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The purpose of the Healthy Skeptic MD podcast is to take a deeper dive into health issues through interviews with experts and patients. Hosted by Dr. Michael Hochman, a primary care doctor, a key theme of Healthy Skeptic MD is that although modern medicine has much to offer there's also plenty of room for improvement. We will delve into those issues with other medical professionals from all spectrums of practice. We hope you'll learn along with us!


An Epidemic of Unhoused Older Adults with Jean Galiana 32:01 03/25/2022
Do Children Get Too Much Medical Care? With Dr. Samantha House 34:15 03/04/2022
Meaningful Advances in Diabetes Treatment with Dr. Nihar Desai 39:20 02/11/2022
Thoughtful Plastic Surgery with Dr. Elliot Hirsch 37:56 01/28/2022
Rethinking Care for Older Adults with Jennie Chin Hansen 49:52 01/14/2022
What to Know about the Omicron Surge with Dr. Pieter Cohen 26:48 01/07/2022
Welcome Health: Better Care for Older Adults 36:24 12/10/2021
The Skid Row Running Club 32:49 11/26/2021
How Clinicians and Patients Co-Produce Health with Dr. Maren Batalden 42:02 11/12/2021
Why Do Some Americans Get So Much Healthcare? With Dr. Elliott Fisher 47:14 10/29/2021
Statistics 101 for the Healthcare Consumer 31:04 10/15/2021
Helping Patients Die Peacefully with Dr. Chandana Banerjee 39:26 10/01/2021
"Slow Medicine" with Dr. Elena Hill 39:36 09/17/2021
The Latest COVID-19 Surge and Children 30:17 09/03/2021
Dr. Drew's Take on COVID-19 and Caring for the Homeless 49:49 08/27/2021
Unpacking the Homeless Crisis with John Maceri 43:16 08/13/2021
Dr. Pedro “Joe” Greer on his “Forrest Gump” Career Serving the Poor 46:26 07/30/2021
Preparing Doctors for the Future with Dr. Mark Schuster 33:28 07/16/2021
Loneliness and its Health Effects 40:58 07/02/2021
What’s on the Horizon for Dementia Care? (And the FDA’s Decision on aducanumab) with Dr. Jason Karlawish 42:05 06/18/2021
The Joys of Caring for Older Adults with Dr. Laura Mosqueda 47:14 06/04/2021
Announcing a New Partnership with SCAN Health Plan! 06:57 05/28/2021
Can We Effectively House those Experiencing Homelessness without Addressing their Health? 47:13 05/14/2021
Editing the DNA of Real Patients with Dr. Mark Walters 33:26 04/30/2021
Children and the Pesky COVID Variants with Dr. Jessica Hochman 36:59 04/16/2021
How to Ensure Dietary Supplements are Safe with Dr. Pieter Cohen 47:10 03/26/2021
Simplifying Healthcare Through National Health Insurance with Drs. Steffie Woolhandler and David Him 37:14 03/19/2021
Do Patients with Heart Disease Get Too Many Stents? 32:52 03/12/2021
How One School Leader Kept Her School Safely Open During the Pandemic with Dalia Hochman 40:30 03/05/2021
Finding the “Sweet Spot” for Controlling Pain in Children with Dr. Lorraine Kelley-Quon 27:22 02/26/2021