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The fun email marketing podcast. Sell more of your online courses, grow your membership and bring in more coaching clients with email marketing that doesn't stink. Sound good? Then join Rob & Kennedy for your weekly dose of fun, practical, yet brutally honest email marketing advice. You can listen in to a piping hot, fresh episode every 'Email Marketing Wednesday' or if you prefer learning with your eyes instead of your ears, we turn each episode into a full written blog post at => Get your free DAILY email marketing lessons direct to your email inbox at Connect with us and join the discussions: Twitter @robandkennedy Instagram @robandkennedy Facebook Group: Show Notes and Blog:


Testimonials - how to write and collect them automatically to bring in more sales with Monica Snyder 23:07 07/28/2021
How to Say 'No' to Extending An Expired Offer 24:09 07/21/2021
Facebook Groups Marketing, Content That Make Sales with Christina Jandali 25:26 07/14/2021
How to Email Your Abandoned Email List 19:55 07/07/2021
Build Your List using Viral Ads with Dave Rotheroe from Grip Advertising 24:22 06/30/2021
How to improve your email marketing - the 8 unexpected skills you need. 24:49 06/23/2021
How To Use Comedy, Humour, and Jokes in Your Marketing (Even if you're not funny) with Adam Hunt from White Label Comedy 25:56 06/16/2021
How we made our first 6-figures from a list of less than 2,000 subscribers 19:55 06/09/2021
Subscriber-Centric Email Marketing with Kath Pay, author of Holistic Email Marketing 25:26 06/02/2021
When Is It Too Early to Segment Your Email Subscribers? 15:48 05/26/2021
How to grow your email list when you have less than 10k Instagram Followers, Helen Perry spills all. 22:16 05/19/2021
5 Elements to Grow an Online Business 22:55 05/12/2021
Dress up your discount like this to make more sales with John Hutchison 25:07 05/05/2021
How to use email subject lines to do more than get your emails opened 16:10 04/28/2021
How to grow your email list using Facebook Pages (without ads) - Rachel Miller Moolah Style! 21:43 04/21/2021
What should I talk about in my emails? Email marketing content ideas you'll use. 19:13 04/14/2021
Email Marketing for Small Businesses with Steffen Schebesta from Sendinblue 22:47 04/07/2021
You've Got a Lead Magnet, Now What? 30:09 03/31/2021
Twitter For List Building With Madalyn Sklar 28:29 03/24/2021
Writing Subject Lines Without Using Formulas 22:59 03/17/2021
Use Live Streaming to Build Your Email List with StreamYard's Head of Marketing, Daniel Glickman 24:27 03/10/2021
How To Get People To Forward Your Emails And Grow Your List 24:09 03/03/2021
Get Your Emails Delivered (And Avoid The Spam Folder) With Adrian Savage 24:48 02/24/2021
Why Sending An Email Will NOT Make You Sales 22:46 02/17/2021
The Right Way To Run Viral Contests To Build Your Email List With Travis Ketchum 26:15 02/10/2021
6 Lessons We Learned From Launching And Growing Our Membership Site 22:28 02/03/2021
How To Sell Without Price Cutting or Pushing with Mike Montague from Sandler Training 25:20 01/27/2021
Predictions of Email Marketing 2021 21:05 01/20/2021
5 Types of Content That Creates Buyers and 'Assignment Selling' with Marcus Sheridan from They Ask You Answer 30:23 01/13/2021
Making Sales With Email Marketing, Faster 19:21 01/06/2021