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Climate 21

With a new episode every Wednesday morning, the climate 21 podcast is a weekly podcast that showcases best practices and thought leadership in greenhouse gas emissions reductions. Host Tom Raftery interviews climate change experts, executives from companies rolling out the best climate initiatives, and other stakeholders in the space to educate and inspire everyone to action.


Making Low Income Housing Energy Efficient - A Chat With Ryan Cassidy 28:37 05/04/2022
Transforming Climate Complexity Into Business Intelligence - A Chat With Sustainability Global's John Gilbert 37:26 04/27/2022
Using Dynamic Glass To Cool Buildings - A Chat With Glass Dyenamics CEO Christopher Angelo 43:13 04/20/2022
Deloitte's World Climate Commitments - A Chat With Scott Corwin 43:48 04/13/2022
Circular Economy And Climate - A Chat With Stephen Jamieson 27:52 04/06/2022
Turning Waste Into Fuel - A Chat With Anaergia Founder And CEO Andrew Benedek 24:45 03/30/2022
Achieving Energy Independence, Improving Profitability And Reducing Emissions Using Fugitive Methane - A Chat With BennaMann CTO Chris Mann 35:00 03/23/2022
How Your Investments Can Help Solve Climate Change - A Chat With Carbon Collective Co-Founder Zach Stein 43:59 03/16/2022
Reversing Tropical Rainforest Deforestation - A Chat With Health In Harmony Founder Kinari Webb 34:10 03/09/2022
Climate Interventions - What Are They And Can They Help - A Chat With Prof Wake Smith 39:09 03/02/2022
Decarbonising Supply Chains - A Chat With The Climate Choice Co-Founder Yasha Tarani 29:03 02/23/2022
Climate Litigation Cases Tracked - A Chat With Drilled, And Damages, Podcasts Host Amy Westervelt 42:56 02/16/2022
Supercharge Me - How To Get To Net Zero - A Chat With Corinne Sawers And Eric Lonergan 47:51 02/09/2022
Investing In Low Carbon Construction Startups - A Chat With Cemex Ventures President Gonzalo Galindo 28:56 02/02/2022
Planetary-Scale Regeneration - A Chat With Earthshot Labs CEO Troy Carter 44:34 01/26/2022
Ecocide - Making Mass Destruction Of Nature An International Crime - A Chat With Jojo Mehta 40:09 01/19/2022
Making Data Deliver Net Zero - A Chat With Gavin Starks of Icebreaker One 39:44 01/12/2022
Final episode of 2021 35:05 12/22/2021
Intelligent Decarbonisation - A Chat With Prof Markus Kraft 41:21 12/15/2021
Short break - back next week 04:55 12/08/2021
COP 26 Outcomes, The Role Of Data, And The Skills Gap - A Chat With Prof Sally Eaves 34:11 12/01/2021
The Sustainability Imperative With Tom Raftery 38:52 11/24/2021
Battery Electric or Hydrogen Fuel Cell? The electrification of transportation - A Chat With James Carter 46:54 11/17/2021
How Much Did The Fossil Fuel Companies Know About Climate Change, And When? A Chat With Ben Franta 36:20 11/10/2021
Carbon Budgets, Carbon Bubbles, And The Risk To The Financial Sector - A Chat With Carbon Tracker's Mark Campanale 47:38 11/03/2021
Sequestering Carbon, Increasing Biodiversity, And Alleviating Poverty - A Chat With Rebalance Earth's Walid Al Saqqaf 52:20 10/27/2021
A Chat With Capgemini's Global Head Of Sustainability Dr James Robey 29:42 10/20/2021
SAP's October Sustainability Summit - A Chat With Anita Varshney 34:28 10/13/2021
Using Finance To Protect And Enhance Biodiversity While Simultaneously Sequestering Carbon - A Chat With Ralph Chami 73:28 10/06/2021
Saving The Planet Is Now A Communications Challenge - A Chat With Dedlyne Co-Founder Huw Bunn 35:11 09/29/2021