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Redefining the Good Life

The podcast that helps you call BS on the rat race of modern life and finally go after your dreams — using a blend of mindset tools, the ancestral perspective and correcting some misunderstandings about just what it means to be human today. By Aysin Karaduman, Holistic Life Coach, FNTP // Follow me on Instagram or Facebook @theomnivorist


What I've learned about love 34:43 06/27/2022
Using feelings as your power source 25:06 06/12/2022
Victim mentality: the what, the why and the how 33:30 06/04/2022
Clean pain vs dirty pain (reissue) 21:15 05/16/2022
Perfectionism vs excellence 26:28 05/02/2022
Happiness is an inside job. 18:27 04/18/2022
The bully in your brain 21:00 04/04/2022
What to do when you feel like sh!t 23:43 03/21/2022
The Breakfast Reboot is BACK (and why it will change your life)! 23:54 02/17/2022
Why confusion is dangerous to your happiness 14:32 02/13/2022
What it takes to cross the finish line 30:45 12/06/2021
"Putting myself first is not selfish." 34:00 11/04/2021
The power of 10 minutes a day 44:15 10/25/2021
The Free Challenge: "Regret-Proof Your Life" is BACK! 08:08 10/16/2021
Pessimism vs optimism 17:45 10/13/2021
Having the courage of your convictions 32:04 10/01/2021
Where "following your fun" will take you: interview with Augustine Blaisdell 53:40 07/16/2021
How to build confidence 19:52 06/24/2021
Announcing the Free Challenge: Regret-proof Your Life! 05:28 05/15/2021
How to "regret-proof" your life 19:04 05/02/2021
Clean pain vs dirty pain 19:54 03/25/2021
What life coaching can do for you 27:44 03/12/2021
Why putting yourself LAST is selfish 12:06 03/05/2021
Rewilding, or the search for resilience (interview with Peter Michael Bauer) 65:42 02/25/2021
What gets in the way of healthy habits 28:02 02/12/2021
Should humans be eating meat? 31:40 02/05/2021
So what SHOULD you eat? 16:03 01/28/2021
What is real food? 21:24 01/21/2021
The “good life formula” 21:47 01/14/2021
You are not uniquely fucked up. 17:50 01/07/2021