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A podcast by book lovers for book lovers! Can't get enough bookish chats? Tune in every week to listen to two archivists chat about their chosen pick based off a variety of themes: everything from books they hate to thrift store finds and beyond. These conversations will address how books were, are, and will continue to be relevant to our every day lives. All hail the mighty codex!


It's the End of the Podcast as we Know It: Paige's Farewell 58:02 01/18/2022
Headcannon Accepted: Captain Wentworth's Diary 20:18 09/26/2021
Indiana Jones with a Much Bigger Gun: Area 51 19:18 08/28/2021
Bring the Romance: Jennifer's Fav Spicy Webtoons | BBE Shorts 17:09 08/13/2021
50 Shades of Red: The Kiss Quotient 18:41 07/31/2021
Shame, Shame: An Intro to Guilty Pleasure Reads | BBE Shorts 18:53 07/22/2021
Let's Try This Again: The Tiger's Daughter 63:20 05/31/2021
Bonus Episode S3E5 - Period Power 13:38 05/28/2021
It's Warping Time: The Táin Bó Cúailnge 74:12 05/18/2021
Critiquing the Monomyth: The Power of Myth 74:45 05/04/2021
Bonus Episode S3E4 - The Library at Mount Char 14:39 05/01/2021
The Curse of Problematic Authors: The Mists of Avalon 83:22 04/20/2021
A Nebula Finalist: Black Sun 116:59 04/06/2021
Bonus Episode S3E3 - The Knife Man 16:37 03/27/2021
[World] Serpents and Snark: The Gospel of Loki 66:32 03/23/2021
I'm Not Crying, You're Crying: The Song of Achilles 74:23 03/09/2021
Bonus Episode S3E2 - Submerged 78:54 02/27/2021
An Adventure in Japanese Folklore: Tales of Moonlight and Rain 83:45 02/09/2021
Bonus Episode S3E1 - The Ninth House 16:48 02/02/2021
Toss a Coin to your Witcher - The Last Wish 58:45 01/26/2021
A Tale of Russian Folklore - The Bear and the Nightingale 105:17 01/12/2021
Season 3 Trailer 02:45 01/11/2021
Bonus Episode S2E5 - The Princess Bride 15:54 12/01/2020
A Poorly Timed Read: The White Plague by Frank Herbert 85:04 11/24/2020
A Guide to Crafty Magic: Woven in Moonlight by Isabel Ibañez 96:55 11/10/2020
Bonus Episode S2E4 - Annihilation 24:29 10/31/2020
The Book of Paige's Nightmares: House of Leaves by Mark Danielewski 112:11 10/27/2020
True Crime Tales: The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson 109:03 10/12/2020
You Had Me at Archives: The Bloodprint by Ausma Zehanat Khan 113:24 09/29/2020
Bonus Episode S2E3 - Hidden Figures 26:48 09/25/2020