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Episode 846: Colour Me Delighted
Thos sits down to talk with award-winning bookwriter, lyricist, composer and playwright, Jenny Stafford, about her poignant one woman musical, Color Inside the Lines, which won Best Solo Show at the Denver Fringe and impressed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2021 and 2022.  With songs from the score and in-depth conversation about the creative process and the role of sincerity in narratives, you'll be delighted by Jenny's insights about what may be the only musical ever based around the work of a Scantron multiple-choice marking machine. 
60:04 6/18/24
Episode 845: Chordstruck Theatre and Jingle Street
In this week's episode, you can enjoy songs from Jingle Street, the five star hit musical from the 2023 EdFringe, and hear insights and observations from its writer, lyricist, producer, director, choreographer, assistant director and one of the lead actors on what it takes to create and develop a show for the Fringe and beyond, particularly as a new theatrical company.  And as a special bonus, there's a chance to hear an exclusive recording - a rather brilliant cut song from this wonderful musical show. You'll love it - we "pinky swear" it!
43:21 6/11/24
Episode 844: Chordstruck Theatre and On Your Bike
It's songs galore and laughs aplenty as Thos talks to the talented people behind Chordstruck Theatre about their hit shows, On Your Bike (Winner of the Best Musical at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2021) and Jingle Street (Five Stars from MusicalTalk, EdFringe 2023).  It's a lovely, insightful and fun filled conversation about the collective creative process of making not just one, but two, musicals! As Felix, one of the characters in On Your Bike, might say "Winner Winner Chicken* Dinner"    (*falafel also available)
55:13 6/4/24
Episode 843: Lies All The Way Down - a New Chamber Musical
Join Thos as he talks with Shaye Poulton Richards, the talent behind the EdFringe success, Lies All The Way Down - a New Chamber Musical, a show that uses polyphonic sounds beyond the usual soundscape provided by a quartet to create the intense atmosphere needed for a pyschological thriller exploring the friend we make and the lies we tell. And hear songs and music from the show that help illustrate Shaye's creative process and her favoured combination of modern folk and contemporary classical sounds.
58:29 5/29/24
Episode 842: Hannah's First Time at Wicked
Wicked has been playing in the West End for over 15 years so Nick thought it was about time that Hannah sees the show - so they did.   With the film coming out next year it seems the right time to discuss the show, its legacy and - more importantly - what it's like seeing it nowadays with very little knowledge of it!  Does it live up to the hype?  Is it still wonderful or is it still just popular?  
51:45 5/21/24
Episode 841: 365 Days of Shows
Nick and Hannah discuss a myriad of musicals that they've seen in the last year including The Witches, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda, Book of Mormon, Aladdin and more! 
52:29 5/14/24
Episode 840: La Serva Padrona Gets Funky
In 2020 Coronavirus threatened to kill opera! By 2022, only one man could save it - using his one person production of La Serva Padrona - where baroque meets 1970s funk in a new English version of Pergolesi's 1733 comic masterpiece. Thos joins the extremely talented musical academic and performer, David William Hughes, to discuss the third of his historic music trilogy - a joyous and delightful version of La Serva Padrona - served up from "an emergency opera kit" saved over from the Cold War era!  It's a funkadelic relic!
52:04 5/7/24
Episode 839: A Past Programme Program
Nick has a large collection of theatre programmes which acts as a wonderful topic generator! Nick digs through it to discuss, with Hannah, many shows from the past. Shows discussed include Let it Be, Forbidden Planet, Riverdance, Derren Brown, Saturday Night Ever, Mary Poppins, Rock Hamlet, Grand Hotel, Sweeney Todd and others!
44:47 4/30/24
Episode 838: The Wreck of the Queen Thomasina
What is musical theatre?  It's a big questions and Thos is asking it. Can a show be a musical without words? Can a show be a musical without music? Is there any point in actually trying to define what makes a musical anyway?  And as an illustration of how wide musical theatre can really be, Thos talks to the talented people behind five-star EdFringe show, The Wreck of the Queen Thomasina, which is a verse play with songs and definately plays with the form in a delicious way.  Vivat Regina!
52:14 4/23/24
Episode 837: Catching up with Alan Menken
Join Nick Hutson as he sits down with composer Alan Menken to discuss Hercule's current production in Hamburg, Germany.  Learn about the new songs, direction and history of the show.  You can also hear Alan talk about collaborating, processes and the legacy of the late Howard Ashman
33:31 4/16/24
Episode 836: Mine - A Solo Ghost Story Musical with Asher Muldoon
In this episode, Thos talks to the multi-talented actor, writer and composer, Asher Muldoon, about his wonderful five star show, Mine - A Solo Ghost Story Musical - a multi-layered masterpiece of musical story telling. How do you make a ghost story also function as a comedy? How do you read an audience to amend your performance? And how do both Sondheim and Dear Evan Hanson repackage songs in different ways?  All this and some delightful and evocative music will make Mine forever yours!
66:43 4/9/24
Episode 835: His Name Is...Potty the Plant!
With the joyous news of the return of Potty the Plant to the EdFringe in 2024, join Thos as he talks to the three people behind this quirky, subversive and hiliarous musical to discuss all things Potty. Find out about its journey from short film to five-star theatre musical cult and what made it the MusicalTalk's Pick of the Edinburgh Fringe in 2023. With songs and laughter, and a special "sneak peak" of the creative team's latest musical this episode, this is the "potty-cast" for you.
80:16 4/2/24
Join hosts Nick Hutson and Hannah Budd on a captivating journey through London's theatrical landscape as they dive into the vibrant worlds of Opening Night at the Gielgud Theatre and Priscilla: The Party at the Outernet Venue. In this episode of MusicalTalk, Nick shares his first impressions of Priscilla, delving into the glitz, glamour, and unexpected surprises of this iconic musical. Opening Night, a new musical starring Sheridan Smith, featuring music and lyrics by Rufus Wainwright with a book and direction by Ivan Van Hove, takes center stage in their discussion, as they examine its adaptation from the film by John Cassavetes.  Should a musical about a play that makes no sense also make no sense?   As they contrast the two productions, Nick and Hannah explore the polarities between the shows, from the classic elegance of Opening Night to the flamboyant extravagance of Priscilla. Nick's fresh perspective on Priscilla sparks an engaging discussion on the unique appeal of the production and its enduring popularity. Amidst the exploration of themes and performances, the hosts ponder the question: Does promenade theatre lend itself to musicals? Drawing from their experiences and observations, they analyze the immersive nature of Priscilla and its impact on audience engagement.  
59:40 3/27/24
Episode 833: Gospel's Harmonious Influence in Musicals: An Interview with Jaron M. LeGrair
Join host Nick Hutson as he delves into the soul-stirring world of gospel music in musical theatre, in a captivating conversation with renowned YouTuber and gospel enthusiast Jaron M. LeGrair. In this episode of MusicalTalk, they explore the powerful impact of gospel music on various Broadway shows, from the unexpected twists in "Little Shop of Horrors" to the divine energy of "Hercules." Together, they traverse the rich tapestry of musicals like "Showboat," "Ragtime," and "Once on This Island," uncovering how gospel infuses these narratives with depth and resonance. From the high-octane rhythms of "Starlight Express" to the socially conscious themes of "Hairspray" they unravel the threads of gospel's presence, highlighting its role in storytelling and character development. Tune in to this episode of MusicalTalk for a harmonious journey through the spiritual and theatrical realms, as Nick Hutson and Jaron M. LeGrair celebrate the transformative power of gospel music in musicals.
32:23 3/19/24
Episode 831: So, Here We Are...
So, here we are with our long awaited conversation about Sondheim's last new musical (probably), appropriately called "Here We Are" and the big question is - is it a success?  Thos chats to MusicalTalk's resident Sondheim expert, Colm, who saw the show twice in New York at its off-Broadway venue, the Shed, and who certainly thinks so.  But is absurdist theatre now so obscure that it seems pretentious instead of satirical?  Is this show the equivalent of Schubert's Unfinished Symphony? And is Sondheim merely pastiching himself in his swansong? Well, it is what it is - but find out if the show really does make for a perfect day in this wonderful episode.
84:00 2/20/24
Episode 830: A Fosse Day In London Town - Sweet Charity
It's time to walk in the joint to see what those big spenders, Tom and Thos, have to say about the evergreen musical, Sweet Charity, and in particular the 1969 big screen version directed and choreographed by Bob Fosse - all part of their in-depth delve into his amazing career. Is the Rich Man's Frug the most Fosse-esque dance sequence ever committed to celluloid?  What is the Rhythm of Life scene all about, really? And wasn't the late Chita Rivera an astoundingly good actor? And then Tom and Thos finally crack how to give the Sweet Charity story a suitable ending - so you can live optimistically ever after!
80:25 2/13/24
Episode 829: A Fosse Day In London Town - Cabaret
What good is sitting alone in your room when you could do it in the company of Tom and Thos? This week, they continue their in-depth look at the career of the legendary Bob Fosse, movie musical director and choreographer, by looking at his amazing 1972 film, Cabaret.  Why is it so different to the original stage production? Who is the film really about? And is Sally Bowles actually a monster?  Will you find out the answers?  Maybe this time! 
46:09 2/6/24
Episode 828: A Fosse Day In London Town - All That Jazz
Join Tom and Thos as they take an in-depth look at the career of the legendary movie musical director and choreographer, Bob Fosse, through the lens of his three musical films - Sweet Charity, Cabaret and All That Jazz.  How far did he take the ideas behind his choreography and then use them to inform his directorial decisions - and does it work?  In this week's episode, it's all about the stunning but oh-so-dark 1979 musical film, All That Jazz.  It's show time!
62:17 1/30/24
Episode 827: The Great British MusicalTalk… off (2023 in Review - Part Three)
Nick and Thos chat about their theatrical experiences in 2023 - featuring talk on Mrs Doubtfire, Groundhog Day. The Great British Bake Off, The Wizard of OZ, The Peter Pan Palladium Pants, 
45:17 1/23/24
Episode 826: Crazy for New… Year (2023 in Review - Part Two)
Nick and Thos chat about their theatrical experiences in 2023 - featuring talk on The Witches, Crazy for You, Mamma Mia - The Party, Guys and Dolls and Immersive theatre as whole! 
44:14 1/16/24
Episode 825: Happy New...sies Year! (2023 in Review - Part One)
Nick and Thos chat about their theatrical experiences in 2023 - featuring talk on Newsies, Sunset Boulevard, Old Friends, The Time Traveller’s Wife.
48:15 1/9/24
Episode 824: Merry Quizmas and a Happy New Earful For 2024
As we wave the year goodbye, it’s time for our traditional MusicalTalk festive quiz.  So leave your turkey in the fridge, turn off the irritating round of Christmas songs and leave a “go away” sign for any carol singers, and then enjoy this merry mix of quirky questions and superb songs compiled for your diversionary pleasure by that ridiculous old idiot Thos. By the time you’ve finished, you’ll need a doctor (and this may be a clue!)
92:48 12/20/23
Episode 823: A Girl MissRed
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
42:14 12/12/23
Episode 822: Experiencing The Witches
Nick and Hannah discuss THE WITHCES - now playing at the National Theatre.  Based on the classic Roald Dahl novel - how does it live up to various adaptations?  Please note - this episode was recorded in early November and, therefore, discusses a very early preview production.  
60:16 12/5/23
Episode 821: No Way To Treat A Lady Macbeth
In this song-filled bumper edition, the talented John Paul Liddle chats to Thos about his love for the wonderful musical, No Way to Treat a Lady, by Douglas J. Cohen, and also the latest version of his five star EdFringe hit, Vote Macbeth. You’ll be laughing all the way to the Banquo!
86:01 11/28/23
Episode 820: Runesical – The Online Runescape Musical – Part 2
It’s time for part two of Thos’ chat with the talented Sam Cochrane and Alex Prescot, the people behind Runesical, the 2022 EdFringe hit about its ingenious new online “make your own adventure” Youtube musical version that you can watch now.
59:05 11/22/23
Episode 819: Runesical – The Online Runescape Musical – Part 1
Thos chats to Sam Cochrane and Alex Prescot, the people behind Runesical, the 2022 EdFringe hit which has been retooled for an online presentation on Youtube, complete with its original “make your own adventure” style narrative. It’s intriguing, ingenious, funny and fun and perfect for gamers and non-gamers alike – and so is this episode!
62:06 11/14/23
Episode 818: The Time Traveller's Wife
Join Nick and Andrew as they review The Time Traveller's Wife - now playing at the Apollo Theatre.  
14:35 11/7/23
Episode 817: Calendar Girls and Old Friends
Nick Hutson and Andrew Keating discuss their thoughts on Old Friends - the Stephen Sondheim tribute concert now playing at the Gielgud Theatre.  Then Nick digs out, from the MusicalTalk Time Machine, an unreleased discussion on girls in musical theatre - in honour of the new version fo Calnedar Girls - now touring the UK.  
32:02 10/31/23
Episode 816: The Extras Strike Back – In Conversation with Glenn & Gehm (Part 2)
It’s time for more songs and the second part of the in-depth conversation with talented songwriting team, Glenn Clarke and George Gehm, about their career and their show, The Extras Strike Back: A Musical Tribute to the Forgotten Heroes of Star Wars. You’ll have a good feeling about this… 
44:33 10/24/23

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