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Welcome to the Everyday Wellness podcast with Cynthia Thurlow! Cynthia is a mom of 2 boys, wife, nurse practitioner, and intermittent fasting and nutrition expert. She has over 20 years experience in emergency medicine and cardiology, but pivoted to focus on food as medicine. She loves to share science-backed practical information to improve your overall well being and is grateful to be interviewing leaders in the health and wellness field. Her goal with Everyday Wellness is to help her listeners make simple changes to their everyday lives that will result in improved overall wellness and long term health.


Ep. 175 Myths About Intermittent Fasting & Ketosis! Moving Towards Better Metabolic Health with Chris Irvin 70:01 10/23/2021
Friday 5 04:49 10/22/2021
Ep. 174 Identifying and Treating Your Children's Mental Health: How We Can Be Their Greatest Support with Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge 66:49 10/16/2021
Friday 5 10:32 10/15/2021
Ep. 173 How The Food You Eat Boosts Your Mood & Mental Health (and the Connection Your Gut Health Plays) with Dr. Uma Naidoo 45:36 10/09/2021
Friday 5 10:22 10/08/2021
Ep. 172 Are We Eating From A Toxic Food System? Tackling Issues within the American Food Industry with Robyn O'Brien 69:46 10/02/2021
Ep. 171 How Was Jimmy Moore Able To Make The Biggest Transformation? The Pivots That Helped Him Reach His Goals with Jimmy Moore 81:34 09/25/2021
Ep. 170 Thinking Beyond Medication with Nourishment: Giving Your Body the Chance to Heal with Courtney Contos 57:21 09/22/2021
Ep. 169 Why Should You Care About Your Metabolic Health? Empowering a Deep Understanding of Our Bodies with Dr. Casey Means 63:11 09/18/2021
Ep. 168 What To Do About Insulin Resistance Disorders (and the Role that Digestion Plays) with Dr. Benjamin Bikman 60:34 09/11/2021
Ep. 167 Let's Talk About Human Optimization: It Starts with Improving Your Metabolic Health with Dr. Jaime Seeman 63:54 09/04/2021
Ep. 166 How to Maintain a Healthier Thyroid: Interesting Thyroid Physiology Health & Preventative Care with Dr. Eric Balcavage 93:38 08/28/2021
Ep. 165 A Fresh Perspective On Menopause & Fitness: The Importance of Listening to Your Body with Debra Atkinson 75:19 08/21/2021
Ep. 164 Digest Some Of The Scientific Findings Between Nutrient Deficiency And Mental Health: It’s Time to Upgrade Your Diet with Junaid Kalmadi 49:23 08/18/2021
Ep. 163 Meet the Internationally-Recognized, Anti-Aging Researcher with a Passion for Detecting and Preventing Age-Related Conditions with Dr. Gil Blander 54:12 08/14/2021
Ep. 162 Learn More About Blood Sugar And Intermittent Fasting: A Look at the Science of Dieting With Melanie Avalon 39:44 08/07/2021
Ep. 161 The Nutritional Battlefield & Debunking Chronic Diseases: How Most Food Has Become Poison with Dr. Robert Lustig 56:25 07/31/2021
Ep. 160 The Power Of Behavior-Centric Health & Wellness: Trade-Offs for a Long and Happy Life with Jon Levy 47:09 07/24/2021
Ep. 159 Lara Adler Explains The Link Between Chemical Exposure And Weight Gain & Other Health Issues 66:37 07/17/2021
Ep. 158 Root Cause & Treatment For SIBO, A Digestive System Condition: Addressing the Misconceptions With Phoebe Lapine 61:23 07/10/2021
Ep. 157 Biochemistry Secrets To Burn Fat Faster: Navigating the Science of Fat With Dr. Sylvia Tara 46:41 07/03/2021
Ep. 156 Mysterious Effects On Hormones & Intermittent Fasting: Tips for Optimizing Estrogen Metabolism with Dr. Stephanie Gray 52:35 06/26/2021
Ep. 155 Stages For Healing From Post Betrayal Syndrome: Surviving To Thriving with Dr. Debi Silber 43:56 06/23/2021
Ep. 154 How to Normalize Your Thyroid Function: What You Can Do To Help Support Your Body with Dr. Alan Christianson 53:10 06/19/2021
Ep. 153 Fix Your Mouth/Fix Your Health: Reversing Tooth Decay Naturally with Trina Felber 78:12 06/12/2021
Ep. 152 Metabolic and Hormonal Spark: The Value of Lifestyle Shifts with Dr. Jade Teta 64:52 06/05/2021
Ep. 151 Key Factors To Boost Everyday Wellness: A Data-Driven Approach to Good Health with Marty Kendall 65:55 05/29/2021
Ep. 150 TikTok Star On His High-Performance Perspective & Fasting: Becoming Better Versions of Ourselves with Jeremy Abramson 64:02 05/22/2021
Ep. 149 Keto Flex, Feasting and Fasting: Bringing the Body Back to Normal Function with Ben Azadi 52:54 05/15/2021