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Might Help, Can't Hurt! Conversations with Leaders, Doers, and Friends

Welcome to "Might Help, Can't Hurt! Conversations with Leaders, Doers, and Friends" - a series of impromptu "private conversations made public" with people who inspire me about life in the pandemic, reimagining the future, and whatever weird and wonderful things happen to be on our minds that day!


Episode 43 - Professor Anthony Kessel on "the magic pill"
  In this wide-ranging episode, Professor Kessel and I explored the ideas behind his new young adult novel, "The Five Clues", and why sharing fundamental principles of mental health at an early age reaps benefits for a lifetime. We also explored the creative process, the future of the pandemic, and what ideas we'd put in a "magic pill" if we could create one that would awaken psychological wellbeing for everyone! To learn more about Professor Kessel, find his details below:   Medium:   New Book: The Five Clues   Professor Kessel's last episode: Episode 8: Global Health and Teen Resilience with Professor Anthony Kessel
38:26 10/15/2021
Episode 42 - Joe Bailey on thriving in the eye of the hurricane
In this story filled episode, Joe Bailey, author of Slowing Down to the Speed of Life, The Serenity Principle, and the brand-new release Thriving in the Eye of the Hurricane shares his insights and experiences from over four decades of sharing the principles behind our innate health and resilience. We talked about getting caught up in day-mares and the calm, clarity, and guidance that's always available to us in the eye of any storm, and about how love just might actually be the solution for what's ailing the planet. To learn more about Joe, you can find his details below: Website: New book:
41:46 10/15/2021
Episode 41 - Peter M. Krask on the messiness of creativity
In this free-flowing episode, Peter M. Krask and I explored the inherent messiness of creativity and its relationship with curiosity. We also talked about how to create conditions conducive to breakthrough moments and innovation, the possible origins of the inner critic, and the power and value of not knowing what to do next! To learn more about Peter, you can find his details below: Websites: Instagrams: @thecreativityguide @petermkrask
41:55 07/26/2021
Episode 40 - Laura Gates on a paradoxical view of conflict resolution
In this fascinating episode, executive facilitator and corporate conflict specialist Laura Gates and I explore how reducing "conflict avoidance" actually leads to less conflict instead of more. We also talk about the shift from "what's wrong with you?" to "what happened to you?" and how radical self-honesty and ownership create a ripple effect towards global change. To learn more about Laura, you can find her details below: Website: Facebook:
39:14 06/28/2021
Episode 39 - Mark Silver on doing business as an act of love
In this thought-provoking episode, Mark Silver brings his experience as a fourth-generation entrepreneur and master teacher within the Sufi lineage to the question of how to create a business that cares for (and works for) everyone. We explored "the middle way" between commerce and capitalism, humanity and sovereignty, and hope and fear, along with how to know and what to do when it's time to leave your job and strike out on your own. To learn more about Mark, head to:
40:37 06/02/2021
Episode 38 - Dr. Jack Pransky on transforming communities one person at a time
In this wonderfully mellow episode, Martin Luther King award-winning author Dr. Jack Pransky, one of one of my early mentors in the inside-out understanding, shares his thoughts on the radical simplicity of how the mind works, the radical power of love and understanding in community, and the radical gift of deep listening to both ourselves and others. "Modello: A Story of Hope for the Inner City and Beyond" on Audible:​ Jack's Books:​ Jack's Website:
39:51 05/11/2021
Episode 37 - Humor, Humility, and Entrepreneurial Success with Shaa Wasmund
In this action packed conversation, Sunday Times number one bestselling author Shaa Wasmund, MBE shared her not so secret secrets to succeeding in business, putting family first, and leveling the playing field for people of all socio-economic and racial backgrounds. We talked about "sanity metrics vs. vanity metrics", four questions to start your new business (or take your current one to the next level), and why treating people with kindness, humor, and humility always pays off in the end! To learn more about Shaa, you can find her info below: Website:​ Social Media: @shaawasmund
39:30 04/07/2021
Episode 36 - Thinking About the Power of Thought with Mike Dooley
In this episode, Mike Dooley shares his thoughts on how "thoughts become things", and we explored the nature of creativity and how the internationally bestselling DVD and bestselling book "The Secret" came about. We also talked about why obsessing about "the cursed hows" can derail our creative efforts and whether or not illnesses like Covid and cancer qualify as "gifts from the universe". Because we recorded the show live, you'll have to bear with my dogs going nuts near the beginning and my microphone going nuts towards the end, but all in all one of the most high-energy and fascinating conversations yet! To learn more about Mike, checkout the links below: Website:​ Facebook:​ Youtube: @Mike Dooley​ Instagram: @mikedooleytut Twitter: @mikedooley
41:58 04/07/2021
Episode 35 - Uncovering Our Innate Mental Health with Beverley Wilson Hayes
In this beautiful and peace-provoking episode, "Miss Beverley" Wilson Hayes shares lessons learned from over 30 years at the forefront of transforming communities one person at a time. We explore separate realities, the power of "soft listening", and the magic formula for life: M+C+T = R. Guillaume Appolinaire poem: "Come to the cliff," he said. They said "We are afraid." "Come to the cliff," he said. They came. He pushed them. And they flew.
46:55 03/09/2021
Episode 34 - Writing for a Living as Part of a Wonderful Life with Robert J. Crane
In this week's episode I got the chance to meet and hang out with one of my favorite writers, Robert J. Crane. He's a million-selling author of over 80 books (although I've only read 51 of them so far :-), and his stories include fantasy, thrillers, paranormal tales, and even horror. We talked about the discipline of writing, balancing obsessive productivity with a happy marriage, why writer's block isn't as much of an obstacle as you might think, and the dirty little secret of the first million words! Website: Facebook: @robertjcraneauthor
36:04 01/26/2021
Episode 33 - Doing Business in a Benevolent Universe with Dr. Srikumar Rao
In this episode I'm in conversation with Dr. Srikumar Rao, one of the highest rated and most popular professors at many of the world's top business schools. His spiritually-based yet practically grounded message helps people to come radiantly alive in their life and work. We discuss the changing nature of business today, the perils of living in a self-centered world, how to set/achieve goals without stress and fear, and the benevolent nature of the universe. To learn more about Dr. Rao, head to
39:00 01/26/2021
Episode 32 - Living in a World Without Anxiety with Nicola Bird
We're back for season two of "Might Help, Can't Hurt! Conversations with Leaders, Doers, and Friends." In this episode I'm in conversation with Nicola Bird - serial entrepreneur, founder of A Little Peace of Mind and author the Hay House book of the same name, one of the best books I've ever read about overcoming anxiety. We discuss anxiety, creativity, and what it takes to keep yourself together when the world around you seems to be falling apart! Website:
39:57 01/26/2021
Episode 31 - The Changing World of Work with Michelle Walder
Michelle Walder is my long-time friend and business manager. She is also the CEO and co-founder of TXG Ltd, an executive coach placement firm in the UK, as well as being a non-executive director of at Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club and the Hay Festival of Literature and the Arts. In this episode, recorded in the midst of the US presidential elections, we explored what work might look like post-pandemic, the increased humanity that comes from working from home, and how increased opportunities for women can change the world of work! To learn more about Michelle, you can find her info below:
38:52 01/26/2021
Episode 30 - An End to Seeking with Nic Askew
This quiet yet insight packed conversation with filmmaker Nic Askew was filled with an exploration of what it is to live life from the place of being "a glorious ignoramus" - that is, from the place of stillness, soul, and not knowing. We talked about "winging it", pure listening, being lived, and the difference between felt experience and intellectual understanding.   Website: Instagram/Facebook: @nicaskew Nic's TEDX Talk: Title Nic's poems: The short film, God and the Chocolate Ice Cream directed by Nic and featuring me:
52:03 10/30/2020
Episode 29 - A Whole New Way of Thinking About Addiction and Recovery with Reed and Krista Smith
In this fascinating and thought-provoking conversation, I'm talking with Reed and Krista Smith, the founders and owners of Centered Recovery, an insight-based recovery program in Atlanta, Georgia. We explored their principles-based approach to helping people get new perspectives on physical and emotional pain, and how seeing beyond both "thought" and "thinker" allows for more space and ease in the midst of our busy lives! To learn more about Reed and Krista and Centered Recovery, you can find their information below: Website: Facebook/Instagram: @centeredrecovery
52:21 10/29/2020
Episode 28 - Educating Hearts and Minds with The Spark Initiative
In this amazing episode, I'm in conversation with Brooke Wheeldon-Reese and Ashley Hunt from The Spark Initiative and James Hird, the principal of Horizons Academy Alternative School where he continues his life's work of recovering at risk students. We talked about how educating students and teachers about how the mind works not only allows them to study and learn more effectively, but creates a solid foundation for having "difficult but necessary" conversations about societal issues.  Plus, you may never look at a tea bag or Skittle in the same way again... :-) To learn more about the Spark Initiative, you can check out the links below: Websites: Facebook: @sparkmentoringprograms Instagram: @sparkinitiative Twitter: @sparkcurriculum
44:16 10/29/2020
Episode 27 - Mental Health in Turbulent Times with Dr. Bill Pettit
In this episode I'm in conversation with Dr. William F. Pettit Jr., Adjunct Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at both Creighton University School of Medicine and Michigan State University School of Osteopathic Medicine. He is a recognized educator in the Three Principles Understanding, and has presented at many national and international conferences and consulted to numerous clients and organizations both nationally and internationally. Bill and I talk about where stress actually comes from, how mental health diagnoses can become an unnecessary burden, and how a principles-based understanding of the mind and body can help anyone to uncover their mental health and peace of mind regardless of circumstances. To learn more about Bill, you can find his information below: Website: Facebook: References: My Guide Inside Syd Banks on The Great Illusion
48:38 10/29/2020
Episode 26 - Living an Extraordinarily Ordinary Life with Genpo Roshi
In this episode, the American Zen Master Genpo Roshi and I explore what it is to ascend the "mountain of enlightenment" and come down the other side, how to engage with the game of life even as you wake up to the dream, and how to take all the pressure off yourself for the rest of your life! To learn more about Genpo, you can find his information below: Website: Facebook:
43:31 09/22/2020
Episode 25 - Learn As You Go with Billy Blanks
In this episode, Tae-Bo creator and seven time Karate world champion Billy Blanks and I explored the power of commitment and faith, what it really means to be a "good loser", his unusual plan for getting our world leaders to begin working together, and perhaps most importantly of all, who would have won if he fought Chuck Norris in their prime... :-) To learn more about Billy, you can find his information below: Instagram: billyblanksofficial1 Facebook: @thebillyblanks Youtube: Billy Blanks Tae Bo Fitness Webstie:
40:09 09/22/2020
Episode 24 - Imagining the Improbable with Susie Pearl
In this conversation with bestselling author and former celebrity PR manager Susie Pearl, we talked about cancer, how a near-death experience changed her life, her new book "The Art of Creativity", and how when you get brains, money, and inspired action working together you might just change the world! The Art of creativity is out now on Amazon UK, Audible, and in Waterstones UK as well as all good bookshops. If you'd like to learn more about Susie you can find her information below: Website: Susie's New book: Instagram: @susiepearlx Facebook: @susiepearlwriter Twitter: @susie_pearl YouTube: Susie Pearl
34:27 09/22/2020
Episode 23 - Career Mapping, Diversity, and the Future of Work with Ginny Clarke
In this episode, executive recruiter, career advisor, author, and Google's director of Diversity and Internal Executive Mobility Ginny Clarke and I explore how you can navigate your career in this time of increasing uncertainty along with a frank yet surprisingly open-hearted discussion about unconscious bias, the challenges of diversity, and the future of work in a Covid-19/#BlackLivesMatter world. To learn more about Ginny, you can find her information below. Website:
36:45 08/04/2020
Episode 22 - Creativity Unleashed with Steve Chandler
In this episode, Steve Chandler (author of over 30 books including 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself and Time Warrior) and I talk about his career as a songwriter, why I get more frustrated with my creative process than he does with his, and how the chaos of the pandemic economy may turn out to be incredibly healing for our world! To learn more about Steve, head to:
39:25 08/03/2020
Episode 21 - Rebels for Peace
In this episode, I spoke with Eirik Olsen, Dajohn White, Prince Jimmar, and Cambria Khayat about the amazing work they're doing with youth in Chicago to unleash their "superpowers" and light a spark for peace and possibility in a confused and confusing world. To learn more about Rebels for Peace and One Solution Global, and to make a donation, you can find their information below: Websites: Social media:  @rebelsforpeace @onesolglobal To support the work of Rebels for Peace and the One Solution Global Foundation, please consider making a donation to their campaign:
45:44 08/03/2020
Episode 20 - The Hidden Variable in Pretty Much Everything w/ Barbara Patterson
In this episode, I’m in conversation with leadership coach and consultant Barb Patterson a long-time corporate executive turned business owner. She is the founder of Beyond Limits in Business, a global platform, pointing entrepreneurs, business leaders and their organizations to the source of human potential. We explore the hidden variable behind empowerment, life-work balance, performance, success, social change, and more! To learn more about Barb, you can find her information below: Instagram: @barb_p Facebook: Linkedin:
34:51 08/03/2020
Episode 19 - Navigating Data to Cure Cancer, Covid-19 and More with David Glazer
In this episode I'm in conversation with David Glazer, founder of the Google Genomics team and an engineering director at Verily Life Sciences, where he helps life science organizations accelerate and scale their work with big data. He is a PI for the Data and Research Center of the NIH All of Us Research Program, serves on the NIH Advisory Committee to the Director, and is a member of the Steering Committee for the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health. (He's also my brother and better at explaining things than pretty much anyone I know!) We explore how to navigate the extraordinary amount of data swirling around the current pandemic, along with more abstract questions like how to think about hard things, making sense of big and small numbers, and how to explain complex things in surprisingly simple ways.
39:25 08/03/2020
Episode 18 - Doing Business in Rapidly Changing Times with Shama Hyder
In this episode I'm joined by entrepreneur, author, and online and television personality Shama Hyder. Shama is the founder and CEO of Zen Media, and has been ranked as one of LinkedIn's Top 10 Voices in Marketing every year since 2016. We talk about getting the word out about what you're up to in the new economy (whatever that economy winds up looking like), balancing marriage, parenting, and business, and what we've learned by failing to write a book together despite the best of intentions! To learn more about Shama, you can find her information below: Wesbite: Linkedin:
41:58 08/03/2020
Episode 17 - Love and Dementia with Brianne Grebil
This surprisingly light-hearted deep conversation with Brianne René Grebil was about what we can learn from caring for loved ones with dementia and Alzheimer's. Brianne is the author of the moving, helpful, and hopeful new book Love Doesn't Care if You Forget. We also took a brief detour near the end to talk about pop sensation Billie Eilish - you'll have to listen in to find out why that's relevant! To learn more about Brianne, you can find her information below. Website: To grab a copy of Love Doesn't Care if You Forget:
46:38 08/03/2020
Episode 16 - Dancing in Non-Duality with Dr. Peter Fenner
This conversation is with one of my early teachers, Dr. Peter Fenner, a leader in the adaption and transmission of Asian nondual wisdom worldwide. We explore how an ancient understanding of the mind can help people navigate life in modern times, and take many fun and curious detours along the way! To learn more about Peter, you can find his information below: Website: Linked in:
47:49 06/30/2020
Episode 15 - Waking Up to Who We Really Are with Mavis Karn
In this episode, I spoke with Mavis Karn about her time teaching in juvenile detention centers, who we really are and why it matters, the way that deeper listening changes the dynamic in any conversation, and how making the shift from angry purpose to loving purpose impacts both us and the world around us.
48:56 06/30/2020
Episode 14 - Let's Talk About Race with Rob Cook
For this episode I spoke with my friend Rob Cook about his experience of race and how it's changed from his time growing up in Birmingham, Alabama, through his nearly twenty years in the military police, and into his life now as a father, fitness guru, and coach in the midst of the Black Lives Matter movement. This was a truly exceptional conversation - Rob and I chatted for a bit after we went off air and both felt moved and graced by what came through! If you want to connect with/learn more about Rob, you can find his information below: Facebook/Instagram: @imrobcook
52:12 06/30/2020