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This Week in Black History, Society, and Culture

"This Week in Black History, Society, and Culture" is a weekly podcast produced by the Black and African Diaspora Forum United (BADFU) an interracial group of faculty at Monmouth University concerned about issues pertaining to the Black/African American experience. BADFU members will periodically interview scholars, authors, activists, and community leaders on matters related to the history, society, and culture of Black and African American communities in the United States (U.S.) and beyond. These podcast episodes are on a variety of subjects including, but not limited to, higher education, economics, criminal justice, reparations, mental health, history, science, gender, popular culture, women, and politics. A new episode will be released weekly on Monday mornings from September to May during each academic term.


African American Men in World War II: A Documentary Project 59:21 01/16/2022
Nella Larsen's Passing 52:33 11/28/2021
A Conversation with Dr. Noliwe Rooks 70:10 11/22/2021
Race and Gender in The Chair 50:07 11/09/2021
Say Their Names: Race and Gender in Candyman 62:00 10/31/2021
Haiti in History and Popular Culture 53:54 10/24/2021
Pushing Cool: An Intertiew with Keith Wailoo 55:53 10/17/2021
Black Reconstruction 57:36 10/10/2021
Black Internationalism: An Interview with Clare Corbould 49:57 10/03/2021
The Social Justice Academy at Monmouth University 64:26 09/26/2021
The Windrush Generation 53:10 09/19/2021
African American Archaeology of New Jersey 59:53 09/12/2021
An Interview with Dr. Pamela Scott-Johnson 48:40 09/06/2021
African American Public History 47:31 05/17/2021
Conversation with Max our Student Podcast Editor 34:53 05/02/2021
African Americans in Asbury Park and the Impact of COVID-19 on the Black Church 48:30 04/26/2021
Represented: Black Imagemakers and Citizenship 44:23 04/05/2021
Black in the Professoriate 46:39 03/29/2021
Black and Latina Women in Defense of Duchess Meghan 73:03 03/22/2021
African Americans in Asbury Park and the Impact of COVID-19: A Conversation with Felicia Simmons 55:03 03/15/2021
White Supremacy and the Imposter Syndrome Fallacy 64:14 03/08/2021
British Black Panther Party in Global Perspective 52:34 03/01/2021
Race and Comics in World History 40:10 02/22/2021
Interview with Jonathan Daniel Wells on his Book The Kidnapping Club 66:37 02/15/2021
Race and Policing 40:07 02/08/2021
Interview with Arturo O'Farrill of the Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra 34:24 02/01/2021
African Americans in the History of Asbury Park and the Impact of COVID-19 56:44 01/25/2021
The Strength to Love: MLK's Philosophical Contributions 54:29 01/18/2021
Black Women in STEM 52:26 11/22/2020
Black Beauty: African American Women and Pageant Culture 34:05 11/15/2020