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A true crime podcast hosted by lifelong best friends, Amy and Freya. Each season the duo tackles a new theme, aided by their respective forensics and social science backgrounds.


S3 EP6 The Father of Modern Organised Crime
After a ambiguous hiatus, the hosts have returned for the second half of the Historical Crimes season. This episode explores the rollercoaster life of ex-Mafia boss, Lucky Luciano. An Italian-born gangster who wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty during his climb to the top spot of the New York Mafia in the 1920s. To this day, Lucky is credited as the father of modern organised crime in the USA. As part of the burning questions segment, Freya discusses the various motives for joining the Mafia and Amy talks about police corruption highlighting a particularly disturbing example.
67:24 06/28/2022
S3 EP5 The Essex Witch Trials
To mark the midway point of the historic crimes season, Freya takes you all the way back to 1645 and the groundbreaking witch trial against residents of Manningtree, Essex, which sparked a frenzy that resulted in the mass persecution of women all over, including in a little known place called Salem, Massachusetts. That's right! This is the story of the self-appointed Witchfinder General, whose methods and misogynistic rampage inspired the Salem witch trials among so many others.
62:07 07/12/2021
S3 EP4 The Serial Killer John Haigh
This week Amy fills you in on all the details surrounding the crimes committed by British serial killer, John Haigh, also known as the Acid Bath Murderer. After a life of fraudulent activities in the early 20th century, John's crimes escalated to match his obsession with gaining wealth. In the burning questions segment, Freya goes into detail about redivicism rates in the UK and how they are trying to tackle reoffenders. While Amy gives you a second serial killer story which tells you about the original killer who inspired John Haigh.
57:36 07/05/2021
S3 EP3 The Kidnapping of Charley Ross
On this week's episode, Freya dives into the infamous kidnapping of little Charley Ross from his home in Philadelphia, just before independence day in 1874. Charley's case gained mass attention across the US and earns its place in history as the first kidnapping for ransom in the states. The case is also notorious for being the inspiration behind the phrase 'never take candy from a stranger'. In the burning questions segment, Amy gives her insight into familial DNA and how it could be used to locate a family lineage, while Freya weighs up the pros and cons of excessive media attention on cases of kidnappings.
57:21 06/28/2021
S3 EP2 The Assassination of Rasputin
Tasked with covering a historic assassination, this week Amy dives into the real man connected to the infamous fate of Anastasia and the whole Romanov family. Grigori Rasputin went from a peasant status all the way to the Tsar's wife's most valued companion, until he met a grisly fate.In the burning questions segment, Freya questions why societies throughout history even have royal families and put people on pedestals. While Amy covers the most common assassination methods and why they are used.
62:15 06/21/2021
S3 EP1 Burning Questions About Genocide
Following on from the first episode of the new season, which focused on what historians believed to be the first ever genocide. Freya and Amy have tasked each other with answering two very poignant burning questions on this harrowing topic. Amy explains what forensic techniques are used to help identify the victims of a mass incident and Freya discusses the psychology behind those who commit genocide and how it perhaps touches a little too close to home for everyone.
25:12 06/14/2021
S3 EP1 The First Ever Genocide
To kick off an entirely new season focused on the topic of historic crimes, Freya dives deep into the past and recalls not one, not two but three ancient wars. This is the true story behind what historians believe to be the first ever genocide, where the ancient civilisations of Rome and Carthage battled in out until only one remained. The burning questions for this episode cover the topic of genocide more in-depth and are available to listen to right now over on part two.
58:36 06/14/2021
Valentines Special
Returning for the most romantic day of the year, Freya and Amy will talk you through two true crime stories that demonstrate how love can go so very wrong, whilst also sharing listener-submitted stories about memorable v-day experiences. In the Valentines Special, Freya dives into what happened to Mary Stauffer and her 8-year-old daughter Beth, in a tale of unrequited love that reveals the drastic actions one man took to possess his obsession of 15 years. Afterwards, Amy shares the historic tale of the last women hanged in the UK, Ruth Ellis, and showcases how toxic love can make people do some very awful things. You find a full list of the resources we used to create this episode at our website
86:31 02/14/2021
S2 EP10 The Family Annihilator Chris Foster
The finale episode is upon us and this week Amy closes up the Murder for Money season with a devastating case that happened very close to home. Back in 2008, millionaire Christopher Foster fell down a path of no redemption and those closest to him paid the price, this is the story of what happened. In the last burning questions segment of the season, Freya tackles familicide, which is the area of forensic psychology that fascinates her the most, and Amy runs through all the pros and cons of using CCTV as evidence. You can also find a full list of the resources we used to create this episode at our website
48:41 01/17/2021
S2 EP9 Did Wallace Souza Kill for TV Ratings and Success?
In the penultimate episode of the Murder for Money season, Freya tackles the outlandish story of Brazilian politician Wallace Souza, who was accused of running a drug empire and orchestrating murders to be filmed on his TV show. Is it all true or is there more to the story? In the burning questions segment, Amy dives into how criminal gangs operate and how investigators catch up with them, and Freya narrows in on what makes us all so curious about morbid topics like murder? You can also find a full list of the resources we used to create this episode at our website
59:22 01/10/2021
S2 EP8 Ari Squire's Insurance Fraud Fiasco
Kicking off a whole new year, Amy tells the true story of Ari Squire, a man who went to absolutely shocking lengths to start over back in 2008. Find out exactly what he had planned and how it all came crumbling down right here. In the burning questions segment, Freya explains the various ways people try to fake their own death and why they are motivated to do this, and Amy tackles the topic of odontology and how it works exactly. You can also find a full list of the resources we used to create this episode at our website
47:02 01/03/2021
Christmas Special
To keep you company this festive period, the girl's wanted to gift you with an extra special episode of A Killer Podcast. First up, Amy covers the horrific true story of the Covina Massacre back on Christmas Eve 2008 and Freya tackles the unsolved disappearance of The Five Sodder Children, who may have vanished from their home on Christmas Eve, before a house fire broke out, or perished in the flames without a trace... Have a Killer Christmas and New Year!
70:44 12/25/2020
S2 EP7 The Man Who Walked on his Grave
Keeping in line with last season, Freya has declared today's episode 7 as her favourite of the entire Murder for Money season. On topic is the true story of Ramon Sosa and the tumultuous relationship between him and his wife, Maria De Lourdes Sosa, better known as Lulu. The lengths at which people go to in this story to do both evil and good are sure to amaze you. In the burning questions segment, Amy tackles what type of evidence and how much of it is needed to convict someone for solicitation of murder and Freya covers the warning signs of male domestic abuse in the case of a female perpetrator. If you are a man suffering from domestic abuse then please visit for resources and guidance.You can also find a full list of the resources we used to create this episode at our website
45:17 12/20/2020
S2 EP6 The Family Poisoner Janie Lou Gibbs
On this week's episode, Amy tells the story of Janie Lou Gibbs who by all appearances was a loving wife, Mother and Grandmother and a devoted Christian. Then one by one, all her close family members started to die from strange illnesses and sweet, little Janie seemed to come out of the situation all the richer... Listen to the episode and let us know what you think, is she classified as a serial killer or a family annihilator? In the burning questions segment the girl's fear they are giving too much information away as Freya tackles the reasons why poisoning could be considered the best murder weapon of choice and Amy explains why arsenic poisoning can go undetected or be misdiagnosed.You can find a full list of the resources we used to create this episode at our website
45:48 12/13/2020
S2 EP5 The Greedy Doctor John Bodkin Adams
Halfway through the Murder for Money season and Freya tackles one of Britain's most infamous doctors who is alleged to have killed between 8 and 163 of his patients, although he was never convicted. What was the doctor's motive, the money and possessions he gained from his patients will or just a noble intention to help his elderly patients die peacefully? Listen along as the hosts dive into all the juicy details of the case. For the burning question segment, Amy explains the effect of morphine/heroin on the body and whether it is a humane way to die and Freya discusses the type of impact excessive media coverage can have on trial. You can find a full list of the resources we used to create this episode at our website
43:28 12/06/2020
S2 EP4 The Cover-Up of Linda Anderson's Murder
This week Amy discusses who and what caused the death of single-mother, Linda Anderson back in 2003 and how greed had a key part to play in this calculated and evil murder plot. In the burning questions segment, Freya tackles the psychology of matricide and Amy explains what mixing painkillers and alcohol does to the body.You can find a full list of the resources we used to create this episode at our website
35:26 11/29/2020
S2 EP3 The Double-Cross of Chris Morris
In today's episode, Freya narrates a case that is full of twists and turns and with a truth that is sure to surprise you! Going back to the start of 1990 in Florida, the duo look at what happened to Chris Morris on that cold January day which led him to be found dead in his own car. In the burning questions segment Amy goes into all the details about blood pattern analysis and Freya tackles how addiction alters our brain and why it is a chronic illness. If you feel that you are suffering from an addiction then please visit for a list of resources.You can also find a full list of the resources we used to create this episode at our website 
44:37 11/22/2020
S2 EP2 The Hit on William Walker
For her first case of the Murder for Money season, Amy talks us through the truth behind the death of William Walker back in 2013. In the burning questions segment, Freya covers the reasons behind committing murder for money and Amy fills us in on how exactly mobile location tracking works.  You can find a full list of the resources we used to create this episode at our website
37:53 11/15/2020
S2 EP1 The Brides in the Bath
Kicking off a whole new season based on the theme of 'Murder for Money', Freya dives into the infamous brides in the bath murders, committed by serial killer, George Joseph Smith in England back at the beginning of the 20th Century. In the burning question segment, the girls discuss hypnotism and exactly what happens to body when the throat is flooded with water.You can find a full list of the resources we used to create this episode at our website
37:56 11/08/2020
Halloween Special Part 2
In the second part of our Halloween Special, Amy tells her scary story that will hopefully keep you feeling haunted long after tonight. On topic today is the true story of the Canadian Ant Hill Kids Cult and all the horrifying abuse that went down back in 1977 until 1989. Be warned, this is not for the faint-hearted.  You can find a full list of the resources we used to create this episode at our website
35:40 10/31/2020
Halloween Special Part 1
Amy and Freya are back this spooky holiday to gift you with not just one, but two cases that scare that crap out of them! First up, Freya covers the terrifying true story of Daniel LaPlante followed by an interview with true crime author, Joe Turner, who is literally writing the book on the case! So press play and get stuck into the first of a two-part special that is guaranteed to scare the hell out of you this All Hallows Eve! You can keep up to date with Joe and his upcoming book on Daniel LaPlante at and you can find a full list of the resources we used to create this episode at our website
59:15 10/31/2020
S1 EP10 The Abduction of Zigmund Adamski
Time sure does fly when you are talking about crime and sadly it is time to announce the finale episode of the supernatural crime season. To close this chapter host’s Amy and Freya have decided to wander even further down the path of unexplained mysteries to discuss the possible existence of extraterrestrial life. Today’s case dives into the bizarre death of Zigmund Adamski in 1980 and whether or not any supernatural forces played a part in his untimely demise.
19:41 08/17/2020
S1 EP9 The Cursed Grave of Carl Pruitt
For the penultimate episode of season one, Freya and Amy have decided to sway further into the realm of the paranormal with the tale of Carl Pruitt and his cursed grave. If this story is to be believed then the murderous ghost entity of Carl is likely to have claimed more lives through his post-death activity than the ones he took while alive.
16:05 08/07/2020
S1 EP8 The Discovery of Cindy Allinger
On this week's episode, Amy and Freya discuss the tragic murder of 9-year-old Cindy Allinger whose death gained mass-media attention when the police located Cindy's body following a call from a psychic tipster which pointed them in the right direction. Is this the mystic world in action or is there more to the story?
17:52 07/31/2020
S1 EP7 The Soap Maker of Correggio
Today Freya dives into what she considers 'her favourite case yet'. The gruesome tale of the serial killer, Leonarda Cianciulli is not one of the fate-hearted. After a troubling upbringing and receiving a devasting prediction from a fortune teller, Leonarda tries to take her fate into her own hands, but it doesn't end well...
14:41 07/24/2020
S1 EP6 The Boogeyman of Staten Island
On this week's episode of A Killer Podcast, Amy dives into the frightening reality of when an urban legend come to life. Here is the tale of Andre Rand, otherwise known as the Boogeyman of Staten Island. During the 70's and 80's residents of the quite suburban borough were gripped with fear when kids began to go missing. Decades later, there is still so much unknown!
15:06 07/17/2020
S1 EP5 The Mysterious Death of Elisa Lam
At the midway point through their supernatural season, host's Amy and Freya discuss the curious death of Elisa Lam. At the time of her death, the young student was staying at the infamous Cecil Hotel, a site which has a long and troubling association with grisly crimes.
16:12 07/10/2020
S1 EP4 The Werewolf Trial of Peter Stumpp
On this week's episode, Amy dives into the historic case of Peter Stumpp, a German farmer accused of committing many horrific murders whilst possessing the ability to transform into a werewolf - fact or fiction - you decide?
16:08 07/03/2020
S1 EP3 James P. Riva the Schizophrenic Vampire
On today's episode of A Killer Podcast, Freya tackles the disturbing case of James P. Riva, also known as the 'Schizophrenic Vampire'. In 1980 James committed a terrible crime against his own blood and used his belief that he was a 700-year-old vampire as his defence. The hosts discuss several elements to the case, in particular the topic of the insanity plea and how easy it is to prove someone understands right from wrong during a crime.
23:28 06/26/2020
S1 EP2 The Toa Payoh Ritual Murders
Despite the duo swearing off discussing child murders this season, Amy has opted to go against her better judgement and tackle the case of the Toa Payoh ritual murders, a sacrificial double homicide that occurred in Singapore in 1981.
16:02 05/03/2020