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Dive into the artistic mind of Alessio and take a poetic journey to a world less traveled. As an admirer of all things artful and poetic one of the key aspects that is often times missed is the delivery of a poem. This podcast series is dedicated to taking a different approach to poetry, attempting to breathe more life back into poetry through music, Fx sounds and of course spoken voice. “How does the ordinary person come to the transcendent? For a start, I would say, study poetry. Learn how to read a poem. You need not have the experience to get the message, or at least some indication of the message. It may come gradually.”Joseph CampbellIn this Podcast series we'll focus on nurturing tolerance, diversity, equality, spirituality and embracing self-empowerment. We proudly deliver spoken word poetry, insightful interviews and mini documentaries with all walks of life on a variety of topics that matter most. Subscribe to our podcast for upcoming interviews, poetry releases and discussion topics. We welcome you with arms wide open to join us as we help to empower the world through the education of self awareness, love, tolerance and acceptance of all nations, colors and creed.


To many ideas… Light…I can see youThe truth of the world is you Truth cannot hide here I am you and you are meAs we are created from the same place you see Connected to the same energyNo judgment  for judgment does not exist To judge me would be to judge youAs we are oneThe soul of the worldI'm not afraid of what I do not know, because only truth exists hereI am not blinded by the illusions of manFear here has no host, no presence , no energyOnly the archetype of love, passion and tolerance conquer allDarkness cannot escape lightLight is lifeLight is energyLight is your soul Light is your beingLight is youLight is the soul of the worldto many ideas…Special thanks to Katarina Rose  for her vocal contribution
01:14 10/30/20
Zodiac Markers Shift
Power, power within I'm callingZodiac markers shifting, stallingMarking tides his story mourning  written hands Connects our journeysCalling short Calling strongPyramids stood against all oddswhen all was fallingearths Angel's callinglast stand repeatedAn oil light burningMulti-versed into several storiesEncryptedlost in time your journeyfalling language forgotten, turningsands of time still crawling forwardTime now caughtIn capsuled storyOnly captured  steady glory   The morning Sun flips chapters timeWhile the night sleeps in Dreaming of the mornings Sun -----------------------------------Additional Credits:  Flute by Katarina Rose
00:55 10/14/20
We are the Neurodivergent
We turn your lights on at nightDeliver abilities far beyond Neurotypical minded boundariesWe invent, build and design the unthinkable We are Mothers, Fathers, Sons and DaughtersPoets, Scientists, Mystics, Artists, Musicians, Lightworkers, Teachers, Shamans, AbolitionistsWe come in all shades and all colorsWe fight for what's rightMoral "Soul"diers uniteOur frequency centered to the starsNash Equilibrium connected to a united humming heart432hz to startWe see in colors, feelings, numbers and visions Beyond describable, eye-able, keywords, summaries or scientific conclusions Imagination,Unthinkable realities in a distant destinationVibrations in colors, in forms, entangled in many faces, in many placesWe are the NeurodivergentWe are the Star ChildrenUnique in our own rightTruth seekers on a set mission  With a vision Peace, serenity, a multi colored, non-linear dimension, A journey, A never ending destinationA hub of experiencesUnlocked potential To a never ending missionPeaceful minds, peaceful planets, peaceful soulsOf an inner worldDestined to get out  Destined to fruition We are the NeurodivergentWe are the Star ChildrenWe are united By the moral compass inside usThat bonds usEntangled into the DNA Of everything around us
01:29 10/11/20
Star Children Unite
Father, I am sorry for not checking in,  my eyes have been blindly absorbing, the pain of the earth, and all the mindless sinFather, for I am sorry to  report your children are crying and dyingshedding blood in your name, angels need to awake     and rise towards this weeping stars heart againFather, I'm here to report with tears in my eyes the avoidable misery of millions brought on by the greed of the reckless, the heartless, the machine mind built by machine  kinds. The machine of the mechanism design, the machines of men, men with lost hearts, lost souls,lost minds, men filled with greed,treachery, violence that’s left their souls hollow and dry, undead in the shadows of the lightFather, I plead for your mercy, I plead for all to see the light, Star children unite, shed light, fight for all that is right, You laid the signs in front of my eyesAs I gazed past the obvious lies Star children hear my cry, hear the outlandish liesUse my ears and eyes,  I serve you to enlight and fight for what's rightStart children unite   be the voice of the voiceless, Fight for social justiceEqual rights, equal pay, equal opportunityRegardless of sex, creed or the color of your skinShine light on the dark hearts, dark souls. Light the 4 corners of the   earth, where complex ciphers designed to break honest hard working peoples dreams and minds from ever coming alive, Enlighten and dispel the hateEducate, love, laugh and participate  As we stand together  to abolish an oppressive systematic state Of the mechanism minded men, the heartless, the treacherous, the greed centered machines made of machined minds built by machined kinds of the mechanism designStar children this message is for youUnite, Do what's right, The earth criesAnd needs your mending touch, Your mending heartTo surviveAdditional Credits:  Female Vocals - Katarina Rose
02:14 9/5/20
Dreams Manifest Relevant Realities
Dreams play our souls homemade videos Engineered to make an unbreakable heartDance to the rhythm of timePlayed in perfect synchronicityThrough a space time continuum That shifts the oceans breeze Shaping dancing monarch butterfliesThat prance on the tips of our imaginationsPondering the many  journey's aheadAnd the many journey's begunWhile laughing at the salty rain dropsbouncing between synchronized soundsTo the beat of that bittersweet taste Of tales told in slices of timeFor the Now and forevermore *Special thanks to Katarina Rose and Roses1401 for their vocal contributions 🙂
01:19 12/20/19
Living Tears Drop to an Emotionless Sea
Tears drop To an emotionless sea Played to the notes of human shiny objects that draws me…Wired of ecstasy Sonar echo’s throughout the dayless nights Full of endless memoriesOrchestrated by every move I makeEvery poem I bakeEvery depressing stakeDrawn by a virtualistic takeOf my beating hearts drumsLike a ton of notes to a simple songBuilt by an energy full of vengeance and deceitBut with love and honor just the sameThe Yin and the YangGiven just enough to bearTo learn not to churn, not to believe in human illusion Twisted Realities…That catchy beat played on every kids top 10 Again and againDrawn as the energy color changeWhether consciously weary or awake7 layers downSleepHalf bakedAdditional credits: Katarina Rose, female vocals
02:08 6/22/19
The Stars Spoke a Language We've Forgotten
Welcome aboard ladies and gentlemen and thank you for taking another astral plane ride to the other side on the one and only Poetry Shuttle 21.  Where the stars seem far and spirits dance to the song of glory in   the shadows of the moon in the light.My names Alessio your Poetry Shuttle captain and host.This poem is dedicated to our lost past and the forgotten souls who sacrificed themselves for our gift of life today. To the souls of all men and women who helped move mountains and build the wonders of our world. I salute you. So without further ado, it's time to kick this dream machine into multiverse warp speed.. So take off your blinds and read between the lines for a fulling, fun and fine time.   And lastly…. If you've taken poetry rides with me on past adventures then you know the drill…  Seat belts on and don’t forget your safety goggles.  Poetry Engines on, checked and fully fueled.  Let's get ready in 3, 2, 1 Action….. POEM 12 thousand BCThe stars spoke a language we've forgotten buried by lost memoriesSacrificed to seas of an apocalyptic journeyDown from pyramids built across our galaxies Scattered throughout our ancient worldly realitiesFar into the Petra mountains of the carved pastManifested by the souls of timeEarth shakes andWaters of the 7 seas collideSunk into an Atlantis of wonders and allusions for another generation to ponder how all was lost in timeAgain we rewind only to fast forward back into the same state of mindPast visions of tomorrows yesterday's forgottenDestroyed by the gods that were rememberedWhile lost memories deteriorate in the sands of the souls and the stars in a Light that's in sightA lost treasures of the unknown Artist leave their tracesHoarded by the pasts soulless Stuck in between 2 timesWriters tell their hero's storiesIn a language lost only to be remembered by the victors mindsBy the wind, earths sentiments and star dust scattered through our galaxyIn the brief moment we see in this realityLook withinTake a spinTruth cannot be hiddentrust in yourself and empower your trainable vision
02:19 12/28/18
Connected to Past Present and Future Self
Welcome aboard ladies and gentlemen.  Thank you for taking another astral plane ride to the other side on the one and only Poetry Shuttle 21.  Where the stars seem far and spirits dance to the song of glory in the shadows of the moon in the light. My names Alessio your Poetry Shuttle captain and host.This poetry piece is dedicated to the meaningful connections we make throughout our life journey.  Whether with past, present or future self.   Our understanding of how we connect to life and its meaning is so limited yet unlimited in our matrix world of endless possibilities.  Most of the time the answer we're seeking is right in our face and we don't even know it.  I'm going to keep this intro short so let's go ahead and get started. And as always, seat belts on and don’t forget your safety goggles.   Poetry Engines on, checked and fully fueledLet's get ready in 3, 2, 1 Action…..  POEM START There's a reason you were chosen to play chapters throughout my life or that life chose me to play chapters in yoursI may not remember all the reasons we're together, connected, in sync, at this very moment, in this very secondOr how we made it hereto where we arehow far we've come togetherDestination earth…. On the same train from another plane of existenceMe right here, right now, in this very moment You right here, right now, in the same moment in a different spaceAs we have before, now and in the future of the endlessBut I can tell you right now I couldn’t be happier Your smile and laugh get me through the daysEven when I think I can't take another breatheAll I do is think of you and I can breathe againWhen I'm at my lowest is when you sing the highestAlive and I am laughingIn between the lines of sanity's perceptionAnd the love that always exists between and beyond human understandingIt will take a minute for the world to awakeBut it will happenWater always finds its way to life To existence, to health and harmony 
02:53 12/1/18
Hello World... With Love From Me to You
Everyday is a "Sun" DayPoetry Lyrics:Hello World! And to all the Glorious Sunny Sun Days With love from me to youOn any given Sun dayI may not see your smileBut I know you are thereI may not see your voice or hear you calling my nameBut I can feel you near Feel your warmth, Charm, Laughter & smileliveliness to dream live and loveI know you're thereOn Any day, on Every day on any given Sun daySunny days of my tomorrows smiles We lift our heroic memories to the top exceeding miles beyond our lifetimes Emotions, Interest, Love, and Glory within On any given Sun dayThrilled to be, be with you Across the world, over the seas and oceans BlueOur hearts Spread, on any given Sun DayWe Connect through Earths energy powered by the love withinEarths matrix smiles uniting us togetherYou hold the key to be freeOn any given Sun day "I, I, I love you"On any given Sun dayIs your fun day the Sun shinesOn any given sun dayFor you, you to seeWe wake up in the glory of your existence Without you there's no me, and without me there's no youBut I'm always hereOn any given Sun day Every day on any given Sun DayMy brothers and sisters from all over the worldI come to you with love.Pass it forward,Smile, because you matterForward dreams are catalogs of potential realities All it takes is youYour energyYour ambition And your smile  ..................................Alright ladies and gentlemen!  Welcome back and thank you for taking another ride to the other side, we just have a few more hyper jumps through the astral planes and we're back within our known universe and into Earths matrix.  Hope you enjoyed the ride on Poetry Shuttle 21!  Make sure to watch your step when exiting the shuttle and don’t forget to pick up a free glass of dreams and a sugar free lollipop at the door. ;)If you're interested in hearing more crazy, unique and out of this world poetry tune in to my Podcast series available on all major podcast platforms, just search for Poetry Shuttle 21.
03:00 11/24/18
Dream Travelers Guide into Future Tomorrow's
Welcome aboard ladies and gentlemen and thank you for taking another astral plane ride to the other side on the one and only Poetry Shuttle 21.  Where the stars seem far and spirits dance to the song of glory in the shadows of the moon in the light. My names Alessio  your Poetry Shuttle captain and host.In this episode we'll start our adventure together with a little Poetry shuttle trivia!   What happens when you combine a desire to travel abroad with a crazy imagination and a few slices of peace, love and rock & roll?   You get our next pit stop called "Dream Travelers Guide into Future Tomorrow's".  Team work makes the dream work so lets jump right in to the poetic world of endless possibilities.  So get ready to take off your blinds and read between the lines for a fulling, fun and fine time.   And lastly…. If you've taken poetry rides with me on past adventures then you know the drill… Seat belts on and don’t forget your safety goggles.  So without further ado, it's time to kick this dream machine into multiverse warp speed..  Poetry Engines on, checked and fully fueled   Let's get ready in 1, 2, 3 action***POEM START***A dusty suitcase Cornered, in a pile of procrastinating dreams Dust me off, and let's see what we got in future Me'sMultiplied into hibernating smiles, laughs and loving peace letting skies into cloudy dreams of a realities foreseen To be on dirt roadsFilled with real memories of nature's ecstasyPeace….. love….. and harmony Dance on the music and ride the waves of endless timesMake a mark, swirl, close your eyes and be all that is youAll that is mine used to be afraid of mindless illusions scattered throughout time Triggered for nothing stopping the real world from turning the clocks of true timePack up lets hit the road into the skies blueOver the oceans seas, underneath the glowing moonSaturn's belt spins along with all its harmonic moonsItalia you are now there but soon to be here It's time for a ride into the futureHere I come into a world of ancient pastsBuilt on manifested dreams In sync with one another worlds of real realitiesOur connected souls, united togetherIn hand, again, synchronous-tic. To with meLet's create the unimaginableLove always shines and builds the earths breathing memoriesLove for our past, present & future earths and Shuffled locations of the stars, and endless galaxies
05:23 11/17/18
Unknown Destination
Poem: Unknown DestinationWindy walks on dirt roadsHolding hands With the oceans breezeSun Sings alongTrees dance To the ambiance of the stars Winds And galaxies Sands of timeless yesterday's Run between my beating hearts toesLaughing freely to the beat of old cassette tape decks That stillClicks and ticks To the beats And tones of earths symbiotic vibrations Into the soul of existence Connected to the timeless within Uniting us together as one once againWithin you and me And the spirits of love, lifeAnd eternal understandingMaking my heart danceTo earthIn loving spirits existenceLiving between a human eye's shadowCloaking true treasuresLooking within and dream to be what you Were meant to beA true treasure in the makingA diamond in the roughAlways perfectwith each imperfectionSimply misunderstoodA power to be found on a journeyTraveled by one to the infinite many
02:50 9/3/18
An Energies Reflection of the Moons Hollow Rising
Poem: An Energies Reflection of the moons Hollow RisingI sometimes dream into a world full of colorful rosesthat rain from the 7 skiesInto the 7 seasConjured by the energies reflection of the moons hollow risingAs it litters the floors with wonders of color ImaginationFreedomAnd gloryBeauty in raw formIn raw essenceIn raw stateWhat one isIn a multilayer existenceOf awarenessAll unique in their own rightYet synchronized at all times in all places in all spacesStirring thoughtsStirring dreams and themes Into real things if you know what I mean---------------Special thanks to Katarina Rose for her vocal contributions :)
01:51 8/12/18
I'll Always Love You Forever
Well hello there traveler, welcome aboard and thank you for taking another trip down poetry lane with me and the crew on Poetry Shuttle 21.  Are you ready for another crazy ride into the world of vivid dreams, memes and mystical themes?  Then you've come to the right place.  In today's episode we'll jump into a secret magical rabbit hole where alchemists shop for innovation and dreams manifest themes that carry out real change to those who daze into its eyes of true future possibilities …. and the key is…. The one looking has faith and believes in what their third eye sees. On today's itinerary down the magical rabbit hole we'll be speaking to a tribe of spirits who live within our dreams and speak in a language only feelings can decipher.  So take off your blinds and read between the lines for a fulling, fun and fine time.  and lastly…. If you've ridden with me on past adventures well you know the drill…Seat belts on and don’t forget your safety goggles.  So without further ado, it's time to kick this dream machine into multiverse warp speed.. Plasma Engines on, checked and fully fueled.  Let's get started in 3, 2, 1 action Poem: "Ill Always Love You Forever"I'm talking to you Though you can't hear my voiceI'll always love you foreverMy presence is near youYou can feel it within your voidYou don’t understand me but that is by choiceListen with your mind not with one's voiceFeeling the pain from the starving childrenI think I know your missionYour sent visionYour sacrifice for lessons   Angels…… Listen, listenI'll always love you Listen, listenforeverStudents playgrounds, students painful lessonsHas its positionto show loves missionInner thoughts give you interventionPower for reason truth and glory withinAll I do isListen, listenWhy, why, why the tragic pain that can be avoidedThe tragic fears exploited for whatAnother dollar to pay your Your old grandfathers funeralWhen he's half way upAnd finally realizes it's too late, Gates closed, back down you goLearn, learn, learnFree your fearsFree your soulIt’s the goalTo beSee, seeInto unknown territoryAgain like the stars and the trees that live for centuries in a state of bliss and gifts for all to loveShare and careTime, its just an illusionwhen the darkness goes to sleepfused into a Matrix of thought and quick teachings of goodit's not the conclusionJust a level within multiple illusionsTo a mission that’s hidden But you are the star On screen full of starsThey're all watchingCan you see them?Sphinx  laughingwhen the pyramids danceAnd prance to its meaningJust a sign for usForgotten what it means  But it's okaySome of us still seeAnd the flames reach their highest peakIt’s the love within us Don’t forgetIts within us allJust connect And you will see tolerance is to discoverBecause you are my sister and brotherThe stars are brighter Feel the energy flowing harderThere is a better tomorrow But time will not borrowI am glowing Glow with meLet's set each other freeForever, forever, forever...Special thanks to Katarina Rose and Roses1401 for their vocal contributions :) 
06:10 8/10/18
Angel's Show Up Briefly in Human Skulls
In this feature poetry piece we buckle up for an adventure into our relationships with the spiritual world and beyond. We'll also multiverse through dimensional spaces in time to give a few special thanks to the over world of guardian angels.  Then we'll hop back and show our gratitude for our now world full of family and friends. So stretch out and prepare yourself for a hop skip and a little jump into yesterday's dimension of tomorrow's memories to give a special kudos and thanks to our resting brothers and sisters that cross dimensions and transverse time…..*** Featured Poem ***I'm not leaving you I'm here to stayI'll stay by your side and we can stop this togetherLet me give you strength let me give you hopeFrom Me to MeThen let me help youLet me share the painOpen up to meLet me inside and I'll fight this with youDays and nights fall hand and handBlending in without much saidThe days go by all through just oneMy aching heart and bones They do feel  the sunWe live to protect what we hold dearAs long as we have that you can find the meaning on your ownThough I may not know my purpose hereIt gives me hope to know I'm hereWhether by choice or fate Angels tickle to let me know their nearWatching and making sure my path is clearJust when I think I know the plan you seethey flip the script on meThose tricky little beesAnd when I'm feeling low and see no end is nearI look within to make amends to me you seeYou got to Shine bright, brighter than anything change in It shows Just odd and outwardly This world is weird and hard to understandI often times feel lost within a multiverse through dimensional spaces in the same places yet weaved and intertwined togetherInto a distant land You know what I mean?I gotta tell yaThank you  for that guiding hand That's swept me off my feetOff the astral plane Into this distant landI wish you…. happinessAnd into the hands of a loving famFor all those who are lost and live in fear My heart is with you hold on in thereLife may be hard and seem so unfair but remember there's always angels near.  Sometimes it's hard to hear their call, sometimes they show up briefly in humans skulls  instilling hope in those who forgot how to see Kind of like an optometrist who works for freeDear Hope, Please help lead the blind Into the light of lifeLove is for all of us to shareDo not deny it but embrace it for it is what your made of.. All you have to do is careAttributing Artists: Katarina Rose, mousepatrol, ymaaela, Roses1401
05:16 8/2/18

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