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Welcome to Activist #MMT. A podcast about real-world economics including Modern Money Theory, and how life changes when you discover it.


Snippet from Ep106 with Jonathan Wilson: Stephanie Kelton, Pixar, and TMBG 08:42 01/27/2022
Modern Money Doughnuts, Ep3 with Maren Poitras: Finding the Money 32:40 01/25/2022
KRTD 2021-2022 NYE MMT Panel 2, with Steven Hail, Andrés Bernal, and friends 58:42 01/23/2022
Snippet from KRTD 2021-2022 NYE MMT Panel 2: What is MMT? 05:15 01/20/2022
MMT candidate 7: John Swoboda in OK-01 43:29 01/19/2022
Modern Money Doughnuts, Ep2 with Fadhel Kaboub: What is inflation? 35:59 01/18/2022
KRTD NYE MMT Panel 1, with Warren Mosler, Stephanie Kelton, and friends 46:49 01/16/2022
Modern Money Doughnuts MMD-01 - Hosted by Steven Hail and Gabrielle Bond 32:28 01/12/2022
Snippet from episode 104 with Warren Mosler: Responding to Nathan Becker on interest rates and inflation 12:33 01/09/2022
MMT candidate 6: Ezra Watson in NY-21 44:26 01/04/2022
Ep104 [2/2]: Warren Mosler answers patron questions (also: government interface) 90:57 01/02/2022
Ep103 [1/2]: Warren Mosler: Chess, Bridge, and MMT (always tinkering) 93:24 12/26/2021
Snippet from episode 103 with Warren Mosler on the OPEC oil crisis. 14:16 12/26/2021
Snippet from episode 103 with Warren Mosler: Some people just process faster. 07:28 12/24/2021
MMT candidate 5: Muad Hrezi for CT-01 88:27 12/21/2021
Ep102 [2/2] Derek Ross: It takes energy to get energy (Georgism and MMT) 53:55 12/19/2021
Ep101 [1/2] Derek Ross: It takes energy to get energy (Georgism and MMT) 61:45 12/12/2021
Ep100: Ron Placone: Read DEBT first *THEN* The Deficit Myth! 97:04 12/05/2021
MMT candidate 04: Stephanie Gallardo for Washington state’s ninth Congressional district 58:07 11/30/2021
Ep99 [2/2] Bill Brennan: Bridgegate, running for governor, and MMT 45:27 11/28/2021
Ep98 [1/2] Bill Brennan: Bridgegate, running for governor, and MMT 57:27 11/21/2021
Ep97 [2/2] Ramona Massachi: We are in this together, whether we like it or not. 59:15 11/14/2021
Snippet: Activist #MMT, Ep100: What is MMT to me? 01:36 11/11/2021
MMT candidate 03: Neal Walia for Colorado's first Congressional district 67:04 11/09/2021
Ep96 [1/2] Ramona Massachi: Discussing 2022 and MMT candidates (and our new interview series!) 62:17 11/07/2021
Snippet: MMT Podcast ep109: Fadhel Kaboub: The cause of and solution to the OPEC oil crisis was political. 10:38 11/06/2021
Snippet: MMT Podcast ep110: Randy Wray: Unemployment is both the problem and solution 05:15 11/06/2021
MMT candidate 02: Imani Oakley for New Jersey's 10th Congressional district 68:27 11/02/2021
Ep95: Graham Elwood: Discussing debt ceiling and #MintTheCoin (as a guest on his show) 60:58 10/31/2021
MMT candidate 01: Jason Call in Washington State's 2nd Congressional district 57:01 10/26/2021