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A Muse's Daydream: Creative Journeys to the Present Moment

Hi. It's Jill Badonsky. This podcast is short, funny, inspiring stories I wrote and narrated about the  creativity and mindfulness.  I am an author/illustrator of three and a half  books on creative mindfulness, inspirational humorist,  performance poet, creator of Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Certification Training, workshop leader, and certified yoga instructor. I live with two cats and a bougainvillea. P.S.  Don't text while driving


Season Six: Episode One Creative Thoughts
The Muse's Daydream is back. I've been spending time working on a card of decks... no wait, a deck of cards. I explain about them, read two of them, and invite you to buy a deck in case you want creativity to be easier for you. Also a Zoom workshop is included as part of the purchase. You can buy a deck here.Upcoming trainings:The Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Training : June- OctoberThe Muse Facilitator Training June- AugustSupport the show Upcoming art and creativity programs
09:36 4/10/24
You are the Art
This episode is a momentary departure from the usual frivolity for reverie of the inspiration, relaxation, and the possibility of creativity.Script and Poster of the poem is available to purchase at this link."Don't let the future hold your happiness hostage."  ~Sam HarrisWorkshop: Blessing of the New YearJoin me in a complimentary workshop called Blessing of the New Year, on December 27th, 12pm pacific time/ 3pm eastern.  Welcome 2024 by creating a simple blessing with inspiration from poet, David Whyte and your own intuition. For writers and non-writers alike. Included in this workshop is a new year guided meditation to spark a creative relationship with yourself to last throughout the year. I'll also talk about one of my biggest concern and frequently seen challenges... not enjoying what you're doing or feeling enough. There’s a lot of areas where I could use improve: organization, a balanced social life, politeness to name a few.   But the moment is mine to believe it’s perfect as is AND I can make small improvements without needing to be perfect.  Despite irritability, bad hair, and a non-linear journey to get here, my current existence is crackerjack. I’ll share the five practices to which I credit this most wonderful phenomenon.  Register hereOther:Let's Talk About CreativitySaturday, January 13 9:30 am pac,10:30mtn, 11:30 cen 12pm eastern  The Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Training was recognized by Life Coaching Magazine as the best creativity coaching available. Now the tools and approaches that won it that honor are shared monthly, starting in January in a Zoom Session called Let's Talk About Creativity. We will talk about ways to get through procrastination and talk about what we love about what we do. Free to members of The Underground.  Wild Abandon Writing Workshop on Zoom4 weeks starting January 10 3-4:30 pacific timeYou know all those prompts in my books? We will be doing some of those and other wacky prompts. We start with raw materials in the form or words and phrases and collage them togetherWriting workshop info here Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Training:17-week training on Zoom beginning Monday, January 21Whether you want to help others or understand the power of your own creativity when mindfulness, compassion, intuition, and small steps is in the mix, come find out why this training was recognized by Life Coaching Magazine as the best creativity coaching training. Filling fast. More info here.  Art and Creativity Walk in Italy - I'm so excited about this.. We will be using mindfulness and creativity through art, smart photography, and writing to add to the enchantment and appreciation of the Italian Riviera. October 2024Hope you can join me... it's half full .Support the show Upcoming art and creativity programs
03:17 12/15/23
Starry Starry Determination - Reloaded
I’ve spent a career teaching how self-judgment works against us in the creative process.  I’ve spent a lifetime dealing with my own harsh self-judgment, so I have the requisite compassion to understand its costs. Once we’ve made it to a place of near completion, there is time is to be discerning, but the process requires license to start out crappy, make mistakes, and tolerate not being able to bring into reality the exact thing we envisioned. We need that freedom for  the enjoyment that leads to the best end products.  The inner critic comes with being human, but it is vital to our success and enjoyment as creative people to persist in spite of it.  In this regard, the creative process is an opportunity to create a better, more resilient self as we learn to be there for ourselves with compassion. Listening to Amanda Knox in her series called Resilience on Sam Harris’s podcast, Waking Up, is the first time I heard the following logic reached as she contemplated the self-judgment she was feeling while being incarcerated four years for a murder she did not commit:  “Berating yourself for being stupid does not make you smarter.”   Along the same lines, berating yourself for: not feeling good enough at your passion not being the same as other artists or writers you see on social mediaprocrastinationresistancehesitanceanything else you're struggling with ... does not improve the quality of your work or to get you to show up for creative pursuits..  It’s what we naturally do because that’s how evolution wired us, but it’s why we need to be ready to shift our thinking when we notice we are ineffectively judging ourselves again.   Van Gogh had such a strategy.  Here’s the script to my 2021 episode of A Muse’s Moment to go along as you listen to the narration and music.“If you hear a voice within you say you cannot paint, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.” Vincent Van Gogh said that. In less than 10 years, he painted almost 900 paintings – the voice that told him he couldn’t paint… didn’t have a chance. Now picture yourself fueled by this sentiment.   Think this: There’s something I want to do but I’m not feeling that good at it, or, I feel others are better than I am, or that it’s not something I can ever do, or I’m too old, I don’t know where to start .. but by all means I’m going to do it …. paint, write, dance, speak, build my business,  and head toward that creative north star that is calling my name anyway.  I don’t need to be perfect, but I do need to find enjoyment along the way … with patience and curiosity.. because the more I allow for the process to be enjoyable, the more I will, by all means doggedly stay with the process until the doubting voices pull up a chair beside me and start giving me ideas instead of discouragement. Or maybe they could write a critique for tuna casserole.If you hear a voice within you say you cannot be creative in any way say: Thanks for sharing…I’m doing it anyway.  **************************************The Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Training was recognized by Life Coaching Magazine as the best creativity coaching available. Now the tools and approaches that won it that honor are shared monthly, starting in January in a Zoom Session called Let's Talk About Creativity. Free to members of The UndergroundSupport the show Upcoming art and creativity programs
02:24 11/25/23
Dysfunctional Family Holiday Survival Guide
Sometimes a little humor and perspective around the holidays is called for.  I know it was for me. This episode gives a number of tongue-in -cheek and whipped-cream-in-mouth ways to deal with a dysfunctional family at the holidays... or really, anytime.Have a beautiful holiday season.Subscribe to A Muse's Daydream wherever you get your podcastsA new Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Training is coming up in January 2024. For those who want to understand more about how to unfold the creative process for others and/or yourself, through science, intuition, mindfulness and not taking yourself so seriously. More here.I loiter here.Support the show Upcoming art and creativity programs
07:06 11/19/23
Lady of the Canyon
Sometimes the undesirable and embarrassing parts of who we are make the best stories. Writing does that... it uses creativity to lift us out of self-judgment about our personal weaknesses and into comedy, healing or just an awareness of our common humanity. , I've brought one of those stories I'm particularly startled by, to sound effects, music, and uncut candor on this episode.Unearth creativity's resilience, joy, and mindfulness in your life by joining my new group, called Talking About Creativity ... If you're a podcast listener you get a special rate, so contact me.. Or join a group one that's been around for a long time that's accepting new members at the old price that will be increasing in January: The Underground Highway to Creative Results which includes Talking About CreativityIf creativity is a value of yours, you know  it can make every part of your existence better.  Conversely, when you don't get to it, you feel a kind of spiritual constipation and free-floating crankiness .  There's no doubt getting into a creative flow can be elusive, frustrating, or seemingly impossible. I've been there with the distractions, perfectionism, doubt, overwhelm, and resistance but I've also discovered ways to make it more of a priority in my life . It grounds me in my gifts and my relationship with myself makes living a whole lot more enjoyable.  And I've taught these "ways" to people for the last 20 years.It helps to have a place to show up so the effort is made easier and the inspiration is designed. Talking About Creativity and The Underground Highway to Creative Results are two such places. More with Jill Badonsky here Support the show Upcoming art and creativity programs
07:42 11/14/23
Making Interruptions Work for You
If you've ever tried to record a podcast without the proper sound proofing it can be challenging. This episodes illustrated the frustrations I encounter with interruptions and how they can be good practice for resilience. The secret to happiness is also revealed. ScriptMaking a podcast is challenging in many ways but can be a particularly frustrating when you don’t have the proper sound studio set up, meaning a separate room lined in egg grates, foam squares, marshmallow peeps, or whatever soundproof material you can get your hands on. You may be at the mercy of all the noises in your immediate vicinity and sometimes ones coming from your own body. Just when you think you are in your finest podcast moment, recording the most profound, ,  brilliant, hopefully helpful narrative in your life -- your cat plays with a bell toy, the leaf blower next door roars for 15 minutes, and i when it finishes, the leaf blower on the other side goes off, airplanes fly by, sirens sound off, dogs bark, dump trucks thunder down the street… things fall from the sky, satellites come weirdly close to the earth, the French national anthem is serenaded by random strangers, unidentifiable sounds come out of the wall sockets, someone throws a rock through your window, your souffle' explodes, your stomach growls, and your neighbor sticks his head in the window and says Hello (voicy) You may ask, Why not use a more soundproof studio? Or you may say loudly… GET A SOUNDPROOF STUDIO. It would save a lot of time, aggravation and trouble. My answer? Putting things off until conditions are just right is not the way I roll.   I like to do with what I got..My motto? ready-fire-aim! otherwise hesitation, researching, ordering, planning, constructing, testing, adjusting, decorating, the sound studio could steal the momentum. Plus it’s expensive and the cats are in possession of the spare bedroom.  So yes, I end up spending time pausing, editing, cursing, and rerecording because of the unexpected sounds … but in a way, it’s lesson in patience, practice to endure, to make the best of the situation as is, to   there’s a certain satisfaction in overcoming obstacles as insignificant as noises on a podcast because we all know life is filled with complications – and practice with the small ones can make us more effective with the bigger onesSo I suffer through having the sounds that end up on the reel but when the final recording comes out,  it’s as if they were never there, there’s just a merry sound track playing in the background and a friendly narration with no evidence of the insanity, , profanity, throwing of things has been cut out. No one listening to the final production knows the troubles I’ve known. It’s therapeutic to be able to manipulate reality like that. Therapeutic and satisfying – then I think of the things I might edit out of my life. Things I shouldn’t have bought, or said, clutter, cat hair, bad decisions, people who turn on you, sadness, irritability, chin hairs … but I don’t want to edit those things out except the chin hairs. What would I write about?  These are the grit of life, fodder for creative expression, metal waiting to alchemized to gold. They make the splendid moments splendider, the marvelous, marvelouser, the people who are on your side more treasured.   For ways to triumph over distractions to your creativity, subscribe to my newsletter. Other places you can find me. Come to Italy with me October 2024  Support the show Upcoming art and creativity programs
06:54 10/14/23
Ain't No Ballerinas in Hiphop
Hi,Thank you for listening. Think of someone who might like it and please, spread the word.Here's the blog that goes along with the newsletter.Written, narrated, and enginneered by,Jill BadonskyThe Script :I’ve always identified with Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale, the ugly duckling story… maybe that’s why I don’t eat duck or why I should. I wasn’t exactly a swan born in a family of ducks, I was more like say, a penguin or a frog floating by on a lily pad. Point is, I didn’t belong with ducks especially deeply conservative ducks, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I wasn’t, which made it a bit lonely.  I don’t think I’m alone in feeling lonely for this reason .When you feel you don’t belong in your family, a strange thing happens because you’ve been imprinted with a I don’t-belong kind of radar because not belonging feels familiar so you may find yourself subconsciously gravitating toward places to feel you don’t belong because we like the familiar.   Speaking of…  A few years ago, I thought about taking a hip-hop dance class.   My background is in ballet, but for some strange reason, I love hip hop music.     There was a class close by at a place called Culture shock.  Signed up, got some shoes, and, I changed my mind. Yeah, too much of a … culture shock. I’m thinking there will be kids jumping and spinning and executing complicated choreography all in sequence and I have problems with the Macarena among friends  Hiphop would mean I’d feel klutzy, embarrassed, and possibly in need of hospitalization.   So …  back to the Stairmaster with the penguins   The hip hop desire didn’t want to go away though. But every time I thought about going, I imagined people lots younger than me with caps on backward, pants half-mast saying, “yo  “Yo.” I was overthinking it… I thought, so one day I just went.When I got there, there were a bunch of young people with backward caps and pants half-mast, including the teacher.  But soccer moms and white college girls were there as well.  There was a woman at least five years older than me and another one in the first row, two moves behind everyone, so I thought yo, maybe I have a chance of fitting in.    Then I looked in the mirror…  Everyone else’s head in the class ended at my shoulders.   In other words, I was in a troupe of stocky, shorter people, because hip-hop works best and looks best when you’re short and stocky. In the mirror’s reflection, at 5’9” my head looked like a giraffe in a jungle picture where the giraffe’s its head is awkwardly sticking up above the rest of the herd, and I thought… I’m in the wrong herd, I don’t fit in.  Or do I? The woman next to me looked up at me with a look on her face that said, “No, you don’t fit in”. I thought… I should go. But I stayed, despite the hip hugger mishap. I forgot was wearing waist high big girl panties and hip huggers.  I looked in the mirror and two inches of pink underwear were sticking out of the top of my hip black dance pants.    I turned pink too, I’m not sure why… but I left them that way.  They were like a billboard that said, I SHOULDN’T BE HERE.Then, Miss Trina Lyons entered the room. Miss Trina Lyons was the hip-hop teacher who moved like a movie queen in the most self-confident style of breathtaking, beat-perfect-precision hip-hop I ever knew possible. She started leading a dance move where the herd was turning in a circle with arms in a stiff gangsta-tude swing.  In the mirror I saw that my ‘tude looked a lot like Marsha Brady with PMS.  I cracked a smile and one second later, Miss Trina announced to the claSupport the show Upcoming art and creativity programs
08:53 9/20/23
And Again, Nothing
Nothing here except this:Subscribe to my newsletter for podcast scripts and more creative inspiration. More hereThanks for listeningBrought to you by Kaizen Muse Creativity Coaching Certification Training Written, narrated, and engineered by Jill Badonsky  Music and sound effects by Epidemic SoundSupport the show Upcoming art and creativity programs
05:16 9/12/23
The Reason
William James, philosopher and psychologist observed,   “… when we reach the end of our days, our life experience will equal what we have paid attention to, whether by choice or default.”  I’m over 60., but I don’t care,.  I don’t choose to pay attention to my age most of the time “Age is only a number.”  There are occasional reminders that I’m not the number 20 or 30– Getting out of a chair after sitting for a while is interesting.I don’t go to Denny’s at 4 in the morning, wear short skirts, somersault, anymore, but I don’t miss those things.  I’d rather stay home and write than go to a party or a bar or anywhere there’s a crowd.  If our life experience equals what we have paid attention to, I want it to equal the way a paint brush can make the sun rise on a white piece of paper even if it’s four in the afternoon –  I want it to equal a belly laugh, waltzing, watching a comet passing by in the night skythe way dogs wiggle when they walk  I want it to equal the rare thrill of successfully parallel parking on the first try I want my life experience to equal standing in the path of a wave that will roll to the shore whether you’re standing in its way or not, baptizing you with the cold shock of courage required to leave behind the comfort of being dry and warm in exchange for the sea enveloping you in her wild nature at dawnI never want to take for granted dark chocolate covered almondsthe way people smile at you even when they don’t know youthe way you can burp a pickle jar to make it open easierthe liquid light that lingers on a raindrop lingering on a rose after a raina rose … periodthe peace inside, that’s there no matter what  I never want to take for grantedthe words table for two, pleasethe words thank youthe words.. I do.. I’m recording this a month and a half since I said “I do” Someone asked, “Why do you feel you need to get married - you’re in your sixties?”   I’m happy to answer. I don’t need to…I’ve learned I am enough alone. The reason is, I want to. I want to look into the eyes of the least annoying person in my world and say, “I could laugh with you for the rest of my life and not get tired of it” and hear him say, something like that back, I want have a long meaningful kiss with him right in front of a bunch of friends without worrying about grossing them outI want to walk in a room of friends and they and applaud our  love. My heart …is also applauding, for the courage I mustered up to try again.   I want to eat white cake with strawberry frosting, take shoes off , dance, and feel like we are 17   …17 is way too young to get married, But we do anyway… because … age is only a number Our  life experience can be more than our aches and pains, political divisions, worry a judgment, and your preoccupation with getting older – there are  so many things of wonder and love around us, but we default to the negative… we’ve got to go find the good stuff or pay attention to it, because most of them are right there now.What are you paying attention to? Subscribe to my newsletter for podcast scripts and more creative inspiration. More hereThanks for listeningBrought to you by Kaizen Muse Creativity Coaching Certification Training Written, narrated, and engineered by Jill Badonsky  Music and sound effects by Epidemic SoundSupport the show Upcoming art and creativity programs
06:08 9/3/23
I Don't Eat Duck (The one about the job)
Ever find yourself in a job where you don't recognize who you are anymore? "Sold your soul to the company store?" I did for 10 years. It made me cranky but ultimately gave me compassion, resilience, confidence, and the determination never to eat duck again... so to speak. Learn to facilitate creativity groups and/or recognize and celebrate the depth of your creative self by taking the Modern Day Muse Facilitator Course.Subscribe to my newsletter for podcast scripts and more creative inspiration.  More hereWritten, narrated, and engineered by Jill BadonskySound and music by Epidemic SoundSupport the show Upcoming art and creativity programs
08:25 8/27/23
Jumping Too Soon
This episode is about how moments in childhood predict who we are as adults including  jumping too soon into pools and relationships.   Everything's better with humor and creativity.For podcasts delivered straight to you, sign up for the newsletter.More here Support the show Upcoming art and creativity programs
09:39 8/20/23
For Friction Reasons
We continue on this journey of  misguided  creative adventures  you may not want to try at home - adhd has it’s hazards, but stay tuned to A Muse’s Daydream, it also has its advantages.This episode includes a home far far away I once lived in with the wrong person, Martha Stewart Christmas ornaments, a tow truck and a firetruck, hitting bottom both literally and figuratively and finding refuge in writing and art. It’s titled For Friction Reasons and is 100% true. I'm teaching a Wild Abandon style of writing and art at Omega   October 1-6, 2023More hereSupport the show Upcoming art and creativity programs
09:38 8/14/23
Fresh Water Pearls and Melted Crayons
 This  is a story that begins in the Miami sun with wobbly sailboats incarcerated in the straight lines drawn by a well-intending mom and ends with... wobbly sailboats sailing free. It highlights the advantage of perseverance which is a by-product of finding the joy in the process and not worrying how things look. There are advantages of being a perfectionist with ADHD. You may have read it before, I posted it earlier, but now it is a podcast with cameos by Morgan Freeman and Harrison Ford. :) Script and workshopsArtwalk in ItalyOther places Jill is foundSupport the show Upcoming art and creativity programs
06:50 8/7/23
Perfectionism is Creativity's Evil Stepsister
Hi Listener,If you've been in earshot of me randomly bending a stranger's ear or at one of my workshops or trainings, you've probably heard the story I'm about to tell you.  I share so maybe a little light is shed on the poison of perfectionism as it relates to doing three of the most important parts of the creativity:1. enjoying the process2. enjoying what you've done.3. sharing it with the worldI'm holding a free call on Tuesday August 8, 11 am pacific/2 eastern called Is Perfectionism Ruining My Creative Mojo ? It will give you agives you an idea of some of the principles I teach in Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching and my workshops, and may lend a little freedom to the evil step-sister of creativity: perfectionism as well as how you can use compassion to move yourself out of both perfectionism and procrastination. Register here  Other Workshops and TrainingsKaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Certification Training: ZoomAugust 21, 2023 — December 11, 2023 17-weeks of learning tools and approaches through a rich online community, two live-inactive Zoom classes a week, discussion, reading, and experiences based on science, mindfulness, intuition, and permission to be free from the fear, habits, pressures, and messages we get that stop our creative joy. KMCC hereThe Modern Day Muse Group Facilitation Training: ZoomSeptember 12 - December 5 (no class Thanksgiving week)Two Muses: Albert (Terry Way) and Bea Silly (Rozy Walker) will be teaching you how to run your own creativity groups based on the book The Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard). Or take it to return to, unleash or deepen your own creativity.Save the date - registration will be coming up in upcoming newsletters.  Sign-up here Wild Abandon at Omega Institute of Holistic Sciences: New YorkOctober 1-6, 2023. A week of immersing ourselves in Wild Abandon writing, art, photography, and good times in a forest in the Hudson Valley.   Register here The Muse in Winter: Writing and Art Retreat in Taos New Mexico: Two spots open Feb 10-14, 2023This year the workshops, art, improv, even the entertainment will be all geared toward writing. We will explore and celebrate creative writing and make art for writers in enchanting Taos.  Payment plans available. Taos link is here.   Art Walk and Creativity on the Italian Riviera October 14-20, 2024 Plenty of time to save up for gelato! I'll be providing the creative part of a tour to the Italian Riviera. Here's the link to sign-up     For all levels from beginners to travel-hungry pros. The Underground Highway to Creative Results: Zoom and FBFor regular Fun Creative Prompts and a spectacular group of supportive creatives, join me in the Underground . Monthly Zoom Creativity Workshop and Wild Abandon art and writing prompts weekly  and a secret FB page (optional)  for only $23 ..  .  Check that here.    Support the show Upcoming art and creativity programs
07:24 8/1/23
A Single Person Lives Here
hi,I wrote this poem a few years ago when I was single. I'll still single, but in two weeks, I'll be married. Yet, I will still be living alone because that's what we decided was best for both of our independent artist mentalities. Read the text as you listen by clicking here. Music by Epidemic SoundWritten, narrated, and engineered by Jill BadonskySupport the show Upcoming art and creativity programs
04:09 7/3/23
The World Inside of a Flower
Hi It's Jill. This episode I explore a Georgia O'keefe quote that goes like this: “When you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it's your world for the moment.Did Georgia O'Keefe really like flowers? You'll find out in this episode.Script here and free workshop registrationThe Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Certification Training is coming up in August.See more about that here.Find out more places for creative inspiration at where I hangout. Support the show Upcoming art and creativity programs
06:28 6/20/23
Rock Pile too
I'm not really in New Mexico... this is an encore episode to go along with the theme in this week's Muse letter of seeing things differently but also finding the beauty in things we see as the same. It has the full script of the episode as well as some creative prompts and pretty paintings. You can find that here.Voice of Antonio: Robin BriseboisMusic: Epidemic SoundEngineered, written, and narrated by Jill BadonskyThe 2024 Taos retreat is half full. Join me if you'd like that experience.. an immersion in the creative process with writing and art everyone can do, even if you're a lizard.You can find me hereSupport the show Upcoming art and creativity programs
04:54 5/3/23
Let's Try Something Different
The script is here if you want to follow along.Written, engineered, and edited by Jill BadonskySome traditions need to be examined, and maybe modified if they're not fun.Some of us would rather high-five than bow, some of us would rather blow bubbles in our chocolate malts than act too serious.I had fun writing this podcast. I find when I have a dry spell, I just submit to the silly, the absurd, and once again, my creative childlike spirit comes out to play. Sometimes it results in something inspirational, other times, it's just a good time. It's Bea Silly from my first book.If you're interested in trying my Writing Club... it's only $10 a month. That exchange of a little movie (two cappucinos here in CA), will give you a little inspiration and accountability to stay true to yourself.  Check it out here.If you want to add a monthly Zoom Creativity Workshop and Wild Abandon art prompts and a secret FB page (optional)  to that, it's only $7 more. (A $25 value that keeps creativity in your life).  Check that here. My other hangouts are here  Thank you for listeningSupport the show Upcoming art and creativity programs
04:40 4/15/23
Not Really Skydiving
Don't quit your daydream. Daydreaming is the source of infinite creativity.      Unlike any other form of thought, daydreaming is its own reward.  ~Michael PollanDaydreaming incubates creative discovery.      `Daniel GolemanHe does not need opium. He has the gift of reverie. ~Anais NinCreativity Workshop: April 19Here's other places I hang outSupport the show Upcoming art and creativity programs
04:02 3/28/23
Things Talking
 My hangouts can be found here. It's rainy here in San Diego. I wrote a poem and podcast last year about rain. I was in an Airbnb for two months because my bathroom was being renovated. It seemed fitting to send it to you again..Here's the writing "I’ve been taking a masterclass from poet, Joy Harjo.  She says -- one of the elements to writing good poetry is listening. Everything has something to say. The trees, the sky, the potted plants on the front porch. So  I started listening.I was stuck in an Airbnb in hillcrest for two months and started listening.And what I found is that if you pay attention closely, things are talking,  A LOT.  The desk, refrigerator, the sink, the comforter, my robe, the fern  were all were chatting. The coffee pot was percolating in laughter, the heat was humming a mambo, the cabinets were complaining about crumbs. Where once there was silence, there was  a cacophony of conversation…because I was listening.My attention turned to outside the window where the talk was louder.This Airbnb was on a busy street and the street was wet from rain.Every time a car went by it said sssssssshhhhhsss,  which I believe was “yes”Every time a car passed by on the wet concrete I heard the word “yesss”When a group of cars went by one after another,  it was a flurry of yesess in a tag team procession.The yeses came and went… nothing ssstayed yesss for long,   The noissse evaporated into sssilence as sssoon as the cars …. passsssssed.    So I asked the quessstionsss I wissshed were anssswered with yesss.. Will people ever live and let live? Will peace ever stay? Will the violence stop soon?There was a sudden absence of cars. Silence, no “yessses.”   Not too long after.  more cars came, but they didn’t say yes, …They said, “wisssh … wisssh .. wisssh..”   That’s what I heard as I listened to the cars driving on wet pavement…” wisssh “A truck said, “Get out of my way”… then a bus said, “Same old routine, same old.. route, day after day.” The rain came down heavier and it started talking, I listened… this is what it said:Yes, is not the ansswer to your impossssible questionsss,  …. that’s just your wisssh,  Peaccce can be elusssive,  …    lisssten closssely…   the carsss aren’t saying yesss…and they aren’t saying wisssh : they are saying thisss too shall passsss the rain, the darknessss, the conflict[yes] this too shall passss,   carsss on a rainy street,   the thought you’re thinking,   the pain you’re feeling,  thessse too shall passss, and then whatever comes next, that shall passss too. Listen to the peace inside of you."Support the show Upcoming art and creativity programs
07:44 3/1/23
The Haiku Hiking Trail
Written, narrated and engineered by me, Jill Badonsky  This was written in 2020 to help us get through, you know, that thing in 2020. But it's also relaxing for 2023 and beyond.Embrace the Wabi SabiHere's a little newsletter with prompts to go along with it.Here's where I hang out.Support the show Upcoming art and creativity programs
10:15 2/1/23
The Rain is Back
This is a Re-re-release of the episode called Rain because it just feels like people need a little relaxation and reverie during this time where the contagion, politics and the threat of climate change is exhausting us. Plus the holidaze.  When I listened to it again, it seemed new, that's the nice thing about forgetting stuff. And it's raining in San Diego right now.Written, engineered, and narrated by Jill BadonskyA new Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching training starts in January. On Zoom.Upcoming art and creativity programs www.themuseisin.comSupport the show Upcoming art and creativity programs
06:37 12/12/22
Return to the Castle Door
Hi! Thank you for listening. This is a replay from last year, but I have to admit I laugh everytime I hear and thought you might need a laugh.Check out for more inspiration.   Take care And here's where you can find more of my posts.Written, engineered, and narrated by author, illustrator, mindfulness/creativity teacher, Jill BadonskySupport the show Upcoming art and creativity programs
02:33 6/13/22
Lunch with Zeus
What happens when olives don't agree with Zeus?Who is the mother of the nine Muse's?How do we keep our creativity going during fear and despair?I'm pretty sure this podcast answers those questions. Written, engineered, and narrated by Jill BadonskyGuest voices:Robin Brisebois and Kelly Kirchmar-HegerBirds in the background by birds in the backgroundApologies for mispronunciations (it's all Greek to me)Music by Epidemic Sound Wild Abandon Retreat in Rhinebeck, NYCreativity Retreat on a Greek IslandOther places to find JillSupport the show Upcoming art and creativity programs
11:05 5/29/22
Idea Hotline On Hold Again
What if you could call a hotline to get ideas? I did and for SOME REASON it required a lot of patience. But I did get a pizza out of it, you might get a tip or two about your creativity.Explanation of where Wild Abandon Art and Writing Came fromVoice Actors:Robin Brisebois - he's an architectSadie Spikes, Kaizen-Muse Creativity CoachNicky Pitman - Master Kaizen-Muse Creativity CoachKim Selby, Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach with a Podcast called Ignite Your Spark: Here's the episode I got to be on.For More information about Kaizen-Muse Creativity, classes, retreats and trainings... go here.Jill Badonsky is the author/illustrator of three books on the creative process, creator/trainer at KMCC, and internationally recognized workshop leader. She teaches at the La Jolla Athenaeum and Omega Institute as well as through www.themuseisin.comSupport the show Upcoming art and creativity programs
09:16 5/16/22
A Metaphor of Roses
A relaxing romp ... into roses.  A tour to serve as a little vacation from  your stresses that can also feed your creativity.  At least 12 metaphors - send me a list of them for a drawing for a copy of the book, The Awe-manac: A Daily Dose of WonderWritten, narrated, and engineered by author/illustrator, workshop/retreat leader, Jill Badonsky.Music by Epidemic Sound.Thank you for listening. Subscribe where you get your podcasts. If you're inspired to do so, please write a review. I would APPRECIATE it. Omega Institute Wild Abandon Creativity workshopJill is also these places.Support the show Upcoming art and creativity programs
12:49 4/28/22
How to Be Here When You're Not All There
What happens when the Cheshire Cat becomes a life coach?This episode is inspired by Lewis Carroll and thanks to Terry WayWritten, narrated, and engineered by Jill BadonskyThank you for listening. Share if it feels right.Be kind to yourself. Stay safe. The Ministry of Silly Walks reference:Omega Institute Wild Abandon Creativity workshopJill is also these places.Support the show Upcoming art and creativity programs
11:42 4/10/22
Things Talking
This one is a little more subdued due to what's happening in the world, but intended to bring some perspective and peace to your day. Thank you to poet laureate, Joy Harjo, for the inspiration.Written, narrated, and engineered by Jill BadonskyInspired by Joy Harjo, US Poet LaureateMusic by Epidemic sound. Follow jill here and check-out offerings at www.themuseisin.comSupport the show Upcoming art and creativity programs
07:44 3/6/22
Mog the Goat
Emily Dickinson said, “I know nothing in the world that has as much power as a word. Sometimes I write one, and I look at it, until it begins to shine.” This episode explores how to make words shine and involves a whale, a giant, and a goat named Mog.Music by EpidemicSoundSound effects by ZapsplatVoice of the giant: Robin BriseboisVoice of the Mog the Goat by Barney the GoatFind Jill Badonsky and her creative offerings here.Written, narrated, and engineered by author/illustrator, Jill Badonsky. Support the show Upcoming art and creativity programs
04:00 2/18/22
The Rock Pile
In this episode, we witness the power of the imagination to transform the mundane to the magical in an unexpected way. "A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it bearing within him the image of a cathedral." ~Antoine  de Saint-ExupéryWritten, narrated and engineered by Jill BadonskyGuest voice: Robin BriseboisFor more about Jill BadonskyFor creative workshops and retreatsSupport the show Upcoming art and creativity programs
04:54 2/12/22