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Thrice Cursed: A True Crime and Paranormal Podcast

Hi, I'm Rebekkah Rosewood. And I'm here to help you keep your curses hexy, and your hexes sexy in this true crime and paranormal podcast. Thrice Cursed is dedicated to telling lesser known true crime stories, with an emphasis on the unsolved, in as empathetic a way possible, and is dedicated to getting the facts as straight as possible. Support this podcast:


He Just Vibes That Way aka. The Lady of the Dunes 26:53 03/30/2022
An Experimental Hoofprint Balloon & The Invention of Chill AKA Holiday Folklore 43:17 12/30/2021
Meat Mallet? aka The Thanksgiving Triple Homicide 23:00 11/24/2021
America's Friendliest College Town aka Darian Hudson and Nicole Chaffin 25:17 11/17/2021
Red String Murder Board aka The Jennings 8 82:21 11/11/2021
Memory of a Pancake aka The Murder of Barbara Blatnik 29:17 07/14/2021
That Weird Thing Your Uncle Said aka The Unsolved Double Homicide at the Amana Inn 48:09 06/17/2021
The Distinct Misfortune of a Curtain AKA Katherine Mary Knight 31:01 06/04/2021
See Something Say Something Ya Numpty aka Denise Renee Bowman 40:07 04/29/2021
Hansel & Gretel Your Way to Jail aka Cursed Criminals 31:21 04/21/2021
Jamesin' it Up aka Rattlesnake James 37:51 04/09/2021
Twin Witches of Braverly Place aka The Kara Robinson Chamberlain Story 61:02 03/31/2021
Counting Ghost Sheep aka Hoia Baciu Forest 21:13 03/24/2021
Neon Signs from the Universe aka The Blackout Ripper 25:19 03/17/2021
Semen-Stealing Witches aka The UNSOLVED Murder of Betsy Aardsma 44:44 03/12/2021
50 Shades of Cray & The Electricity Giving Ghosts AKA Jolly Jane Toppan and Taunton Insane Asylum 35:57 03/04/2021
BOATGATE aka The Disappearance of Helen Munnings 146:06 02/26/2021
Grimoire Tales Ep1 31:51 02/24/2021
A Surgical Gloved Backrub AKA The Murder of Jenna Nannetti 36:44 02/10/2021
Romantic Encounters of the Ghost Kind 31:56 02/03/2021
The Cursed Tale of Griffith Park 46:36 11/19/2020
The Cursed Tale of The Nightmare in Napa aka Eric Matthew Copple 30:23 10/28/2020
The Halloween Murder of Peter Fabiano 13:59 10/21/2020
The Cursed Tale of the Liske Griffin Family Murders 23:48 10/13/2020
Welcome to Thrice Cursed 00:32 09/04/2020