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The Biblio File hosted by Nigel Beale

THE BIBLIO FILE is one of the world's leading podcasts about "the book" and an inquiry into the wider world of book culture. Hosted by NIGEL BEALE it features wide ranging conversations with authors, poets, book publishers, booksellers, book editors, book collectors, book makers, book scholars, book critics, book designers, book publicists, literary agents and other best practitioners on Robert Darnton's "communications circuit."


Heather O'Neill picks Agota Kristof's The Notebook 60:13 09/13/2021
Aimee Peake on Selling Antiquarian Books on the Prairies 43:05 09/01/2021
Ken Whyte and Jack David on the lessons of Canadian Book Publishing 56:30 08/30/2021
Stephen Enniss on the Relationship between Collectors and Rare Book Libraries 39:01 08/27/2021
Meghan Constantinou with the goods on private library catalogues 50:42 08/16/2021
Justin Schiller on Building the Greatest Children's Book Collections in the World 62:10 08/02/2021
Stephen Azzi on Walter Gordon & the Rise of Canadian Nationalism 60:47 07/10/2021
Don Lindgren on the importance of bookseller catalogues 108:52 07/03/2021
Bruce Batchelor on Trafford and the beginnings of Self-Publishing 65:07 06/22/2021
Leonard Marcus on the great 20th century children's books editor Ursula Nordstrom 63:09 06/14/2021
Marion Sinclair on what Scotland does to help its indie publishers 59:47 06/08/2021
Conrad Black on his Book Collections and Book Collecting 47:01 05/30/2021
John Thompson on Book Wars: The Digital Revolution in Publishing 88:07 05/22/2021
Ruth Panofsky on Writing Women back into Publishing History 65:41 05/18/2021
Dwight Garner on Classic 20th Century American Book Ads 60:17 05/10/2021
Mark Samuels Lasner on Fun, Friendships and Book Collecting 86:15 05/03/2021
David Frum on why he thinks about Horatio Hornblower every day 45:35 04/22/2021
Odette Drapeau on a lifetime of binding books in fish skin and other fabulous fabrics 63:55 04/19/2021
Anne Giardini on Carol Shields and the new Prize for Fiction 52:39 04/11/2021
Dan Mozersky on setting up Indigo Books in Canada 73:33 04/05/2021
Bill Waiser on Almighty Voice, and how history is written and re-written 53:14 04/01/2021
Matt Dorfman on the best book covers of 2020 49:47 03/29/2021
Larry McMurtry (R.I.P.) on Book Ranching 20:00 03/28/2021
Richard Nash on the Business of Literature, Part ll 49:29 03/19/2021
Will Schwalbe on the benefits of reading and talking about books 68:48 03/14/2021
Jason Rovito: One of the New Antiquarians 61:34 03/10/2021
On The Biblio File Book Club: Is Nick Carraway Gay? 35:55 03/01/2021
Richard Ovenden on the fragility and importance of Libraries 52:53 02/25/2021
Dan Mozersky on how to build a successful chain of bookstores 79:14 02/20/2021
Mary Newberry on the Joys of Indexing. Yes, Indexing. 60:37 02/13/2021