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Take Note is a live radio program heard weekdays on Harvest Family Radio, Guam. The podcast version features a ten-minute recap of one of our favorite programs from the previous week, minus the music.


He Hath Declared Him
The God of heaven came to earth to dwell among men. Our passage of the day talks about this "Word made flesh," who came to die in our place on a cross.
09:30 9/22/23
With Gladness
We spend some time in a well-known Psalm on this edition. It encourages believers to sing, serve, thank, praise, and bless the Lord. Because He is good.
10:05 9/20/23
Given to Idolatry
The city of Athens was wholly given to idolatry. Paul took an opportunity he was provided there to teach people about Jesus, the Son of the One True God.
13:15 9/15/23
Led of the Spirit
The works of the flesh and the works of the Spirit are opposites. They are contrary. But what do these works look like? Today we find out from Galatians 5.
11:00 9/13/23
In All This
The story of Job is a difficult one to read and identify with. He faced calamity, disaster, hardship, and pain, but did not charge God foolishly in all this.
11:31 9/8/23
The Right Hand
Jesus is the express image of God's person, the Son of God, without equal, and worthy of worship. And He is the focus of the first six verses in Hebrews.
10:07 9/6/23
Exceedingly Mad
Paul stands before King Agrippa in Acts 26. He tells of his fury against the disciples, which he maintained until the day he met Jesus on the Damascus road.
11:41 9/1/23
Yielding Fruit
According to Jeremiah 17, a person who trusts in the Lord can be compared to a tree planted by the river, which is strong and yielding fruit, even in days of adversity.
09:41 8/30/23
For My Sake
Jesus warned His disciples of persecution in Matthew 10. He told them to be "wise as serpents" and "harmless as doves," in a world that sought their lives.
11:31 8/25/23
The Mountains Quake
The king of Assyria plotted to conquer Jerusalem. In Nahum 1, we discover why he utterly failed when he met the One before whom the mountains quake.
11:37 8/23/23
Great Persecution
The disciples we meet in Acts 8 are experiencing great persecution. They escape threat, not merely to preserve their lives, but to continue their ministries.
08:51 8/18/23
Judgement and Justice
A queen came from Arabia to prove one of God's servants with hard questions in I Kings 10. She discovered his wisdom was given by the One True God. 
13:08 7/5/23
As Dear Children
Believers in Christ should be followers of God - pleasing Him - as dear children. We should avoid those things that dishonor Him, according to Ephesians 5.
11:14 6/30/23
With Thanksgiving
There are difficult instructions for believers in Philippians 4. Among them, avoid being anxious, go to God in every circumstance, and do so with thanksgiving. 
11:15 6/28/23
The God of Peace
The world's definition of peace often lacks something - or rather someone - the God of Peace. We'll discuss Jehovah-shalom from Judges 6 on this Take Note. 
14:26 3/24/23
Mine Honour
The Lord rebukes His priests through the prophet Malachi in Malachi 1:6-12. Today we discuss polluted offerings and the believer's duty to offer God our best.
09:35 3/17/23
Because He Believed
The details of this well-known story about Daniel are not always explained. We spend some time in Daniel 6:1-23 on this Take Note Podcast to have a closer look.
13:56 3/3/23
The Rain Descended
Jesus tells us about two kinds of people in Matthew 7:24-29. They have different foundations, and their foundations determine the outcome of their lives. 
09:40 2/24/23
Love Your Enemies
Jesus asks us to do a couple of impossible things in Matthew 5:43-48. Why and how should we love our enemies and be perfect, as the Father is perfect?
10:39 2/17/23
Fear and Great Joy
Disciples of Christ come face to face with an angel at Jesus' tomb. They are told He is risen, just as He said. Not long after, they see the risen Christ! 
10:53 2/10/23
They that are sick
Today, we Take Note of a text in which Jesus is eating with publicans and sinners. Some raise objections, but we find these are exactly the people He came to save.
10:21 1/25/23
Of Mercy and Judgement
We Take Note of Psalm 101 today. This is a Psalm of David. In it, he sings of God's mercy and judgement. He tells us his house will be a place of integrity.
10:48 1/11/23
The Liberal Soul
On this edition, we Take Note of Proverbs 11:18-25. This widely-varied section of scripture eventually reminds us to be generous, understanding that generosity brings blessing.
12:21 12/21/22
Out of Trouble
The Old Testament book of Proverbs is our destination on this Take Note Podcast. Its wise words and keen insights contrast righteousness and wickedness, reminding us to choose God's path.
09:43 12/14/22
One Sinner
When a lost sheep or a lost coin are found, there is joy. "Likewise, I say unto you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth."
10:40 12/7/22
A Wise Son
Anyone looking for wise counsel on life should make their way often to the Proverbs. Our passage of the day contains words and ideas that, if taken to heart, can help any reader become "A Wise Son."
12:08 11/30/22
Shine as Lights
On this edition of the Take Note Podcast, we learn that our only hope for successful ministry is to allow Christ to work within us. Because our assignment is to shine as lights in a very dark world.
08:52 11/18/22
Not Seen
Faithful disciples of Christ often face persecution. We are capable of enduring these trials when we focus on that which is not seen and avoid any fixation on the temporal.
09:31 11/16/22
Everlasting Life
A person with questions about life and death, heaven and hell, or their soul and the future is not going to find a better place in the New Testament to begin reading than John 3:16-21.
08:13 11/11/22
Whosoever Will
Jesus described His upcoming mistreatment, death, and resurrection in this passage. Peter didn't see the bigger picture and received a well-deserved rebuke from the Savior.
10:36 11/9/22