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The Engineering Career Coach Podcast

The Engineering Career Coach (TECC) Podcast provides career advice to engineers of all ages and experience levels. Our host for the show, Anthony Fasano, PE and Jeff Perry, MBA interviews engineers ranging from recent engineering graduates to professionals from top engineering organizations on different engineering career goals and challenges. Each show includes a live coaching session with an engineer on real career challenges, and an engineer career-changing tip. Topics covered include but are not limited to job search, goal setting, finding a mentor, communication skills, public speaking, networking, organizational skills, productivity, leadership and more.


TECC 278: The Introverted Engineer: How to Survive in the World of Engineering 26:00 06/21/2022
TECC 277: Building a Strong Engineering Culture 27:28 06/07/2022
TECC 276: How This Engineer Used Wrestling to Train Students on Public Speaking Skills 31:50 05/24/2022
TECC 275: Visual Thinking for Engineers: Become a Better Version of Yourself 30:08 05/10/2022
TECC 274: Engineering and STEM Education: Why It Is Important 29:47 04/26/2022
TECC 273: How Engineering Firms Can Secure Their Businesses Against Ransomware Attacks 35:28 04/12/2022
TECC 272: Turning the “Great Resignation” Into the “Great Transformation” 30:14 03/29/2022
TECC 271: Creating a 5-Year Plan in Your Engineering Career 16:13 03/22/2022
TECC 270: How Engineers Can Fuel Their Creativity and Find a Creative Outlet 26:18 03/15/2022
TECC 269: Diversity in Engineering: Celebrating Black History Month With Ted Colbert 37:21 02/28/2022
TECC 268: How Engineers Can Manage Complexity in Their Organizations 45:40 02/15/2022
TECC 267: Why Engineers Should Push Themselves Outside of Their Comfort Zones 16:32 02/08/2022
TECC 266: Mentorship: Why All Engineers Need to Have a Mentor 25:30 02/01/2022
TECC 265: Finding Career Fulfillment in Your Engineering Career 24:47 01/25/2022
TECC 264: Leading With Gratitude: Tips for Engineers to Enhance How They Lead 25:53 01/18/2022
TECC 263: Transitioning From Engineer to Engineering Director 27:19 01/04/2022
TECC 262: 3 Top Questions Engineers Should Ask at Their Next Performance Review 13:57 12/21/2021
TECC 261: Using Patents as a Financial Instrument in Engineering 27:18 12/07/2021
TECC 260: Top Skills All Engineers Need to Excel in for Their Careers 25:59 11/23/2021
TECC 259: The Lost Art of Effective One-On-One Meetings 24:04 11/09/2021
TECC 258: Change in Engineering Education: What Does the Future Hold? 30:21 10/26/2021
TECC 257: How to Manage Burnout, Fear, and Uncertainty and Remain a Productive Engineer 30:43 10/12/2021
TECC 256: Finding the Right Engineering Career Path (That Best Fits Your Professional Passion) 22:23 09/28/2021
TECC 255: Developing a Growth Mindset for Career Success 35:24 09/14/2021
TECC 254: How Engineers Can Find Job Opportunities During This Global Crisis 38:41 08/31/2021
TECC 253: Four Ways to Increase Efficiency in Your Engineering Business 27:08 08/17/2021
TECC 252: Entrepreneurial Engineering & Engineering Culture 25:02 08/03/2021
TECC 251: Building Your Skills as a Sales Engineer (To Help Grow Your Business) 29:50 07/20/2021
TECC 250: From Laid Off to Starting an Engineering Firm 30:21 07/06/2021
TECC 249: Life Cycle Engineering and How It Fits Into Integrated Product Support 38:08 06/22/2021