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Running Book Reviews with Alan and Liz

All types of running related books are reviewed by two non-elite track, road and trail runners. Observation and description of running books intended to inform, help and inspire anyone involved or related to running at any level. Whenever possible we chat with the author about the book, but if not then we try to do it justice. If you have been enjoying the podcast and are wondering how you can help us out, you can now buy us a coffee! Visit our page on the Buy Me A Coffee website:


Running the Orient, by Gavin Boyter 84:25 08/01/2022
Alan and Liz's Running Chatter and Rundown on Books 41 to 50 104:43 07/15/2022
Breakthrough Women's Running 66:01 07/01/2022
Running With Purpose, by Jim Weber 76:37 06/15/2022
Finding Gobi, by Dion Leonard 76:42 06/01/2022
26.2 Miles to Happiness, by Paul Tonkinson 104:35 05/15/2022
Daniels' Running Formula (4th Ed.), by Jack Daniels 72:33 05/02/2022
Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide, by Hal Higdon 89:31 04/15/2022
Runner's World Meals on the Run, Edited by Joanna Sayago Golub 54:14 04/01/2022
Could Have Happened at Parkrun, by Simon C. Jones 57:48 03/15/2022
Alan and Liz's Running Chatter and Rundown on Books 31 to 40 64:42 03/01/2022
Race Across America, by Charles B. Kastner 66:51 02/15/2022
Run Like a Pro (Even if You're Slow), by Matt Fitzgerald and Ben Rosario. 95:02 02/01/2022
One Last Mile, by Roger Saltsman 64:30 01/15/2022
The Anatomy of Speed, by Bill Parisi 94:09 01/01/2022
Run Well, by Dr. Juliet McGrattan 106:52 12/15/2021
An Unstoppable Runner, by David Williams 81:15 12/01/2021
The Ultra Mile, by Tim Wills 55:47 11/15/2021
Running Against The Odds, by Desmond Dunham 81:39 11/01/2021
Mental Training for Ultrarunning, by Addie Bracy 88:41 10/15/2021
Running The World, by Nick Butter 81:08 10/01/2021
The Rundown on Books 21 to 30 43:37 09/15/2021
When Running Made History, by Roger Robinson 96:07 09/01/2021
The Running Drug, by Tim Beynon 82:49 08/15/2021
Today We Die A Little, by Richard Askwith 74:22 08/01/2021
Abdi's World, by Abdi Abdirahman 64:28 07/19/2021
This Voice in My Heart, by Gilbert Tuhabonye 72:32 07/01/2021
I Hate Running and You Can Too, by Brendan Leonard 70:27 06/15/2021
High Performance Nutrition for Masters Athletes, by Lauren Antonucci 91:51 06/01/2021
Make the Leap, by Bryan Green 109:59 05/15/2021