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Episode 793: Ginger Rogers – Musical Film Icon Part 1
As the BFI launches a major retrospective of the career of Gingers Rogers, Thos talks to film writer, Miles Eady, to discuss this versatile and talented actress who became legendary in the 1930s for working with Busby Berkeley, Fred Astaire, George Gershwin, Dorothy Fields, Irving Berlin, Jerome Kern and many others in the most important musical films of the first musicals golden age, the 1930s.
58:54 3/25/23
0792: The Polka Theatre: It's more than a Theatre!
Nick talks to Helen and Lynette from the Polka Theatre for Children and takes you on a virtual guided tour discussing its history, future and re-development.  Hear what makes this theatre so important for so many children in London! 
41:11 3/21/23
Episode 791:  A Pair of Curtains – Part 2
Join Thos and Tim for an in-depth conversation about the wonderful 2019-20 UK National Tour of Curtains and what precisely makes this show so impressive. You could say that it’s the Kander & Ebb show that’s about Cioffi - but not in a cardboard cup!
69:11 3/14/23
Episode 790:  A Pair of Curtains – Part 1
It’s time to join Thos as he surveys one of the best musical comedies of the last two decades – Kander & Ebb’s wonderful Curtains.  This week he chats to the people behind the fantastic production which could be seen at last summer’s Edinburgh Fringe to get a sense of not just the nuts and bolts of putting on a demanding spectacle of a show but also how they interpret the text in hand: In short, it’s a show that shows what show people know about this show with its show within a show. Simple!  
53:48 3/7/23
0789: Jonathan Rockefeller on Winnie The Pooh
Nick talks to Jonathan Rockefeller about his production of Disney's Winnie the Pooh that's soon to open at the Riverside Studios before embarking upon a UK tour! 
21:36 2/28/23
0788: Creating Operation Mincemeat
Nick chats to Natasha Hodgson, Zoe Roberts, David Cumming and Felix Hagan about their musical "Operation Mincemeat" that will soon be opening at the Fortune Theatre in London's West end.  Hear how a show about a young group of people taking a risk was created by a young group of people taking a risk! 
33:51 2/21/23
0787:  Kit Hesketh-Harvey Remembered Part 2
Thos again pays tribute to the late Kit Hesketh-Harvey, one of Britain’s most talented and eclectic theatrical personalities. In this episode, we hear Kit talking about the more serious, passionate and romantic side of his nature as he discusses his modernised version of La Traviata which wowed the critics in 2012.
48:43 2/14/23
0786: Kit Hesketh-Harvey Remembered Part 1
In the first of a two part tribute, Thos remembers the wonderful “Renaissance Man of the Theatre”, the late Kit Hesketh-Harvey, who died earlier this month. In this episode we hear Kit in two episodes which highlight his talents on stage and off, in two fascinating – and very funny – interviews covering his work in Kit and the Widow, one of the UK’s most successful cabaret acts, and in his work directing and adapting La Belle Helene by Offenbach, covering everything from Andrew Lloyd Webber to Noel Coward along the way
77:13 2/7/23
0785: Does Netflix's "Matilda" Change the Story?
Continuing their tour of musicals-made-into-movies, Tonia and Mike discuss Netflix's new cinematic vision of Matilda.
71:50 1/17/23
0784: Merry Quizmas and a Happy New Earful For 2023
Well, it’s a brand new year so that can only mean the return of our traditional MusicalTalk festive quiz. Is there any better way of ushering in a new year?  Yes, of course there is – but when’ve finished doing that,  you can then enjoy this merry mix of quirky questions and superb songs compiled for your diversionary pleasure by that ridiculous old idiot Thos. So put your feet up and let your hair down – and keep everything else where it is. You’ll be wiser and older by the time it’s done!
85:03 1/2/23
0783: Aladdin - A Christmas Journey with Dom and David
Our very own Dominic McChesney and David Herzog appear in the Big Tiny's production of "Aladdin" this Christmas at the Millgate Arts Centre. Join them on their magical pantomime adventure as they take you behind the scenes during rehearsals, and chat with their fellow actors over drinks.
70:09 12/23/22
0782: Anything Goes In Depth (Part 3)
Josh and Thos close their three week exploration of 1934’s smash hit Anything Goes by Cole Porter by looking at Act Two – and discuss if the dreaded curse of the second act affects this marvelously tuneful show – and if it does, can the songs counteract it in an episode that could put a “smile on the Mona Lisa”!
41:53 12/13/22
0781: Anything Goes In Depth (Part 2)
This week Josh and Thos continue their analysis of 1934’s Anything Goes by looking at Act One in depth and in particular discussing the songs both on the page and in performance.  Hear how the difficulties of musically directing a tap dancing sequence can be overcome and see if this evergreen show really is “The Top”!
53:57 12/6/22
0780: Anything Goes In Depth (Part 1)
Join Josh and Thos as they begin a three week in depth analysis of the evergreen musical comedy, Anything Goes by Cole Porter, which has been a popular favourite for nearly ninety years.  In this episode they discuss the context and history of this show which was very nearly called Crazy Week!
41:44 11/29/22
0779: Why Does Only Fools and Horses Work?
Join Thos as he talks to Josh about the Only Fools and Horses Musical and gives a different view on this popular West End Musical to that discussed in last week’s episode.  They also discuss London Theatre Week, which confusingly runs for a fortnight, and whether it is likely to be successful in encouraging people to go to the theatre.
40:53 11/22/22
0778: Why Doesn't Only Fools and Horses Work?
Nick shares his thoughts on attending the world premiere of the film adaptation of the stage show of Matilda - and also the stage show of the TV Sit com - Only Fools and Horses! 
46:27 11/15/22
0777: Angela Lansbury Tribute
Nick and Thos delve into the career of the late great Angela Lansbury - and discuss what makes her so special - and then tread lightly into the world of musicals featuring royalty! 
34:01 11/8/22
0776: Kathy and Stella Solve a Murder
Kathy and Stella Solve a Murder:  In this bumper episode, Thos enjoys a hilarious and insightful conversation with the multitalented Matthew Floyd Jones, the composer of the songs for MusicalTalk’s Pick of the Fringe 2022, Kathy and Stella Solve a Murder.  Hear how Matthew’s extensive career as a writer, performer, composer and much more has informed the creation of this five star show – and why you won’t find any plinking and plonking on his watch! 
75:17 11/1/22
0775: EdFringe 2022 In Depth – Variety is the Spice of Life
Join Thos and Mike for their last in-depth conversation about several wonderful musicals from the 2022 EdFringe including Runesical, La Serva Padrona, Out to Lunch, Julie and also The Queens Cartoonists.  It’s a chance to cover 400 years of performance and find out who they think is the crotchety uncle of musical theatre!
60:01 10/18/22
0774: Killing It With Hayley Canham's "Medea: The Musical"
Mike chats with Hayley Canham - the writer/composer/lyricist/star of one of the true gems of EdFringe 2022, a contemporary musical based on a well-known Greek tragedy. Mike thinks that show and creator are going places; listen in to hear why!
50:55 10/11/22
0773: EdFringe 2022 In Depth – Understanding the Misunderstood
Time to join Thos and Mike for another in-depth conversation about several wonderful musicals from this year’s EdFringe including Medea the Musical, Lizard Boy, Dots and Dashes and The Handbook of Civilian Defence all linked by a theme of characters trying to attain understanding.
45:56 10/4/22
0772: But I'm a Cheerleader at the Last Sales Conference of the Apocalpyse
Nick talks to composer of But I'm A Cheerleader Andrew Abrams about the show's triumphant return to the Turbine Theatre - and to Dave Bain about his musical Last Sales Conference of the Apocalypse... two musicals that explore conversion therapy in very different ways. 
39:52 9/27/22
0771: EdFringe 2022 In Depth – MacBeth and Friends
Join Thos and Mike for an amusing and in-depth conversation about seven accomplished musicals you could have seen at this year’s EdFringe including Sondheim’s Company, Living With Sin, For Queen and Country, Sex With Friends (And Other Tiny Catastrophes) and three very different takes on MacBeth.
66:16 9/21/22
0770: Edinburgh for First Timers, plus Edy Hurst and Unfortunate!
Nick chats to Harrison and Tabitha about experiencing the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for the first time.  Harrison also spoke to Edy Hurst about his one man version of War of the Worlds - as well as Unfortunate! 
22:02 9/14/22
0769:  Highlights of the Fringe 2022
With the Edinburgh Festival Fringe now over, Thos marks the 75th anniversary of the world’s largest arts festival with a second selection of interviews with the people behind some of the best musical theatre shows and revues that you could have seen in Scotland this summer.
70:42 9/6/22
0768: What To See At The Edinburgh Fringe 2022
With the 2022 Edinburgh Festival Fringe in full swing, Thos guides you through a selection of songs and interviews with the people behind some of the best musical theatre shows and revues that you can still catch!. It's the best of the Fest!  And we exclusively reveal our Pick of the Fringe for this year.
119:12 8/23/22
0767: Returning to Dear Evan Hansen on HMS Pinafore with Bed-knobs and Broomsticks!
This week Thos talks to Nick about his experiences seeking Dear Even Hansen, Bed-knobs and Broomsticks and HMS Pinafore! 
51:57 8/16/22
Sister Act Review
Nick and Andrew share their thoughts on the utterly fabulous Sister Act playing at the Hammersmith Apollo in London starring Beverley Knight, Jennifer Saunders and Lesley Joseph! 
10:33 8/9/22
0766: Oklahoma in Depth - Book and Score
Join us once more time as Colm and Thos conclude their epic chat about the Young Vic production of Oklahoma with a close analysis of the book and score. Has it been misunderstood for nearly 80 years and is Curly a villain hiding in plain sight? Or is that just a scandal and an outrage? It's certainly make your chicks and ducks and geese scurry!
48:46 8/9/22
0765: Oklahoma in Depth - Tradition and Revision
Episode 2: Oklahoma in Depth - Tradition and Revision: Join Colm and Thos for the second part of their in-depth conversation about all things Oklahoma, and find out what they thought of the recent re-interpretation of this evergreen musical which was on at the Yong Vic. Are Curly and Jud simply two sides of the same character? Can ballets in musicals ever avoid obviousness or pretension? And it is a breath of fresh air or pure heresy? It's all er nuthin'!
54:18 8/2/22