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Andrew Ambrosius invites you to The Art of Business English (AOBE). The premier podcast for those who wish to improve their business English skills and confidence. Listen in as Andrew provides useful strategies and lessons for learners. Immerse yourself in weekly episodes, with tips, vocabulary, expressions and coaching. These compelling lessons reveal how anyone can learn, improve and go through the often daunting task of learning a second language. Get inspired as Andrew shares stories and shows us all that anyone with the desire and focus can work with international clients of all levels. Andrew inspires and empowers his listeners to gain the confidence to improve their English language skills. Learn to overcome your fears and self-doubt. This inspirational and uplifting show also gives listeners the opportunity to learn with our guests, as Andrew offers interesting tips and insight into how even the best can improve their business English skills. One of a kind and unique in every aspect. Welcome to The Art of Business English. Feel free to drop Andrew a comment or question at:


How to make your writing less wordy and clearer
Hey there, welcome back to the Art of Business English podcast. Your podcast to help you get the English language skills to excel in business. Today we will be looking at the art of writing. Writing is a powerful tool that can make or break your communication efforts. Whether you're crafting a sales pitch, sending an email, or creating social media content, your words need to pack a punch. But how do you make sure that your message is impactful without overwhelming your audience with too much information? The answer lies in streamlining your writing. By cutting out unnecessary words and focusing on the essentials, you can create content that is both easy to read and impactful. In today’s episode we'll explore the art of saying more with less and share some tips on how to streamline your writing for maximum impact and readability. So, whether you're a seasoned writer or just starting out, grab a cup of coffee and get ready to learn how to make your words count.   You can check out the Effective Written Communication for Business course mentioned in the podcast by clicking this link:  
24:19 3/6/24
How to manage discussions when chairing a meeting
In this episode of the Art of Business English podcast, "How To Manage Discussions When Chairing A Meeting," I dive into the essential strategies for effective meeting facilitation. This episode is crafted for professionals ready to steer discussions with confidence and ensure everybody’s voice is heard. I share the importance of creating clear guidelines, the nuances of active listening, and methods for encouraging equal participation. Highlighting the chair’s role in staying neutral, I also provide phrases that can help maintain objectivity and foster a collaborative atmosphere. To round off the discussion, I offer advice on concluding meetings effectively, laying down next steps, and expressing gratitude for participants' insights. Tune in to this episode for a compact guide on mastering the art of chairing meetings, all from my first-hand experience and dedicated research. Whether you're new to the role or looking to refine your skills, this content is tailored to help you lead with authority and inclusiveness. Episodes mentioned in the podcast:  Episode 13: Episode 99:  My online programme, "Confidence in Business Meetings": Visit The Art of Business English website for more! 
14:00 1/18/24
10 Go-To Expressions to Complain at Work Without Being Annoying
Welcome to the latest episode of The Art Of Business English Podcast: "10 Go-To Expressions to Complain at Work Without Being Annoying". Navigating workplace issues can be delicate, but with the right words, you can communicate problems effectively and drive positive change. In this episode, we delve into the art of professional complaining—transforming grievances into constructive feedback that fosters collaboration, not conflict. Whether you're addressing a teammate's performance, pointing out a systematic issue, or negotiating with suppliers, the phrases we share today will empower you to speak up with assertiveness and tact. Learn how to craft complaints that are heard, respected, and acted upon. We'll provide you with practical examples, nuanced language tips, and strategic communication techniques to ensure your concerns are addressed without burning bridges. By the end of our session, you'll have a toolkit of "10 Go-To Expressions to Complain at Work Without Being Annoying" that will help you to confidently approach difficult conversations and turn potentially negative experiences into opportunities for growth. Tune in now and start reshaping the way you voice your concerns in the workplace!
04:31 12/4/23
Talk about achievement with these 20 Goal-Oriented Collocations
Achievement is something that everyone strives for in their personal and professional lives. Whether it's meeting a personal goal or exceeding expectations at work, we all want to feel accomplished. However, sometimes it can be challenging to articulate your achievements and goals effectively. That's where goal-oriented collocations come in handy. These phrases can help you express your accomplishments and aspirations with precision and clarity.
17:26 11/6/23
10 must know expressions for working in finance
In the world of finance, understanding key expressions and concepts is crucial for success. Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting out, having a solid grasp of terms like cash flow, return on investment (ROI), balance sheet, and capital markets can make a significant difference in your financial decision-making.
14:56 10/20/23
10 high impact phrasal verbs for business
Boost Your Business Communication Skills with High-Impact Phrasal Verbs! Discover essential phrasal verbs that will supercharge your language proficiency in the business world. This video presents a dynamic collection of powerful phrasal verbs commonly used in professional settings, helping you convey ideas with impact and precision. Master these influential phrases and take your business communication to the next level. Watch now and elevate your language skills in just a few minutes!
08:23 6/17/23
10 Impactful Terms to Use in Your Next Business Meeting
We'll be discussing Impactful Terms to Use in Your Next Business Meeting. Have you ever wanted to make a lasting impression in your business meetings? Do you want your ideas to stand out and be remembered? Look no further! In this video, we will share some powerful and impactful terms that will help you make a significant impact during your next business meeting.
11:02 5/30/23
How to get the most out of your QAs in a business meeting
In this video, we will discuss how to get the most out of your QAs (Questions and Answers) in a business meeting. QAs are an essential part of any meeting, as they allow participants to clarify doubts, share opinions, and gain insights. However, if not managed properly, QAs can become a time-consuming and unproductive exercise.
09:28 5/23/23
10 idioms with “strike” for business
In this week’s episode of the Art of Business English we are going to review some common idioms with the verb “strike” that you might come across in business contexts.
07:51 4/5/22
Pronunciation tips with Andrew and Vincent
On this week’s episode of the AOBE, we will be talking about pronunciation and giving you some tips on how you can improve your English pronunciation to help you sound more fluent.
27:20 1/21/22
Happy New Year 2022
Happy New Year 2022, in the first episode of the year we are looking at New Year’s resolutions and how you can make them, keep them and discuss them in social situations.
29:11 1/13/22
Year End 2021
Listen in as Andrew shares his thoughts and reflections questions for the last episode of the year.  Don't miss the top ten most popular episodes of 2021.  Thanks for listening, it's been a really pleasure having you here.
16:26 12/29/21
Ten must know phrasal verbs for business
In this week’s episode of the Art of Business English we are going to look at some phrasal verbs you might find useful in the world of business. A phrasal verb is an idiomatic phrase consisting of a verb and another element, typically either an adverb or a preposition, or a combination of both. The most important thing to know about phrasal verbs is that their meaning might not be the same as the meaning of the main verb. Though this characteristic can make them a little hard to learn and remember, the wonderful thing about phrasal verbs is that sometimes they are the exact, perfect word you need in a sentence, and that they give you more ways to express yourself. Let’s start learning.
08:37 10/4/21
Financial Vocabulary #3
In this week’s episode of the Art of Business English we are going to continue with the financial vocabulary mini-series. We are going to look at some vocabulary you might come across when dealing with accountants, financial services, or while running your business.   Some of these terms are very technical and you may not have heard them before, so to help you understand these terms better, I have provided the meaning as well as an example to put things into context.   Let’s start learning.
09:26 9/28/21
Welcome to the team Vincent
In this week's episode we introduce Vincent to the team. 
14:25 9/9/21
AOBE Summer Series 2021 Week 4
The AOBE summer series. Sit back and enjoy the best of the AOBE podcast from the past 12 months. This week is episode 4.
41:18 8/23/21
AOBE Summer Series 2021 Week 3
The AOBE summer series. Sit back and enjoy the best of the AOBE podcast from the past 12 months. This week is episode 3.
52:53 8/16/21
AOBE Summer Series 2021 Week 2
The AOBE summer series. Sit back and enjoy the best of the AOBE podcast from the past 12 months. This week is episode 2. 
59:57 8/9/21
AOBE Summer Series 2021 Week 1
The AOBE summer series. Sit back and enjoy the best of the AOBE podcast from the past 12 months. This week is episode 1. 
59:13 8/2/21
Ten dynamic expressions for business
On today’s episode of The Art of Business English you will learn ten dynamic expressions to use in the office.
07:54 7/27/21
Financial vocabulary #2
Hey there and welcome back to the Art of Business English. This week I have the second instalment in my mini-series on financial vocabulary. Today we will be looking at some more technical language, this should be great if you are struggling to understand these terms. Let’s jump in and see what we have got.
09:32 7/21/21
Ten collocations with the word “strong”
Do you often make mistakes with your English collocations? Did you know that using collocations incorrectly makes your English sound less native? Today, you will learn how to use 10 collocations correctly with the word “strong”.
07:17 7/15/21
How to better understand your audience in meetings
Hi there, in this week's episode of The Art of Business English, we are looking at how better understanding our audience can improve our meeting outcomes.  Below I have the six things we need to consider to help us better understand our audience. 
14:11 7/8/21
How To Add Emphasis In Meetings That Will Increase Your Influence
We all get angry and frustrated in meetings. But did you know that there are some simple expressions and tips that you can implement to increases your influence? Listen in as we teach you how to add emphasis and increase your influence.
10:09 7/2/21
Confidence in Business English Short Course Launch
Welcome to The Art of Business English! Today, we will explore some tips for running and attending business meetings and we'll have a brief introduction to our newest short course - Confidence in business meetings! Don't miss the enrolment period, the course starts on July 1st 2021. 
08:43 6/17/21
Financial vocabulary #1
Are you struggling to use native financial terms in English? Do you want to learn an up-to-date list of business vocabulary used in the financial sector? If yes, then listen on as today I am sharing some useful terms with you.
13:33 6/9/21
How to write and say dates
Welcome again to the Art of Business English podcast. This week I have a very practical lesson for those of you who are still learning some of the fundamentals of the English language. With that being said, know how to correctly say and write dates in English is a critical skill for doing business.   I am sure you will agree that dates play a vital role in everyday business and if you mess up dates or write them incorrectly, then this can lead to some very serious consequences, such as delays and late deliveries.   With this in mind, today I am going to give you a quick lesson on how you can write and say dates correctly. Even if you have an advanced level of English I am sure there are some little gems in here today.   I have divided the episode into several parts, firstly we will look at years, then dates and then centuries. I am also going to give you some useful language on asking for and telling the date.   Let’s jump right in.
12:32 6/5/21
Ten expressions for giving opinions
Hi everyone, welcome back to another episode of The Art of Business English. Today I am here to help you learn some commonly used expressions for giving opinions. Gaining confidence in English is all about using your English and giving opinions is one of the best ways to engage people in conversation. Furthermore, this skill set it essential if you are participating in meetings at work. If you struggle in meetings, are not sure what to say, and get frustrated by not being able to express your opinions clearly, then today’s episode is just for you. As usual, I will introduce the expression and then give you some context around how to use it and then finish up with an example sentence. Let’s dive in.
10:32 5/25/21
Tips for running hybrid meetings
Join me as I share with you my tips for running hybrid meetings. These are the new norm, but are you running them effectively?
21:39 5/19/21
How to use "he" "she" and "they" to sound more politically correct
Modern businesses nowadays are pushing for more inclusiveness in the workplace. Sexism and gender bias are completely unacceptable and there is a push to have more women and minorities in more senior roles within the organization.  Did you know that there is a simple little linguistic trick that you can use both in your oral and written communication to sound more politically correct?
11:36 5/13/21

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