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Anchored is published by the Classic Learning Test. The show features CEO Jeremy Tate engaging in conversations with leading thinkers on issues at the intersection of education and culture, as well as headline news in the world of education. New discussions every Thursday. Subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts.


Dr. Christopher Perrin, Anika Prather, and Doug Wilson on How the Gospel Fosters Racial Healing
On this special episode of Anchored, guests Anika Prather and Doug Wilson continue their conversation on race relations in the United States. They engage in a lively discussion on topics including the value of classical education, the power of the gospel in creating racial healing, and the importance of listening to and understanding other perspectives. Join us for this special two-hour episode hosted by Dr. Christopher Perrin of Classical Academic Press.
83:01 11/22/2022
Erika Bachiochi and Jay Boren on the Success of St. Benedict Classical Academy
On this episode of Anchored, Jeremy is joined by two leaders of St. Benedict Classical Academy in South Natick, MA: Headmaster Jay Boren and Co-Founder Erika Bachiochi. Erika shares about her academic path to becoming a legal scholar and subsequently helping found St. Benedict. Jay shares about his experience as a novice Benedictine monk before becoming a classical Catholic educator for twelve years. Under his leadership, St. Benedict’s enrollment has blossomed from 25 to 233 students. Erika and Jay share advice for new classical schools, examine the relationship between classical and authentically Catholic education, and discuss the need for good school leaders. 
43:53 11/17/2022
Becky Priest on Classical Education and College Admissions
On this episode of Anchored, Soren is joined by Becky Priest, College Counselor at The Cambridge School in San Diego, CA. She discusses how her childhood interest in education led her to Washington University in St. Louis, where she discovered a passion for helping others. She eventually joined the University’s financial aid department, before leveraging her skills to help start The Cambridge School. She shares advice for new college counselors, recommends strategies for developing a robust faith life in college, and discusses the value of classical education in preparing students for undergraduate studies.
35:24 11/15/2022
Justin Smith on Pedagogy and School Leadership
On this episode of Anchored, Jeremy is joined by Dr. Justin Smith, Head of the Upper School at Little Rock Christian Academy in Little Rock, AR. Justin shares about his educational and professional background, including his studies at the University of San Diego, Sam Houston State University, and the University of Oxford. He recounts how an encounter with the Harkness Method of Pedagogy at the Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire changed the course of his career. He also discusses the significance of education as a formative experience for students, emphasizing the importance of good school leadership in cultivating virtue and genuine learning.
29:04 11/10/2022
Tsh Oxenreider on the Value of Cross-Cultural Experiences
On this episode of Anchored, Jeremy is joined by Tsh Oxenreider, who is an author of books, a long-time podcast host, and creator of The Common Place newsletter. Tsh recounts her time spent abroad in Turkey, emphasizing the value of cross-cultural experiences. She explains why living abroad led her to homeschool her children and take a year-long educational journey with her entire family after moving back to the U.S. She shares about the educational group trips that she leads for students and adults of all ages, connecting history and literature to lived experience. She also discusses her journey with the Christian faith and her eventual conversion to Catholicism.
36:18 11/08/2022
Anika Prather and Doug Wilson on The Black Intellectual Tradition
On this special episode of Anchored, Jeremy is joined by two leaders in the classical renewal movement. Dr. Anika Prather is the founder of The Living Water School and Professor of Classics and English at Howard University. Douglas Wilson is a Senior Fellow at New St. Andrews College, founder of the Logos School, and Senior Minister at Christ Church in Moscow, ID. Together, they discuss Dr. Prather’s book The Black Intellectual Tradition, the legacy of Anna Julia Cooper, the importance of classical education, and the lived experiences of black and white Americans throughout history.
47:44 11/03/2022
Andrew Brummett on the Power of Micro Schools
On this episode of Anchored, Soren is joined by Andrew Brummett, Founder of The Wayside School and of Wayside Educational, an educational services company serving a network of micro high schools. Andrew shares about his journey through public and private education, which included graduate studies in military history and theology that ultimately led him to become a classical educator. He discusses the importance of making classical education accessible, explaining how micro schools provide an affordable alternative to traditional private schools. He also shares about his interest in the works of Nathaniel Hawthorne and H.W. Longfellow, discussing their influence on his educational philosophy.
36:47 11/01/2022
Joshua Hochschild on the Connectedness of the Social Sciences
On this episode of Anchored, Jeremy is joined by Dr. Joshua Hochschild, Director of the Philosophy, Politics, and Economics program at Mount Saint Mary’s University in Emmitsburg, MD. Dr. Hochschild shares about his educational journey, including his introduction to the Great Books as part of an undergraduate honors program at Yale. He details the interdisciplinary Philosophy, Politics, and Economics major offered at the Mount, emphasizing the extent that these fields influence and rely on one another. He also discusses his walk with the Christian faith and his eventual conversion to Catholicism.
26:23 10/27/2022
Professor John Boyle and Student Lucia Rosales on Catholic Studies at the University of St. Thomas
On this episode of Anchored, Jeremy is joined by Dr. John Boyle, Chair of the Catholic Studies Department at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN, as well as current student Lucia Rosales. Lucia shares about her experience as a Catholic Studies student at St. Thomas, including her opportunity to study in Rome. Dr. Boyle describes the interdisciplinary nature of the Catholic Studies program, helping students understand the impact of the Incarnation on human thought and culture. He and Lucia further discuss student life at St. Thomas, the importance of intentional community, and formative books from their educational journeys.
29:09 10/25/2022
David Nokes on Equipping Schools Through Technology
On this episode of Anchored, Jeremy is joined by David Nokes, CEO of Classreach: a new school management software platform designed to better meet the needs of private and independent schools. He shares about the decision to enroll his children at a private classical school and how this experience made him recognize the need for better school management software. He explains how his career developing crisis response software for fire departments prepared him to join Classreach, and details many of the features that make Classreach a better option for parents, teachers, and students.
21:45 10/20/2022
Daniel Coupland on the Formative Power of Children's Literature
On this episode of Anchored, Soren is joined by Dr. Daniel Coupland, Dean of Hillsdale College’s new Graduate School of Classical Education. Dr. Coupland shares about his own unique journey through education, during which he spent time at public schools, private schools, and homeschool programs. He discusses his upcoming book, Tried and True: a Primer on Sound Pedagogy, and how he hopes it will serve as a valuable resource for new classical educators, akin to Strunk and White’s resource for new writers, The Elements of Style. He also discusses the important role that children’s literature plays in forming concepts of good and evil, preparing children to navigate a morally confusing world.
48:27 10/18/2022
Covenant College President Derek Halvorson on the Liberal Arts and the Reformed Tradition
On this episode of Anchored, Jeremy is joined by Dr. Derek Halvorson, President of Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, GA. President Halvorson shares about his educational journey, including his motivations for attending Covenant College as an undergraduate despite receiving lucrative scholarship offers to study elsewhere. He discusses the Reformed Christian identity that is central to Covenant College, detailing the ways this identity influences the College’s view of the liberal arts and its core curriculum. He also discusses the Summer Institute at Covenant College, a one-week, residential program for motivated high school students.
29:29 10/13/2022
John Cuddeback on the Epidemic of Loneliness
On this episode of Anchored, Katie is joined by Dr. John Cuddeback, Professor of Philosophy at Christendom College in Front Royal, VA. Dr. Cuddeback is also the founder of, a website where he shares practical philosophy and other wisdom for building good habits and crafting well-formed lives. Dr. Cuddeback shares his perspective on what he calls the “Epidemic of Loneliness”: the widespread absence of higher-order friendships in contemporary everyday life. He further emphasizes the important role that classical liberal education plays in forming and preserving a well-ordered society, highlighting many of the ways that Christendom College prepares their students for the world.
32:34 10/11/2022
Brian Polk on the Role of Science in Classical Education
On this episode of Anchored, Soren is joined by Dr. Brian Polk, Associate Professor of Science at College of the Ozarks in Point Lookout, MO. Dr. Polk discusses how his encounter with the liberal arts at the University of Southern Mississippi Honors College changed the course of his education, going from a pre-medical program as an undergraduate to specializing in chemistry and classical pedagogy as a doctoral student. He shares about his experiences as a classical educator, including his contributions to FASTly - a resource for teachers to provide quality science education within the context of Christian faithfulness. He also shares his perspective on the important role that science and natural philosophy play among the humanities in classical education.
30:50 10/06/2022
Benedictine College President Stephen Minnis on Faithful Catholic Education
On this episode of Anchored, Jeremy is joined by Stephen Minnis, President of Benedictine College in Atchison, KS. President Minnis shares his perspective on the state of Catholic higher education, emphasizing the importance of faithful Catholic education that cultivates both faith and intellect. He discusses many of the changes that Benedictine College has seen under his leadership, including the establishment of the College’s Center for Beauty and Culture and the expansion of the College’s core curriculum. He further details the unique and devoted relationship that exists between the College and the Benedictine Order, highlighting the important role that the Order plays in developing student faith life and furthering the mission of the College.
31:46 10/04/2022
Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon on the Power of Satire
On this episode of Anchored, Jeremy is joined by Seth Dillon, CEO of The Babylon Bee. Seth describes his journey to starting The Babylon Bee after almost being suspended from college for a satirical email he sent to his entire school. Seth discusses why satire is so effective in communicating the truth, and highlights the difference between a comedian and a propagandist. Seth also shares what he believes to be an increasing danger in modern society: people's inability to distinguish between satire and reality. 
30:38 09/29/2022
Jerome Foss on Infusing Higher Education with Benedictine Monasticism
On this episode of Anchored, Soren is joined by Dr. Jerome Foss, Associate Professor of Political Science at Saint Vincent College and Director of the Saint Vincent Center for Catholic Thought and Culture. Dr. Foss discusses the pitfalls many high school students encounter when preparing for college. He shares Saint Vincent College's radically different approach to education which roots itself in the heritage of Benedictine monasticism. Dr. Foss states that the goal of this approach is to create an environment where students can trust one another and engage together in challenging, meaningful conversation.
32:58 09/27/2022
Geneva College President Calvin Troup on Education and the Imago Dei
On this episode of Anchored, Jeremy is joined by Dr. Calvin Troup, president of Geneva College. Dr. Troup shares about his undergrad experience at Geneva from 1979-1983, discussing the importance of Geneva's integrated humanities program and Christian core curriculum. Dr. Troup emphasizes that this kind of education is essential to developing practical wisdom and enabling students to interact with those around them as human beings made in the image of God. Dr. Troup also discusses his scholarly interest in St. Augustine, sharing how Augustine's City of God provides a wonderful explanation of the hope of the Gospel in a dying world.
33:13 09/22/2022
John Sablan on Finding Transformation After Trauma
On this episode of Anchored, Jeremy is joined by John Sablan, co-founder and president of World Ablaze. John shares his story of transformation after undergoing abuse at the hands of a family member and his alcoholic father. Returning to the Catholic church in his adulthood, John experienced a "prodigal son" moment that broke the bonds of trauma and abuse in his life. John describes how his children ended up at Franciscan University after being accepted to UC Davis and Berkeley and how World Ablaze helps bring families from hurting, to healing, to holiness.
19:31 09/20/2022
Phil Cook on Nurturing Faith in Higher Education
On this episode of Anchored, Jeremy is joined by Phil Cook, Executive Director of the North American Coalition for Christian Admissions Professionals (NACCAP). Phil discusses his time serving as Vice President of Enrollment at Lee University, where he and the college administration sought to foster Christ-centered and academically excellent education. Phil shares the importance of nurturing faith in higher education and why parents should make the investment in private Christian colleges for their children. He discusses NACCAP's work to advance enrollment in Christian higher education through Christian University & College Fairs.
29:50 09/15/2022
Andrew Zwerneman on Enduring Loves That Shape History
On this episode of Anchored, Jeremy is joined by Andrew Zwerneman, founder and president of Cana Academy. Cana Academy is a nonprofit providing classical education resources and seminars for teachers. Andrew discusses the importance of how we teach history, highlighting the dangers of a fragmentary view which redefines the past by specific egregious failures. Andrew points out the corroded connections in modern academia between philosophy and revelation, faith and reason, and tradition and our present experience. He shares how Christianity and Western culture have fostered an extremely diverse American culture, and emphasizes the importance of focusing our history on enduring loves. 
34:28 09/13/2022
Michael Millerman on the Importance of Studying Controversial Thoughts
On this episode of Anchored, Soren is joined by Michael Millerman, a scholar of political philosophy and author of two books: Inside "Putin's Brain" and Beginning with Heidegger.  Michael shares how he became interested in the "deep inner life of man" from a young age. Introduced to Straussian pedagogy through a professor, Michael paired his interest in mysticism with philosophy and delved into research on the Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin. This research later led him to get blacklisted from a career in higher academia, but inspired Michael to create The Millerman School, where Michael teaches online courses on Plato, Nietzsche, Heidegger, and more. Michael shares the importance of a genuine study of controversial thoughts and shares why a universal yearning for the Great Books is inevitable.
32:37 09/08/2022
Greg Wilbur and Carolyn Weber on Music and the Liberal Arts
On this episode of Anchored, Soren is joined by Greg Wilbur, president and founder of New College Franklin, and Carolyn Weber, professor at New College Franklin and author of Surprised by Oxford.  Greg shares how he began a career in higher education after realizing the brokenness of the status quo, with colleges that focused more on job training than educating the whole person. Greg and Carolyn discuss why New College Franklin only offers one major in the Liberal Arts and why this kind of education bears fruit in students regardless of their vocation. The two discuss the importance of music in education, as well as maintaining a sense of wonder.
36:58 09/06/2022
Doug Wilson on Pioneering the Classical Education Renewal Movement
On this episode of Anchored, Jeremy is joined by Doug Wilson, founder of the Logos School. Doug shares how he first learned about classical education during his service in the Navy after reading Dorothy Sayers' The Lost Tools of Learning. Doug describes the vision and mission for the Logos School as "not just another prep school" but one embedded in contextualized history of America and the church. Doug discusses the impact of secular curricula in modern schools, the importance of open conversations with people of differing beliefs, and some of the controversies that have surrounded him.
40:49 09/01/2022
Karen Elliott on the Universal Appeal of Classical Education
On this episode of Anchored, Soren is joined by Karen Elliott, Executive Director of the Rafiki Foundation. Karen shares how she went from working as a commercial banker to serving in Africa and describes how the foundation is supporting Africans spiritually and materially. Now in 10 African countries, the Rafiki Foundation partners with 23 African church denominations and 20,000 schools to provide care and a classical Christian education to children in need. Karen emphasizes that a classical education is for everyone, but must speak to a people's particular culture and history and draw on whatever is true, good and beautiful around the world.
40:16 08/30/2022
Jennifer Pepito on Cultivating Joy and Wonder in Children
On this episode of Anchored, Soren is joined by Jennifer Pepito, a homeschool parent, founder of The Peaceful Press, and author of Mothering By the Book. Jennifer shares how she began her homeschooling journey while seeking to provide the best education possible for her children, including one daughter with special needs. Concerned that today's kids are over-schooled and over-scheduled, Jennifer emphasizes the importance of developing fine motor skills in early education as well as cultivating joy and wonder. She shares how she has established meaningful practices in her family, like morning time, physical work, and reading aloud, to foster a love for learning and for God.
23:52 08/25/2022
Tamara Long and Grace Tate on Abilene Christian University's Summer Program in England
On this episode of Anchored, Jeremy is joined by his daughter, Grace Tate, and Tamara Long, Vice President for Enrollment Management at Abilene Christian University. Tamara and Grace discuss Abilene's summer program in England, sharing their perspectives on the trip and what they learned about English history and culture. Tamara emphasizes that Abilene Christian University's goal is to maintain a strong Christian identity that pervades and fuels its rigorous academics.
31:28 08/23/2022
Kellye Britton on the Record-Breaking Harvard Debate Council Diversity Project
On this episode of Anchored, Soren is joined by Kellye Britton, Executive Director of the Harvard Debate Council Diversity Project, a pipeline program that works to enroll black youth into an international summer debate residency at Harvard College. Kellye describes how she went from being a retail accountant to Executive Director of the record-breaking program. She also discusses the goal of the project: to breed thinkers for strong leadership from generation to generation.
44:21 08/18/2022
Mount St. Mary's University President Timothy Trainor on Maintaining True Catholic Education
On this episode of Anchored, Jeremy is joined by Timothy Trainor, President of Mount St. Mary's University. Timothy shares that while he never saw himself becoming the president of the second oldest Catholic university in America, his 33 years of Army service equipped him for this role. Timothy discusses the history of Mount St. Mary's, its renowned National Shrine Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes, and how the university maintains its Catholic identity.
27:53 08/16/2022
Daniel Foucachon on Empowering Homeschool Families and Liberating Teachers
On this episode of Anchored, Soren is joined by Daniel Foucachon, founder of Roman Roads Press and Kepler Education, and a member of the Board of Academic Advisors at CLT. Daniel discusses his childhood in France, where he and his siblings were the only homeschoolers in a city of two million. He shares that he started Roman Roads Press and Kepler Education to give parents the agency and tools to provide a classical Christian education to their children. He also discusses the meaning of classical education in relation to Western culture, the importance of the six Chinese arts, and why understanding The Aeneid is key to understanding the American story.
38:44 08/11/2022