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Discovering Multifamily

Let's build wealth together. Discovering Multifamily features former NFL Fullback Brian Leonard & Anthony Scandariato of Red Knight Properties and is designed to discuss gaining financial freedom through multi-family real estate investing. Here, we interview investors, entrepreneurs, mentors and industry gurus, who educate the audience by sharing experiences in the real estate industry and advice on building wealth.


Investing In Assisted Living With Isabelle Guarino-Smith 17:09 07/06/2022
Becoming A Multi-Millionaire Through Real Estate Before 30 With Todd Baldwin 22:47 06/27/2022
Smart Tech Multifamily Property Solutions With Mike Branam 22:02 06/08/2022
1031 Exchange Risk Profiles With Alex Olson 15:02 06/07/2022
Playing Financial Offense vs. Defense With Spencer Hilligoss 19:52 05/20/2022
From Nursing To Multifamily Full-Time With Alex Moore 15:58 05/06/2022
Buying & Selling Over 9,000 Apartments With Kim Bays 21:32 05/05/2022
Preparing & Adjusting For Risk In Multifamily With Bruce Wuollet 18:00 05/04/2022
Passive Investing Red Flags With Caroline Yuki 24:50 04/26/2022
Impact of Rising Interest Rates in Multifamily With Cody Laughlin & Brian Alfaro 22:12 04/25/2022
The Little Green Book Of Note Investing With Fred Moskowitz 20:46 04/15/2022
Investing In RV Parks With Sam Wilson 22:05 04/14/2022
Note Investing Made Easier With Martin Saenz 13:26 04/13/2022
15,000+ Successful Real Estate Closings With Dorian Lam 21:56 04/12/2022
Navigating Highly Regulated Rental Markets With Tina Larsson 14:29 03/23/2022
Best Tips For Listing Apartments With Jonas Bordo 20:12 03/22/2022
High-Income Earners' Passive Investing Guide With Dr. Jeff Anzalone 20:06 03/17/2022
The Ultimate Real Estate Machine With Jason Williford 28:20 03/09/2022
The ABC's Of Renovation With Van Sturgeon 24:27 02/28/2022
From Professional Basketball To Multifamily Real Estate With Art Morrison III 20:50 02/24/2022
Building The Billion Dollar Brand Hydro Flask® With Travis Rosbach 18:07 02/14/2022
From Pokémon Cards To Multifamily Real Estate With Matthew Ablakan 16:37 01/31/2022
From Real Estate Fortunes To Crash With Gavin Gallagher 32:26 01/27/2022
From United States Air Force To Full-Time Multifamily Real Estate Investor With Vincent Gethings 23:47 01/13/2022
Macroeconomic Trends In 2022 With Steven Lerner 13:36 01/10/2022
Multifamily Real Estate Investing In Canada Vs. United States With François Lanthier 18:09 01/03/2022
From NHL To Multifamily Real Estate Development With Aaron Palushaj 16:10 12/22/2021
From Federal Agent/Police Officer To Full-Time Multifamily Real Estate Investor With Maurice Philogene 20:14 12/21/2021
Investing In Multifamily Real Estate Vs. Private Equity With Trevor Ewen 20:31 11/12/2021
Real Estate Mastermind Software With Daniel Martinez 12:41 11/11/2021