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Women in the Middle®: Loving Life After 50 - Midlife Podcast

Women in the Middle® is a podcast for midlife women who are ready to hear some good news about being over 50! Suzy Rosenstein, MA and Master Certified Life Coach shares the good, bad, ugly, and sometimes downright hysterical about growing older and making the changes you want to make so you don't have regrets in your second chapter. As a life coach for women, Suzy shares an upbeat perspective along with coaching & guidance about health, career boredom, happiness, mindset, empty nest, aging, and life transitions with a mix of guests, humor and no-nonsense. If you feel stuck in your midlife moment, get unstuck at


EP 271: When You Play the Waiting Game in Midlife
Today’s episode is all about knowing when you are playing the waiting game in midlife and why you need to understand what you’re doing. It’s common for many midlife women to struggle with putting themselves first. When this happens, it’s also common to find yourself playing a waiting game related to you going after what you want in life…your priorities.  Learn more:
18:51 09/29/2022
EP 270: 8 Steps to Improve How Accountable You Are in Midlife
Today’s episode is all about 8 simple steps to improve your accountability to yourself in midlife. Learning how to be more accountable to yourself in midlife and why you might want to think about it isn’t always obvious. Accountability is so important to focus on how you want to show up in life, how to get what you want and how to know how to rely on yourself…but there’s more.  It’s also important to know how to understand yourself when you aren’t successful in following through on your goals so you can make changes and improve. Learn more:
21:04 09/22/2022
Ep 269: Strength and Fitness in Midlife with Alicia Jones
Today’s episode is all about strength and fitness in midlife with my special guest, Alicia Jones. It’s no surprise that when strength and fitness are a priority in your life, you set yourself up for a healthier and happier next chapter. Yet, for so many of us, there’s a disconnect between what you want to do…and what you’re actually doing to achieve your fitness and well-being goals. Learn more:
45:16 09/15/2022
Ep 268: Encore! 4 Ways to Reinvent Yourself in Midlife
If you’re feeling stuck in midlife, you probably know you are going to have to make a change and reinvent yourself to be happy going forward. Learn more:
20:41 09/08/2022
Ep 267: A Bracelet, Kindness & a 70 year Journey: A Shocking Midlife Surprise
Today’s episode is about a personal story about a bracelet, kindness & a 70 year journey that was so surprising it’s hard to believe that it’s true. This is a personal story that happened to me in June 2022. Learn more:
48:16 09/01/2022
Ep 266: Creative Expression in Midlife: Finding your Passion for Alcohol Ink with Faigie Kobre
Today’s episode is about why creative expression in midlife is especially important to midlife women. My guest is Faigie Kobre, someone who shifted gears after 50 and combined her love of education and alcohol inks to create an exciting next chapter career! Learn more:
39:26 08/25/2022
Ep 265: Encore! 3 Reasons Why You Should Act Your Shoe Size instead of your Age in Midlife.
Today’s encore episode is about why you should act your shoe size instead of your age in midlife. Specifically, this episode is about the compelling reasons why you should consider acting more like you did when you were much younger, like your shoe size equivalent in age. Learn more:
24:56 08/18/2022
Ep 264: The Power of Shocking Surprises in Midlife
Today’s episode is about the power of shocking surprises in midlife. The way you think about what you expect in life is totally related to what might surprise you. It turns out that big surprises can be powerful and beneficial. Learn more:
18:24 08/11/2022
Ep 263: Encore! Why You Need to Get Over Feeling Stuck in Midlife
Today’s encore episode is about why you need to get over feeling stuck in midlife. The interesting thing about feeling this way is that it is confusing. Many of us have never been stuck like this before. Learn more:
26:33 08/04/2022
Ep 262: Being a Short Girl & Shrinking with Age in Midlife
Today’s episode is about being a short girl and shrinking with age in midlife. Being short can be something that affects you in surprising ways. The way you think about your height may surprise you. This episode also celebrates the 5th Anniversary of the Women in the Middle Podcast! Learn more:
25:31 07/28/2022
Ep 261: 4 Essential Steps to Listen to Your Body Better in Midlife
Today’s episode 4 essential steps to listen to your body better in midlife. It turns out that your body has a lot to say if you’re open to listening. That’s the key. You have to be connected to the sensations in your body and in midlife, a lot can get in the way (especially the way you think) and make this more difficult. Learn more:
25:34 07/21/2022
Ep 260: The Gift of Turning 50 & 60: Celebrating Your Milestone Birthday
Today’s episode is about thinking of celebrating your milestone birthday of turning 50 & 60 as a gift of self care.  It will get you thinking about what a milestone birthday like this means to you and if you like your current concept. Learn more:
24:22 07/14/2022
Ep 259: Making Music Matter More in Midlife with Adriana Barton
Are you interested in making music matter more in midlife? My guest is Adriana Barton, a mid-career journalist, a former staff reporter at Canada’s National Newspaper, the Globe and Mail, and the author of a new book (coming in October 2022): Wired for Music: A Search for Health and Joy Through the Science of Sound. Learn more:
57:19 07/07/2022
Ep 258: Fun on the Daily in Midlife in 4 Easy Steps
Today’s episode will help you have fun on the daily in midlife in 4 easy steps. Just think…you can be more intentional about this part of your life too, and regret-proof your life! Learn more:
19:25 06/30/2022
Ep 257: Stress, a Mini-Stroke and Creating Inner Peace on Purpose with C. René Washington
My guest today shares her experience with stress and a mini-stroke, and how she finally created inner peace on purpose. Learn more:
55:09 06/23/2022
Ep 256: How to Get Unstuck in Midlife with 5 Simple Strategies
Today’s episode will help you get unstuck in midlife, especially after 50. If you’re stuck, you are highly likely to know that you need to get unstuck if you want to live your best life. Learn more:
20:14 06/16/2022
Ep 255: Encore! When You’re Too Busy in Midlife
Today’s encore episode is about being too busy in midlife. An encore episode is one that I’m bringing back and highlighting again for you because it’s popular and important. This episode originally came out in the first year of Women in the Middle and continues to be one that really makes you think. Learn more:
23:58 06/09/2022
Ep 254: Walking More in Midlife with Joyce Shulman
Walking more in midlife is an exceptionally beneficial thing to do. Our guest today, Joyce Shulman of 99 Walks. She explains why walking can be great for your mind, mood and body. Learn more:
34:51 06/02/2022
Ep 253: Women in the Middle and Midlife Transition
Women in the middle are women who have a lot in common. Being a woman in the middle can be a challenging time with midlife transition. Learning how to navigate this phase better and have more fun are ways to change everything. Learn more:
22:08 05/26/2022
Ep 252: Celebrating 1 Million Downloads! The Women in the Middle Podcast
Join us today to celebrate 1 million downloads of the Women in the Middle Podcast! Thank you to you, the listener, for your support, interest, and commitment to grow forward. If you weren’t interested in having the best next chapter ever, you wouldn’t be part of the Women in the Middle community. I’m so very grateful. Learn more:
19:46 05/19/2022
Ep 251: What You Can Learn When Someone Says “You’re Not Dead Yet” in Midlife
Join us today to consider the impact of a powerful and weird little expression commonly used in midlife, “You’re Not Dead Yet.”  It seems so obvious and blunt; however, it’s often the perfect expression to give you a bit of a wake-up call to appreciate how you’re showing up in the world. Learn more:
14:37 05/12/2022
Ep 250: Self Care and Productivity are Better Together in Midlife
Join us today to consider an important mindset shift around self-care and production. It’s common for many midlife women to think about self-care as separate from productivity, but does that mindset serve you the best? Learn more:
16:55 05/05/2022
Ep 249: Your Surprising Realization about What’s Not Yet Done Yet in Midlife
You may have a surprising realization about what’s not done yet in your life in midlife. So many things related to the passage of time pop up at this age and stage, and this topic is one of them. Learn more:
17:52 04/28/2022
Ep 248: 5 Easy Steps to Amplify your Passion in Midlife
Learning how to amplify your passion in midlife is a skill you won’t regret. The funny thing about focusing on your passion is that even though you want to, it’s not always that easy to accomplish. Learn more:
17:13 04/21/2022
Ep247: 12 Obvious Signs that You’re Ready for an Exciting Change
Learn the 12 obvious signs that you’re ready to make an exciting change in midlife. It’s funny how obvious the signs are, but also how easy it is to ignore them. Learn more:
23:09 04/14/2022
Ep246: The Decision to go Vegan in Midlife with Michele Olender
The decision to go vegan in midlife can seem difficult. It turns out that the way you think about decisions like this becomes a huge part of the decision-making experience with all kinds of decisions and goals, not just going vegan or making dietary changes. Learn more:
52:21 04/07/2022
Ep245: From Confusion to Clarity around Making a Hard Decision in Midlife
Going from confusion to clarity about making hard decisions in midlife can seem elusive. When you’re trying to make a decision, it’s pretty common to find yourself spinning and exceptionally unclear about what you want. Learn more:
23:22 03/31/2022
EP #244: When Your Unhelpful Thoughts Aren’t Obvious in Midlife
Unhelpful thoughts and thought patterns aren’t always obvious in midlife. This is surprising to many because you like to think that you know how to help yourself accomplish your goals. Learn more:
18:55 03/24/2022
EP #243: Mind Drama & Senior Discounts in Midlife
It’s common to have some mind drama about the first time you’re offered a senior discount in midlife. It can surprise you and throw you for a loop. Learn more:
17:58 03/17/2022
EP #242: How to Make New Friends after 50
It’s common to want to know how to make new friends after 50. This episode is about why you might be in this situation of not having the friendships you used to have and what to do about it.  Learn more:
16:57 03/10/2022