jon Geater, joins Coruzant Technologies for the Digital Executive podcast.  Jon is a seasoned expert in cryptography, cybersecurity, and blockchain technology. Geater brings his extensive experience from senior technical roles at prominent companies like Thales eSecurity, Trustonic, Arm, and Encipher, and his leadership in various Open Standards organizations. Currently, he co-chairs the IETF Supply Chain Integrity, Transparency, and Trust Working Group.Geater, now the Chief Product and Technology Officer at DataTrails, shares insights into his career growth, emphasizing the importance of seizing opportunities and adding value to exciting ventures. His journey through diverse industries, including online payments, smart cities, and digital transformation projects, highlights his commitment to advancing cybersecurity in novel areas.DataTrails, Geater's current venture, focuses on digital trust, transparency, and provenance, creating immutable audit trails for data. This approach aims to bridge the gap between traditional cybersecurity methods and the needs of a digitally connected world. Geater discusses the technical aspects of DataTrails, revealing their use of Quorum blockchain technology and a user-friendly SaaS interface that evolves with market changes. The platform aims to make futuristic technology accessible and practical for today's users, contributing to a more secure and transparent digital environment.
11:49 12/5/23
A Journey from Humble Beginnings to Tech Tycoon and Talent Advocate with CEO Ken Sterling | Ep 756
Founder and CEO of Sterling Media Law, and Partner and Head of Talent Management at BigSpeak , Ken Sterling, joins Coruzant Technologies for the Digital Executive podcast.  Ken shares his career background as a multifaceted professional with a diverse background in law, technology, education, and talent management. Host Brian Thomas delves into Sterling's career, exploring his numerous achievements and the driving forces behind his success.  Ken discussed the rapid advancements in technology and its impact on various industries. Sterling's journey from adversity to a prominent position in the tech and legal sectors serves as an inspiration, showcasing the power of education, perseverance, and a commitment to innovation.
09:54 12/4/23
Nurse Turned Tech Innovator: Transforming Healthcare with CEO Sara Avalos | Ep 755
MD Solve Systems' Owner and CEO, Sara Avalos, joins Coruzant Technologies for the Digital Executive podcast.  Sara  is a master's prepared nursing professional with a remarkable journey in healthcare, and her multifaceted career includes roles as a combat medic during 9-11, infection preventionist, nurse educator, and consultant. Now, she's the CEO of MD Solve Systems, showcasing her transition from frontline healthcare to a tech-savvy entrepreneur.Sarah's story is one of overcoming adversity and self-doubt. Coming from poverty, she faced challenges that pushed her into uncomfortable situations, proving to herself her own capabilities. Her experience living in various countries and states, each with its own healthcare culture, further honed her adaptability and skills. Sarah's philosophy revolves around embracing discomfort, learning new skills, and preparing successors, which has been a cornerstone of her career development.Sarah's work now focuses on aiding healthcare and nurse entrepreneurs, providing solutions in compliance consultancy, communication platforms, and front desk management. Moreover, she leverages emerging technologies like OpenAI's API and to enhance her services, offering innovative solutions in healthcare technology and consultancy.
09:38 12/3/23
Healthcare Entrepreneur Helping Transcend Healthcare with Founder Stephanie Lapré | Ep 754
The Lapré Group's Founder and Principal, Stephanie Lapré, joins Coruzant Technologies for the Digital Executive podcast.  Stephanie shares her heartfelt story of following in her mother's footsteps as a bedside nurse. Stephanie has since worked in many other facets of healthcare, and now runs her own healthcare company. She provides her clients with the help they need to improve their businesses and the healthcare continuum.
11:18 12/1/23
Media and Communications Exec Sharing Her Customers' Success Stories with Executive Jennifer Burns | Ep 753
Bright Data's Director of Public Relations and Communications, Jennifer Burns, joins Coruzant Technologies for the Digital Executive podcast.  Jennifer shares her early career and her growth by setting goals and being able to pivot to her next career role. With a bit if ingenuity and hard work, Jennifer was able to grow her career into an executive role and doing the work she loves. Today, she helps tell her company's story - sharing the cutting edge technology that they leverage to help their customers be better at what they do.
11:48 11/28/23
InsurTech Expert Bringing Real Solutions to the Insurance Industry with CEO Todd Greenbaum | Ep 752
Input 1's President and CEO, Todd Greenbaum, joins Coruzant Technologies for the Digital Executive podcast.  Todd shares some of his early successes in his career at Input 1, with some transformational projects and processes. His success came through a genuine interest in the business and a lot of hard work. With this success, Todd rose through the ranks and is now at the helm of the company.  Today, Todd is bringing ease of use and clarity with his products, which has created a long-lasting and loyal customer base.
06:37 11/27/23
Overcoming Life Challenges to Become One of the Most Sought After High-Performance Coaches with CEO Julie Hruska | Ep 751
Powerful Leaders' CEO & Certified High Performance Coach, Julie Hruska, joins Coruzant Technologies for the Digital Executive podcast.  Julie shares her diverse career starting in education, moving up and having to make some necessary changes due to personal life challenges. Once she had a clear vision and was committed, she became one of the most sought after certified high-performance coach. She helps people with limiting beliefs to reframe their beliefs to make a conscious effort to achieve the goals they always wanted. 
10:21 11/24/23
Community Builder Inspired to Make a Fun Food App with Founder Nicholas Nedelisky | Ep 750
Foodiaz's Founder and Owner, Nicholas Nedelisky, joins Coruzant Technologies for the Digital Executive podcast.  Nicholas shares his passion for building collaborative communities. With his work experience and his passion, he developed an app - Foodiaz. The app brings together ideas and suggestions for food prep ideas and variety. It's a simple, yet fun app to bring together your next food idea or meal.
07:28 11/22/23
Physician and Tech Leader Advancing Healthcare with the World's Smallest Heart Pump with CEO David Israeli | Ep 749
Magenta Medical's Chairman and CEO, David Israeli, joins Coruzant Technologies for the Digital Executive podcast.  David shares his story of being a medical student and falling in love with technology during that time. After full transition to the technology side of Healthcare, helping to develop new technology in this space. As a clinician and technologist, David believes he is doing the most good to help others. Today, as the CEO of Magenta Medical, he is helping to advance the worlds smallest heart pump, enabling patients to live a longer, fuller life.
14:20 11/20/23
International Speaker & Coach Helping Leaders Get Better at Getting Better with Founder Katie Anderson | Ep 748
Katie Anderson Consulting's Founder, Katie Anderson, joins Coruzant Technologies for the Digital Executive podcast.  Katie shares her diverse career background and growing her career in corporate America. She has taken this knowledge and experience and has created her own company where she helps leaders of all industries worldwide "get better at getting better". She has done this successfully by setting high goals, and learning her way forward to help others do the same.  Katie is an internationally recognized leadership coach, consultant, and professional speaker, best known for inspiring individuals and organizations to lead with intention.
08:00 11/18/23
CEO Inspired to Help Others by Developing Advanced Medical Tech with CEO Samer Abboud | Ep 747
SwiftDuct's CEO, Samer Abboud, joins Coruzant Technologies for the Digital Executive podcast.  Samer shares his true passion and inspiration in life - to help others live healthy and symptom free. Samer was touched by seeing how new medical technology can truly help heal those with chronic illnesses. Today Samer leads the SwiftDuct company where they have developed a special guidewire to navigate the bile and pancreatic ducts during an endoscopic procedure, leveraging advanced technologies for a safer and quicker outcome.
17:59 11/17/23
Corporate Executive Turned Entrepreneur Disrupting the Advertising Space Using AI with Co-Founder Matt Swalley | Ep 746
Omneky's Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer, Matt Swalley, joins Coruzant Technologies for the Digital Executive podcast.  Matt shares his challenging yet rewarding career as he moved up the ladder in corporate America. With his diverse skillset, he was able to leverage that knowledge to co-found Omneky. He's very excited about his work and he looks to hire like-minded people with intellectual curiosity, passion, and drive.  Today, Omneky is disrupting the advertising space leveraging the power of AI.
12:49 11/15/23
Engineer Disrupting the Storage Industry with High-Performance and Ransomware-Proof Drives with Executive Brett Kelly | Ep 745
45Drives' Head of R&D, Brett Kelly, joins Coruzant Technologies for the Digital Executive podcast.  Brett shares his transformational role as an engineer turned Head of R&D at 45Drives. During his tenure, he helped transform 45Drives products and technology, contributing to both his success and the company's success.
15:22 11/13/23
Survivor Turned Therapist Bringing Help to Others with the MyNARA App with Founder Emma Davey | Ep 744
MyNara's Founder and CEO, Emma Davey, joins Coruzant Technologies for the Digital Executive podcast.  Emma shares her story of surviving an abusive relationship with a narcissist, and becoming a certified therapist to help others. Today Emma has launched the MyNARA app to help those suffering from  narcissistic abuse.
11:01 11/10/23
Top LinkedIn Voice Flips the Script Helping Others Be Successful with Entrepreneur Tony K. Silver | Ep 743
LinkedIn's foremost Top Voice and Guru, Tony K. Silver, joins Coruzant Technologies for the Digital Executive podcast.  Tony shares his incredible story of being impacted by the financial crisis of 2008 and flipping it around to become one of the Top Voices on LinkedIn. Today, he helps others get their LinkedIn Profile in order so they can maximize their exposure, elevating them to that next opportunities or top recognition.
07:48 11/9/23
Engineer Bringing Clarity and Piece of Mind to his Clients with Executive Keith Goode | Ep 742
ZeroedIn's Vice President of Client Services, Keith Goode, joins Coruzant Technologies for the Digital Executive podcast.  Keith shares his extensive career in engineering and technology, particularly data. Today, he leads a formidable team at ZeroedIn Technologies where he helps his clients find hidden gems about their company's most valuable asset - their people.
09:41 11/7/23
Serial Entrepreneur Brings Purpose to Business and the World with Founder Tom Gay | Ep 741
Chatbridge Connect's Founder, Tom Gay, joins Coruzant Technologies for the Digital Executive podcast.  Tom shares his illustrious entrepreneurial career of starting and exiting multiple businesses over his lifetime. Today, in his late seventies, he is at the helm of his latest company, Chatbridge Connect - leveraging technology to bring efficiency to meetings worldwide.
10:20 11/6/23
Entrepreneur Brings Clarity and Profitability to SMBs with Executive Jim Swan | Ep 740
Pinetree Partners' Business Consultant and Principal, Jim Swan, joins Coruzant Technologies for the Digital Executive podcast.  Jim shares his career journey of some great highs and lows. With some great books and all this experience, it has sharpened his skills, knowledge and wisdom - making him a success that he is now. Today, Jim helps SMBs discover the weak spots in the business, and helps them become more profitable.
09:13 11/5/23
Entrepreneur Making Autonomous Vehicles Safe and Efficient with Founder RK Anand | Ep 739
Recogni's Founder and Chief Product Officer, RK Anand, joins Coruzant Technologies for the Digital Executive podcast.  RK shares his career journey starting in Silicon Valley working for one of the great companies at the time, Sun Microsystems. This part of his career was molded by having an exceptional team and leaders.  Today, RK has founded and runs his company, Recogni, bringing state-of-the-art visual perception for Autonomous Vehicles. He is focused on safety and how they are also reducing power consumption of autonomous driving systems, especially in EVs.
09:19 11/3/23
Globetrotter Finds Purpose in Bringing Balance to the Energy Sector with CEO Gareth Evans | Ep 738
VECKTA's CEO, Gareth Evans, joins Coruzant Technologies for the Digital Executive podcast.  Gareth shares his "wild ride" during his career of saying yes to opportunities, taking on new challenges, and being flexible to all changes wherever that might have taken him.  Today, Gareth is bringing balance to the energy sector with his on-site energy marketplace software platform, offering solutions to the industrial and commercial markets that are seeking to reduce their energy costs and improve energy reliability.
08:40 11/2/23
Top Female Crypto Creator Talks Crypto, Blockchain, and Decentralized Media with Media Personality Wendy O | Ep 737
Crypto Wendy O Media and The O Show's Founder and Host, Wendy O, joins Coruzant Technologies for the Digital Executive podcast.  Wendy shares her humble beginnings as a frontline healthcare worker. After starting a family and being unfulfilled in a dead-end job, she jumped into the crypto world to start investing. Because of her passion for something she understood and loved, she began receiving sponsorships for her creative work. Today, Wendy is the largest female creator in crypto and NFTs globally.
12:34 11/1/23
Passionate About Food Labels and How She's Helping to Keep the World Healthy with Executive Jackie Bowen | Ep 736
Clean Label Project's Executive Director, Jackie Bowen, joins Coruzant Technologies for the Digital Executive podcast.  Jackie shares her career and life stories, and explains where they intersect and her passion for what she does. Today, Jackie is inspired by her family and how she can help them live in a healthier world by bringing transparency to the food industry. Many foods we consume today may be safe from microbial and bacteria, but have heavy metals and plasticizers in them that are not being disclosed.
10:09 10/31/23
Market Research Guru Helping Her Clients Move the Needle with Executive Emily Creek | Ep 735
Stable Kernel's Market Research Division Senior Director of Customer Insights and Strategy, Emily Creek, joins Coruzant Technologies for the Digital Executive podcast.  Emily shares her career journey, what she's learned, and how she's applying that knowledge for her company and clients.  She highlights the importance of business-centered approach to market research, which helps her clients move their business forward.
06:08 10/30/23
MarTech Expert Disrupting the Marketing Landscape with the Power of AI with Executive Dennis DeGregor | Ep 734
Ogilvy's Vice President Global Experience Data Practice, Dennis DeGregor, joins Coruzant Technologies for the Digital Executive podcast.  Dennis shares how he was intrigued by the convergence of marketing and technology, and this foresight has helped him navigate a successful career. He is now executing prototypes in marketing leveraging the power of generative AI.
09:18 10/27/23
Technologist Keeping The Public Sector Safe with Cybersecurity Leader Monique Parker | Ep 733
Infinite Technologies' Cybersecurity Systems Analyst, Monique Parker, joins Coruzant Technologies for the Digital Executive podcast.  Monique shares her career journey, from her college education to starting out as a helpdesk technician. Now Monique has several certifications and has moved into a senior cybersecurity role where she helps protect her clients from cyber threats.
08:35 10/26/23
Natural Curiosity Drives Entrepreneur to Disrupt Manufacturing with CEO Yushiro Kato | Ep 732
CADDI's Co-Founder and CEO, Yushiro Kato, joins Coruzant Technologies for the Digital Executive podcast.  Yushiro shares his career journey and his natural curiosity to make things more efficient by improving processes. This lead him to found CADDI, a global supply chain company. Where their mission is to "unleash the potential of manufacturing".  They are transforming the manufacturing industry through its primary offering "CADDi Manufacturing", a one-stop service for procurement and manufacturing that utilizes original technologies to optimize quality, cost, and delivery within its supply chain infrastructure.
08:06 10/25/23

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