Show cover of The Bright Side of Life (Mental Health, Self Care)

The Bright Side of Life (Mental Health, Self Care)

Mental Health and self-care are so important. Depression, anxiety, loneliness, and stress are all things we are dealing with on a daily basis. Join us as we navigate and discuss people's successful journeys back to joy and happiness despite some of these challenges. Get tools and hear people's advice on everyday worry, self-doubt, self-worth by hearing their comeback stories. We want you to know that you're not alone in your struggle. That your mental health is worth caring for. You deserve self-care just like anyone else. We will also cover topics such as: Mental Health Self Care Plan. How to take care of your mental health. How self care can reduce stress. Where to start with self care. What is self care? Why self care is important for Mental Health. Why self care matters. Healing trauma. Healing childhood trauma. Why mental health matters.Where to get Mental Health help. Grief and loss. Grief and loss support. What forms of therapy is there? Mental Health issues. Mental Health Stigma


Singer-Songwriter Casey McQuillen shares her passion for anti-bullying, body positivity, and mental health. 75:51 06/28/2022
A-Ha Moments I want to share with you! 34:27 06/14/2022
Signs You're Self-Sabotaging and How To Stop It 49:53 06/07/2022
Understanding PTSD and Trauma. Michele Rosenthal's story. 73:32 05/31/2022
How we can heal our trauma. Dahlya Brown Shook’s story. 78:04 05/17/2022
How to reconnect with our partners. Derek Hart's story. 59:18 05/11/2022
How we can equip ourselves for challenges. Savio P. Clemente's story. 53:02 05/03/2022
How we can dim the stigma around Mental Health. 32:59 04/26/2022
Owning your sh*t. Taking ownership over your life. Krystal Jakosky's story. 74:17 04/19/2022
How We Can Show Up as Our True Selves. 29:24 04/12/2022
Dr. Robb Kelly on stepping out of the disease and into the solution. Recovering from Alcoholism and Drug Addiction. 73:39 04/05/2022
How to achieve an intuitive, aware, and abundant mindset. Steve Barton's story. 86:44 03/29/2022
Why mindfulness should matter to you. Joree Rose's story. 55:44 03/22/2022
The benefits of Trauma-Informed Yoga. Angie Berrett's story. 62:54 03/15/2022
How to practice self care. Choosing YOU! 30:08 03/09/2022
Finding out what you're truly made of. Gage Terry's story. 59:31 03/01/2022
Beachbody's Super Trainer Joel Freeman shares his story. 59:15 02/22/2022
How we can love like Rachel. Brandon Janous's story of navigating life after losing his wife to cancer. 65:46 02/15/2022
The ingredients for joy and self connection. Shari Alyse's story. 64:30 02/08/2022
Owning your health. Shelly and Nikhil's story of what it took to save Nikhil's life, when for 2 decades he suffered from undiagnosed bipolar disorder. 91:46 02/02/2022
20 Ways to Help Stay on Track with Your Health and Fitness 43:27 01/25/2022
How to pull yourself out of a defeated mindset. Andrea's story of leaving a tumultuous relationship and making a better life for herself. 56:10 01/18/2022
Coping with the death of a child. Carrie's story of losing her son and the new approach she has navigating life without him. 68:41 01/11/2022
New Year's Resolution Ideas to Start 2022 Right 17:42 12/31/2021
The benefits of EFT Tapping. Carrie's story on Prayerful tapping and why she started doing it. 60:47 12/21/2021
Surviving Trauma. Meghan Judge's story on surviving and thriving. 72:35 12/14/2021
Finding the light in the darkness. Jesse Bradley's story on finding his real identity during the hardest journey of his life. 70:42 12/07/2021
Transforming mind, body, and spirit. Jennifer Pilates story on how we can master all three. 91:46 11/30/2021
Be unapologetically yourself. Nicholas Holman's story on becoming a successful artist by being his true self. 78:35 11/23/2021
8 Ways We Can Be Honest With Ourselves 36:42 11/16/2021