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Nominating the best sitcom episodes of all time, for the Sitcom Showdown hall of fame. Sibling team Steve and Jeffers take turns selecting a classic sitcom ep to put the case for its inclusion, having to convince each other along the way. Let the showdown begin!


Absolutely Fabulous
The Absolutely Fabulous classic episode 'Poor' (s02e05) gets put under the microscope by Jeffers & Steve, who are impressed by AbFab's amazing cast, but will it win them around to the series as a whole? The show has a top-shelf group of regulars including Joanna Lumley, Jennifer Saunders, Julia Sawahla and the great June Whitfield, so what's not to like?
79:04 5/10/24
SS108 - Heil Honey I'm Home
This episode is a visit the Hall of Shame as we check out the infamous British sitcom 'Heil Honey I'm Home' (1990) which was cancelled after only one episode! A big shout out to the Talking Bottom podcast, from whom we borrowed a clip of their amazing interview(s) with Paul Jackson.  
49:27 3/28/24
SS107 - Community
Community gets the Christmas nod from Steve in 2023 as we look at the musical episode 'Regional Holiday Music' and all it's gleeful satire! Community starred Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Yvette Nicole Brown, Alison Brie, Donald Glover, Chevy Chase, Ken Jeong and Jim Rash. Merry Christmas y'all!
44:32 12/24/23
SS106 - Hangin With Mr Cooper
We hang with Mr Cooper in this episode of the Showdown, looking at the 1990s sitcom starring Mark Curry, Holly Robinson, Sandra Quarterman, Raven Symone, Nell Carter and Marquise Wilson. Thanks to listener Nick O for the suggestion! 
62:46 11/22/23
SS105 - ALF
ALF is selected by Jeffers for an almost Halloweenish peek into an alien-on-Earth sitcom. 'Working My Way Back To You' is the opener to ALF season 2, broadcast in late 1987, where Alf tries to avoid exile to the garage by becoming the Tanner family's butler for a week! Steve & Jeffers also chat about Earth-based alien sitcoms in general, and this sitcom's challenges of filming around a puppet, which reportedly drove the cast to distraction.
52:47 10/30/23
SS104 - Barbara
Steve brings 'Barbara' to the showdown (a listener suggestion) so that he and Jeff can check out the turn-of-the-century UK sitcom starring Gwen Taylor and Sam Kelly. The ep in question is Series 3 episode 2, titled FLOOD, and it turns out to be packed with plenty of quality jokes.  Thanks to Jono for the suggestion!
49:12 9/12/23
SS103 - A Grand Tour of Edmund: A Butler's Tale & Boswell's Life of Johnson
Steve uses Blackadder's 'Ink & Incapability' as a springboard to go on a Grand Tour of Edmund: A Butler's Tale & Boswell's Life of Johnson. What were the links between Dr Johnson & Boswell, and the Prince Regent and Gertude Perkins and the great romantic poets (if any)? Or did Ben Elton and Richard Curtis simply fabricate them with hilarious results? We find out in this ep of Sitcom Showdown.
43:33 8/27/23
SS102 - We Are Men
We Are Men was a swiftly-cancelled 2013 sitcom on CBS (only 2 episodes!) starring some great actors such as Tony Shalhoub, Jerry O'Connell and Kal Penn. The show looked great, plenty of well-shot location work, with experienced hands at the helm. So what went wrong? Jeffers and Steve review both eps of We Are Men and give you the low-down.
76:41 7/21/23
SS101 - Beanes of Boston
The USA's 1979 version of Are You Being Served? titled Beane's of Boston is under the microscope in this edition of Sitcom Showdown. The pilot starred sitcom veterans Charlotte Rae (Diff'rent Strokes) as Mrs Slocombe and John Hillerman (Magnum PI) as Mr Peacock. Steve and Jeffers compare the two series and - as always - enjoy looking at transplanted sitcom attempts!
79:56 5/27/23
SS100 - Are You Being Served
In our 100th episode of Sitcom Showdown, Steve nominates a classic episode of Are You Being Served from 1976. Captain Peacock is in a spot of bother after some suspicious overnight behavior with a store colleague makes him late to work. Mrs Peacock is on the rampage and Messrs Humphries and Lucas are enjoying the show. Meanwhile, Mrs Slocombe is interviewing for a buyers job in Mr Rumbold's office! Come and join us for a good old chat about AYBS and help us celebrate 100 eps! Sitcom Showdown on Twitter:  @SitcomShowdown
64:51 4/7/23
SS099 - Night Court 2023
Night Court's 2023 revival is examined at the behest of Jeffers who is caught bringing it to the table purely on the Basil Brush connection of a new Night Court star. John Larroquette returns to play his character Dan Fielding from the classic original Night Court (which we covered in ep 60 of the podcast) joining Melissa Rauch as Judge Abby Stone, and India de Beaufort as Olivia the prosecutor. We look at the first two episodes and reveal our thoughts on the revival!
57:51 3/5/23
SS098 - Parks and Recreation
Steve nominates the highly-regarded Parks and Recreation episode 'Flu Season' for the Hall of Fame. Is it a fully-sick classic? According to fans, this is some of the best work that Amy Poehler, Nick Offerman, Chris Pratt and the team have done.
58:50 2/4/23
SS097 - Friday Night Dinner
Friday Night Dinner gets a run on the Showdown thanks to a listener recommendation, so Jeffers and Steve check out 'Christmas' from 2012. Friday Night Dinner was a Channe; 4 sitcom starring Tamsin Grieg, Paul Ritter, Simon Bird, Tom Rosenthal and Mark Heap. Written by Mr Popper.
63:33 12/17/22
SS096 - 15 Storeys High
15 Storeys High is selected from listener recommendations, focusing on the episode Blue Rat. With the show's recent-ish resurgence following Sean Lock's untimely death, does this tower block sitcom deserve all the belated praise that came its way? And does Perry Benson steal the episode from Benedict Wong and Sean? Tune in to find out.
56:46 11/17/22
SS095 - Count Arthur Strong [Halloween Special]
Count Arthur Strong returns to the Showdown for a Halloween Special in which Jeffers nominates Stuck in the Middle (series 2, episode 4) in which Arthur appears to be a mad killer, having kidnapped a scamster plumber. This ep of Count Arthur might be horror at its most hilarious, with Steve Delaney in top form, delivering a great script.  
69:11 10/22/22
SS094 - Taxi
Taxi is nominated by Steve for the episode 'Reverend Jim a Space Odyssey'. This highly decorated sitcom is sure to impress Jeffers, with a killer cast including Judd Hirsch, Marilu Henner, Tony Danza, Andy Kaufman, Danny DeVito and of course Christopher Lloyd.  
58:06 8/27/22
SS093 - My Hero
My Hero is nominated by Jeffers who thinks that Thermoman's series 4 episode 'The Living Dead' can impress Steve. Thermoman's secret identity hits a hitch when George Sunday 'dies' publicly, while Mrs Raven becomes the world's finest (and most evil) hypnotherapist. Both of these events are causing major problems for Janet. And then George gets cremated! How will they get out of this one? My Hero ran from 2000 to 2006, starring Ardal O'Hanlon as George, with Emily Joyce as Janet, and Geraldine McNulty as Mrs Raven.  
65:25 7/9/22
SS092 - Eric Chappell writer special
Eric Chappell is the subject of our first 'writer special' in which we talk about his methods and the many sitcoms he penned including Rising Damp, Home to Roost and others. Steve selects an episode of 'Fiddlers Three' to investigate.  
62:03 6/5/22
SS091 - Black Books
Black Books gets a second nomination from Jeffers for the series 2 epsiode 'Blood', where Bernard's new bookshop restaurant, Manny's high-street ambition and Fran's relatives all go into the cooking pot to make Sitcom Luxury Pie. But will Steve find it tasty enough for the Hall of Fame? Black Books stars Dylan Moran, Bill Bailey and Tamsin Greig. Bllood was written by Andy Riley and Kevin Cecil, with Dylan Moran.
58:24 4/25/22
SS090 - The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfieffer
The short-lived 'Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer' is brought in by Steve, to compare this USA-made historical comedy to its earlier UK rival Blackadder. Did Desmond's adventures deserve to be cancelled?  It sure didn't harm the actors' careers much, as Jeffers and Steve find out when they investigate.  Does Niblett hold a candle to Baldrick? Is Desmond as quick-thinking and cunning and vindictive as Edmund? And how good is Booger as a guest star?
56:47 3/20/22
SS089 - The Goodies
The Goodies' classic 1977 Christmas episode 'Earthanasia' is nominated by Jeffers for a Hall of Fame spot. Will the doomsday-scenario adventures of Bill Oddie, Graeme Garden and Tim Brooke-Taylor be hilarious enough to convince Steve? And in any case, will the Muppets suffer? Twitter: @SitcomShowdown Theme tune 'Billy Blues' by texasradiofish (c) copyright 2015. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (3.0) license.
50:30 2/20/22
SS088 - Blackadder 3
Blackadder the Third gets its inevitable nomination from Steve, who claims that the episode 'Amy and Amiability' is the greatest sitcom episode of all time! It's hard to argue against that when you look at the talents of Rowan Atkinson, Ben Elton, Richard Curtis, Miranda Richardson, Tony Robinson and Hugh Laurie all combining to create a classic masterwork.
61:15 12/10/21
SS087 - The Young Ones
The Young Ones 1984 episode 'Nasty' is the Halloween special for 2021 in the Sitcom Showdown Hall of Fame. We enjoy some scares with Rik, Vyvyan, Neil and Mike, but hold a grudge against Alexei Sayle for crimes against live comedy! Twitter: @SitcomShowdown Theme tune 'Billy Blues' by texasradiofish (c) copyright 2015. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (3.0) license.
57:25 10/31/21
SS086 - AP Bio
AP Bio is nominated by Steve for the Hall of Fame. Will this modern school-based sitcom graduate into the big leagues? It all depends on the quality of the teaching! Twitter: @SitcomShowdown Theme tune 'Billy Blues' by texasradiofish (c) copyright 2015. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (3.0) license.
53:03 10/10/21
SS085 - Ted McGinley
Ted McGinley is nominated for the Sitcom Showdown Hall of Fame, giving us a chance to chat about his work in Happy Days, Married With Children, Hope & Faith, The Love Boat and more!
57:26 6/23/21
SS084 - Geoffrey Palmer
Geoffrey Palmer is inducted into the Sitcom Showdown Hall of Fame in this 'actor spotlight' special! The star of Butterflies and Executive Stress also had a terrific role in The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin, which Steve investigates.
51:50 5/29/21
SS083 - Trial and Error
Trial and Error, the 2017 sitcom and murder mystery mockumentary, is nominated by Jeffers for the Hall of Fame. Will Judge Steve rule favourably on the case? Any sitcom with John Lithgow and Sherri Shepherd (plus Jayma Mays and Steven Boyer) should be just fine, surely? Twitter: @SitcomShowdown Theme tune 'Billy Blues' by texasradiofish (c) copyright 2015. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (3.0) license.
58:28 5/6/21
SS082 - Yes Minister
Yes Minister gets its second selection, as the listener-nominated episode 'Whisky Priest' is the subject of a Sitcom Showdown inquiry. Thanks to Mrs Natural. Twitter: @SitcomShowdown Theme tune 'Billy Blues' by texasradiofish (c) copyright 2015. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (3.0) license.
41:52 3/21/21
SS081 - Seinfeld
Seinfeld's classic Festivus episode 'The Strike' gets the Christmas nomination from Steve in 2020 for the Sitcom Showdown Hall of Fame. It's a tightly-woven tale of bagels, two-faced dates, Festivus poles and Elaine's Atomic Subs. Pull up a spot at the table with Jerry, Kramer, Elaine and George to see if they get to deck the Hall! Twitter: @SitcomShowdown Theme tune 'Billy Blues' by texasradiofish (c) copyright 2015. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (3.0) license.
49:36 12/18/20
SS080 - Hogans Heroes
Hogan's Heroes gets a nomination by Jeffers for the 1965 episode 'German Bridge is Falling Down'. Will he need an elaborate scheme to smuggle Hogan, Klink, Schulz and the boys into the Hall of Fame? Or will Steve let Hogan's Heroes stroll right in? Twitter: @SitcomShowdown Theme tune 'Billy Blues' by texasradiofish (c) copyright 2015. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (3.0) license.
56:06 11/29/20

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