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The Harper is a Common Sense podcast. Produced by Harper Guys Production. Each show is unedited. #Live #Raw


#118 - Survival Tools, Retirement, Eclipse, Hot starts and the Injured List, Visibility.
What would you need to survive the wilderness? What is your ideal retirement scenario? Did you witness the Eclipse? Who is hot and who is hurt in MLB or just CLE, Another Day exploited.
102:17 4/12/24
#117 - Before you grow up, Interrogation Tactics, Leisure Sports TV, Your legacy, Tattoo's
What did you want to be when you grew up? Authority figures with tunnel vision. If you had to pick one game to survive the contest what would it be? Is your legacy important to you? Are Tattoo's still a trend?
123:18 2/27/24
#116 - Electric bikes, Favorite shoes, Early election update, Lasik eye surgery, Just Don't!!
What is your take on eBikes? What is your shoe preference? A little information for what's going on early. Would you ever consider improving your vision surgically? Please Stop!
97:24 2/1/24
#115 - Fantasy Football Wrap-up, Cheaters Do Win, NFL Playoffs, 2024 Baseball preview, Conspiracy.
Fooseball, Fooseball and more Fooseball!! Dodgers Buying everyone up, and what about Larry Dolan? Could the lottery be rigged?
126:09 1/19/24
#114 - Podcast saturation, Favorite early 90’s Song, State of the NFL, Karma, Being Appreciated
What makes you like a podcast when there are so many to choose from? Do you have an early 90's favorite song? The NFL today. Is Karma a thing in your life? Being appreciated can change everything.
89:20 11/16/23
#113 - Hunting Season, Officiating Travesty, Joe Buck, Just Business, Dumb Neighbors Part 6, Ask Jake
2023 Ohio Hunting season is upon us!! Why in this day in age can't we get the calls right in sports? This man is not relative to sports and should be removed from his post. Is Bounty Gate back? Edition 6 of dumb/bad neighbors. New segment!
78:07 9/22/23
#112 - Orange Clouds, Mandatory Vaccinations, Worst Golf Club, Terry Francona and the NFL Opening Day!
Canada has never sent them before? We need to do some checks and balances. For non-pros this has to be dead weight. Cleveland Indians have forced Francona out. Football is back!!!
81:40 9/7/23
#111 - Strange Pets, Online Auctions, FB 2 Month Update, CFB Playoffs, Something needs to change!
What is the most obscure pet that you have owned? Do you collect stuff from online purchases? Fantasy Baseball update, how are your teams doing? College Football Playoff format changing for 2024. We need to move as a collective group to protect our families and stop the control of big business.
89:36 5/26/23
#110 - How long is to long to wait, New Egyption technology, SigSauer P320, Small market teams media snub, Just Don't
What is your limit? Time to expand your mind. Is this gun unsafe? Why do we only care about players and teams in bigger markets? Please stop!!
58:48 5/15/23
#109 - NFL Draft, Ukraine Leak, Great Starts, Residential Businesses
Hidden Gems, Biden's Impeachment, Why can't they sustain?, How much is to much?Originally recorded on 4/25/2023
78:42 4/26/23
#108 - Hot or Cold, Outdoors Survival, War with Russia?, Fantasy Baseball back again!
Which do you prefer? Could you make it? Is it avoidable? Very excited for FB!Originally recorded on April 30th
50:49 4/20/23
#107 - Diesel Fuel, Hey Elon, Metaverse going in reverse, Fantasy Sports, Houston is there still a problem?
Inflation, The reason Dem's hate Elon, 11,000 layoffs, Fantasy Dead zone, Have the Astros redeemed themselves? Originally recorded March 16th 2023
88:44 3/16/23
#106 - Gas Prices, Stupid Rules in Sports, Cheating in Sports, W4 NFL Recap, Just Don't!!
Gas vs Electric. Some of these rules make our games horrible. A new low in cheating, or is it? Who's hot and who's not, plus some surprises. Please STOP!! 
106:22 10/11/22
#105 - Bitter Reality, Global Fungi, DeShaun Watson, Fantasy Football, Biden Rating, Just Don't
Life can be difficult, The Harper is here! The word of Psilocybin that we live in. 11 Games. It's back!! Top 10 worst? And please Just Don't!!
89:37 8/19/22
#104 - Reality TV, Better Habits, Stop Enabling, Ugliest Cars OTR, Hey Elon!
What's with this non-reality, Lifestyle changes, Teach people how to treat YOU!, Who buys these ugly beasts?, Make us a Tesla that the average consumer can afford!!
86:15 5/12/22
#103 - Gas Prices, Blind Drivers, Browns, NFL Draft, Just Don't!, Elon Musk
Thanks fuckhead Joe! The reason behind most shitty drivers. Have they sold their soul?, NFL Draft fun, Our version of Just Do it - Just Don't! Elon's at it again!
88:40 4/29/22
#102 - Concealed carry, Big Moves in Sports, Trubisky in Trouble?, Working Stiffs, EDC update
 New 2023 Laws for Ohio for gun carrying. This craziness that we fanatics call sports is currently a whirlwind of change. Will Mitch succeed in PIT? Shout out to Danny and Zach. Every Day Carry 3/16/2022 
71:31 3/18/22
#101 - Why The Lies?, Worst Band names of all time, Minimum wage, 5 mandatory dooms day items
The people of the US can only take so much before they break. How can some bands be so good, but their names are so bad? Taking a look at the minimum wage job problem. What 5 items would you need to survive a dooms day event?
80:29 3/4/22
#100 - Fantasy Band, Pacino VS Diamond, Best Harper Ideas, Jesus VS Egypt, Breaking down IMAGINE
Celebrating our 100th episode with a 2 hour live stream. Who would be in your All-Star band? Al Pacino VS Neil Diamond. We review our best ideas from 99 previous shows. Jesus VS the Egyptians in who should be included in the 7 wonders of the world. Dissecting up the song Imagine.  And much more......
125:20 2/17/22
#99 - Food with Beer, Fantasy Baseball, Sing-A-longs, Hollywood.
What is your favorite food with you adult beverage? Mini Keeper Draft for our Fantasy Baseball league. How much is to much, when it comes to turning the mic down? Has Hollywood ran out of good ideas? If you want to watch it go to YouTube:
79:11 2/5/22
#98 - Netflix, Rats on a shit pile part 2, Just Don’t, Thankful for the opportunity!!
Our Favs & what are you watching? The neighborhood has finally been cleansed!! FFS, Just Don't! I forgot to say thank you!
82:18 1/21/22
#97 - What's in a name? The Great Resignation! What COVID really is. NFL Disappointments.
Last name fun. Is it really great, or is it about new beginnings? The truth behind the curtain. When will our team get it right?
77:34 1/7/22
#96 - Gridiron getting started, Can I call you back, Please..."Just Don't", Karma Update
NFL Football is back!!! We have bold predictions and sleeper picks. Technology has driven some very BAD habits. More Just Don'ts. Did Gary get feedback from the Harper?
62:53 9/11/21
#95 - Asshole Neighbors Part 2, Karma Train, Work force epidemic, South Boston Phrase of the day!
They just keep giving us content. Gary you're a douchebag! Does our government want people out of work? Good Ole Chowdahead strikes again! 
72:03 8/20/21
#94 - Corporate America, Tiny homes, Something Interesting, Learning at Taco Bell
Share the wealth and make our country strong!!  Hmmm, are they just something old in a new package? Was China forgotten in an important part of history? Never to old to learn something new!
73:52 7/9/21
#93 - Phobias, Just Don't, Wha Wha What?, South Boston word of the day!
What are your phobias? Just don't do it! When things go your way unexpectedly. Chowdaheads word of the day.
68:42 5/28/21
(The Lost Episode) #84
We lost our marbles again.....
73:40 5/21/21
(Patreon Ep) #80 - Rats on a shit pile. Grocery store lean. Bad luck Barry. Last MLB jersey. 3 Lanes?
Have you ever saw rats on a shit pile? C'mon store educate! Is Mike Trout the new bad luck Barry? One jersey # remained unused until now. Pick a lane?
72:09 5/14/21
(Patreon Ep) #77 - Narcan for overdoses. HVAC DIY? Kanye for president. Plaza parking lot idiots.
Should this be given out for free? Why don't they want us working on our investments? Kanye isn't he? C'mon people, look before you pull out!
63:36 5/7/21
(Patreon Ep) #67 - Pissed off at China? Stimulus check. ESPN and the sports quarantine.
How pissed should we be at China? Did you get your stimulus check. When will my sports come back?
62:46 5/4/21