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The Back Story is your source for the latest in health, wellness and medical care for you and your entire family. Dr. Jaspal Ricky Singh M.D. and the world-renowned physicians at Weill Cornell Medicine, join forces with an expanded network of experts to bring in-depth conversations covering medical research, trending topics and wellness. Our podcast is a trusted source of information for medical care, combined with real patient experiences and the latest breakthroughs in medicine.


Managing Pain During Pregnancy 27:51 11/29/2021
Women's Health: Understanding Menopause 20:25 11/15/2021
My Back Story 31:48 11/01/2021
You Are What You Eat 30:47 10/18/2021
A Different Look at Aging 35:39 10/04/2021
Medical Massage Therapy 17:13 09/20/2021
Getting a Better Night's Sleep 34:08 09/06/2021
Keeping Your Kids Safe at School During the Pandemic 34:30 08/23/2021
Clear Optics: Eye Care and Protecting Your Vision 25:21 08/16/2021
Vegan and Plant-based Diets 37:34 08/02/2021
Supplements and Joint Pain 23:34 07/19/2021
Women's Heart Health 31:24 07/06/2021
Equity vs. Equality: Diversity in Healthcare 40:19 06/21/2021
Turning the Corner on COVID-19 38:25 06/14/2021
Overcoming Vaccine Hesitancy 38:11 05/31/2021
The Stigma of Addiction 29:35 05/17/2021
Quarantine's Pain In The Neck 33:20 05/03/2021
Fad Diets, Emotional Eating and The Year of 100 Egg McMuffins 23:17 12/21/2020
The Innovative Therapy of Spinal Cord Stimulation 24:30 12/14/2020
The Dangers of Concussion and Brain Injuries 33:50 12/07/2020
Cracking the COVID-19 Code: Understanding the Coronavirus 34:49 11/30/2020
Food is Medicine: Transforming Your Body Through Diet 27:53 11/23/2020
Pelvic Pain and Treating Sexual Dysfunction 30:51 11/16/2020
Mental Well-Being: Becoming Self-aware and Mindful 32:24 11/09/2020
The Obesity Crisis and the Science of Weight Loss 29:21 10/26/2020
Breaking the Stigma: Understanding Medical Marijuana 27:11 10/19/2020
The Air Up There: Tips On Nasal Health 29:07 10/12/2020
Harnessing Your Body's Healing Potential: Exploring Regenerative Medicine 29:47 10/05/2020
Wellness is Everybody’s Business: A Talk On Integrative Health 28:16 09/28/2020
Trading Places: When A Spine Surgeon Becomes The Patient 29:11 09/21/2020