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Captivate + Convert with Christy Cegelski

What if you could attract the people you actually WANT to work with, render the competition irrelevant, and get paid to do what only YOU can do? The Captivate and Convert Podcast with Christy Cegelski will show you how. As a connection-driven conversion copywriter and email strategist, Christy talks all things copywriting, marketing, and branding. Each week she'll share tips and strategies designed to help you become known in your niche so you'll have ZERO competition, as well as in-depth conversations with other online biz experts. Expect a few fun, thought-provoking "Christy Questions" that just might make you shift in your seat a little bit (because that's the stuff you really want to know!)


Being An Entrepreneurial Couple With Steven Cegelski 26:55 01/10/2022
ENCORE: Selling On Instagram: What To Do & What NOT To Do 38:55 01/03/2022
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Shifting Your Energy Around Selling With Julie Gohring 54:20 11/29/2021
Building a Team to Grow Your Business With Emily Milling 46:49 11/22/2021
Microdosing & Mental Health Part 2 With Kathleen Oh 37:40 11/15/2021
Microdosing & Mental Health Part 1 With Kathleen Oh 34:31 11/08/2021
Create Your Own Signature Framework With Tiffany Ingle 40:10 11/01/2021
1 Simple Tool That'll Make Your Biz Life EasierWith Cathlyn Melvin 45:02 10/25/2021
Doing Your Business YOUR Way With Deanna Seymour 66:47 10/18/2021
Is A VIP Day Offer Right For Your Business With Kristin Macintyre 51:29 10/11/2021
Online Courses Vs. Group Programs - Which One Is Right For Your Business? With Jessica Terzakis 49:23 10/04/2021
My Journey with Keto Part 2 43:01 09/27/2021
My Journey With Keto Part 1 42:59 09/20/2021
A Year of Christy Questions 46:30 09/13/2021
Replay: Captivate Your Audience With Storytelling 61:56 09/06/2021
The Key To Driving More Sales On Day 1 Of Your Launch With Ash Chow 42:43 08/30/2021
Personal Style Tips To Boost Your Confidence And Build Your Brand With Swapna Patel 37:00 08/23/2021
PR Basics: Getting It & Using It To Grow Your Biz With Queen Chioma 57:03 08/16/2021
Building An Engaged Community with Emily Aborn 46:14 08/09/2021
How To Stop Sabotaging Yourself TODAY 12:04 08/02/2021
Choosing The Way You Experience Your Business With Tamika Auwai 44:17 07/26/2021
Content Marketing Vs. Copywriting - What's The Difference? 10:46 07/19/2021
Smashing The Patriarchy - with Deepshikha Sairam 55:08 07/12/2021
4 Tips To Help You Nail Your Next Podcast Pitch 11:50 07/05/2021
How To Generate $75k From Your Freebie 46:13 06/28/2021
Reimagining & Rebuilding Your Business After a Crisis 36:31 06/21/2021