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Exclusive interviews with authors from selected papers published in The Bone & Joint Journal (BJJ): changing practice and leading clinical orthopaedic research since 1948


The COMPOSE Studies: epidemiology, characteristics, management and outcomes of femoral periprosthetic fractures 28:18 08/10/2022
Deep learning in orthopaedic research 16:48 08/05/2022
The history of The Bone & Joint Journal, with Mr Frank Horan 18:51 06/24/2022
Robotic arm-assisted versus manual unicompartmental knee arthroplasty 27:45 05/20/2022
The BOSS Studies: Perthes' disease and SCFE 43:05 03/28/2022
Should patient age thresholds dictate fixation strategy in total hip arthroplasty? 18:17 01/31/2022
Long-term mortality rates and associated risk factors following primary and revision knee arthroplasty: 107,121 patients from the Scottish Arthroplasty Project 26:35 01/21/2022
BJJ's Festive Podcast 2021 23:10 12/21/2021
BJJ Podcast with Editor Emeritus, James Scott – highlights from the past year 25:10 11/22/2021
Functional outcome of routine versus on-demand removal of the syndesmotic screw 23:02 11/05/2021
BJJ Special Edition Podcasts…Insights from the US with Prof David Ring 46:43 10/28/2021
Implant brand portfolios, the potential for camouflage of data, and the role of the Orthopaedic Data Evaluation Panel in total knee arthroplasty 24:44 10/08/2021
BJJ Special Edition Podcasts…Insights from the US with Prof Matt Abdel 27:12 09/29/2021
Introducing OrthoSearch 16:32 09/17/2021
BJJ Podcast with Specialty Editor for Trauma, Prof Matt Costa – highlights from the past year 30:24 08/20/2021
The Hip Society supplement 2021 17:52 07/01/2021
The Knee Society supplement 2021 25:00 06/23/2021
BJJ Special Edition Podcasts…Insights from the US with Prof Heather Vallier 44:30 06/17/2021
BJJ Podcast with Specialty Editor for Shoulder, Duncan Tennent – highlights from the past year 27:05 06/01/2021
Patellar resurfacing during primary total knee replacement is associated with a lower risk of revision surgery 30:26 05/13/2021
Does performance-based renumeration improve outcomes in the treatment of hip fracture: results from the WHiTE multicentre hip fracture cohort 31:19 05/01/2021
BJJ Podcast with Specialty Editor for Children's Orthopaedics, Daniel Perry – highlights from the past year 24:08 04/01/2021
BJJ Podcast with Specialty Editor for Knee Sam Oussedik – highlights from the past year 24:25 03/05/2021
Effect on health-related quality of life of the X-Bolt dynamic plating system versus the sliding hip screw for the fixation of trochanteric fractures of the hip in adults: the WHiTE Four randomized cl 30:22 02/01/2021
The effect of antibiotic loaded bone cement on risk of revision, following hip and knee arthoplasty: a systematic review and meta-analysis 26:00 01/01/2021
The prevalence and impact of gender bias and sexual discrimination in orthopaedics, and mitigating strategies 36:06 12/15/2020
BJJ's Festive Podcast 2020 20:39 12/07/2020
The Orthopaedic Trauma Society classification of open fractures 32:16 11/05/2020
Publishing study protocols: maximizing research transparency and spotting spurious statistics 21:42 09/02/2020
Reliability and validity of the Wrightington classification of elbow fracture-dislocation 28:41 07/30/2020