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Creating a Family: Talk about Adoption & Foster Care

Are you thinking about adopting or fostering a child? Confused about all the options and wondering where to begin? Or are you an adoptive or foster parent trying to be the best parent possible to your precious child? This is the podcast for you! Every week we interview leading experts for an hour talking about the topics you really care about in deciding whether to adopt/foster or how to be a better parent. This podcast is produced by We are the national non-profit with the mission to strengthen and inspire adoptive, foster & kinship parents and the professionals who support them. Creating a Family brings you the following trauma-informed, expert-based content: weekly podcasts, weekly articles/blog posts, resource pages on all aspects of family building at our website We also has an active presence on many social media platforms. Please like or follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.


Child Hosting Programs: Getting Prepared to be a Host Family 30:09 12/01/2021
Home Based Therapy 45:17 11/24/2021
How to Avoid Triggering and Being Triggered by Our Kids 51:10 11/17/2021
How Trauma Impacts a Child’s Development 48:08 11/10/2021
Decisions To Be Made at Egg Retrieval 48:03 11/03/2021
Parental Leave: What you Need to Know Before You Adopt or Foster 51:01 10/27/2021
A Guide to Raising Your Grandchild 55:47 10/20/2021
Talking With Your Adopted or Foster Child About the Hard Parts of Their Story 49:12 10/13/2021
Primary Ovarian Insufficiency 49:05 10/06/2021
How to Afford Adoption 65:30 09/29/2021
Family Building Challenges for Military Families: Adoption, IVF & Fostering 53:44 09/22/2021
Kinship Caregivers & The Hidden Foster Care System 58:02 09/15/2021
The Traumatic Impact of Racism 60:09 09/08/2021
Uterine Fibroids: Causes, Treatment, and Impact on Fertility 52:00 09/01/2021
How to Raise an Intense Child 46:10 08/25/2021
How to Become a Foster Parent 45:11 08/18/2021
Raising Resilient Kids 53:35 08/11/2021
How Our Immune System Affects Fertility and Miscarriage 49:26 08/04/2021
Parenting a Child with Prenatal Exposure 60:12 07/28/2021
What’s It Like to Be In Foster Care: Former Foster Youth Speak Out 66:08 07/21/2021
Handling Social Media 67:15 07/14/2021
Preparing Kids Already in the Home for an Adoption 59:09 07/07/2021
Is Human Fertility Declining and What Can We Do About It 56:28 06/30/2021
Adopting a Relative from Abroad 55:43 06/25/2021
How to Raise a Child Who Will Thrive 54:55 06/18/2021
Partnering with Birth Parents in Foster Care 45:43 06/11/2021
The Endocrine System, Thyroid Gland, and Fertility 45:25 06/04/2021
Interview with Sarah Sentilles, author of "Stranger Care" 54:54 05/28/2021
Blending Children by Birth and Adoption 62:25 05/21/2021
Taking Care of Yourself When Parenting Harder to Parent Kids 38:33 05/14/2021